E3 poll: Xbox One vs. PS4, plus 5 things to know in the console wars

June 11, 2013 | 7:48 p.m.
vs E3 poll: Xbox One vs. PS4, plus 5 things to know in the console wars

Microsoft and Sony are showing off their next-generation video game consoles at E3 in Los Angeles. Here's a closer look at the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4. (Microsoft / Sony)

xboxone set E3 poll: Xbox One vs. PS4, plus 5 things to know in the console wars

The Xbox One set, which includes a Kinect motion and voice sensor, will retail for $499. (Microsoft)

If the console wars between PlayStation and Xbox had been languishing the last few weeks, the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) media presentations by Sony and Microsoft launched gamers back into the brawl.

On Monday, Microsoft revealed more details and new games for its upcoming Xbox One console, unveiled last month, and Sony finally gave gamers a glimpse of its next-generation PlayStation 4 console, announced in February. The companies traded barbs during the press presentations, game enthusiasts argued online, and the battle continues as critics and industry professionals converge on the Los Angeles Convention Center this week for E3 — the largest video game trade show in the world.

The war’s outcome will likely be decided at the cash register; both consoles are slated for release in time for the holiday shopping season.

PHOTOS: Scenes from E3 2013

In the meantime, here’s the takeaway from Monday’s announcements, minus the smoke and mirrors. Be sure to take our poll at the end.

1. Price and specs

Attendees listen to Microsoft's media presentation on June 10, 2013 ahead of E3 in Los Angeles. (Kevork Djansezian / Getty Images)

Attendees listen to Microsoft’s media presentation on June 10, 2013 ahead of E3 in Los Angeles. (Kevork Djansezian / Getty Images)

The PS4 will retail for $399.99. The console is a black box. The machine has a 500 GB hard drive, 8 GB of RAM and an optical drive that will play Blu-ray and DVD discs. The new DualShock 4 controller has a touchpad, a headphone jack and a built-in speaker. PS4’s Eye motion sensor and Move controllers are not included, but sold separately. The console will be compatible with PlayStation’s handheld console, the Vita.

The Xbox One will retail for $499.99. The console is also a black box. The machine has a 500 GB hard drive, 8 GB of RAM and an optical drive that will play Blu-ray and DVD discs. The new controller adds vibration to the triggers. A Kinect motion and voice sensor comes included in every unit. The Kinect could be a positive if you find voice commands convenient and useful or if you enjoy physical games like “Dance Central” and “Nike+ Kinect Training.” The Kinect could be a negative if the idea of a mandatory machine that is “always listening” makes you think of HAL-9000. The console will be compatible with phones and tablets with the SmartGlass app.

(For comparison’s sake, Nintendo’s Wii U Deluxe Set retailed for $349.99.)


2. Gaming online and offline

With the Xbox One, after you’ve downloaded a game or installed it via disc, you (and up to nine more members of your household) can play your game any time, on any Xbox, no disc required. In order to make that sort of cloud storage possible, Microsoft is requiring that the Xbox One be connected to the Internet at least once every 24 hours if it’s your primary console, or at least once per hour if you’re accessing your game library from a friend’s Xbox One. This feature has been criticized by gamers who can’t afford at-home Internet access or live in areas where a reliable connection is unavailable.

The PlayStation 4 allows unlimited offline gaming, no online connectivity required. Sony’s cloud services, which have yet to be detailed, will not be available until 2014.

3. Game sharing and used games

Sony will not restrict the sale of used PlayStation 4 games, nor will it prevent sharing your first-party games. Sony has said it is not enforcing any DRM (digital rights management).

Microsoft will allow you to give an Xbox One game away by transferring its license, but with two restrictions: 1. A game can only be given once, and 2. You can only give to people who have been on your friends list for at least 30 days. The ability to loan or rent games will not be available at launch. The ability to sell a used game to a retailer like GameStop will be left entirely up to the publisher of the game.

Jack Tretton, chief executive officer of Sony Computer Entertainment America Inc., stands in front of a display of video game titles. (Patrick T. Fallon / Bloomberg)

Jack Tretton, chief executive of Sony Computer Entertainment America Inc., stands in front of a display of video game titles. (Patrick T. Fallon / Bloomberg)

4. Game lineup

The Xbox One lineup will include the next installment in the “Halo” franchise; “Titanfall,” the first game from the “Call of Duty” veterans who head Respawn Entertainment; “Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain” — formerly a PlayStation-exclusive franchise; “Sunset Overdrive,” a cartoonish game in which a soda-sipping protagonist gets to wield a gun that fires vinyl records at monsters; a new port for the popular sandbox game “Minecraft”; as well as “Ryse: Son of Rome,” “Quantum Break,” “Call of Duty,” “Battlefield 4,” “Witcher 3,” “Killer Instinct 3,” “Below” and “Crimson Dragon,” among other titles.

The PS4 lineup will include the highly anticipated “Final Fantasy 15”; “Destiny,” a first-person shooter that features some massively multiplayer role-playing elements from “Halo” developer Bungie; “Kingdom Hearts 3,” the long-awaited title from Square Enix; “The Order: 1886,” an original title set in Jack the Ripper-era London, in which the protagonists use elements of time travel and magic to face off against supernatural threats; “Mad Max,” which employs vehicular combat against post-apocalyptic bandits; “Rays of the Dead,” a cartoon zombie puzzle game; as well as “Infamous,” “The Witness,” “Transistor,” “Killzone: Shadow Fall,” “DriveClub” and “Infamous: Second Son,” among other titles.

PHOTOS: Scenes from E3 2013

It’s worth noting that neither console is backward compatible. You won’t be able to play your Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 games on the next-gen consoles.

Xbox One users will be able to watch movies while chatting with friends. (Microsoft)

Xbox One users will be able to watch movies while chatting with friends. (Microsoft)

5. Non-gaming entertainment

Sony has noted that the PS4 will have increased media services such as Redbox Instant and Flixster, as well as original programming, but has not gone into detail on the latter. Sony has not disclosed whether the PS4 will feature cable and TV integration.

Microsoft aims to make the Xbox One a one-stop entertainment hub that merges TV, music and gaming. Microsoft says the new console will work with your cable box, will feature its own TV guide and will be able to jump among games, Skype, movies, music, television and the Internet seamlessly, using the Kinect’s voice and motion commands. The console will allow you to game and watch a movie simultaneously, or to Skype with friends while you play. Microsoft is also focusing on original content, such as a television series (to be executive produced by Steven Spielberg) based on the popular “Halo” video game franchise.

Click through the gallery above for a look at both machines, take the poll below, and let us know what you think in the comments.

– Noelene Clark | @NoeleneClark

Todd Martens contributed to this report.



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505 Responses to E3 poll: Xbox One vs. PS4, plus 5 things to know in the console wars

  1. BOB marley says:

    theres really o difference in the console at all. and sorry to all you sony fans but sony will be "giving the power" over to the thrid party developers and let them decide if they want games to be traded and resold. they only games that dont have restrictions are first party games.

  2. That one guy says:

    After tonight I'll say PS4 will dominate the competition! Better console exclusives, free do do what you want with your game! $100 less, better hardware! And it doesn't turn into a brick if your Internet shuts off! I'm really impressed with the outcome. Sony, you are truly wonderful and I'm defiantly buying a PS4.

  3. Drew says:

    I believe the fact that these two companies are forgetting where they came from and letting greed get in the way is ridiculous. $400.00 for a PS4 ? 500.00 for an XBox One ? Really ? Plus the fact that Microsoft hates that Retailers like Game Stop are trying to make a living as well. God Forbid someone else try this little thing we call Capitalism and make a buck. God No Microsoft and Sony Must make all the money in relation to gaming. I'm surprised they aren't buying the damn developers. Ridiculous. Microsoft… Sony… You should be ashamed of yourselves. You have officially forgotten where you came from.

  4. The name says:

    Free do do what you want with sony games, other publisher can have differents rules, game sold currently on ps3/xbox360 say you cannot sales or transfert them or let someone else than you play them.

    And some EA games and not free to transfert (to be able to play online with them).

  5. zerilos says:

    Sony has played this way smarter than MS. Fact of the matter is that disc based gaming will be dead in 2-3 years…4 years tops; ultimately there no point in pissing gamers off over something that is on the way out. Digital downloading is the future of console gaming, and you cannot trade in a download at Gamestop so there's no point in worrying about it. Sony realizes this and MS doesn't (odd given MS's relationship with Steam on the PC).

  6. Anon says:

    It saddens me that Sony was unable to get backwards compability working, that would have been a huge plus.

    How ever, as it currently stands, I'm keeping to Sony. They REALLY should have written in 5. Non-game entertainment that the whole cable-box feature will only be available to the US on release. That is REALLY important for most of the world to know.

  7. Andrew says:

    Better hardware. Better price. Better exclusives. Better ideas. PS4, you take the cake today. I am most definitely buying one. Too all those fans of Microsodt….come on, buy the better system, don’t get hung up with the past. That’s just sad. You’ll be stuck with all the people trying to convince themselves that the Xbox One isn’t a total failure.

  8. Riff says:

    Bob over there must be an xbox guy, odviously everyone smart knows that there hardware is better, better games, $100.00 cheaper…. and the votes say PS4 is the winner this time around! GO SONY! OHHH and most importantly I canlet my friend borrow my game that I OWN and can do whatever I want with it……XBOX on…….XBOX GOODBYE

  9. bob says:

    the new playstation looks awsome screw microsoft and all there crap!!! sony Playstation is going to dominate

  10. john dough says:

    I will probably buy a ps4 first at launch and then buy an xbox one 3 or 4 months later because sony isn't pumping out games fast enough to satisfy my appetite.

  11. Guest says:

    The article makes is sound like Destiny is a PS4 exclusive — it isn't. It will be available on the Xbox One as well.

  12. Willy says:

    Bob Marley over here is the real fanboy. Face the facts man, the ps4 is ahead on this one. You can still own an Xbox, just don’t defend it, it is embaressing to watch, speaking of watching, enjoy watching tv on your Xbox one.

  13. nick says:

    I have a 360 that has broken 3 times. buy and xbox 1 and you will be lucky if it works in a year, microsoft is the kia of electronics. All the stupid restrictions less powerful hardware and a higher price tag. I fell sorry for all the fools that make microsoft another billion dollars with overpriced services and a crap console.

  14. simo says:

    so close so close but xbox one will be my list, i mainly play FPS online, I sold my PS3 due to the crap online gameplay and the fact that u now have to pay for PS+ give me xbox live anyday

  15. Robin says:

    I'm going to side with PS4. I'm a little sad that you won't be able to play any of the previous generation PS games though. But everything else about it is going to blow Xbox One out of the water!

  16. simo says:

    PS4 price is only $50 cheaper in Aust and does not include the eye

  17. Hercules Rockefeller says:

    Halo was pretty much the only reason I chose Xbox over any other console. Since the Xbox One looks like crap, it won't be enough

  18. Karic says:

    The best thing to do is wait a year after they release both consoles. I believe it takes a year to get a good idea on which system will be more mainstream and successful in this war.

  19. Just Me says:

    I'm personally going with Microsoft. Sony hasn't shown me enough to change my vote. From past experiences and still for what I have seen. I haven't seen the interface or media on it. Now they make you pay to play online too. I have no problem that they do, but that was mine biggest selling point. Used games is a big rip off, Gamestop, Bestbuy, and other companies don't give the customer enough money for the game.

