PS4: 10 things you need to know about Sony’s new console

Feb. 21, 2013 | 5:57 a.m.
afp getty us sony play station 42 PS4: 10 things you need to know about Sonys new console

Eric Hirshberg, Chief Executive Officer of Activision Publishing, talks as Sony introduces the PlayStation 4. Credit: Emanuel Dunand / AFP/Getty Images

afp getty us sony play station 43 e1361818027516 PS4: 10 things you need to know about Sonys new console

Video game designer Mark Cerny talks as Sony introduces the PlayStation 4. Credit: Emanual Dunand / AFP/Getty Images

afp getty us sony play station 44 PS4: 10 things you need to know about Sonys new console

Video game designer Mark Cerny talks as Sony introduces the PlayStation 4. Credit: Emanual Dunand / AFP/Getty Images

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Christopher Vincent Metzen of Blizzard Entertainment announces "Diablo III" for the Playstation 4. Credit: Emanuel Dunand / AFP/Getty Images

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French musician, writer and video game designer David Cage, head of game developer studio Quantic Dream, talks during the PlayStation event. Credit: Emmanuel Dunand / AFP / Getty Images

afp getty us sony play station 49 PS4: 10 things you need to know about Sonys new console

Video game designer Mark Cerny talks about the social features of the Playstation 4. Credit: Emanuel Dunand / AFP/Getty Images

PS4 is finally here. Sony delivered its next-generation console plans to the world Wednesday, debuting the PlayStation 4 during an event in New York City.

Broadcast worldwide, with an admittedly shaky feed, Sony spoke about its new hardware, new games and new plans for the future. The event ultimately lasted about two hours, and there remains much to dissect.

So let’s run through the biggest announcements, and absences, from Sony’s major conference.

Release date: At the very end of the event, Sony revealed a vague launch window for the console — “Holiday 2013.” Whether that means October or December remains to be seen, but at least there’s confirmation that the PS4 will launch this year.

Controllers: Remarkably similar to the leaked prototypes reported on by The Times last week, the new Dualshock 4 controllers have a touchscreen in the center, a share button and feature color-coded sensory bars, which will interact with a light bar to determine depth, location and more.

Social as a priority: There were rumors that Sony would pursue a significant social infrastructure in the PS4, and they were right. It appears to have been built from the ground up with social in mind, integrating real-world identification, Facebook and dynamic real-time sharing. Players will be able to not just quickly cut clips of recent gameplay footage, but stream live game sessions to friends, thanks to Sony’s dealings with Ustream.

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Blizzard!: It’s been forever since Blizzard, the company that has dominated PCs with “World of Warcraft,” “Starcraft” and “Diablo,” has released a game for consoles. But that’s all changing with the release of “Diablo III,” not just on PS3, but on the PS4 as well. What the game looks like on console hardware, and what the reconfigured interface looks like will be unveiled next month at PAX East.

No backward capability…yet: The PS4 won’t be able to play PS2 or PS3 games, it’s true. But Sony’s stated hope is that eventually, by utilizing the cloud and the PS4’s existing streaming abilities, that emulation of the entire PlayStation line’s library of games will be possible at some point.

Remote play: What’s good for Nintendo is apparently good for Sony. Announcing remote play between the PS4 and PlayStation Vita, Sony leapfrogged one of the competing Wii U’s selling points: the ability to take a full-fledged console game off the television and onto a mobile device. Utilizing Gaikai’s streaming software, the PS4 will act as a server, and the Vita as a client.

The ultimate goal, according to Gaikai Chief Executive David Perry, is to make “every PS4 game playable on the PlayStation Vita.” How PS4 games, which use a controller with more buttons than the Vita has, will work with such a transition remains unknown.

More from the PS3 stalwarts: “Killzone” and “Infamous,” two series that released a couple of titles apiece on the PS3, return for new installments on the PS4. “Killzone Shadow Fall” was displayed with more than seven minutes of real-time gameplay demonstration, looking to maintain the series’ FPS fundamentals. “Infamous: Second Son,” teased a storyline apart from the first two games, featuring what may have been a new protagonist with the same projectile and mobility-based superpowers.

The hardware specs: The PS4 will feature an X86 CPU, enhanced PC GPU, 8GB unified memory, local HD and GDDR 5 system memory. What that means in layman’s terms is that the PS4 will be significantly more powerful than the PS3, but don’t expect the same graphical leap as was experienced between the PS2 and PS3. Given the demos on display during Sony’s debut, it’s likely that all but the most hardcore PC gamers will be impressed by the console’s initial graphical displays.

Online purchasing: Sony promised that downloadable games would be playable the moment they begin downloading, with the game forcing the downloads into the background initially. What wasn’t mentioned in the event was whether Sony would continue its current PlayStation Plus system, which provides basic online gameplay and functions for free while putting a cost premium on additional features, or if it would move toward something like Xbox Live, which puts a paywall on pretty much anything worthwhile.

But where’s the console? And the price?: Two crucial questions remain in the wake of Sony’s PS4 announcement. What does the console actually look like? And how much will it be? Perhaps Sony learned from its PS3 announcement, which featured fans recoiling from its $599 price point, but if Sony can’t bring the price down to something manageable, E3 or another press event will bring more of the same.

-Morgan Little


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331 Responses to PS4: 10 things you need to know about Sony’s new console

  1. Rick says:

    Do people still play games on TVs? Do people still even use TVs? Its just such a hassle to have to boot up a console, change inputs, boot up a game, wait for loading. I don't have time for that anymore. What they need to do is bring back sega channel. Integrate game playing with TV…where i switch to a channel, grab a remote, and start playing.

    If PS and XBOX are trying to turn into entertainment hubs…why don't they offer the same services as a cable box? The ability to watch TV, DVR, share what im watching on facebook.

    Again, it might not sound like a big deal, but as an aging adult who always loved games, consoles are just far too annoying to use nowadays. PCs are nice..they are always one, im on it anyway, I can navigate through the menu system(explorer?) quickly. The idea of streaming games is awesome, and if done right, it will really revolutionize the genre.

    And still…infamous and but pokemon literally saved nintendo for YEARS. They managed to release the same game every year for ..what? 10+ years? Why copy the Wii-mote and not a pokemon game?

  2. Billy Jack says:

    2 things will make the PS4 just collect dust on the shelf. 1. No backward capability and 2. hardware wise not significant enough

    I will look more into what the other companies bring to the table and that's coming from a diehard PS3 owner.

  3. Randy Derest says:

    LOL the LAST game I will want to buy or play on my PS4 will be Diablo 3.

  4. guest says:

    i guess I won't be buying a PS4 until they can can make it play all PS games. How can you keep making these consoles that don't play the games you already have? When will companies have enough money?never?

  5. amaron11 says:

    There is not a touchSCREEN on the controller, just a touchPAD. Similar to the back side of the Vita.

  6. des1157 says:

    I will absolutely not buy one until they are backward compatible! To much of an investment loss!

  7. Bill says:

    Why is everybody complaining about backward compatibility? SNES couldn't play NES games. N64 couldn't play SNES games. Those systems did fine. Nobody cared about backward compatibility until PS2 came along. Are you going to get rid of all of your old hardware? No, you'll keep it in order to play your old games that you love and treasure.

