‘Star Trek’ card game beams Starfleet experience into fans’ hands

May 23, 2011 | 12:00 p.m.


This is one deck that Capt. Picard hasn’t been on.

A new card game based on “Star Trek: The Next Generation” is beaming into stores this summer, CBS Consumer Products and toy company Bandai America told Hero Complex.

Among the 300 playing cards joining Jean-Luc in the deck are Locutus, a Borg cube and, of course, the U.S.S. Enterprise.

The deck-building game will allow players to construct their decks while they play. Each player starts off as a captain of a small starship with a crew and basic weaponry. Throughout the game, players can choose to promote diplomacy or conquer civilizations.

Hero Complex readers get a sneak peak at some of the cards (above), and they look pretty spiffy. Though competitive gamers might want to remember Picard’s advice in the third season of TNG: “Being first at any cost is not always the point.”

— Noelene Clark


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3 Responses to ‘Star Trek’ card game beams Starfleet experience into fans’ hands

  1. page432 says:

    Maybe a bit more research could have been done for this article. There was a similar Star Trek: The Next Generation card game released in the nineties, but played in a similar fashion to the popular "Magic: The Gathering" card game. And yes, there was even a "borg cube" card.

    So, not the first.

  2. simoniddings says:

    I love discovering new games. The new card game based on “Star Trek: The Next Generation” is arriving into stores. Games are for all ages, whether one is young or old. Card games are played by anyone of any age group.

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