  20. BOB marley says:

    the consoles are the same. all you sony fanboys believe that the ps4 is galaxys above the xbox when its really not. the hardware is nearly identical, so idenctical that there is no notable difference. as for the saying games, sony has done the same thing as MS. the third party developers get to decide what happens just….like… MICROSOFT. and if u want to sit here and tell me that your a "core gamer" your not. PC blows both these concole straight out of the water in one years time these console will be so outdated. the only reason these console esxist is for playing with friends and MS has shown that live is much better.

  21. Anom says:

    How about we just all wait for ps4 slim or xbox 1 slim? We all know they are both going to have bugs

  22. flyhigh says:

    ps plus give a free library of games every month for less than 5 dollars xbox only lets u use the internet. which song smarter simo. read a book

  23. Xbox None says:

    Unlike Xbox One, the PS4 is not out to take over your living room. So it doesn’t have a HDMI input or IR output, and “cable and TV integration” is not possible. But that’s not a desirable feature anyway; Microsoft has that feature primarily so they can monitor what you watch and then target ads at you.

  24. Done with Both says:

    I'm done with both, I'll be gaming on my computer from now on.

  25. conway twitty says:

    Love the 360 and ps3 and own both, have only purchased one ps3, but 3 different xbox 360's. I think my family is going with the ps4 on this one and thanks Microsoft but no thanks, maybe in a couple of years but not right now. ooh if it only had windows 8! /sarcasm

  26. Joe says:

    XBOX One is a Roku that just happens to play games….. for about $400 more.

  27. Tig Byson says:

    Forget both. OCULUS RIFT ftw!!!!

  28. Gavin says:

    I've been an avid xbox player for the last ten years. I got the xbox when I was 6 and then got the xbox 360 when I was about 11. This time however, I think I'll be going with Sony and buy a ps4. This is not an easy choice but I truly feel that microsoft has lost its touch with its' (former) fans :(

  29. Jason says:

    I own a 360 and have loved it, but Microsoft has killed themselves unecessarily with DRM, having to have an internet connection to play games, wtf? There is no question Sony killed it at E3, and will no doubt dominate the current console wars. I’ll be saying goodbye to Microsoft and will grab a PS4 asap! No DRM BS, much more impressive games, and $100 bucks cheaper= Deathblow to Microsoft.

  30. Mike Dowdell says:

    Who cares, they’re both gonna be bad ass. Lets just be gamers an do what we do. Real excited about this year in gaming!

  31. deransama1 says:


    drm=ps4 win

    additional media=xbox one

    price=same (xbox one comes with a kinect tuner usually 100+ by itself and requires only the one sensor. ps4’s move will require additional purchases of $100+)

    overall winner? everyone but the consumer

    xbox one is listing all these features that are turning off gamers and before the launch if not shortly after (see microsofts response to failed windows 8 launch) theyll be fixed/removed.

  32. Leopold says:

    It is important to note the different type of memory featured in both consoles.

    The PlayStation 4 features 8GB of GDDR5 RAM compared to the Xbox One's 8GB of DDR3 RAM.

    GDDR5 RAM is faster and better suited for gaming because of it's higher bandwidth compared to DDR3.

  33. PCer says:

    Look, everyone seems to be forgetting the fact that these consoles are worse off than they were a decade ago. Before, free online, ownership of your own game and console were a given and beyond reproach. Now, the ps4 seems worse off than the ps3 due to paid online. There is absolutely nothing extra in the ps4 compared to the ps3, which even let you install your own OS once upon a time until they ignominiously removed it. The Xbox One seemed to have added extra features such as TV and clud processing, but butchered their chances with nonsense DRM, always-on-internrt and digital spying. In addition to all of this, everyone seems to have forgotten that PCs, right now, are more powerful and more in the control of Users than either of the two consoles! That is where I am headed, the PC!

  34. Johnboy says:

    Hmmmmm……I disagree! And I say this as a veteran of the greatest division in the United States Army….I speak of course of the 101st airborne…..but there is such a thing as to much freedom….and Americans bathe themselves in it everyday. Give me the U.S we had 30 years ago. Not one where anyone can sue anyone else because they looked at them wrong

  35. ray says:

    Ps4 no question. I don’t like Microsoft telling me what I can and cannot do. No brainer ps4 wins hands down.

  36. Random says:

    For playing a video game? Sounds a little extreme…

  37. amidmany says:

    Don't you people have anything better to do with your time? And why not?

  38. Come on Xbox!! says:

    Do you guys understand that xbox game sharing thing is retarded, You can share 9 games in your household and it also required internets. You can share games horray, I just have to buy more xobx so I can share them games or maybe a friend can bring over his Xbox everytime he wants to play my game!

  39. David says:

    Um, this is an article about gaming consoles, so what do you expect? A breakout discussion about world peace? If so, then you are definitely reading the wrong article.

    Many of us are concerned about real life issues. But that doesn't negate the need to have a balanced life, which includes having fun. In case you didn't know, most gamers today are responsible adults and citizens. After all, the average age of gamers is now 30.

    Perhaps you should be following your own advice instead of criticizing others for something you clearly know nothing about….

  40. jose Vasquez says:


  41. Isaac says:

    Pls i want PS4

  42. Chris says:

    This console war is dumb it's not like which system is more successful or is better is going to change the world why can't people just buy the console they like and enjoy it preferably in silence

  43. Sixx says:

    I would be willing to wait a year for microsoft to turn around and redesign the "infrastructure" to allowed used games, backwards compatibility, no need for kinect, and no internet checks. I would pay $500 for that console, but not for the one they currently restrict us with. Pushing DRM to the publishers is basically pointing the blame at someone else. If I were a publisher/developer of a game, I would hate to go home from a hard days work to find out my internet connection has been lost because of weather or some drunk guy running into a post and not be able to relax, so I wouldn't do that to the masses of other gamers either. So pushing DRM to the publishers is just a cover to MS's bad decision.

  44. Michael Mooney says:

    Xbox one wins you get it all in one box no add ons sony nickel and dimes you to death good luck with that. They always say look over here then screw you when you’re not looking. Hah at least Xbox has the balls to tell the truth and its always been a better system. In the end better game play on live and the new sony you will have to pay to play online its no longer free for you sony lovers. And in joy your lag at least xbox one is working.

    Remember sony saying they would be out the same time as the 360 then 1year latter it comes out only to suck.

  45. Ron says:

    Your article missed some important details:
    1. the Xbox One has 8 GB DDR3 RAM while the PS4 has 8 GB DDR5 RAM. as you can probably tell, DDR5 is consider much faster.
    2. the PS4 processing performance is 1.85 teraflops while the Xbox One is 1.2 teraflops.
    3. the PS4 is region free while the Xbox One is not.

    So for those questioning whether two are the same hardware wise, they're not. magazines like eurogamer and forbes consider the PS4 more the 50% powerful than the Xbox One.

  46. Xbox fanboy says:

    I love the 360 but I think they fucked up with the Xbox One. That being said i started on a Playstaion, went on to PS2, then got a 360. Needless to say with how bad Microsoft is fucking up I'm going back to Sony. I have made my descision because of the Xobox One having always online DRM, no used games, and the price. T has nothing to do with the games as the big ones i want are going to be on both consoles. If Microsoft fixes their shit and then some ill consider going with an Xbox One.

  47. Waseem sawaya says:

    PS4 lowered the price because it has poor software and so what it has a hardware same as the computer but u have an amazing software for Microsoft’s Xbox One and an acceptable hardware think about it

  48. Allen says:

    Most of you fan boys are wrong on about the hardware. Essentially it is the same the ram matters yes but the Xbox also has on board ram that everybody forgets about. Not only that the xbox’s actual hardware specs have not been released so you are all speculating. The cloud computing also takes a lot of processing off of the console so the Xbox technically could be putting out way more teraflops. Btw to the person above me you don’t share 9 games research more before you speak you share your whole game library with ten family members and they don’t have to play on your Xbox. If your friend comes over guess what he can play your whole game library at your house. If you go over to his you still have access to your whole game library. The Xbox one has way more features and it has better and more exclusive titles. Add in the price of the playstation eye and the move controllers and you are way over 500 bucks so which is the real better value? Someone earlier said disc based gaming is going away and Microsoft doesn’t understand that; how do you figure that? The disc is for install only and that’s only if you want to drive to go buy it. Every Xbox one game will be able to be downloaded that is not the case for the PS4. People do your research if you are going to complain online.

  49. Drake says:

    Just so you know Microsoft has never confirmed whether they're using GDDR3 or GDDR5. Also it seemed like they made it look like Kingdom Hearts 3 and Final Fantasy 15 are PS4 exclusives they are also in development for Xbox One.

  50. Ali A says:

    If not for the always connected part else its bricked and the "you can trade games restriction, I would have definitely went with the Xbox-720 (xbox one???really? that's what I used to call the Original Xbox,,,now I have to use 'original' what a total mind f**k; right P-Diddy?) but anyway if Sony can incorporate some of the voice features that the xbox-720 has than I'm sold,,if not, no worries I'm not gonna get a Wii U anytime soon (Dear Mario, i loved u NEStalgicly but Wii have to stop there). Sony you won our hearts or at least mine anyways, so Thank You!!!!!!! P.S.>> I cant wait for the PS5,,cause that's what you"ll call it: PS5.

  51. bowers679 says:

    I wouldnt even pay $10 for a Ps4. All you Sony fans will realize how much better the Xbox one will be once it comes out.

  52. Zach says:

    Honestly, I see the internet connection thing that Microsoft is doing as a necessary evil… You have to use an internet connection to "share" your games with friends…. and some games will be taking advantage of the cloud which will require an internet connection but evidently make the game run better… And yeah, DRM sucks but in the long run it'll help the already struggling video game industry make a little bit more money. More money means better software and better hardware in the future. Also, for all you conspiracy theorist out there that want to compare the kinect to 1984.. think about this: Do you carry a smart phone? Most smart phones have HD cameras and are always connected to a data network. They even have GPS built in to track where you're going! Give me a break… at least Microsoft is trying to be innovative.

  53. JAUNP says:


  54. floydmurphy says:

    and you're on this page, why?

  55. Andrew says:

    1st thing is 1st, price point. You cannot compare a console to a PC. A newer graphics card alone costs between $200-$500. To build a godly PC, it'll cost you around $2400-$3000 (I'm a system builder). So, just for playing games, a console will always be cheaper. That said, I'll be getting a PS4 a little while after its launch. The reason? Same reason I have a PS3: Exclusives. Because, let's face it, unless you really need Halo, Gears, and Forza, you can get everything else on PC or PS3/4.

    Another thing, with selling back games to Gamestop, or wherever else: You're not returning a game. How much money do you really expect to get from them? If you want to try your chances at more money, sell them on Ebay or Craigslist. And what's worse: 1- Getting $15-$30 for a game you've beaten and don't ever plan on playing again, or 2- Getting $0 for a game you've beaten and never plan on playing again as it sits on your shelf and collects dust?

    My thoughts on the DRM: It's stupid. These aren't PC games, they're console games. They're meant to be brought over to your friend's house, and played with friends and family. That's the whole point of a console. It's why we buy consoles.