  8. Spam says:

    Backwards compatibility: Translation: We aren't going to provide this feature because we think we can just port every title over and charge people AGAIN for the games they have already purchased.

    I don't relish throwing my library of games away or re-buying. Maybe next time sony.

  9. I'm just going to echo everyone and say I will not buy it because of the lack of backwards compatibility. The ability to "download" other games is unappealing. Do they want me to spend more money on games I already have?

  10. K=JAKE says:


  11. Chris says:

    if i want to play my ps3 games, ill play my ps3. im not going to throw my ps3 off a balcony when i buy my ps4.

  12. Billy says:

    Everyone is saying "just keep your PS3" is missing the point. When PS2's came out they were backwards compatible. It meant you could get rid of your PS stuff. When the PS3 first launched it was backwards compatible so your ps 2 stuff went out the window. Now they are saying that you have to keep your ps 3 stuff and buy a whole new system games and accessories? l have been playing Sony for nearly half my life (since they came out in 94). Unless the system is backwards compatible I will keep playing on the PS 3 and call it good.

  13. kevin says:

    the platform will need to be backwards compatable or else they will alianate a large number of users who will be less likely to trade up until that function is standard

  14. brett says:

    backwards compatibility is like comparing dvd to blu-ray. every time a new format comes along everyone buys the same movies/games/music/etc on the new format and complains about it. its a big cash cow and we are all just feeding it our $. i refuse to buy another console this time around if they cannot support the 200+ games i already have. i will not buy them again. period. wise up sony/microsoft or be left in the dark… the market is about to get extremely interesting with the release of third party consoles that support open development and home brew. (ouya etc) i say good luck sony i will miss you but my PC is looking mighty fine for gaming this round.

  15. Joe says:

    backward compatibility is not that big a deal. keep your ps3 and play that if you want to.

  16. I bet all those people worrying about backwards compatibility are still treasuring their PS2 library every day.

    You will be playing PS3 games for a few months AT BEST until your new game library starts to fill out.
    Besides, i own about 40 PS3 games and NEVER play the older ones after they have been beaten.

    A lot of people THINK they want to play their old games, but most really don't. I'm glad Sony is focusing on the future instead of supporting the past.

  17. Ken says:

    What are you people talking about? Sony said it WILL be backward compatable and will even play PS1 and PS2 games.. I watched the entire broadcast.

  18. missingspleen says:

    according to research (collected by Sony via real time usage) only 5% of PS3 users played PS2 games on their consoles. Would you change your business model for 5% of your customers? People may say that's what the want however history shows us differently.

  19. Nasser says:

    Ps3 better be ps4 compatible. NO WAY am I losing my ps3 games. Ps4 games like better be playable on ps3 depending on what they use for games.

  20. Mike says:

    Wow! You dont have time to wait 3 minutes for a game to upload or start? And changing the inputs is all of a matter of pushing 2 buttons, seriously! Im guessing you have never played and high-def game on a big screen HD Tv have you? It really doesn't compare to a 13 or 17 inch computer screen. I cant wait for the new PS4 to come out and I dont think that it not being backwards compatible will hurt sales because it didnt with the PS3. I mean that's the whole process of upgrading if you want to play PS3 then Play the PS3, if you want to play PS4 then play PS4 simple. Chances are if you have a PS4 then you have a PS3 and if you get a PS4 honestly how often are you going to play the PS3? if alot then have both hooked up. Everyone on here saying that you wont buy one? Who are you trying to fool? You know you will. Most regular gamers don't really care about the social part of it like with this one and the "share" button I dont think that will draw alot of people in maybe more of the younger like 13 yr olds but adults wont really give 2 thoughts or even use it on a regular. We care about performance like speed and graphics and prices thats about it.

  21. Rod says:

    I can understand both sides. No backwards is no fun if you already have a good sized collection. Maybe some people wanted to trade in their PS3 for a cheaper PS4. I personally don't even own a PS3 yet so I'm unsure whether to wait for a 'slim' model that'll possibly have BC in able to play some of my friends titles, or go ahead and get the PS4. Either way, Sony just killed off Nintendo and Microsoft better pull something amazing out the old poop shoot. (If Sony keeps PlayStation world free and Xbox decides to keep charging, they pretty much have it this time around)

  22. John says:

    I agree with Joe, just keep your PS3 and play them on the old system until Sony releases a download for backwards compatibility. Then you can sell of trash the old system. They did the same thing with the ps3 thin models, they eventually came out with backwards compatible downloads, once they did I moved the ps2 into my truck for my son to watch movies and play ps2 games.

  23. Taylor says:

    I sorta agree with both sides of the argument. Just keep all your ps3 games and console. I know I will be doing that with the 360. I am just going to keep all of it when the next xbox comes out. Not that big a deal. Also backwards compatibility is harder to put in a gaming system then you think. However it would be nice you have to admit if the ps4 could play ps3 games. I am more worried about cloud gaming then backwards compatibility.

  24. AGamer says:

    Without backward compatibility, that would mean that we would need to keep a PS3 connected to our setups, so now I'd have a PS4, PS3, SAT/DVR, plus a PC (various uses). I don't want to have to keep adding consoles, or disconnect and reconnect a different one.
    Yeah NES, SNES, SEGA did not have backward compatibility, but NOW it is consider standard. Times change. We moved forward, and it is better for the gamer.

  25. Jordon says:

    Its not the biggest thing in the world, but with the cost of the system and everthing being about sharing and integration, you would assume you could at least play ps3 games instead of rebuying or switching consoles to play an old favorite. The PS4 seems pretty cool and im interested in the capabilities, but it didn't blow me out of the water like I was expecting to. Very curious to see what x box does.

  26. Travis Dane says:

    gotta be honest, i have a TON of ps2 games sitting in a drawer covered in dust that i NEVER played (even though i made sure i bought a used PS3 that was BC)

    Fact is you forget the old games anyway, no big… Definitely looking forward to the 4….

  27. intothevoid666 says:

    look, I don’t understand why everybody cares about backwards compatibilty, how hard is it to switch over to hdmi 2 or whatever on your tv and boot up your ps3? i do the same thing with my ps2 when i want to play games that aren’t on the playstation store…

  28. brisk says:

    Sony better not go with something like xbox live and introduce its paywall thats one of the things that makes playstation better.

  29. ps3 owner says:

    i want to know price.. if it is $600 i will wait 3-4 years to get ps4 when it will be $250-$300

  30. OScar says:

    Everyone talking about backwards compatibility is full of it. As soon as the next biggest hit comes out for the console, everyone will flock to it regardless of backward compatibility.

  31. Tommy says:

    Ah, copying off of the Ouya with the touchpad on the controller, eh?
    Other than that, I love the way the controller looks.

  32. Jeff says:

    Agreed. The PS2 had to have all of the chipsets from the PS1 inside, and same with the PS3 to play PS2 games. That added to the cost. I purchased one of the first batch of 60GB models that came out, and $600 was a lot of money, but it still works, and is a beautiful machine.

