PlayStation 4? Sony set to make announcement at Feb. 20 meeting

Feb. 01, 2013 | 12:06 p.m.

Is Sony set to unveil a new video game console this month? The company invited journalists to attend a PlayStation meeting on Feb. 20 in New York, and though speculation abounds, it is believed that Sony is poised to present its successor to the PlayStation 3.

Sony also released what appears to be a teaser for the console on a new website where gamers can sign up to “be the first to know.” Though the 44-second video (watch it above) features sleek lines and laser-y sparks, it offers little in the way of detail.

The New York gathering will be the first major PlayStation meeting in more than two years — the last being the January 2011 unveiling of the prototype for the PlayStation Vita handheld console. The PlayStation 3, which has sold more than 70 million units, launched in 2006. Both Sony and Xbox, which debuted the Xbox 360 in 2005, are expected to release new home consoles this year.

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The Sony meeting comes on the heels of Nintendo’s Wii U console release in November. Though the Wii U’s dual screen gaming approach and online video capabilities found favor among critics, sales have been slower than the company had hoped. Nintendo recently slashed its sales estimates from 5 million Wii U’s by March 31 to 4 million, and 24 million Wii U games to 16 million.

Last year, the video game blog Kotaku released what appear to be details about Sony’s upcoming console. If it’s correct, the new console will feature an 8GB memory system and new controllers (with touchpads) that can be linked to PlayStation Network accounts, allowing for multiple logins.

If the Feb. 20 meeting is indeed the console unveiling (and the Wall Street Journal is citing anonymous Sony sources who say it is), then Xbox likely won’t be far behind.

– Noelene Clark


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12 Responses to PlayStation 4? Sony set to make announcement at Feb. 20 meeting

  1. HeMan says:

    get out of the game while you can mr.gates, xbox is becoming obsolete.. =

    • ura dumass says:

      xbox is the best system around just the controller it self destroys anything ps has ever offered

      • SeaWallTx says:

        @ura dumass, PS3 vs. Xbox360, is a no-brainer, Xbox360 is a much cheaper and less advanced system, although I must get it to the kinect, for the nongaming uses of it, but the PS3 is a much more advanced system, with the multiple processors & the built in memory & all, and it came & still does come at a higher cost. Because of orginal price the 3 main platforms became associated with certain age groups of which Xbox360 is in the middle of, just above Wii, & just below PS3. Making the multiplayer experience lesser & therefore becoming a lesser platform. Just my opinion though.

      • james foxist says:

        i dont know man xbox360 has proven that its a way better system with kinect technology smart glass platforms like halo and plus xbox has better online because microsoft has the best servers around ps3 needs to get off there high horse and know who is the boss xbox 360 online is worth the cost people with low income will settle for a ps3 because everything is free and internet sucks and for o the blue who the hell cares for that people want a good comfy gaming exp with intertainment and cool tech xbox will deliver unlike ps3 settles with visual effects and a movie like feel

      • Steam: Sonik361 says:

        You say that.. but obviously you haven't seen the close dying company called Microsoft. Sony itself in the gaming comunity isn't the best. PC will always top all ya'lls gaming systems. But when the 360 started getting on my nerves with switching discs just to play the multiplayer side of a game , such as BF3, I said kill yourself because thats stone aged BS and you know it. X-box like controllers can be bought for PS3 but not vice versa… I bet you'll say Windows 8 is the best OS ever too lmao

      • u dumass says:

        i hate the xbox controller

  2. gamie says:

    most gamers have both. i play sports games on ps3 more comp. and shooters on xbox for the same reason. xbox live more reliable then psn network probably b/c u pay for it. the new system i guarantee will follow the xbox live yearly sub. model because sony is likely looking for additional rev. streams b/c of what happenned awhile ago (they had huricanne or earthquake) that destroyed thier infrastructure.

    the system will be a revamp blue ray disc with no promise of being able to play ps3 2 or 1 but will provide for steam like sub. to play those titles. im betting

    i am going to get back into pc and steam it all u companies are rapping us and i am tired of it.

  3. Gamer says:

    @SeaWallTx The Xbox 360 has 100x better online experience than the Playstation 3. Also, the graphics are the same and all the games run at the same speed.

  4. Jake says:

    100x better? I guess that would make sense due to the 100x added fee for maintaining Gold status… The $35-59 Xbox Live fee over the 8 year life of the 360 (assuming a '13 launch) comes out to roughly $280-472 in additional expenses to get that "100x" better service. Add in the lack of Blu-Ray, proprietary hard drive, lack of WiFi until the Slim… yeah. Smert.

    And I'm assuming you're basing the 100x on the across game chat? Nice feature, I will say, but not anything that warrants the 100x hyberbole.

    As for the next gen, we'll need to see the new consoles to know which will be better. Is IllumiRoom Microsoft's version of Sony's 3D push? Is that what's requiring so much RAM be committed to the OS? That would suck.

  5. BosToNPriEsT says:

    I had 2 Xbox 360's. Both burned up. I still have my PS3 and it as 0 issues. You might spend less INITIALLY on Xbox, but you'll buy 4 or 5 consoles before the next one comes out. I'm Playstation all the way.

  6. arodriguez1268 says:

    @ura dumass you're right man, i might just buy my whole family a xbox since they're so cheap. Im going to pick quantity over quality…. HAHAHAHAH never. Ps allday son

  7. Christian says:

    Hey guys, we all have opinions but there are some facts reguarding these two systems. The PS3 has better graphics and GoW and some other games Xbox will NEVER have and they are more fun than Halo in my opinion and I also choose CoD Black Ops 2 than Halo 4 so you are all probably going to yell at me for saying that but please don’t because that is my opinion about the games I choose, not yours. Well anyways, the PS3 has better gameplay, games, graphics and I don’t have to slap on an ugly Hard Drive to get what I want. To be honest I love the PS2 WAY MORE than both because I grew up with it and my Dreamcast and i guess I love the older systems more. I am really looking forward to this PS4 and I hope to God it is backwards compatible with PS2 games, that would make me the happiest kid ever. I am turning 17 on Valentine’s Day and my mother said she would help me get a PS4 when it comes out and so I have saved up 87.00 so far and I know i will still need more to go. I just hope I wouldn’t have wasted my time collecting money for a failure…. If you guys get what I mean… :/

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