  56. CJ R. says:

    Im approaching this new dev cycle with more than a little trepidation. I’ve been an Xbox owner since October 2001 (True Halo convert)… and I studiously waited to purchase a 360 until certain hardware issues were resolved. All of my machines have performed admirably, and proven (and re-proven) time and again their value. With the addition of the Kinect, my 360 took on a new life. But I am concerned that Microsoft is losing sight of its audience. Near-constant Internet connection required? No resale for used games? NO BACKWARDS COMPATIBILITY??? The amazing potential for the cloud computing, streaming media, social media, and their subsequent game integration is impressive, but in a world embroiled in controversy about privacy in the digital age, maybe a little less invasive (or at least, PUSHY) is a better idea. It’s not too late to fix some of these issues, MICROSOFT. You too, Sony.

  57. Stevon says:

    Idk, anybody hear about that deal Microsoft is doing with the NFL, because if I can watch live NFL games, that a huge plus for the xbox one, also some of my favorite games are xbox exclusives. And the kinect sensor is alot better than the move, in my opinion.

    However I'm still leaning towards getting a ps4.

    But I'll wait in till the last minute to make my decision.

  58. Guest says:

    if you think gaming is a waste of time, then why the hell are you on this site?….

  59. Long Johnny says:

    Ps4 handz fown will be a great console. BUT Xbox One will blow it out of the water! #XboxFan4Life!

  60. lol microsoft says:

    Maybe the camera that will be watching you 24/7 monitoring your voice and movement is for Microsoft's notoriously helpful and friendly customer service representatives over in india to assist you with your $500 console malfunction a month after you buy it. For you fools who buy an xbox one, lets hope they have the same warranty they had for the original xbox. you know the one where you pack up you xbox ship it to an apartment in texas, wait a month and get the same broken xbox back unfixed……..

  61. tigran says:

    i am going back to my Nintendo 64….

  62. xbox forever says:

    What’s really going on here? In what way is the playstation 4 a better console. Remember when last gen systems came out pretty much all the games were imported over from the xbox 360 . The same thing going to happen this time around . Developers like money as for any business. I own almost every system to date and IM also going to get both new systems . Because I know

    That both systems are going to have great games .I can’t get God of war on xbox and I can’t get halo on playstation.

    All that BS is for followers and IM just smart enough to buy both. Man the media sure know how to get PS fanboy worked up.

  63. Alex says:

    You guys are not looking at the consoles enough in detail. The Xbox Ones gddr3 memory is being used so you can multi-task with ease. This means you can literally do several different things at once, such as surf the web, watch a movie, watch the news, and play a game without much difficulty at the same time. Since the Xbox One comes with a kinect 2 you will also be able to use gestures and voice commands to make changing between apps and other things that the Xbox One utilizes almost instantly. Lets not forget that the Xbox One is an all in one console entertainment center that comes with two pieces of hardware that would normally cost you more than $500. The PS4’s gddr5 RAM is an offshoot of the gddr3 and is being used to help gaming developers make games by making the ps4 closer to a computer than a console. The gddr5 RAM in theory has faster timing, but the trade off is lower clock speeds. The ps4 is more developer friendly and seems to be leaning a little more towards gaming entertainment than all around entertainment. The ps4 is also cheaper due to having no extra pieces of hardware being included. Ps4 will actually in the long run cost more, because of the sold separate items and no longer will have the luxury of free live. Xbox One in my opinion is going to win the console war in the long run. In actuality the console’s power and hardware are the same, but the way the consoles use their systems will determine the victor. Xbox One seems to be on the money with most things consider and Xbox live is proven to be way better than the the play station network and Xbox One will offer cloud and ps4 will not for sometime. Time will tell since everything isn’t set in stone yet.

  64. crystal says:

    the reason its $100 cheaper is because it doesnt come with playstation eye so you will be buying that separate which is what $100 right there? lol comes out to the same crap in the end. do you even know what those graphic numbers mean? seriously its almost identical. put them side by side with the same game and you wouldnt be able to tell the difference. these numbers are just showing what the MAX these consoles can do, its up to the GAME DEVELOPERS on how they choose to use it.

  65. zap says:

    nobody buy anything and lets just see these companies jaws drop when they arent getting a return on their product then they will turn to the consumer to find out what they did wrong

  66. GamesNotConsoles says:

    You guys are forgetting that in reality the consoles don’t matter as much as the games do. Go with what you know. I’m going with Microsoft and the Xbox One because its what I know. I had the PS3 and the Xbox 360 and while I think the PS3’s system was better, XBL is superior. Also, who doesn’t have an internet connection nowadays?

  67. Maddog gamer says:

    This is why Apple needs to make a gaming system and call it Apple domination cause there phones sure do. Don’t all of y’all get it your cell phones are the future. Stop and think of how many devices your one smart phone already replaces. Camera, computer, playstation vista, Internet, television, radio, etc. Just food for thought.

  68. selim says:

    And this is why you stick with PC gaming. Suck it Console Gamers!!

  69. David says:

    The Xbox One is $100 more ($50 in Aus) because it comes with Kinect, obviously. People saying that PS4 is much more powerful need to get their heads screwed on properly, it is more powerful but it's such a insignificant difference that dev's won't even notice. It's more about how well the dev's understand the hardware, which is an even playing field even if Xbox is just ahead. The main reason PS4 is better specced is slightly faster RAM, not that RAM is important in games. For 90% of gamers, the 24-hour check in won't even be noticed. I think it and the second hand games problem are fair enough as it's the only foreseeable solution to people buying a disk and giving it around to everyone they know, ruining the industry. Xbox One gets my vote as I've always preferred the controller and I like the TV capabilities.

  70. FREELAND says:


  71. jay says:

    Unworthy of this world says the guy who has nothing better to do than bash gamers and gaming enthusiasts. Oooooo, youve got us all shaking in our boots. Douche.

  72. simon says:

    Hi, if you were to buy these consoles in Australia the prices are: Xbox one $599.00 & PS4 is $549.00. Knowing your going to be sha…..d is a problem. It might even be cheaper to import the console yourself.

  73. jay says:

    All i can truely say, is @novi get a real life bro. Were hear reading and commenting cause this is part of who WE are as individuals. Were gamers and gaming enthusiasts, if it makes US happy then leave it be and be on your way. If you have something against gamers and other techno geeks, tell one to their face how you feel next time youre going to buy a new tv, smartphone, iphone, tablet, laptop etc and see how much help you really get. You need us bottomline.

  74. James says:

    PS4: Lots of new features over the PS3, better value for money, more powerful than Xbox One, no game restrictions, internet as you please, whole new OS.

    Xbox One: Pointless additions that would be inconvenient for most people, OS looks the same as the 360 OS, more expensive, massive game restrictions, constant internet connection, not as powerful as PS4.

    I'm an Xbox user and hands down I would go for the PS4, but everyone I game with is sticking with Xbox so I'm getting the One. I pray its more than how it looks currently.

  75. kuroe702 says:

    To be honest, all the fuzz about DRM really due to how much Sony ppl took the chance try to slap MS in the face. In reality? It won’t be matter that much in a few years as most of the game will be digital download. It’s just like iTune, buying music online, can only sync to your device, can only burn to cd 5 times… Etc etc.. its like MacBook pro and air that doesn’t have optical drive anymore…

    The only thing I see here is MS has great idea about future with cloud and media, but they fail to entice the consumer in a appealing way, instead they make ppl feel like hey are forced to adapt this new tech. While Sony take this chance to emphasize that they are just good old fashion gaming console with none of those new tech gimmick…

    I’ll wait it out and see. MS might change their policy on things on the gaming side. Right now they are busy to get into the TV industry with XboxOne…

  76. gray says:

    as an xbox fanboy im digusted with the price of of the xbox one its just microsoft being greedy.as to not being able to sell your games to others,wow can you think of any other instants where this happens?petrhaps ford should stop the sale of secondhand cars.you dont own the console or the games.ps4 now looking good

  77. Thomas says:

    Why do sony and microsoft have to always be greedy why cant they just get along imagine what could happen if they both worked together it would make things simple and cheap.Even though i am a microsoft person i think the ps 4 has destroyed the xbox one.i really do hope microsoft start thinking of something amazing or sony will take charge

  78. AnotherDan says:

    I'll vote when you put up a "Both" option.

    I'm in Australia, so prices will be a little higher, but there are exclusive games on both platforms, plus exclusive content on multiplatform games, that I'd like to play. Honestly, who gives a frak about the whole "console wars" thing and what one or the other can or can't do.

    The main difference in system specs is the GDDRAM in the PS4 vs the DDRAM in the Xbox, but MS certainly has a leg up on cloud based computational power that Sony seems to have made no mention of at this stage.

    On price points, guess how much your PS4 will cost if you decide to buy the PS Eye, which means they're both back to the same price almost.

    And to all that complain about MS and the DRM issue, well, companies like EB and GameStop give nothing back to publishers once a game is traded in (or returned after 7 days @ EB), so all MS are doing is giving their publishers negotiating power when it comes to getting a return on the second hand games market.

  79. Big Meech says:

    My LG 3D TV has too many features for me to even care about using the XBOX one as a set top box.

  80. SonyChristmas2013 says:

    oh well beats drugs, booze and most women….and for that matter my house too,, so why not waste my money on a game, hell everything else will take it anyway, even my own company is trying like hell to take back my pay and my bank does a fine job too with their fees….I am starting to think all this free enterprise crap and bill of rights and our way of government needs some kind of overhauling ???

  81. wazagod says:

    sounds like someone needs a hug. Seriously though, this is a gaming forum and some of us like to have fun. By all means, feel free to live miserably in your tinfoil hat and prepare for ‘the war’, but no need to troll our discussion.

  82. alex says:

    You guys are not looking at the consoles enough in detail. The Xbox Ones gddr3 memory is being used so you can multi-task with ease. This means you can literally do several different things at once, such as, surf the web, watch a movie, watch the news, and play a game without much difficulty at the same time. Since the Xbox One comes with a kinect 2 you will also be able to use gestures and voice commands to make changing between apps and other things that the Xbox One utilizes almost instantly. Lets not forget that the Xbox One is an all in one console entertainment center that comes with two pieces of hardware that would normally cost you more than $500. The PS4′s gddr5 RAM is an offshoot of the gddr3 and is being used to help gaming developers make games by making the ps4 closer to a computer than a console. The gddr5 RAM in theory has faster timing, but the trade off is lower clock speeds. The ps4 is more developer friendly and seems to be leaning a little more towards gaming entertainment than all around entertainment. The ps4 is also cheaper due to having no extra pieces of hardware being included. Ps4 will actually in the long run cost more, because of the sold separate items and no longer will have the luxury of free live. Xbox One in my opinion is going to win the console war in the long run. In actuality the console’s power and hardware are the same, but the way the consoles use their systems will determine the victor. Xbox One seems to be on the money with most things consider and Xbox live is proven to be way better than the the play station network and Xbox One will offer cloud and ps4 will not for sometime. Time will tell since everything isn’t set in stone yet. I would also like to remind you guys that a lot of what is being said is still considered a "Rumor" and there is time for little changes to occur with either console before they start building the next generation consoles to be put on the market.