    I could care less about the social networking stuff they are adding, but from the specs it sounds as if the PS4 should be able to take full advantage of 1080P HD. Can't wait.

  33. Ochee says:

    the lack of BC does not bother me. I love some of my PS3 games but most I could due without. Will the cloud PS3 games be free if you already own the disk? Or will we have to re-buy the digital copy? Most likely I will have to re-buy the titles for more than I spent on the physical disks if my PS3 dies and my only option was a PS4. I only have DSL in my area so it is important that games are still available on disks. It would be agony to have to download a game for 5-6 days before I could play it. Also, will the Gaikai cloud storage for digital games free or will we have to start paying monthly rent on that?

  34. Heather says:

    Backwards compatibility was a lot of work back at the SNES era. It's not now. Its actually pretty easy for a company to integrate this. They're not by choice, which we all know is fueled by the hope to make a greater profit. I honestly don't see a reason to by the PS4. I would rather they waited another year or two or three and produced a truly innovative and exciting product then push out the Sony version of a retina display. I get the social aspect is there selling point but very few hardcore gamers are obsessed with Facebooking or Tweeting there screenshots. I don't see that appealing to many of the 25+ crowd.. which comprise the majority of the Playstation's user base.

  35. RyanK says:

    All I'll say is I want ps4 to be backward compatible because I didn't buy a Ps3, but I want to play some of the games it has. Also, my PS1 died, and my PS2 is up in the attic somewhere. Why is it so much to ask that I get to relive my childhood with Ps1 and 2 games, catch up to modern times with Ps4 games, and push on to the future with Ps4 games?
    "Eventually you can download the games" Well great, I've been bit in the ass by downloads before, why is it so much to just want a hard copy be compatible? I already have my Ps1 and 2 games, I just don't have the consoles.

    It's just a matter of convenience. If Sony doesn't care about that part, then I guess they don't really need my business, and I'll just stick to Xbox and PC gaming.

  36. Alex says:

    Why is everyone so concerned about backwards compatibility? If you already own PS3 then there is no problem, just don't throw it away and if you don't and still want to play PS3 games, then you will be able to buy PS3 at lower price after the release of PS4.

    There's another thing – to make system able to play previous generation games there are three ways:
    1. the hardware must be very similar (like PS Vita and PSP)
    2. the system needs to have a dedicated hardware modules, basically a system inside a system (early models of PS3 had PS2 HW inside for the sole purpose of backwards compatibility, later models removed part of it and compatibility reduced, even later models dropped it completely)
    3. software emulation
    Since PS4 hardware is completely different from PS3 and ther is no plans of including dedicated HW, then (1) and (2) is out of the option and the the only way is through emulation, but I have strong doubts that PS3 might be emulated in software with enough speed to make the games playable.

  37. Todd says:

    Backward compatible? Are you kidding me? Did you dingbats even read the article? And even if you couldn't play your old games… YOU STILL HAVE A PS3 SITTING THERE.
    The evidence shows that people scream about BC, but then NEVER USE IT. So I guess you're the one(s). LOL
    I'll own one. Count me in.

  38. Jan says:

    i'll buy it. cause i don't have a ps3

  39. o0cacoto0o says:

    So everyone is bashing ps4 for not being bwckwards compatible when the wii destroyed it by removing gamecube controllers and the BC with gamecube game, forcing you to buy the classic controller version. Xbox360 didnt play that many xbox games and slowly added more to it. Wiiu can play wii games but not gamecube games. Look at the facts before you bash a move like that. Sony is thinking that many would.keep the ps3 because of its life cycle and its offering something new to early adopters. After all Sony did state that the ps3 would have a 12 year lifecycle.

  40. Jeff says:

    You Sheeple that complain that there's no backwards compatibility will still be in line at 12am at GameStop to buy an overpriced underperforming entry level gaming PC wannabe.

  41. rory says:

    Yes we are still complaining about BC. Ryan K put it best. It is about convenience. It’s about wanting to get rid of old equipment and keep your living room tidy. It’s about giving your customers what makes sense. It makes sense to make your systems BC. It will lock your consumers into your brand. Sony is actually stupid not to. It may not be the biggest factor in the competition between other consoles for the bulk of the gamers in the market, but it is decidedly an important factor in expanding the market by bringing in buyers who would otherwise skip the consoles altogether.

  42. Anthony says:

    Are you people seriously bashing the ps4 all because it doesn't have backwards compatibility…. society spoiled little gamers

  43. Andrew says:

    Ok, just to clarify the Cell Processor was very hard to program for so many games were ported to the PS3. Now that the PS4 uses an X86 architecture it can’t simply play PS3 games without an emulator. Cell was more like Linux and X86 is more like Windows. The benefits of using X86 are for one, an easier platform for developers to program for; and the boost in preformance from a more seemless integration of the PS4’s hardware with its software.

  44. alex says:

    will there still be the adding of friends?
    say i have a ps3 and my friend has a ps4 would i still be able to play with him say on black ops 2 or a common multiplayer game

  45. Glen says:

    Apparently rumored, if you want to play PS2 or PS3 games, you pop it in the PS4 to verify you own it and then play over the "cloud" server. So if the functionality works, no add'l hardward required and you will not have to "re-buy / download" old games that you already own!! (wishful thinking perhaps?)

  46. Wilson Freeman says:

    Yeah I feel that consoles are done and that smartphones and tablets are pretty much going to take over really as fast as their cpus are growing so far by the end of 2013 they will be as powerful as the ps4 or nextbox or close and how about Google glass that could possibly be the future of all entertainment.

  47. kage says:

    for ps3 and ps1 i use my ps3 for ps2 i emulate my games on my pc and rip them straight from the physical disk its cheaper than buying a whole new ps2…360 for xbox and 360 games 3ds for nintendos handhelds and virtuals and vita for well vita and psp i dont need a ps4 and most of the consoles i have already take up too much space if they are looking to the future then why am i being forced to keep around so many consoles… i regularly play my ps1 games on my vita sometimes on my ps3 (sometimes its nice to not have to hold a tiny screen close to your face hurts your eyes arms back if done for long periods i play alot of rpgs and the like so…) i just picked up my 3ds so that library is just starting my ps2 emulator i got a wired controller specifically for my pc so thats cheap if i wanted to id go down to toys n joys or some second hand place and pick up a ps2 game disc for like 5-10$ then just rip it on my pc bigger hard drive and i dont have to load a disc everytime my room is already cluttered with consoles and pc crap no more room to put another console in so yes backwards compatability is a bit of an issue if you want me to look to the future help me make room so i can let go of the crap from the past… i may not play it as often as i would the new but it dosent change the fact that having access to it in a simpler form is a much better choice than keeping a bunch of hardware around…i know someone who has 3 ps2 one stantard NA release a JP console and a NA Modded Console a ps3 a pc a laptop gamecube a couple psps vitas dsi ect ect… with just no where to put it all it all looked like a bunch of clutter and just a big mess in general

  48. heather says:

    just another way for them to suck what little money we have away from us…..RIP OFF !!!!

