International Women’s Day: Superheroines with some kick

March 08, 2013 | 12:46 p.m.
jennifer lawrence as katniss International Womens Day: Superheroines with some kick

Jennifer Lawrence was tough and self-reliant in "The Hunger Games," giving us hope that perhaps we're turning a corner in the way women are portrayed in genre. Here's a look at other women of TV, film, comics and more who embody female empowerment. Did we miss someone? Let us know! (Murray Close / Lions Gates/Associated Press)

tomb raider International Womens Day: Superheroines with some kick

Lara Croft in "Tomb Raider." (Crystal Dynamics / Square Enix / Associated Press)

buffy International Womens Day: Superheroines with some kick

Sarah Michelle Gellar in "Buffy the Vampire Slayer." (Warner Bros. Television)

linda hamilton International Womens Day: Superheroines with some kick

Linda Hamilton in "The Terminator" and here in "Terminator 2: Judgment Day." (Tristar Pictures)

International Women’s Day is being honored today with that singular cultural touchstone: a Google Doodle.

The doodle drawing of faces of women around the world artistically honors the advancement of women’s rights — one of the chief goals of International Women’s Day — and the fact that a woman’s work, it seems, is never done.

Hero Complex is celebrating International Women’s Day in the best way it knows how: with a photo gallery of women from film, TV, games and comic books who embody female empowerment and, let’s face it, kick booty. (Yes, we said “booty,” but only because the L.A. Times censors made us.)

Beyoncé as Wonder Woman?

Now we know there’s a long list of complaints about women in genre. Chiefly, that they are hyper-sexualized sidekicks who do little more than bust out of their curve-hugging costumes.

And, as Time points out, when are we going to see a really good superheroine movie?

But for International Women’s Day, we’re choosing to focus on the best and the brightest of the heroines we have.

As you flip through the photo gallery, let us know if we missed any of your favorite booty-kicking women, be they good or bad.

Tell us in the comments below — and explain your pick — and we’ll do our best to dig through our media library for an image and add it to the gallery.

Happy International Women’s Day!

— Rene Lynch


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10 Responses to International Women’s Day: Superheroines with some kick

  1. Dude says:

    Make me a sandwich!

  2. s. forbes says:

    Hallie Berry in Cat Woman

  3. @imwebgurl says:

    You forgot Amanda Tapping as Colonel Samantha Carter on Stargate SG1 #superheroinesthatkickbutt

  4. Alicia Tremblay says:

    Miranda Ott as Eowyn in LOTR; Jennifer Connelly as Sarah in Labyrinth; Dakota Blue Richards as Lyra Belacqua in His Dark Materials film adaptation The Golden Compass; Uma Thurman as Poison Ivy in Batman and Robin; Gwendoline Christie as Brienne of Tarth in Game of Thrones; Kristen Stewart as Snow White in Snow White and the Huntsman (yeah, I know, but her character was a warrior); and Merida in Brave, because sometimes standing up for yourself is the hardest battle of all.

  5. joekoffee says:

    Diana Rigg as Emma Peele; Michelle Yeoh in *anything*; Katee Sackhoff as Starbuck; Milla Jovovitch in the Resident Evil films; Kate Beckinsale in the Underworld franchise

  6. sharmotashtegara says:

    Socks are socks – don’t waste money

  7. H.M. says:

    Uma Thurman in Kill Bill Volume 1/2?
    Idgie Threadgood and Ruth in Fried Green Tomatos
    Gillian Anderson as Dana Scully in The X-Files

  8. Ivan A. Arcaya,Sr. says:

    I have been complaining about both Marvel and DC’s failure to introduce heavy weight Superheroines to perspective Universes since the first Modern Superhero Movie was released.My objection is regarding stand alone films. Personally, I want to see the heavy weights : Wonder Woman,Marvel, Supergirl,She-Hulk etc. The Black Widow and Catwoman are not heavy weights. I’m sure that we already have the talented writers, producers and directors such as Snyder, Goyer, Nolan etc that can create Superheroines Movies that are not sexual or exploitative. I concur with Mr. Josh Whedon that it’s fear. The fact that the two done in the past that were box office failures is not a valid excuse. Some of The Male Stand Alone Superhero movies were failures too e.g. Green Lantern,Hulk etc. There are more women in the USA and The world then there are men. This fact alone makes it feasible. Mr. Whedon also mentioned merchandising as another concern. Women and girls are great consumers. They will buy the merchandise and so will male consumers. My adult male friends and myself have been buying statutes of Female Comic Book Superheroines for decades. The excuse that men and boys won’t buy the merchandise is just not true. When my adult friends and I were boys; we used to buy as many female Superheroines action figures as male action figures. Inconclusion, if marketed properly Superheroines Movies can be as profitable as the Male Superhero Movies.

  9. Carro Noituus says:

    I miss Samus Aran from Metroid on this list.

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