  83. Yo what's up says:

    I truely believe MS was stupid on somethings and their was some disapointments at E3, but ima still end up getting it due to the interaction with games I honestly believe MS is trying to make their Kinect into a virtual installment to their console i would not be surprise when MS make a true and legit virtual game using Kinect Techs, like honestly i dont get this if your not going to buy the X1 what's the point on talking crap about it your opinion doesnt justify how bad is just stupid spoil nonesense

  84. jake says:

    If anything I think Microsoft are thinking more about the future of gaming then ps4 is…. cloud integration with the games is brilliant along with the extra tv features and such…… if you are all so hardcore about gaming and what not most of you will have your console online 24 hours anyway…. and really who buys 2nd hand games? I work at a pawn shop and I don't even play them. You want the best and the latest you go out and buy it. Xbox to dominate again just like the have the last 5 years.
    And seriously Sony had an event a month ago to release the console and didn't even show the bloody console…… freaking weird if you ask me. Microsoft straight to the point, no mucking around with better games…..
    Xbox ftw!!!!

  85. Daxid says:

    I honestly don’t see the problem with any of the requirements that Microsoft is doing. All this stuff will be required in the future. Look disk games are basically going to de dead in 5 years anyway. This console is for the future. Both Sony and Microsoft are leaving trading up to the developers.

    I will still be playing my 360 for years, and yes I have an X1 preordered. This will be a longer lasting console the way it was developed. The price of the console is Ps4 $400 X1 500. The X1 comes with everything, given you already have a smartphone. Ps4 your buying the eye and the vita.

    So in 5 years Sony will be doing all that Microsoft is doing. Except for the always online. For this outrage you are correct. I hope yourPs4 is never stolen because there will no way to find it. That is unless its plugged into the internet. Good luck playing a stolen X1.

  86. Clarky says:

    I'm still on the fence the now. Was going to go for Xbox One as I like the TV interaction, Skype etc and I actually enjoy a few Kinect titles now and then. PS4 has marginally more in the tank in terms of hardware but I don't think it will be noticeable, as the PS3 had more in the tank than the 360 but in the end just got ports of the same game. It may be able to push its exclusives a bit further but only time will tell.

    The online thing doesn't bother me, when I play single player I'm always online and its how I like it. I've had one bit of downtime in about 10 years with internet and it last a couple of hours. I don't think this is anything to worry about. This is just a simple way of stopping piracy for those that previously got their consoles chipped and on that note I'm quite glad its there.

    However, the used game policy is my major gripe with the One. I like to trade in or sell my used games towards new titles and I don't fancy being stuck with completed games once I am finished. Developers will like this as they get nothing from the used game market but all they had to do was charge a small fee etc, or ensure shops such as GAME and GAMESTOP gave them a cut of the used games takings. I like the fact the PS4 lets you do what you want with your old games.

    To summarise, I'd prefer an Xbox One but only if it will let me sell my old games which will require a U-Turn. I preferred my 360 to my PS3 due to better online services but not being able to trade my old games is a turn off.

    Decisions, decisions. From the many comments I've read across the web it sounds like many gamers aren't interested in many of the One's new features … despite in my opinion being a technological leap. Gamers just want the most powerful gaming console that gives them the freedom to do what they want and that at the moment is the PS4.

  87. Tom says:

    I really dislike the fact that i have to be connected to the net to play moneybox

  88. chris says:

    there is a reason why sony is free to play online your servers suck!! xbox is gonna have 300,000 thousand servers..you get what u pay for..have fun with your lag sony lol!

  89. mega wii fan says:

    cmon guys we all know that wii is the best (;

    ahahaha who am I kidding

  90. James says:

    PS4: Lots of new features over the PS3, better value for money, more powerful than Xbox One, no game restrictions, internet as you please, whole new OS.

  91. Travis says:

    They have the same hardware specs but the PS4 is cheaper and doesn't require internet, logic dictates that the PS4 is the more economical and common sense choice. But it truly falls upon the exclusives in the end and Microsoft does have better ones so I think it comes out on top in that regard but overall the PS4 wins by a bit due to being $100 less and not DRM locked so you can buy used games and save money.

    But I didn't vote for either because PC gaming is vastly superior to both because a PC game or console one with an emulator/controller adapter program is truly the way to play. It costs twice as much to build one but the games only cost as much as your willing to pay and mods really enhance/patch games extensively, plus you have the ability to upgrade it and online gaming is only as much as your internet bill.

    You end up saving hundreds in the long run and it basically pays for itself due to that, so I might pick up a PS4 and Xbox one down the road for the living room but I'll be waiting for a few price drops in coming years to buy them when they have better exclusives released.

  92. Luis says:

    I’ll be the first one to say I really hate to hear this war and I have had enough of it. Both systems have their positives and negatives, so what if people think one is better than the other. “To each their own” is what I say. Bickering online about which one is better is meaningless and everyone should just focus on which one they want. For me I’ve always been an Xbox fan, my fiancé has been a Sony fan. We both love both systems equally (which is why we are getting ps4 and Xbox one) because both are great systems. Everything in the world has it’s flops. Nothing is ever perfect. But just going with what you love is what you should do. Instead of trying to bash one another. Everyone should just be saying how excited they are. New systems hurray!

  93. josh says:

    who cares, I will own both consoles.

  94. Dicky Ball says:

    I'm gonna get both.

  95. AnnaNimus says:

    I'm a passive gamer, meaning, I play games occasionally with a group of friends in my downtime or to socialize. The Xbox I currently have has been good to me, but unlike the first consoles (Atari/Nes/Sega/etc.), I don't expect it to last another 5 years; although, I hope I am proved wrong. Gaming, for me, is a hobby… not a lifestyle. Obviously, none of them are trying to appeal to the casual gamer. $500+tax?!? Not to mention, the purchasing of a game, the cost of live, and the mandatory internet bills… This will be the first time I've witnessed the cost of gaming surpass my rent and utilities…AND even my car payment.
    I don't watch tv, so more than half of the benefit of the new technology is wasted.
    To Novi – This is part of American's exercising their freedom of speech. The opinions they share define them as people. As long as its in good taste, I admire anyone who volunteers their input … whether they agree with me or not… wherever in the world they may be from.

  96. mdwsmith1981 says:

    I have a ps3…and just preordered my ps4. I have always been a Sony fan. honestly there isn’t a downfall for paying for online multiplayer … I have been paying for the service for years on my ps3 even though it was not required. the benefits alone are worth it. as far as this xbox vs playstation beef… only one way to solve this: put us all on the same servers…. that would rock! who agrees that that would be awesome to be able to have full cross platform playing on games like battlefield 4?

    just imagine… pc vs ps4 vs xbox players… that would make the gaming world a place of excitement!!!!

  97. BOB marley says:

    do u all realize DRM is up to publishers on the xbox AND ps4??

  98. Polly says:

    I am going to miss Halo :(. I was always an Xbox person but… They messed up this time PS has way too many pluses. Halo died when Microsoft decided to be a whore. Halo died with my love of Xbox. So long MS.

  99. Brent Duran says:

    I am building my son his first gaming computer (we have an XBOX 360), and will likely stay on the XBOX 360 and PC for the first year.

    When it comes time to buy a console, although I've preferred the XBOX in the past, I'm currently leaning toward the PS4 because my son relies heavily on rentals and used games to satisfy his gaming appetite.

    Furthermore, on principle, although our XBOX 360 is connected to the internet and is therefore not an issue for us, I object to Microsoft's dictate that one must have an internet connection in order to use the XBOX One – this is very poor customer service.

    So, although I've been a moderate Microsoft supporter in the past, I believe Microsoft has lost its way over the past few years. Examples include: (1) the poorly conceive ribbon bar on Office 2007 that actually results in more work for me to accomplish anything, rather than less, (2) the abomination that is Windows 8 that seems as though it were designed by a double agent from Apple in order to sink Microsoft, and (3) the always-on, no-rentals, overly-complex borrowing restrictions for the XBOX One. Thus the reasons why I'm leaning to the PS4 when the time comes to buy a next-gen console.

    But who knows, my son and I may just continue gaming on the PC …

  100. bunnyking77 says:

    The PS4 is 50% more powerful $100 cheaper and doesn't audit your gaming library every 24 hours… SONY WIN!

  101. Eric says:

    Even if the PS4 has better hardware, what does that do for you when many game manufacturers for the PS4 are going to cap their games at 30fps? Both consoles can handle 60fps so what's the big debate on hardware?

    Both will support the latest graphics and physics engines so I'm not sure why we're arguing about hardware. As far as games, they both have great titles and online play. Every time new consoles come out people have this argument. My advice is play what you like and stay off beating on the other system, it only makes you look like a fanboi. Besides PS always comes out of the gate strong and Xbox always catches up and passes it in total sales by the end of its life. It's history repeating itself.

  102. jayc8315 says:

    Paying for PS online gaming is fine with me. You could probably pay for a year or more of online gaming with the money you save buying the PS4. Too bad all of my Xbox friends are sticking to Xbox.

  103. SteamBot says:

    Someone's a bad troll. XD

    NoviPublic, do you waste zombie consumer dollars on paying for an internet connection and a device, such as a computer, so that you can log onto it? Or are you on a free computer at your local Library?

  104. T.Rinehardt says:

    RESTRICTIONS ON USED GAMES; Wow… You two companies fell to realize it is because of companies like Gamestop that your gaming systems seem to exist and that the consumers will consider saving to buy a PS or XBOX system. I believe both companies need to give this topic more consideration, as this particular restriction will hender your sales and projections.

  105. Ron says:

    I think some people are really exaggerating the restrictions for Xbox One. I don't understand why anyone thinks they should be able to sell a game more than once or why anyone thinks they have more right to a game's license than the developer. Just because Sony is letting people do what they want does not mean that Microsoft is being unreasonable. Hell, Sony has the same third party policy. As far as hardware goes, PS4 is using slightly better hardware, but let's stop pretending that the small difference is going to affect anything enough to matter at all. Also, I agree with the PS+ and Xbox Live comparison; give me the latter over the former any day. I'm willing to bet that, despite all these Sony fanboys' exaggerations and this poll, Microsoft will not be far behind Sony at all in sells.

  106. Michone says:

    I've had xbox, 360, and PS2. I never play games online and have no desire to. MS is making a huge mistake REQUIRING an internet connection so it can phone home just to allow you to continue to play games you already own. Having cloud access is a plus, but should not be a requirement. I also have no interest in Kinect, and see this as an unnecessary item that just adds to the cost. Also, MS's recent statement that if you don't like the DRM restrictions, then stick with the 360, shows a great deal of arrogance and dismissiveness to gamers. For these reasons, I am anxiously awaiting releast of the PS4. MS is right in one regard – I'll still have my 360 when I have an xbox crave, but I think for new stuff, I'll lean towards PS4.

  107. FK77 says:

    Alot of you guys fail to realize that 1gb of ram will go to the Ps4’s os while 3-4 will go to the X1 because of all that TV.