  49. trikkydevil says:

    I still have every console and game that I grew up with. at any time I could plug in the sega cd and play lunar in its original form, or pool of radiance on my Nintendo, and I still roll with the original resident evil. point being, new games cost sixty bucks a pop, and for a new system at 600…. I think that the last of my worriesis going to be if I can play my old games, but are the newer games going to be up to the task of causing me to put the ole PS3 away and dust off a new place of honor on the entertainment center

  50. random says:

    man i sure do wishs that u can at least listen to music while playing a game at least if not its just gone be a dust collector for me

  51. I OWN ALL SYSTEMS says:

    Who gives a crap! I have own all systems and have XBOX Live for 3 years for the price of one. Its called buying the 3 months card on Black Friday! Consoles are a thing of the past anyway. Shooting games and Sports games don't even come with a full game. You have to download maps and game modes. So games are costing about $80-125, wake up people. We should be wearing Virtual Reality glasses by now!

  52. JMAC says:

    I have own all systems and have XBOX Live for 3 years for the price of one. Its called buying the 3 months card on Black Friday! Consoles are a thing of the past anyway. Shooting games and Sports games don't even come with a full game. You have to download maps and game modes. So games are costing about $80-125, wake up people. We should be wearing Virtual Reality glasses by now! Besides most of you don't pay rent and are complaining about spending more money on a console?

  53. Anthony says:

    if i want to play diablo i'll just play it on my pc which is 10x better

  54. archer says:

    BC shouldn't really be an issue 'cause the ps4 is MAINLY for ps4 content. I'm pretty sure most people who want BC on the ps4 have a working ps3 so they shouldn't be concerned.

  55. arber D says:

    You guys are really ignorant… Backwards compatibility is a very expensive option. If you weren't so blind to the facts Sony a long time ago stated that was their reason why they took it off. Unless you looking to pay $600 even years after it came out then sure let's keep it… And seriously grow! Its a NEXT generation console so play your damn games on the ps3! You all sound like big babies.. It saves cost for all of us if we don't have b backward compatibility… Plus there's so many consoles that don't have it. Its a new generation move on. Anyways, who's still gonna play ps3 a year after ps4 is out??

  56. Original Gamer says:

    There is really no need for a new console, There are perfectly good games with great graphics on the ps3. Just because they are selling less consoles each year because most people already have a ps3 does not mean they should make a new console. its unnecessary, and if i want to be on face book or twitter and have all of my personal info logged into some thing ill do it on my phone or Computer. They need to keep making video games thats what Playstations are for. I will not be buying a ps4 untill they have been out and dropped in price as I'm sure they will be charging an arm and a leg for an unnecessary new console. I will be looking forward to New ps3 games.

  57. Jose says:

    Just give people the backward compatibility, is it really worth pissing off existing customers? I find very hard to believe that Sony is having trouble adding this feature… Quit trying to shaft gamers by re-selling games they may already own.

  58. donnyross says:

    what about having to pay for your internet twice if i wanted to do that i would roll with the pos xbox

  59. chill says:

    everyone chill the ps4 doesnt release until later this year im more than certain there is gonna be backwards capability. so everyone take a deep breath its gonna be ok.

  60. williamtellu says:

    if the games are good i don't care what i play it on .

  61. Rigss99 says:

    Just so everyone is aware, the prices on the PS4 games are going to be insane, look up watch dogs on amazon for the PS4, it's 100 bucks, compared to the pc/sony/360 prices. Definitely not buying a PS4 or the new xbox, sticking with the PC.

  62. Gr1z-k1lla says:

    Even with all these complaints their will be millions that are going to buy the ps4 and even though it won't be backwards compatible at first the cloud system will come out soon enough for the streaming of ps 1,2,3 games to all the people complaining I feel that you spent money on your systems but get over it they didn't put backwards capabilities because that would mean higher prices on the consoles and that would mean people being mad at the consoles cost so it's a simple fix stop complaining and don't by the system and don't repost the same thing period.

  63. Hil says:

    For those of you complaining about "backwards compatibility," it's not like you'll be able to get your money back or anything when you trade up to PS4. You'll only get a small fraction of what you paid for your console, depending on your specs, so you might as well keep them and use them.

  64. Jon says:

    Processing doesn't even trump today's high-end pc, and it still has months before it's even released. And building a system around social networking…I don't remember buying a system to facebook or stream my playing. Haven't even seen a PS title worth buying in the last year

  65. Guesty says:

    Backwards compatibility wouldn't be such a big deal if Sony would focus on games again like it used to. I have a ps3, but still play my ps2 more because it had a bigger and better game library. Instead they focus on resellig us games or creating features that don't matter much.

    What matter most on a game console? The game Sony, it's the games.

  66. Mia says:

    I can’t wait for this new system. I’m a hard core ps3 fan. You cheap people are just dumb or poor!

  67. David says:

    The reason the PS4 will not be backwards compatible is the hardware is completely different from the PS3. The PS4 has abandoned the cell processor for a more computer based system, thus making it much easier for developers to construct games for it. To be backwars compatible, they would have to build the cell processor and the rest of the PS3 guts into the new console. First of all, this would make an extremely bulky new console. If this was the case you'd all whine about that. Second of all, it would increase the price point. Would you all rather quit crying, use your ps3, and pay $400 for the PS4 or pay $650+ just to play a few games that will be obsolete in a few months. Sony's approach is to try and keep the new console as affordable as possible.

  68. komal says:

    why you guys are discussing about old games i mean PS2 or PS3. If you want to play PS3 games keep ps3 dnt sell it play PS3 games on it and play PS4 games on PS4 console. Just look for future not for old games once u guys played PS4 games you wont show interest on old games :).

  69. Shaun says:

    AHHHHHHH no backwards compatibility im running out of plug in on my tv hmmm I guess i wont be buying one

  70. jason says:

    I'm cool with the non BC my question marks are system capability and developers sony is gonna keep they lost a lot to microsoft which made up of Sony's RPG genre during the PS2 release my other question is what new celings will this system present over it's predessor? FPS are ridiculously over saturating the market mostly because they are low risk and essentially the same game over and over with different player models, unless games become more diverse and there's a nice variety when PS4 comes out they can keep the heavy price tag until it drops

  71. Hannah says:

    you see thats why i like nintendo theyve had backwards compatibility since they started using discs XD gamecube can be played on the wii and wii games can be played on the wii u. TAKE THAT SONY

  72. Tito says:

    the ps4 will be more expensive with bc.. yall rather pay 600 bucks or maybe just 300-400?.. you can buy yourself a ps3 with them spare pennies..

  73. Buns says:

    The PS2's like 40 bucks now. Just go buy that and the games if you want your old games that badly. Simple solution.

  74. When I bought a new cassette player I didn't get mad because my vinyl collection wouldn't play on it. When I bought a new CD player I wasn't mad because my cassette collection wouldn't play in it. When I bought an MP3 player I wasn't mad because I couldn't play my CDs in it. When I bought a new $400 DVD player I wasn't mad because my VHS collection wouldn't play in it.

    In all of these cases I simply played my previous format collection on the previous format hardware….it was a simple solution! Lack of backward compatibility didn't even make me hesitate for one second when I purchased the new equipment.

    Technology changes! Get used to it!

