‘Pacific Rim’ mobile game first look: Fight kaiju on your phone

July 09, 2013 | 5:17 p.m.

“Pacific Rim” fans can pilot their own Jaegers and fight alien kaiju in an upcoming mobile game inspired by the film. The action fighting game is set in the universe of “Pacific Rim,” the kaiju vs. robots film from director Guillermo del Toro, out Friday.

The game, developed by Reliance Games, allows players to train their Jaeger jockeys from rookie to ace in story mode, or to outlast as many monsters as possible in endless survival mode. Players will be able to build up combat skills and customize their Jaegers with different equipment and technology. Click through the gallery above for a look at some of the action.

The “Pacific Rim” game will be available before the film’s debut on platforms running iOS. Plans for an Android release are also in the works. Hero Complex caught up with Manish Agarwal, chief executive of Reliance Entertainment – Digital, to talk about the game.

HC:  How closely does the game correlate to the film?  For example, does the story mode follow the film’s plot?

MA: One of the things we did not want to do was to make a scripted-based movie game. It was important to us (and to both Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures) that we take the deep back story of “Pacific Rim” and explore other areas. Our timeline is just preceding the events of the film, so you are given the chance to pilot some of the earlier Jaegers up to those Mark V’s that are in the movie. You can customize your Jaeger with a unique set of weapons, armor and other enhancements, and even customize the paint job. So in many respects you are given the chance to tell your own tale as the epic battles rages…. While there are scenes in the movie that touch on how the kaijus ravaged the cities in the Pacific Rim, most of the film’s action takes places in and around Hong Kong. We’ve included Hong Kong of course (with a number of recognizable buildings and set pieces), but we also have San Francisco and Sydney.

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HC: Are the monsters and robots straight from the screen, or were they designed specifically for the game?

MA: We were quite fortunate to obtain many of the same CG assets that were used in the film…. We have the very same 3-D models for both the Jaegers and kaijus. Of course we had to make some accommodations for the mobile platform, but it’s pretty cool knowing that what we have in the game is true and accurate to the film.

There was one instance where we had to create something new. To better fit with the game’s progression we created an earlier variant of Crimson Typhoon. Since this was something new, we did have to bounce it off of Legendary Pictures and Guillermo himself, but everyone was quite accommodating regarding our need to include more than what the film offered.

HC: How closely did you collaborate with Del Toro on the game?

MA: Guillermo was quite instrumental in both the design and play testing of the game. Even though his schedule was quite hectic with the final cut of the film, he was kind enough to sit down with us on a number of occasions and share with us not only the story background and clips of the film, but also his thoughts on what the game should be. We were all encouraged that he came to the process as a gamer, and there was already a deep understanding of what we needed to do to turn his film into a game. In addition, he worked with us on the look of the Jaegers and kaijus as well as the animations and camera during combat. To him it was important to make the game entertaining in that we give the player a sense of fun through frenetic action.

– Noelene Clark | @NoeleneClark | Google+


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