  108. joemoedoe says:

    How is the ps4 hardware better? From reading this the specs are exactly the same. The Kinect is whatever, hopefully they put it to good use since they're forcing me to buy it along with the xbox one. My biggest concern is the lack of being backwards compatible and the fact that you need constant internet connection in order to play it. I do have internet but I don't want to lose my abilty to play the games I paid for just because I lose it for whatever reason. The smart thing to do would be to let people choose whether they want to play with or without the disc or even better would be whatever xbox it was first installed to can play the disc no matter what. Also if I buy a game from the arcade does that require the xbox to be connected every 24 hour in order to play it? From the looks of it probably. And the main reason that worries me is since i'm assuming each disc can only be used once what happens if your xbox breaks? Is there a way to put all those games back onto my xbox? I'm going to wait awhile before I get ONE HAHA and see what happens. The way Sony worded how its games worry me too.

  109. joemoedoe says:

    From the sound of it they can only guarantee that first party games can be shared. Sony said its not enforcing the DRM but that doesn't mean companies cant enforce them. There's just a lot of questions I have that probably won't be answered until the release date. if Microsoft made all or most of those entertainment services free for gold members that would be pretty badass. I doubt they will though but its going to be a long time before I get either one of those systems.

  110. Jose says:

    The PS4 leaves it up to the consumer to buy drm games. The xbox one console itself is made with drm in mind and there is no way to play offline unless its with Microsofts permission every 24 hours or hourly if you’re on someones else’s console. They also force you to buy that built in always on kinect which raises the price. Not everyone wants to flail about like a douche in front of their consoles. the playstation plus plan sales games for download and some as much as 70% off! Just look at xbox live still selling older games for download for full price! I’m getting the ps4 hands down! If you buy an xbox one you pretty much screwed yourself.

  111. Hope says:

    Everybody needs to stop arguing about hardware. It really will make no difference, both will have nearly identical graphics, processing power, etc. Think about the features. For me, after reviewing the features of the ps4 and xboxone side by side, I've decided that the ps4 will be the better console for ME. So, lets take the xbox-always online required, sharing games only once, that cloud feature that makes you connect to the internet once every 24 hours (what???!!) in order for it to work-thats not for me. I just want more traditional gaming, and the ps4 seems the obvious choice that will offer that. Not to mention, i'm liking the game selection of exclusives the ps4 has already, 4-5 months before launch.
    Also despite what everyone is saying, xbox probably won't be too far behind in sales like Ron said. The more casual person will want to get the xbox because of all the tv, social, 'living-room friendly' features. Keep in mind that they won't be visiting this site commenting or voting for any of this, that is why the poll is slanted towards the ps4.
    People need to stop arguing so much about specs, because thats not what its all about. Its about the games/whatever you want to get out of your console.

  112. Hope says:

    Everybody needs to stop arguing about hardware. It really will make no difference, both will have nearly identical graphics, processing power, etc. Think about the features. For me, after reviewing the features of the ps4 and xboxone side by side, I've decided that the ps4 will be the better console for ME. So, lets take the xbox-always online required, sharing games only once, that cloud feature that makes you connect to the internet once every 24 hours (what???!!) in order for it to work-thats not for me. I just want more traditional gaming, and the ps4 seems the obvious choice that will offer that. Not to mention, i'm liking the game selection of exclusives the ps4 has already, 4-5 months before launch.

  113. Good article says:

    I own 2 ps3's and 360s as well as 1 vita 3ds and wii. (multiple gamers in the house lol) So fanboyism is out of the question. lol. Anyways I will be picking up the PS4. Not necessarily right when it launches but will eventually for these main reasons.
    1. It's cheaper
    2. It doesn't need to be connected online at all times. (I have internet that is high speed but very unstable)
    3. Support with the Vita sounds just awesome since my Vita is a dust collector :/
    4. No information on this but I really hate paying and extra 100 bucks a year just to play online for Microsoft products. I'm sure they will continue to make you pay for online, just not sure if Sony will as of yet.
    They are both great systems and I'm sure that the fan wars will never end. Although I will miss the new Minecraft thats coming with the new xbox.

  114. @MUGZ85 says:

    Lol… I find the people who say "Face the facts! PS3 comes out on top of this one! Look at the hardware, and the price is still cheaper!" But then say "Who cares about TV integration, a better motion sensor experience, or better online?" to be hypocrites. There is no clear winner, and the people who are bashing one system or the other are fan boys or completely diluted. I think the TV integration into the Xbox One is amazing and is very ambitious of Microsoft. I don't agree with their DRM practices, but I do like the ability to share it within the house without the disc, and I never really buy used games any so, personally, it doesn't effect me, but I can see how it could upset some people. The $100 price difference is because you're also getting the Kinect, which I'd be buying anyway so, again, it doesn't effect me. The eye for PS4 will also be around $100, so their is virtually no price difference in my eyes. Also, for anyone who truly understands the hardware going into these two systems, the difference is negligible.

  115. @MUGZ85 says:

    [Continued] For my personal preferences, the Xbox One comes out on top. However, you you're an avid used game buyer, or if you have no desire to buy or use the eye, then I can see why PS4 would be more attractive. If you're looking to put it in a living room setting and to have it immersed in not only your gaming life, but also your other means of entertaining and accessibility, then Xbox seems to be the clear choice. It all comes down to preference. There is no need to bash either system – They will both be great systems, and I'd be happy to use or own either one of them, as should any of you. Buy whichever appeals most to you and hopefully you'll be happy with your purchase.

  116. Soupy says:

    I'm going to do the really smart thing and just stick to computer.

  117. SuperDad2165 says:

    Wow… as a person who was a Sony consumer for so long, and then decided to solely focus on XBOX (I had PS3, GameCube, Wii, and XBOX)- I traded everything except for my XBOX because they have done more with tech than PS in the last 8 years.
    That said, I will admit PS4 definitely stole the show with their benefits… features were similar, but benefits and other tasty options beat out MS.
    However, because my kids are XBOX fans, I will be purchasing the ONE, but also PS4 as I believe, in the long run, my kids will move over to the PS4 because it is reminiscent of XBOX 360 when it first started. I think XBOX ONE will lose a lot of people – sadly, me and my family included.

  118. Austin says:

    The PS4 looks amazing, and its $100 cheaper. PS4 all the way. GO SONY

  119. sam says:

    yeah…kingdom hearts 3 and 100 dollars cheaper, killzone, and free online. …ps4 plz. plus, my internet isnt too reliable so id like to play offline maybe…

  120. Falkentyn3 says:

    I'm surprised many people aren't mentioning the RROD the Xbox 360 had. I'm not saying that the Xbox One is guaranteed to have the same story, but it's not something to ignore. Especially with a higher price range.

  121. Rya says:

    I really don't get the whole F*ck M$ stance right now. I am not a hardcore gamer or anything but I am in my late 20's and I haven't traded a game with someone since I was 14 years old. I probably buy 6 or 7 games a year and never once have I resold them because I make sure I buy games that I am going to enjoy. Just about every game I buy I try the trial version and make my decision largely based on that. I have a fast and reliable internet connection so I really don't care that it needs to connected up to it full time. I realize that a fast and reliable internet connection is not something everyone has but I guarantee a vast majority of hardcore and casual gamers do. If you don't, then the XBOX 1 is not for you and go get a PS4. Every single one of my friends (some hardcore gamers and some casual like me) are all up in arms about these changes but once I ask them how it's going to change anything they currently do now, not a single one could come up with an answer. If these changes are really going to affect the way you currently game then don't get it, it's a great thing we have competition in this market and there is a great alternative in the PS4. What's keeping me with the XBox is the online experience. The playstation network just doesn't compare.

  122. Chris says:

    Enough of this 100.00 cheaper crap!!!! You don’t get the ps eye or the move controller! Xbox include kinnect 2.0!!! There’s the difference!! Sony did nothing!!! Xbox has xbox like everything else today is gonna prove that DIGITAL is better! Your never Gona bring a game to a friends house again!! You have accede to your stuff when u need it! Brilliant! Sony will crumble ad soon as everybody recognizes that you can do Everything on the XBOX ONE!!!!!!

  123. wolf_5963 says:

    GDDR5 costs more than DDR3, Sony wins. Xbox is using the inferior BluRay over their own HD-DVD drive. Also the biggest difference is Xbox is using legacy servers and Sony is switching over to Gaikai. I play a lot of FPS and faster servers mean better games… Go Gaikai !

  124. ricky says:

    PS2 was a better system than Xbox. Xbox 360 was a better system than PS3. PS4 is looking like the better system than Xbox One. We'll see but I'm going with PS4 and already pre ordered it.

  125. David says:

    Besides the bs w used games and having to connect to the Internet to sign in, Microsoft is ahead hands down. The sheer amount of things you can do with the one outweighs the negatives, for myself anyways. $1oo more? Big deal. Can't buy used games or sell old ones? Omg, end of the world. And better hardware? Hardly. People complaining that they won't be able to buy or sell used games, get a better job and you won't have to buy or sell old games.

  126. jimjonjones says:

    im getting bolth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!

  127. JiMiNiOn says:

    I have been a faithful xbox consumer since the first one came out. but with the restrictions on the games for the new xbox…… i may have to just bite the bullet and leave my xbox behind… i love playing used games and trading games…. xbox really screwing the pooch on that one….. not to mention price and the capability to have the same or better looking games than xbox.

  128. Josh says:

    I feel as if the price difference can't really be considered in any debate because the xb1 comes with the kinect 2.0 which is worth more than $100. So if you were to compare the true price of the consoles alone the One would be cheaper.

  129. John says:

    PS4 has octodad… enough said…

  130. Justin says:

    I'm a Xbox fan because of the last round ..PS3 sucked, but looks like ps4 may win this time:)

  131. LadyNcS says:

    How many people are gonna hate me for saying that I want both? Lol.

  132. EeRie says:

    xbox360 no more. Bring ps4 — pre-ordering :)

  133. John says:

    The initial reaction is that Sony's approach is better than Microsoft's, but I think it's a bit short sighted. Microsoft's approach is geared towards a disc-less future and honest, after enjoying instant gratification of Netflix and Steam, I think the pros are a bit more than the cons. The XBox One is kinda like a computer.. gotta use the internet. So what? I play PC and I'm always on the internet. It's something that's been done for a while now on PC. Now the evolution finally comes to consoles. It's a small matter that I am surprised to see blown way out of proportion.

    I'm neither an Xbox or PS fan, and I'm not likely to be an early adopter of either, but I see heavy fanboyism in these comments here. Both consoles have great games and both have similar hardware (seriously.. almost identical), if you discount the kinect.

    Get whatever console you want, and the games you want. Right now it's just company PR battles that we're all speculating on. Execution once the consoles are out is what matters.

  134. Brian says:

    Xbox one is better short and sweat

  135. Jared says:

    Well, its f3d up but I don't really care about having to check an internet connection, because, who EVER unhooks their internet connection? Sony people maybe because they don't play online as much since the network sucks. The used game policy is crap as well but that will go to the publishers. Sony has them on the price but you dont get a motion sensor. I like that xbox is pushing the technology and it is way more impressive with features and being able to use ios devices and integrate TV and internet. Everyone should wait at least 6 months to see if the hardware actually works. PS4 is somewhat unimpressive. Where is the WOW factor. I was hoping that had something up their sleeve but really, what does the ps4 offer that Xbox doesn't?

  136. Suckanut says:

    I don’t know why people always have to argue about which one is better. If you don’t like the xbox one get a PS4. If you don’t like the PS4 get the xbox one. If you don’t like either go play by yourself on ur wii U and stop reading articles related to the real Next Gen consoles.

