E3: NintendoLand lets Zelda, Donkey Kong show off Wii U GamePad

June 08, 2012 | 12:28 p.m.

“NintendoLand,” a game for Nintendo’s upcoming Wii U console, sets iconic game characters such as Link, Luigi and Donkey Kong in a carnival of mini-games.

“NintendoLand” aims to familiarize players with the new hardware — the Wii U GamePad — much like Wii Sports used mini-games to teach players how to use the Wii Remote when that console was released in 2006.

Among the “attractions” in the amusement-park-themed game are “Luigi’s Ghost Mansion,” in which one player is a ghost the other players try to find in a maze; “The Legend of Zelda: Battle Quest,” in which players use swords and a bow and arrow to fight adorable enemies; “Takamaru’s Ninja Castle,” in which a player fires shurikens at ninjas; “Donkey Kong’s Crash Course,” a platform-based obstacle course; “Animal Crossing: Sweet Day,” in which players collect candy and avoid guards; and “F-Zero,” a futuristic racing game.

Hero Complex got a glimpse of “NintendoLand” at the E3 Expo this week. Check out the game in the video above.

– Noelene Clark


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