    How completely stupid to refuse buying a new gen console just because it won't play the last generation games. You still have the PS3 so you are in no way wasting your money by buying a new console!

    BTW….@ Rick…current generation consoles came out before the current state of social and media home networking. That's why they aren't "media hubs". They've done the best they could to catch up by allowing Youtube apps, Facebook apps, Netflix apps, etc. but they were just released before all of this could be imagined.

    I would completely expect the PS4 and other next gen consoles to integrate perfectly with the other technology in our homes.

    And…..gamers just aren't ready for streaming yet, evidently. Several game ompanies have tried and failed to bring streaming games to our televisions. Gamers just haven't quite caught onto the idea yet….give it a few more years!

  75. Mike says:

    No backwards compatibility? Come on, I like new games but I also like breaking out Star Wars Battlefront with the kids. Making it interactive with Facebook is stupid if I can't play games I already own. If I want Facebook I'll get my phone or PC or tablet out.

  76. Josh says:

    Nope. I hope there will be a hack for PS3 top play PS4 games on.

  77. Jerry Hubbard says:

    How about us that have slow internet access not everywhere in the U.S. has hi speed internet

  78. Melvin O'Conolly says:

    This is a waste of money: there is no way I would buy the ps4 if it won't be able to play old games. I mean Sony had a great line of old classics like uncharted, god of war etc. I know they're going to release more but what's the point if you can't play the classics.

  79. putergo says:

    Obviouslt it is NOT "that hard" to put backwards compatibility into a system. Do you really think the PS3 wasn't words ahead of the PS2? Yet it had backwards compatibility until sony axed it. I bought the last backwards compatible version of the PS3 and cherish it far above the crappy newer PS3s where it was removed.
    Without backwards compatibility, I won't be buying one. At least not till they are a few years old and I can get a used one on the cheap. It's not like they are bumping it up to quad HD… So it really won't be that much of an upgrade (unlike the PS2 to PS3 was). Plus, the processor is an AMD processor?? Don't get me wrong, I am an AMD fan boy, but the IBM Cell is FAR more "powerful". To date NO games have ever taken full advantage of the CPU in the PS3. The only "upgrades" I see are a better GPU, and big bump in RAM.

  80. Adam says:

    Backwards compatibility is a worry of the naive. Do you really want the PS4 to cost so much that you'll need to sell the gold fillings from you teeth? In order to keep cost down and generate the most profite for Sony the PS4 will not be backwards. If you really want to nag at Sony to do something about backwards compatibility meet them half way. Here's an idea that coincides with Sony's plans to eventually put the entire PS library on the PSN: for a reasonable fee allow hard copy games to be upgraded to digital format on the PSN. Take the example Vudu has set from its conversion process of discs to digital copy. With some Collaboration from a major retailer like Walmart or GameStop a process could be put in place to make the conversion. Gamers that wish for more than this are naive to think they will play their old games that much to justify the increased cost that would come with backwards compatibility on the PS4. I kept a few of my PS2 games because I would love to play them again, but since I got rid of the rest of my PS2 games I haven't played them once. Personally I think it is enough to ask Sony to keep its word and put its entire PS library on the PSN. I have paid to own classics downloaded from the PSN and I would pay to own more titles from previous consoles on the PSN.

  81. Arbypro says:

    Those who think tht the amd 8 core processor is gr8,think again,, why does intel processor sell more? Amd processors r vry vry weak,nd 8 core processor = lowst i5 procsr.ps4 controller good lookin but cheap nd simple,,same az olwz xbox will be innovatv nd cooler..’

  82. Guest says:

    Sweet! That means I can buy a lot of used games from gamestop for my ps3 while everyone starts trading and selling their games/ps3 for the new console. Make this happen Sony.

  83. your all pussies says:

    Lazy gags get A job

  84. Wilma hayes says:

    I am excited about this & cant wait for it’s release. We have ps3’s but im looking to get the ps4 as a christmas present for the hubby.

  85. thomas says:

    Why are you worried about ps4 backwards compatability. You still have a PS3 sitting there

  86. OldSonyGamer says:

    I agree with the need for backwards compatibility. I have good reasons to want it. Out of all my collection of games, it would be dumb to have to hook up 3 damn consoles to be able to play them when I want or go dig out my PS3 to play PS3 games, then go find my PS2, it's controllers, etc. to play the PS2 games.

    I would rather just be able to put all discs in one console. Computers can do it, why can't they put a bit more effort for their $500 machines? They are making machines with cheaper and cheaper material. The older consoles are going to continue to age. My PS3 is not looking good again and I already got a new laser for it. So it's running at about 1.5 years for every laser before dying out/freezing.

    When my PS3 crashes, I should be cut from my PS3 games or go out and buy another PS3 just to play the games again, or a PS2 for the same reason? That's where I am coming from.

  87. ajay says:

    It's not that big a deal for me to have backwards compatibility though I am intersted in the cloud stream, however for Sony's sake by E3 they better have listened to the fans and atleast include PS3 backwards compatibility or it could be disasterous for them especially if 720 includes it with 360. I think what it all boils down to is the price. From judging by what I've seen it's really more of a PS3.5, because so far everything Sony has revealed could also be possible on the PS3 even the dual shock 4 controllers. While it all sounds pretty cool to me, Iv'e seen nothing innovative that you would expect from a next generation system. Perhaps Sony is waiting for E3 to reveal their trump card, because come E3 if all they intend to show is a cool looking console with only the same features they announced at the conference, they will lose to Microsoft badly, and this is coming from a PlayStation fan.

  88. Rich says:

    Been waiting for this for a while. I’ve been a bit of a PS fanboy ever since I got the first one for Christmas about 16 years ago.

    Hardware wise, 8 cores is nothing nowadays. The old Cell processor had 9 cores, so the number isn’t very impressive at all. Not heard any clocking speeds but they need to be looking at 3 Ghz or more if they are going to be impressive.

    The memory, whilst a massive boost over what the PS3 offered, is still not massive. My Laptop has 16GB DDR3 SDRAM, which isn’t really much different to what the PS4 has on offer.

    Graphics card, meh, we’ll wait and see what the might of AMD can produce.

    In my opinion AMD is a boring company, not pushing any limits. They should have gone via intel for any Ivy Bridge i7 processor. However I can see this pushing up the price.

    In my opinion, consoles are all about pushing PCs of that generation to the limit, we all realise that give it a year and they’ll be behind, however the hardware should be much better than it is. It was always about getting a near top range gaming PC for a quarter of the amount. That is what kept them in the business for so long.

    The interoperability is a complete gimmick in my opinion. For portable gaming I have my phone or tablet, not a PS vita. The last hand held device I had was a Gameboy Colour. Waste of time in my opinion and certainly a feature that will flop entirely. Along with this is that stupid touch pad. What the chuff is the point? How in anyway is that going to enhance my gameplay? It isn’t is the answer. Like the SixAxis on PS3, I’ve never used it and more than likely never will.