  137. nickomatic666 says:

    What I think everyone on here doesnt realize I xbox has an interface that actually utilizes what is inside the xbox you all rant about ps4 having better hardware. But its basically just a ps3 with better hardware. Second games can be lent one time per game to a friend on your friends list as well as all in home devices are one pay to play. To be honest i dont lend games and dont care especially sinve it increases producer profit which as many of you are blind to increases our purchasing power toward future games. (Meaning they give us better product when they make more money) lastly clearly thwy arent targeting people without a co sistant internet connection those people can buy ps4 and be happy. Lastly and most importantly to me since a large portion of my playtime is online, microaofts increase in servers means that the online experience for online multiplayer/downloads/streaming/transition of data etc will be EXTREMELY SUPERIOR to ps4 … the people who make millions to make excelent product make it for a reason they are able to think what makes a great product in home … not on paper. With that said ps4 looks great too but xbox is clearly a better machine.

  138. Guest says:

    Why cant we all just love both consoles?

    eh screw it, PS4!

  139. Zach says:

    Microsoft knew this would happen thats why they commented its a marathon not a sprint and according to the CEO of america Microsoft is yet to reveal something that will change the minds of many.

  140. Arsen1x says:

    "We've already come right out and said we're not going to allow online pass. And the word "allow" is key there. Specifically with online, with PS+ requiring a charge to play online, we would not want any publisher [to charge.] "

    "In general, we're all businesses. Sony or Microsoft is never going to be able to tell EA or Activision exactly what they can do. What we like to say at PlayStation is that we set the precedent. The way we are approaching this is that we want this to be extremely consumer-friendly, extremely retailer-friendly, and extremely publisher-friendly. My personal opinion is that it's hard for me to believe that any major publisher is going to put an extra set of used DRM onto game titles because that wouldn't put them in a good spot, right?"

  141. Xavieraka XMAN202043 says:

    I hate to say that Microsoft forgotten the phrase that the costumers (Is always right). We the costumers are the ones that made Microsoft into the company they are today. So what Microsoft is now telling us the costumer to (Shut up and take the BS they are Dishing out. It is no longer the costumer's concern to being a Happy Gamer, but the concern of those in Microsoft to fill their pockets with more of our hard earned money. If Microsoft doesn't do some about changing their frame of mind, there'll be a lot of Xbox members switching over to (PS 4) and I think I might be one of those changing stations. Microsoft think about those costumers that might not be able to paid for internet, cause they might be having a hardship or just gotten laid off due to hardships on the work force?? I love Xbox but I don't love the fact that if I buy an Xbox One, It could turn into a worthless paper weight. If were to get a laid off and can't paid for internet until god knows when. Is PS 4 in my future??? We shall see!!!

  142. Allen says:

    All Microsoft is doing with the 24 hour log in is future proofing their system. If physical media dies which a lot of people smarter than I think it will Microsoft is already ahead of the game. My Xbox is always connected to the Internet and if my Internet goes out I don’t play because I can’t use all of the features I love. Single player gaming is fun and all but co op gaming is way more fun and that seems to be where gaming is going. Eventually the features of the XBone will outway the PS4. I know Sony has gaikai but for every PS4 game to be played online and off if physical media dies is a daunting task for gaikai and extremely pricey not to mention that Sony would then have similar restrictions.

  143. Allen says:

    If you really look at it Microsoft is trying something new and Sony is not. Sony did nothing to wow me at E3. I may not use the tv features but Microsoft put it in there as an innovation what did Sony do for innovation. Can you Skype with people and play a game on the PS4, can you do any two things at once on the PS4? Yeah you can stream on the PS4 but it’s not as simple as saying Xbox broadcast and they use uplay where the Xbox uses twitch which is used and viewed by the majority of gamers because it is better than uplay. Microsoft is giving gamers casual and hardcore alike choices, I love that and I am a hardcore gamer it’s pretty much all I do. People say the kinect spy’s on you when Sony also has a camera and its name is even more creepy its called the eye a lot of people forget about that. I would almost bet money that all of the owners of the eye don’t turn off the eye when they play connected to the Internet so what is the difference. Plus Microsoft said if you don’t want the kinect on while in a low power state you can turn it off. When it comes to sharing games Microsoft does that way better than Sony I don’t even have to give a disc to a friend I can give them rights to my whole library and I can change my ten friends at anytime. So they dot just have to borrow one game I own they can borrow any I own and I can still play it whenever I want. That’s pretty much the best way to borrow I have heard of imagine all the different games my ten friends play and I have access to their games as well. People like to skip over that fact. I would like to buy both consoles as I am sure they will both be great but Sony has not shown any features that out do microsofts or have they shown any exclusives that beat out microsofts IMO. People are backing Sony for the price and no DRM. The first is definitely negotiable and the latter is almost the same. The only difference DRM wise is that first party games on Microsoft have it and first party Sony games don’t. Third party publishers have the choice. Lets face it there are way more third party games than first so that really shouldn’t be an issue in people’s minds. I say again both Sony and Microsoft leave the DRM choice to third party publishers. It is already being done, if I buy battlefield 3 and give it to a friend they have to pay a fee to play it. It’s the same but people look over that as well. What it all boils down to is people don’t like change, it’s inherent to the human psych. The problem is people always want more so that’s what Microsoft is trying to give them.

  144. The only one says:

    the reason being for the extra 100 dollars is for the kinect that is included. If you actually average out if you got the playstation 4 with its eye and add tax, it's actually more expensive than the one and not nearly as powerful as the kinect. So that sets out the 100 dollar issue. On a side note to all who complain about not needing the kinect or eye, well I think of it like this, I'm playing 400, 500 dollars meaning I want the most I could get out of it and if the eye or kinect could add new features, etc thats a steal. I agree with the whole used policy that is stupid but you have to actually look at how micro$oft replied to it. In one article they replied that these restrictions are not set in stone. And so is the always online, you never know they might change all that. I'm not a hardcore gamer and I don't share games with friends, actually we don't even talk to xbox and the difference between used games is like 5-10 dollars on average. It won't kill you. I preordered the xbox one because I've been with them since the original but Im going to be honest I wasn't frank that they did all that

  145. Mike says:

    At first, when I heard and read up on the restrictions that Microsoft are putting into place, I was appalled by their policies. I, as an Xbox 360 user, was ready to make the immediate switch to Sony's PS4.. But shortly after, Sony also came out to say that they are leaving DRM policies up to the publishers (other than first party, as is Microsoft.) Also, at first glance, an always online requirement is an immediate turnoff, but most users are connected to the internet all the time anyways, (I am anyways.) My point is, Microsoft might just be making the bold move to move on into the future, something the PC platform has already done. A downloadable future. Think about it….A cloud service, going from 15,000 to over 300,000 servers. If internet is truly an issue, then the PS4 might be a better choice to you. If you want a PS4 because you think they have better games, fine. But, I have thought long and hard about this one and I think the future of the Xbox might not be as bad as everyone is making it out to be. Albeit we might just have to make wise decisions on which games we buy. The kinect thing is a different issue…

    -An undecided gamer

  146. NaMe? says:

    im kinda a xbox fanboy but the xbox things like the 24 hour check and no used games sucks. I think all my friends are getting the ps4 so it is really hard to decide, but i think I will get the ps4 and maybe the xbox later.

  147. David McClendon says:

    I think you can play ps3 games on ps4 the GaiKai cloud you can stream them to the ps4. So doesn't that qualify as backwards compatibility?

  148. Observer says:

    Who Gives a Crap. Really? buy the one you want. Man People actually argue about this? Grow up kiddies!

  149. Jason says:

    i see zero posts looking at the whole picture. what system you prefer is purely based on how you game. if you like multiplayer games such as call of duty? go xbox. if you enjoy playing a game by yourself and then sharing that game with friends or family? go ps4. xbox made the choices they did to make the experience better for their hardcore online fans. but ps4 made an even smarted choice of making their system more rounded. they made their system appeal to not only their own hardcore fans but also people like myself who loved the 360 but dont want to deal with the bullshit microsoft implemented.

  150. Bruce says:

    Listen, for have way better exclusives, for example, the #1 racing franchise in the last 10 years, the second highest rated shooting franchise, HALO, behind call of duty which is on both consoles, the number one indie in the world, mine craft, And future high ranking games such as quantum break and Titan fall and many more. And the console isn’t 500 dollars u idiots, the console is 400, the kinect is 100

  151. Corey says:

    You guys do realize that most of the games they showed at the ps3 e3 conference will be on the Xbox One as well. I don't understand the frustration towards the Xbox. It will have Destiny and Final Fantasy on the xbox. I used to own a ps3. the online community was awful. Xbox is gaming console WITH the perks of skype, watching tv and of course the unbeatable online experience. PS3 hype seems more misinformed than anything. Does any not remember the Gimmick filled PS3 E3 Conference?

  152. Saul vazquez says:

    I'm greatly dissapointed at Microsoft's greedy efforts, PlayStation has amazing graphics but the halo games and call of duty creators deserve their dues. Time will tell which console will be able to revive the glory days of gaming, all the trash talking competative rush that the games had at the beginning of online gaming is going to be really hard to match. Although I'm upset about Microsoft's sorry suicidal business moves, my hopes are leaning on the powerhouses bungie and activision, these are the leading designers of the biggest games that existing. Destiny has a lot of high hopes and has been in the making for a long time now and coming from these two titans this might bring all the call of duty and halo players together and create a whole new fan base. They new exactly what they where doing and that's why I'm rolling leaning more on towards them.

  153. rahimi says:

    everyone need to stop caring about the hundred dollar difference the only reason xbox is more expensive is because it come with kinect and kinect separate is a hundred dollars so just cause you get the ps4 cheaper just remember the move camera is 50$ and the controllers are about 50$ too and who cares about selling or trading in games gamestop ripps you off anyways giving you only ten dollars for a 60$ game and how many of us actually like to let our friends borrow games

  154. bigjdawg420 says:

    i just want to play freakin games. i dont care about all the drama and non-since. both microsoft and sony have givin me plenty of fond memories as a gamer…. and im sure there are more to come….. so quityerbitchin

  155. hamoun says:

    I'm not sure about this , but i read somewhere that on the new xbox one LIVE , you can create a group called "family" which can have up to 10 members. now , if ANYONE on that group buys a digital content from marketplace , EVERYBODY on that console gets it (Like a continous license transfer ). i need smeone to confirm this , because if this is true , than you can create a group with online friends and it will be a huge benefit.

  156. John says:

    This is the most BIASED review (In Sony's favour) I have ever seen. What a waste of time.

  157. >.< says:

    Xbox One. Simply for Halo

  158. Jakob says:

    It's a close race this one.
    I was a ps2 owner but switched to x360 instead of ps3 last time. That switch I never regretted as I find x360 superior to ps3 (still own a ps3 though – but mainly for bluray)
    Right now I am still on the xOne boat, mainly because Microsoft make live gaming rule, better exclusives for my taste and the controller. Sony will never be able to make a controller as superb as the one for Xbox. Even ps-fans admit to the controller subject.
    However as I stated first – the race is close. I don't get all the fanboy-hate messages. Neither ps-fans nor xb-fans are retard, losers og imbeciles, due to the choice of consoles. Let's be honest. Both consoles will rock and provide fantastic gaming experiences. Some of the new issues we are gonna have to live with. Weigh the minusses and the plusses and make your choice. But stop hating the ones that choose the other. It is quite frankly stupid. A bit like hating Pepsi-drinkers because you prefer Coca-Cola….