    In summary, I’m disappointed with the hardware changes, it’s just not enough. AMD are a poor mans Intel and NVidia. It doesn’t support 4k gaming which is a massive mistake by Sony as that is a future and a technology the are pushing hard. AND IT’S NOT COMPATIBLE WITH MY 4 EXCELLENT DUAL SHOCK 3 CONTROLLERS! FFS SONY! It has too many stupid gimmicks that just wont take off. But then it is a closed system and I have trusted and enjoyed Sony every time it’s given any competitor a bashing, Saturn, Dreamcast, Gamecube, Xbox and 360 – so I guess I’ll trust them again now.

    I’m just a bit gutted that’s all.

  89. TKC says:

    Here’s the thing that no one is pointing out on the BC debate:

    I’ll admit that i almost never play ps2 games anymore, i am more than content with my ps3 and MOST ps2 games have gone forgotten.

    Im sure that if/once i buy a ps4, im not going to just trash my ps3. I’ll keep it around to play Fallout 3 and a collection of other games that i love

    But what happens if say, 2 or 3 years down the road, my ps3 finally craps out? That would render my entire collection of ps3 games and accessories useless, forcing me to either pay repair fees or (most likely) have to buy a digital version of my ps3 games to play on my ps4?

    The very last thing in the world that i want to do is pay more money to play a game that i already purchased once, especially when i have a PERFECTLY GOOD COPY OF THE GAME IN MY HANDS

    Everyone continues to say, “just keep your ps3 to play your ps3 games” which is fine, but what about when your ps3, through no fault of your own, reaches the end of its service life? Then all of the games you have purchased become useless, unless you pay $9.99 or whatever price sony sets for a downloadable, digital version (because if you think theyre gunna make the downloadable games free to you even if you bought the hard copy, youre about as naive as they come).

    I have probably spent the launch price of the ps4 in ps3 games, and i will be damned if im gunna pay for those games again, just to have a digital copy on my ps4 bc my ps3 finally bit the dust

    An with all of that said, whats wrong with wanting to have a physical, disc copy of a game?

    I hate to download anything off of the psn bc its so easy for that to just “disappear” and them have no record of it

    When the psn was hacked and they shut it all down for a few months, i lost all of my gaming add ons and digital games downloaded on my ps3

    And now when i try to download them again, sony wants to charge me for them bc they have no record that i bought them the first go around anymore

    So please, forgive those of us who wish we could see BC on a console thats sure to be chock full of stupid social media integration features and other gimmicks that none of us give a damn about

  90. TKC says:

    We already know BC is not going to happen in hard disc form on the ps4

    Im sure we will get past that and accept it as a reality

    So lets touch on another hot button

    The rumors that Sony is considering making ps4 games lock into your psn account, completely cutting out sharing or selling used games

  91. Throbator says:

    You guys realize that one of the reasons ps3 costed so much was because they had to add in backwards compatibility. After they took out the emotion chip they were able to reduce the price to something affordable. Sony clearly doesn't want to market a system at $599 again.

  92. Nicoli says:

    It’s interesting to see how incredibly ignorant people are when it comes to hardware. What’s even more shocking is that the PC guys are that Naive…

    The PS4 is a significant improvement over PC gaming for several reasons, first, the CPU and GPU design are entirely new and number of cores or clock speed doesn’t mean much anymore. Considering the latest ipad model’s GPU can technically run circles around what’s inside the xbox 360 running on far less power, I think people should reconsider what core counts actually mean.

    Just to clarify, the PS4 will be ahead of what PCs can do for some time due to low-level hardware access. In other words instead of your $699 Graphics card only being 60% or so utilized due to driver/OS limitations, the entirety of the 8GB of GDDR5 RAM, 8 ACTUAL PHYSICAL cores of the APU aka CPU, will be accessible to developers. You would have to spend serious money to come even close on a pure hardware standpoint to the PS4, even then, you’re money will be wasted.

    Educating yourselves before opening your “mouths” would be a benefit to the gaming world….

  93. Ceejay Pastrana says:


    all these old systems are not moving out of my house! My mother spent hardword to give me my present and MY CHILDHOOD. The feeling is still different when playing old games at a BC system than playing with your old system.

  94. Your mom says:

    I hope they add like java and stuff so i could play minecraft and castleminer z.

  95. Henrique says:

    If they make the backward capability working can someone please let me know or send me an email. It would be a big help thank you.

  96. Henrique says:

    Does anybody know if they Will make TOMB RAIDER 2013 and THE LAST OF US 2013 for PS4 if anyone knows please let me know thanks. Also they have to put backward capability or it's not going to be worth buying it. PLEASE YOU HAVE TO BUT BACKWARD CAPABILITY. Also if anyone hears any news about backward capability please let me know thank you ver much.

  97. @e3e4eel says:

    I don't like the PS4 because Sony is trying to develop the first hacker/pirate proof gaming console. Why else would the console not be able to play PS3 games people ? If the console can play DVD Movies and Music CDs it should at least be able to blu-ray PS3 games. Sony is trying to take a shot at the pirates and hackers who were able to compromise the Playstation 3. I believe when Sony said the PS4 would be the "Game Developer's Console" of choice they weren't kidding they are trying to make a console that no hacker / pirate can ever steal from, I hope playstation 4 fails and Sony leaves the video game industry. Shame on Sony for being so Greedy!

  98. akurei00 says:

    Backwards compatibility is a different monster when you are dealing with cartridges. Technological advances mean that the hardwarebmust change and the old cartridges no longer have the same physical characteristics. Disks allow us to break that pattern. They all read from a similar medium. They all read CD's, DVD's, and Blu-Ray and I dont see how running the old code as an extension of the new code is that big of a stretch. especially since they're pretty much saying they're giving a few select games that ability if you were to spend extra cash on them in the online market.

  99. Guest says:

    What logic is this? No backwards compatibility? So lemme get this straight, if I have a ps3 with say 40+ games I would have to re buy all those games if I want to play them on the ps4? HA! Goodluck with that sonny ill be keeping my money if you decide to go in that direction again.

  100. EASY says:

    ps4 said they would have backwards compatibility, but if they don't what's the use of getting a ps4. i don't want to buy blacks ops 2 again for probably 60 bucks when i preordered it for the ps3 already. if sony doesn't give the ps4 backwards compatibility then, market rates wont go through the roof, their screwed, and gamers are ENRAGED

  101. BOBBY says:


  102. Graham says:

    PS1 PS2 PS3 PS4 ! What all of we gamers have to realize is that "We are not important" we are sadly a means to an end for Sony. Profit is what they are all about. How they can position themselves in the market to gain as much from the gamer as possible. BC – I am sad that it will jeopardize my games I cherish, but my PS2 is hardly ever used. My PS3 is a BC one but is getting long in the tooth – When she quits – I will have to find some replacement somewhere. I dread the day the PS4 looks too weak.

    Sony have a solution – eventually they will provide me a digital of the game so i can play it again more $s. Again money from the gamer is what they are interested in. If you are like me Sony realise it is almost like a drug – we want our games. They can make us pay. Sadly I see fewer and fewer really good games being produced, so what difference is a new platform going to make. More money for Sony – that’s what. Remember the superstars that Sony beat down when they attempted to sue sony – well we are like that. they will get what they want from us – Money. If they do not then they will try some other way.

  103. Vanessa says:

    Im srry but if i cant play my damn ps3 games on this i dont want the pos.. Srry i will always pick play station over any system but i didnt fuggin pay60 to 70$$ to just turn around and buy them all over again thats a load of crap!!!

  104. SHMUPSmaster says:

    You guys need to stop your crying over backwards compatibility. Yes I to would LOVE to have ONE Sony system to play ALL my PS games but its not going to happen and im fine with it. WHY? I haven't laid a single finger on one ps1 game in over 5yrs, and 3yrs with my ps2. I still have all my games and all they do is collect dust and take up space on my shelves. Most of all my favorite ps1 games are all on the psn and I re bought them for two reasons, to make money back by getting ride of the physical copies and finally make room in my apt. Now I get to keep my "fanboy" in one small system vs long shelves across two walls in my front room xD FYI to the ppl that keep saying ps3 is not back compatible, and confusing 1st gen systems with 2gen systems probably don't own a ps3. ALL system are back compatible, ONLY with ps1 games. Unless you own a 2nd gen 60gb/80gb then its with all.

  105. K-Linda says:

    I'll be the first to admit I do not play PS2 games on my PS3. I just rebought the ones I liked best. And Sony made it easy to rebuy those because they sold them in collections – GOW 5 game collection, Jak and Daxter 3 game collection. And it was pretty cheap so I'm happy. (Still waiting on the Kingdom Hearts collection). However, I refuse to buy the PS4 and then have to again rebuy GOW, Jak and Daxter, Infamous, Heavy Rain, Batman, and Uncharted. I replay Uncharted all the time. And no I'm not going to keep the PS3 if I buy a PS4. Where am I going to put all these consoles? And then have to take them out, reconnect them, put the other one away cuz there's not enough space. Annoying. I do really want to play that Infamous Second Son game. It looks awesome! I guess I'll just have to watch gameplay of it or something :(

  106. Timmy says:

    If Sony doesn't make PS4 less than $300 then I doubt anyone will buy. We are all already conflicted about getting rid of PS3 and selling the games away to buy a PS4. Doesn't seem worth all the years we have had PS3.

  107. kenneth king says:

    The second this bad boy comes out i'm buying it.

  108. kill123bro says:

    i am a bit disapointed. beacose you cant evan play your ps3 games on it that realy makes me angry i dont evan no if i wont to get it now, i mean come on black ops 2 only just came out and you wont evan beable to play your new ps3 games on it. oh and for god sake its gunna cost 600 to 500 pounds you gotta be kidding me thats just a rip off. i like that you can get your own psn acc still on it but thats all i like.

  109. Jon says:

    I think a bunch of you are avoiding one of the larger issues with backward compatibility; game catalog COST. If I remember correctly, ps2 games didn’t cost $60 bucks a clip. At the ps3 release, a ps2 game catalog of 30 games at $20 bucks a game was the cost of the jump to the ps3; yes, a jagged pill. Jump now to ps4 let’s say the same release price of $600, that’s 10 games to balance out at $60 a clip not the total of 30 as it was before, those 30 ps3 games represent a $1800 investment that you suggest everybody is ok to just to walk away from… that’s more of a plate of broken glass to choke down…

  110. twan says:

    Only two things they should do is add a Party Chat and Change-able Psn Name like the Xbox, thts just my opinion.

  111. Quentin says:

    i wont buy the ps4 without being able to play ps3 games on it or else they will make a ps5 and then you bought ps4 games and there also i big waste of money.

  112. King david says:

    One of the main reason the ps,ps2 and ps3 was great was because of the fact it was compatible. But for the ps4 not to carry on that tradition would be very upsetting

  113. Death_bat187 says:

    Not to mention you have to buy all of your games NEW, the PS4 will not play used games, a lot more money out of your pocket, no more renting from GameFly, no more buying used games at GameStop or Ebay, Sony needs to get their heads out of their asses

  114. jon says:

    I dont think it will be worth the wait,, cant play the games u got already for ps3 on the ps4 so u would have to buy them AGAIN. I think this will need to be reevaluated before the release.

  115. Travis says:

    I am so disappointed that all of my ps3 games wont be played on the ps4, it breaks my heart to think I will have to keep my ps3 and have a ps4, why you might say, its because I am a car guy and I have loved my Gran Turismo 5, and the 6th is only for the ps4, oh the pain! I am going to have to buy a whole new tv with 4 HDMI cable inputs I only have a 2 cable input and spend more money than Bill Gates to pay for my electrical bill goddamn it!

  116. Kevin L says:

    I know for me, backwards compatability is a huge factor because although a lot are starting to come out on the playstation store I still play my PS2 and even replayed FF7 and FF8 not to long ago on my PS3. I currently have around 30 titles on the PS3, not including the games that my little brothers have. One of the main reasons why backwards compatable is such a big deal is that we shouldn't have to keep an old model when the technology is out there to make the system backwards compatable. I've been playing Playstation for the past 10 years at least and yes eventually I will get a PS4 but not until I for sure know whether or not they can make one backwards compatable. I would most likely get it on release date if I knew it was but until then I'll wait and just play the PS3..

  117. Kilroy says:

    None seems to understand the implications of "BACKWARDS COMPATIBILITY". When you design a system with that is completely limits the new technology and slows the computing speed. Lets all do some research and quit bitching!

  118. Gio says:

    They need to have backwards compability.Why?Because all the new people who are buying a playstation 4 and have never had a ps3 are going to want to play ps3 games.Like Black Ops 2.No one is going to buy another console just to play an old game.

  119. MikeP says:

    I was all excited about PS4, then to find out its not backwards compatible, I was pissed when i got the PS3 and found out that it wasn't backwards compatible, So i had to buy all these new games, I did not invest all this money on the PS3 and games for nothing. Seriously! SONY! get your act together, people want and demand backwards compatibility,. I WILL NOW be looking at your competitors.
    I know when i buy a PC game, i can play it on several upgrades of my PC. Maybe i should just stick to PC gaming then. At least i can throw a new video card at it now and again to make the graphics look and act much nicer. So sad that they did this.. I was looking forward to being able to upgrade to a new console and still play my investments.

  120. Josh8550 says:

    My PC does what my TV does better, does what a movie theater does, does what a gaming console does, and it does it all at a very small fraction of the price. Please, people. Gaming consoles died when they stopped being gaming consoles and started trying to emulate computers.

  121. dude says:

    Cant play ps3 games!!!!!!

    How stupid are they

    GTA5 is out in sept on ps3

  122. Rick says:

    Well, if the 40+ new PS4 games released over the next couple of years are NEW and not rehashes of existing PS3 games&series(up to 10 years old), then they have a chance of it selling well. I can't see 5 million people buying a PS4 to re-buy/play games they already have.

    I have a large collection of games for my Atari Lynx. As cool as the Vita is, it can't, collections don't exist. But I can play them on emulators using several pc/ pocket pc devices, and eventually the android- nook(n2a) and ouya. And these platforms do many more things the Vita never will.

    Oh, and as for BluRay/DVD…I only have 1 bluray disk for my Sony player(it has a terrible menu/remote-I only use it for streaming). I still buy DVDs. That won't change until I can buy a 50+ inch display where the disk being Bluray would be noticeable. And it has to be fast enough to play game consoles, many aren't.