  159. pjmurillo says:

    LOL hey if you want to stay with Xbox go ahead. No one is putting a gun to your head. PS4 is already sold out in every store around me unfortunately. And how are you going to argue that now Sony has to pay for online when we’ve been paying for Xbox live for how many years now? Seriously every year I’ve had to pay it and now I have a choice to be forced to pay for it or to choose if I want to pay for it.

    The choice is obvious guys and girls; stop being a troll and refusing to see the truth just because you’re a current Xbox owner. You’re making us all look bad.

  160. Zach says:

    xbox is have the illumiroom.

  161. Guest says:

    I'm a 360 user but played the PS2 before that… I have to go with the PS4 on this. Microsoft's new system and policy are WAY too intrusive. For my needs as a gamer PS4 looks like the better system. I understand that Microsoft is looking for a different niche from the core gamer market with this new system… it's just not for the core gamer.

  162. Fiasco says:

    Ps4 all the way I went e3 I had experience with the Xbox one and ps4 and honestly they both have 500gb hdd, blu ray drive, 8 core and processors dr they both have close similarities with these 2 consoles but the reason why I like the ps4 more is it has a better design with the console and controller and also that you can share games and when you purchase the ps4 you cannot play Xbox one offline this console must have Internet connection where the ps4 doesn't just like the ps3 and also you receive a free headset suck shit MIRCROSOFT SONY ALL THE WAY HANDS DOWN FOR SONYY WHOO!

  163. tasha says:

    im sorry but im tired of constantly upgrading and not being able to play the oldies if they want us to buy the new ones make it where we can bring the old games as well cause aint no one got time for that let alone the money to be constantly buying and upgrading with new stuff, ill just go get ps3 and be happy sorry no ps4 for us and i dare sony to stop making ps3 games like they did the ps2 and i bet they will be dealing with alot of angry customers

  164. Max says:

    Destiny is not a ps3 exclusive. Its for the xbox one aswell.

  165. jesus says:

    …. just saying i was wait for kingdom heart for years…… so i got ps3 for no reason….. dame you sonyyyyy

  166. Robert Paulson says:

    Honestly, you folks are all a little over the top but that's OK. The new hardware is way over the top too. The difference in cost is due to Kinect. The article, and others, clearly explain that the Move controller and Eye are available only as add-ons. At least Microsoft is straightforward rather than hiding costs. I don't care for the fact that you cannot buy the console without Kinect.

    I am not a fan-boy, but for those of you worrying about "monitored" data, you are probably all victims of Google, Apple, and soon-to-be Yahoo, privacy policies (data mining). Playstation Network has a history of security breaches as well.

    Meh, at least Facebook isn't making money off of your opinions yet. I think $4-500 is ridiculous for a gaming console. I am pretty excited about ARC ( + Ethernet over HDMI ) support though. I think I'll wait until late January to see where the pricing ends up as consumers continue to be used as guinea pigs.

  167. Nacho says:

    this article is misleading as many of the games listed are under X1 and PS4 will release same day on both systems. Eventually, gamer will realize that PS4 is just PS3 with better graphics while X1 is a gameplay changer.

  168. Jonathan says:

    I am Huge XBOX fan, but I should be able to play my games where and when I want without having to find an XBOX connection. Microsoft wants to give me the finger fine they can have it back I am jumping ship and going to Sony. Alas, my beloved Halo you will be missed.

  169. Rob says:

    I have been reading all of the articles, watching the E3 videos, reading all the I hate (insert MS, Sony here) BS posts, and it all boils down to this….nobody will "win". They will both have their own fanbases that will argue with the other, same as it has been for years. Me personally, I will have to go PS4 for the sole reason of the mandatory internet connection every 24 hours. I travel for a living, and do not always have the ability to connect to the internet on a regular basis. What is the point of having a gaming system that relies on the ability to connect to the internet to play single-player, stand-alone games from a disk? But this is exactly my point…every person is going to have different aspects of both systems that will sway their judgement on which one to buy. There is no purpose in all of the "You are an idiot because you like (again insert MS/Sony here)."

  170. go fuk urself says:

    wow fanboys exist everywhere. im looking at you, author
    PS. Destiny is no PS4 exclusive, champ.

  171. Hakeem says:

    The Xbox One will have 300,000 servers for online play over the 15,000 it had for 360 and everybody knows even Playstation Fanboys know Xbox connections and online is more secure, Xbox Live has never been shut down for months at a time cause someone hacked the whole servers, come on now, Sony learned their lesson from the PS3 made it more expensive and lied calling it the console that does everything when Xbox clearly gave more apps and experience as far as entertainment, with the Xbox One Family can play the same game at the same time, and Sony doesnt get a cloud based system for games until 2014 yeah ok, plus for all Sony Fanboys you will now have to pay an online subscription as well, and also Xbox is taking all your exclusive titles can you Say Hello Metal Gear Solid 5, Sony is a joke

  172. DMO says:

    The only thing PS3 had over Xbox360 was blu ray and free online gaming…….. now xbox1 has both those plus kinect, not to mention a 10X better interface and online gaming…..suck it PS4

  173. Amy says:

    Alright I think everyone has a right to their opinion. But the reality is what you want. The future is all about all in one, called convenience. As far as pricing for the ps4 you will have to buy the eye separate, so reality you are saving fifty dollars, big deal. The other thing I do not understand is why people are frantic over used games, you have got to be kidding me, they are a rip off. So you save ten dollars. And the codes are missing and it has scratches. Buy the time you time you get that game cheep its old news.I like pristine games. The other side to this as far as copy right you may as well get used to it. This will the future. So if you are looking for full entertainment xbox all the way, if you are looking for tipical gaming go ps 4. After all we all have choice.

  174. GUY says:

    i voted 4 Sony but im buying A XBOX ONE

  175. Zach says:

    i heard about another new console from Microsoft that's going to be the 360 on roids.

  176. regfrdfvgd says:

    honestly Im going with the ps4. its not because the graphics or the user experience its because this. the ps4 looks like an easy to use compatible system. its great and the games i want but 1 all come on it. also my parents will pay for it

  177. Gage says:

    Not biased towards either console. The internals to each system is identical blue ray, ram, hard drive, etc. The designs are close but slightly different. Which you like more is up to whoever to decide. Each gives games away each month when you buy plus or live. Sony gives one a month while MS gives 2; not a big deal. Neither system is backwards compatible. Graphics on each are nearly identical. The reason for xbox being 100 dollars more is because the kinect comes with the console while the play station is the console and controller. Each company has exclusives that basically are making the on-fence-decision to what console you want. The play station staying a bit smart kept discs for their games. However, you can still buy and sell used games on buy consoles. Sony actually has no reason to keep games as discs except for when you are offline you can still play your games unlike the Xbox. Which you have to sign in once every 24 hours to play pretty dumb on their part. Each console you pay for the multiplayer part except with Sony you can still access you other entertainment while with xbox you cannot,. But your decision is on you. Just pointing out the obvious.

  178. BigDaddy says:

    I love my xbox 360 but with all the restrictions I'll probably get a PS4

  179. Tom says:

    We, the gaming community, destroyed Nintendo's hopes in the race to monopolise the gaming industry when they tried to force dumbass controls with a childish system on us. Now Microsoft can join them for trying to ruin second hand gaming and trying to greedily control and monitor all digital entertainment. Hopefully Sony will learn from the mistakes of others and adhere to the wishes of gamers or I personally will boycott all of them and revert to Sega, the company that understood.

  180. Spencer C. says:

    I myself feel the XBOX One is the better platform…..if it takes away the Internet connection and the thing about not sharing games. To me those seem to be my only concerns with the console, after that it can take it's place as the true descendent of the XBOX 360 (Which was better than the PS3). However if it does not take these out, I can tell you I still won't buy a PS4. Not over any bias hate or anything, but because I just don't like most of the games or it's setup plus most of my friends and Box fans. This said, I may end up buying some PC games this Gaming Age.

  181. CSS says:

    In this so called war of consoles we as the consumers have lost sight of the big picture… these companies are trying to corner the market and make as much money as possible with no regards for consumers, "personalization" is a better term for smoke and mirrors or a facade for giving over more money. All of you make valid points about each console but as a consumer the power lies with us. I'm not taking a side on either just merely pointing out the best way to control the market and implement the changes you want to see is to simply not buy the console. These companies are all run off quarterly statements and within the first 3 months if they have not seen product sales then they will devise new methods for reinvigorating there product. This could be seen with the bundling effect of each console. In the end the choice is yours… but i will leave you with one other alternative keep playing the older consoles and let "US" gain the power.

  182. CalmDown says:

    At first I was shocked at how bad the Xbox one was led to be. I here all this about not being able to sell or trade a game you bought or that you must be online once a day to be able to play your games an I was worried since I have had the Xbox and the 360 and loved them both, and yes I have played ps2 and 3 but it never lived up to the Xbox and now that I have thought about it, it’s all stupid. 1. I am always online anyway when I’m playing or watching Netflix or watching a movie 2. I never buy used games and or sell the ones I have. I know you are thinking well then how will I know if I want to buy a game if I can’t rent it first or let a friend lend it to me… Well idk if you guys ever herd of this new thing called downloading a demo? Oh wait it’s not a new thing. 3. All the crazy stud that can be possible with the cloud 4. Better exclusives, I’m sorry but ps lost he only exclusive I cared for and that was MSG. I don’t care too much about kingdom hearts yo guys can keep that. 5. All in one entertainment system hence “one”. 6. Kinect is sooooooo much better then the eye toy or whatever it’s called, not to mention how much some games use the voice control in games. 7. The division. Holly shit did that game look awesome, and ryse, and Titan fall, oh and what’s that game called… Oh that’s right hallo. 8. And last but certainly not least, Xbox live. Don’t need to follow up that statement. And now let the batting begin.

  183. cesar says:

    I used to love Sony. I had the ps1 and ps2, but when the ps3 came out it did not impress me at all. so I went with the 360 and have been loving it! my 360 is used a lot during the day to watch dvd's, youtube, netflix, and of course play video games. live is awesome and all of my family and friends are also on live. The xbox 1 looks like it is going to give me more of what i love about my 360, i want to be able to do more than just play games on my system. Oh and i can't wait for the new Halo!! plus the Halo tv series!! only for the xbox 1!!

    yes i am not happy about the once a day check in and the required internet access, but if you don't have high speed internet by now you deserve to be slapped. i am going to go to amazon and pre-order my xbox 1 now!! :-)

  184. jose says:

    Omg im sick of all of you cheap ppl so what if is a $100 dollars more so what if you can’t leand the game to your friend and sooooo what if you need internet grow up and get a job mommy’s boy XBOX ONE is better you get for what you pay you want stuff free apply for foodstams and ss-service. Have a good day every one

  185. Sunshineband says:

    So I'm left guessing if Xbox games will be cheaper due to this. I really dislike the "online once an hour or once every 24" thing a lot. This makes it very easy for most gamers to decide what they will buy. Cheaper, less restrictive, and better all around specs…the prize, and stack of cash, goes to Sony!

  186. guest says:

    I love the xbox 360, all my friends have it, the controllers are good, and xbox live is good. But xbox one looks like a piece of crap. Who wants to have a kinect watching what you do 24/7? And $500?
    who has that much money to pay for a gaming console in these economic times? And who cares about the TV and skype crap. If i want to watch tv ill watch my tv. Im going to buy a ps4 because the xbox one looks like a piece of crap. And why is it called xbox one wheres the logic in that? microsoft is stupid.

  187. Tiny says:

    I honestly used to be a hardcore xbox fan until this point. Microsoft the entire world doesn't have high speed internet. Also please respect my right to do with my game what I want with it. The fact that your kinect is constantly monitoring one room of my house is also a big negative. Last but not least the fact that if your xbox one has a red ring of death scenario we cannot file a class action suit. I wish I could find something negative to say about the PS4 but honestly hands down my money is PS4 bound. I will miss Halo but I am sure I will find more, different games to play.

  188. xbox man says:

    lets do a console war without all of microsofts restrictions and policies would xbox still win looking at a chart today i saw the the ps4 would still win graphics goes to sony having 1.82tflops cpu goes to microsoft design and apperance of the console goes to ps4 thats obvious best features goes to sony because who wants to watch tv on their tv and who wants to talk to their system and be watched iv got a controller for that so features goes to sony with share button and touchpad controller and being able to play a game while it downloading exclusive do i need to even say that , that went to sony controllers is more what you want the looks or the cool features so i call it a tie and over all value goes to sony no brainer so ps4 would still dominate xbox

  189. Squid says:

    Guys I can honestly say that i think Microsoft will be so dissapointed in the fact nobody buys their system , so they have a major recall and make it so you don't have to be online and u can trade games as many times as you want and then they will actually sell a system. Over all im going with ps4 or pc its the better choice money ones , but does not have as an intense gaming experience

  190. CHRIS says:

    I was let down by microsoft this time i have a xbox and a 360 along with a ps2 and ps3 and truely enjoyed my 360 as far as connectability with my friends but ps4 has simply taken the win this time microsoft has tried to venture to far away from what these systems are for "GAMING" who cares if you can watch tv with the xbox news flash i have what is called a remote it does the same thing"change the channel" im going caps here to point out something major """"THE HARDWARE IS NOT THE SAME PS4 HAS A HUGE ADVANTAGE OVER XBO…. 8GIGS OF DDR5 COMPARED TO XBOX'S 8GIGS OF DDR3 RAM THEN CALLING IT THE SAME IS LIKE COMPARING A STREET BIKE TO A MOPED AND SAYING THEY ARE EQUAL 4GIGS OF DDR5 WOULD STILL BE BETTER THAN 8GIGS OF DDR3 THE PS4 IS JUST BETTER THIS TIME SIMPLE"""" sorry microsoft but you've lost me its a tough decision but the ps4 is just better this go around the new ps4 interface has just as much connectability and features as i want and its more powerful not to mention

  191. Joe says:

    To all you ps4 fans have fun not playing for weeks and weeks when you get hacked. How much credit card info could those hackers had there hands on. Sony went cheap to make up for the mistakes they made in the ps3 era. The fact of the matter for me is compition. I hope all of you scrubs buy the playstation, you were just getting in the way of the real competive gamers anyway.

  192. @Joe2PointOh says:

    Who is going to share their one console with 9 other household members? Unless I'm reading this wrong and others with their own Xbox One in the household (Least inventive name ever for a third gen console) will be allowed to share one another's libraries? (which is most likely not whats intended)

  193. James says:

    To everyone saying that the hardware is identical, stop kidding yourselves. Not only does the PS4 have a slightly stronger CPU, but it has 8 gigs of DDR5 RAM, you can't even get that for a freaking PC! And half of the "exclusives" listed aren't even exclusive.

  194. jarrod says:

    i am miltary and i love xbox but becasue of the 24 hour lock i think i am going to have to go to ps 4

  195. joe----just chill says:

    they aren't forcing the kinect on anyone they are simply making it so that everyone will buy it and own it, one day more games will have kinect that developers will be able to tinker with. gamers should understand, you want more immersive gameplay and future gaming, well the kinect, it just adds another level to the argument. it can be little subtle changes in a game that could make the gameplay way more fun knowing that developers will be creating games with another piece of tech on their side

  196. yup says:

    the future is here MS is trying to be on that cutting edge and while it shakes people up, its not a bad thing at all and could be awesome there are way more pros than cons to the situation, MS has a strong server system and has beefed it up big time and anything could happen but their track record shows that overall its been reliable and i owned both systems for at least 5 yrs, only system to lose network was SONY PS3 so in the end idc what anyone says, on paper the PS3 was stronger than Xbox but XBOX was better for developers, in the end we need to wait and see but to base everything off of one policy that really trys to make gaming and overall entertainment better so wait and see but i believe it will be close and honestly xbox gives more bang for the buck its worth it hands down

  197. xbox one says:

    If you want a console for games Xbox is the way to go
    14 exclusives for Xbox one
    6 exclusives for the Ps4
    dont for get that the Xbox ones cloud is going to be amazing
    with the Xbox one i don't have to switch my tv around and i can watch the nfl network too.
    ONE more thing ps4 price is crappy 399 but then you gotta buy stuff seperatly wich in the end xbox has it in a bundle so i dont have to screw around getting the extra stuff

  198. @robnesler says:

    So sorry that Microsoft's console can no longer meet my needs. So very disappointed.

    – Long-time Xbox fan moving to PS4 this year

  199. David says:

    People say Kinect is stupid clearly haven't seen it's potential. I agree, fully Kinect games are terrible. But when you're walking around in Skyrim holding an axe, people with Kinect on their Xbox 360s can say "Equip Ebony Longsword" and watch it happen. When Kinect is properly implemented like it almost is in Skyrim, it will be fantastic. It couldn't be before as it wasn't worldwide, but now it will be.

  200. na says:

    I still dont know why people consist on paying for xbox live and the internet when you only need the internet for the ps. Why pay twice i reckon your stupid enough to well then you no smarter than someone gambling away rent money

  201. Freemont says:

    The things I don’t like about XB1 is the fact I have to have the kinect(which I will never use), have to have an Internet connection otherwise it becomes useless (which means deployed soldiers, local Internet issues, or Natural disasters will make the consol unusable. Currently own 360, about to deploy to Kuwait, probly going to buy a PS4 so I can use it if I don’t have internet

  202. Luis says:

    I am preordering PS4 to sell for profit to the fanboys.

    Then I will buy an xbox one because I dont feel like upgrading my PC to windows 8 and buying a newer video card to turn on the Directx 11.2 eye candy. Xbox one in the case of DX11.2 is the cheaper route. And since hdtvs arent increasing resolution over 1080p All systems including 3 year old PCs can deliver 60fps at that res. DX11.2 graphics are limited to Xbox one no matter how much more powerful the ps4 gpu is.

    Microsoft can do this becasue they own it. They take a cut from PS4 games and Wii U games and any games that gets cancelled because most developers program with directx. And now with x86 CPUs all round and directx GPUs 99.9% of the future games will cross platforms with PC/XBOX/PS4 because it makes financial sense and is now easier than ever. So it really doesnt matter what system you choose the games will run the same down to the coding.

    Question is, do you want the best graphics available? Side by side Images will come out after the systems are released. The directx licencing manuver MS pulled will show games look better on xbox one and PCs running windows 8.1.

    People will realize that its very hard to loan a friend a game when you are playing multilayer over the internet and everyone needs their own copy. People will realize that they cannot share their beloved itunes apps or songs as used to their fiends. And they will realize why steam is successful despite its lack of suppport for used games.

    Its all about buying games at home now via download. And the more a system can guarantee buyers to developers, the more developers can offer it NEW at a lower price. I would rather support new game prices droping than an archaic system of 2nd hand apps.

    All microsoft is doing with DRM is what apple did with music and what steam did with pc games. Yes your friends have to download the same song for their ipod. Yes your friend had to buy their own steam key to play with you. But at that PRICE whats the big deal? Move forward people. We shouldn't even be buying hardware off the shelves. You cannot update/patch a bluray disc. Give me the 10 dollar activiation so I can download the game to my console hard drive. You keep the 60 dollar retail decorations.

    The games will either be fully installed onto the hard drive or even simply act as a physical CD key so the game can be downloaded from xb live or PSN. Loading games directly off optical media is a huge bottleneck especially as more graphical info needs to be pulled off of it at once.

    The next step is actual cloud gaming where the games are accessed from any terminal as long as you have it activated on your account. And no even rendered on the terminal itself but off site. Less physical media means less waste, greener earth, cheaper games.

    And really how dumb are people that they dont know the simplest ways to circumvent ALL DRM. How about swapping the actual systems as if you leant your friend your ipod. How about lending your friend your account password so they can play your games? Just as on steam or any other direct to drive gaming service. Who is actually that poor though?

  203. Kumar says:

    Hardware is practically identical, xbox has better exclusives such as halo, titanfall, ect. Xbox can be used for skype, cable, and lord knows how many other things, xbox has voice commands and not to mention they get DLC before the PS4. Honestly, Xbox is defininetly better, but thats just my opinion. The truth is people should stop trying to win this so called ''console war'' and just choose a console that lets them be the gamer they want to be. Yes, microsoft is definetly trying to stop people from selling games to used game shops. Did you ever consider what they might do with that money? Maybe they'll use it to promote more games and give exclusives a much higher budget, or maybe they'll keep it all to themselves. stop judging a console just from what you've heard, and buy one, play it, take it back, buy the other one, play it, and decide which one you want to keep. Anyway, stay on console, where videogames where meant to be played.

  204. Brendan says:

    You forgot to mention the difference between the ram types. While XboxO will use the DDR3, PS4 will be using the newer, better GDDR5.

  205. Billy says:

    The Hardware is the same,The PS4 will be running with 30 FPS and The Xbox One Will be having 60 FPS.Not just that but PS3 had a playstation move and the 360 has the Kinect But the Kinect Was waaaaaay better and now the revamped the kinect to come with the xbox one and it can freaking tell what your heart rate is at!Another thing is that in order for you to keep the the free games from PS+ is to keep paying so it's locking you into a contract to keep those games unless you lose them,then microsoft lets you keep any game you get for free no matter what.Also Policies on the Xbox One have Changed so now you don't always need internet….Cheapo's -__- Another thing is It would be cool as heck to keep the original DRM Policies because you could be able to share your own games with a friend by letting them access your games library,So then the situation of someone not having the same game as you won't really happen! then the PS4 Is actually Secretly doing things that aren't really being told to the public.Microsoft is being a lot more honest than sony and MICROSOFT Can take criticism better than sony.

  206. lbt018 says:

    Sony is going to dominate the market on this one let's face it ms really screwed themselves. If I wanted an "entertainment" console I would buy a vcr.

  207. Pollo says:

    I really sorry for sony but this time ps4 losts in front to Xbox One, the Xbox has better periferics.
    The engine of both consoles are similars.
    I was fanatic of ps4.

  208. Comments: I don’t have a “favorites” list of video games because over the years

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  209. iPhone Apps says:

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