  123. james town says:

    i personally believe that since ps2 and ps3 have been around for many years just about everyone will have a large library of much loved games and enough of this down loading and playstation net work nonsense not everyone has internet and even if they could down load them to there ps4 what are they supposed to do with there massive library of ps1 ps2 ps3 discs that they spent all that money on it means there losing that money but sony dont care about that oh no they just rake in the money and completely forget about the people using there products i tell ya there a enterprise who only cares about them selves

  124. Kevin says:

    I'm not interested in this system really… It is just not "wowing" me right now. I'll wait and see what it haves to offer after all of the issues after launch come out into the light.

  125. Ali says:

    Like everybody said , I’m not gonna get the psunrolled BC is official for ps2 and ps1. People say “well I buy a new console for new games” I say no since I like going back to my old games, and not just playing the ps4 games, also I could give my ps4 away to a relative when I get older and let him play all the classics that I played as a child, maybe the ps2 isn’t selling anymore at that time and the kid can’t experience those games, if ps4 had BC then i can give him my ps1-2 discs and he’ll play on the ps4. I don’t mind it not having ps3 BC since that is one gen behind and will probably still be around and sell for a cheap price. I really didn’t feel like capitalizing everything and spellchecking so sorry about that. Also I just wanted to say the ps4 is just an upgrade of the ps3 with new features, not something different that makes my experience different or something innovative, I don’t really like this system but that wii and wii u had this idea. I still might buy the ps4 but only if it has ps1-2 BC

  126. sdv2984 says:

    ticks me off!!! why isnt it backwards compatiple. is it honestly that hard. ps3 has only been out for a few years and people that had to wait till they got one have gotten hit hardest by this. all the frickin stores get get rid of the previous systems games then we cant keep playing cuz its hard as crap to get the games. whats so different about the ps4’s disc drive that it cant play ps3’s discs???

  127. Hambone #1 says:

    I have always loved Sony products, even used to sell the hell out of them, but with the bullshit about paying for online gaming, no backward compatibility, non-resellable games, well that is just plain bullshit. The problem with pissing off the gaming community is that we can boycott. I would totally be down for a boycott of PS4 and Xbox, and whatever, until they change their collective tune. They want to get together and tell us what to pay for,then we will get together and tell them what we will buy.

  128. Joyce says:

    Yup. I'm not getting it. I rather still play my ps2 until they have the backward compatibility. I bought ps3 without realizing that, because some forum said it could(and I believed it). I only have one ps3 game. I knew some bullshit like this would happen again, so I didnt plan on getting more ps3 games.

  129. Greg says:

    Backwards compatibility is a must. Not keeping 2 systems hooked up till favorite titles are all re-released. My son and I share a system and he plays a dozen PS3 games regularly. Me, a COD guy. So really I have no interest till the next COD comes out.,,,maybe….NO BACKWARDS COMPATIBILITY=NO HURRY TO BUY ONE.

  130. ronman123 says:

    If Miku Hatsune timing games come out for PS4 than I am going to buy it no matter what the cost. That game for PS3 right now is actually THAT good and for PS4 to have a new update version of it, I'll buy.

  131. Guest says:

    I think it would be better if it is backwards compatible. It would technically cause Sony less trouble, as they wouldn't have to recalibrate their older games into digital format to be downloaded, and though it may be troublesome to make a console backwards compatible, it just feels like it would make more sense. A lot of people don't want to have to switch consoles all the time in order to play a different game. Having a backwards compatible one saves energy and effort in the long run, on both sides of the party. (not to mention cash). I know for sure that unless it is at least compatible with ps2 games, I probably won't be buying one. I'd be better off trying to hunt down a ps2 and forsake buying any new games they come out with.

  132. steven says:

    people will not get a ps4 because you guys put more thinking on the web than the games.we have too many ps3 games that with not be abort to play so making a ps4 that cant play ps3 games is dumb

  133. al says:

    if the ps4 is just 'another pc'–that'll cost a few Cnotes ,why dont they just sell a [pup.update] sony OS that everybody can install on the pc's we already have?////besides a new quad is only 4-500 bucks and already has the same graphics capability for thge most part.//// it can install on a windows unit inside the a VIRTUAL BOX anyway, i would guess. ////if they released a SONY OS at the same price as most new OS's that i could drop in my pc –i'd be cool with that ,especially knowing i wouldnt be jacked for a bigger hard drive later too.

  134. Mark g says:

    How much is the new playstation rumoured to be cos if its to expensive and you can't play your playstation three classics on it that's a big letdown as some of us are going to have to save up for one,but in the meantime I really hope they don't just stop releasing games on the playstation three like they've done with the older models as we're not all rich besides I have over hundred games and some are the real classics you just can't buy anymore,and are some of my fav most played games. Nightmare

  135. Delores Stringfellow says:

    Why so many consoles r all the systems on market

  136. Kaylynn says:

    I only want to know if ALL of my music, photos, themes and EVERYTHING ! including MY DeathPIXI30 gamer tag is going to be able to transfer to the new PS4. I might get over loosing my trophies (not happy bout that either!) but i dont want to loose everything. I have way to much money and time invested into my PS3. I think this is bullshit that SONY doesnt give two shits about the people that have been supporting them and spending there hard earned dollar. I have movies and TV shows that I have bought on playstation network I have my DLC, my games, my everything. I utilize almost every aspect of the PS3 and am not going to buy PS4 until I see i can transfer all my data onto it.

  137. chow says:

    They made it non-backward compatible so it would be cheaper if i had to pay an extra 100 bucks for it I most certainly would not (though realistically backwards compatibility probably worth closer to $200)

  138. jim bob says:

    who the heck cares about compatibility?? of course its a scam, but ill still buy into it bc the ps4 will b more powerful and give players an advantage over ps3 users online, if youre a competitive gamers then ps4 it is, if not, then keep ure money and wait the 6 or 7 months it takes 2 come out with a new version thats backwards compatible

  139. raymond says:

    I have atleast 100 ps3 games so what am i supposed to do when I paid almost 60 bucks a game get rid of them for 30 bucks. If its like that i would not be buying tha new PlayStation…… Thank you for your time

  140. Smurf says:

    All of you young gamers out there are incredibally ignorant. I have never bought a new console with the idea of plating old titles. Who nees back compatability when the new titles are way better, Besides everything Sony has going is better than anything xbox has to offer.

  141. harryc657 says:

    Let's see…Do I want to buy a console that has decent hardware and decent games? Or do I want a console that has about the same power that requires internet connection every twenty-four hours and watch my every freakin move every time I move in front of the camera and have to BUY an activation code every time I BUY a new game that I can only download from the internet?

    This battle was over before it began…PS4 for me.

  142. @mycullb says:

    I'll just leave ps4 on the shelf until they produce a game I really want . With final fantasy lightning returns and realm reborn being released on ps3, I should be good to go for 3 years

  143. Guest says:

    I will not buy a PS4 until they make it backwards compatible with PS3 games.

  144. ShadowBeatz says:

    Actually the price of the PS4 has been revealed it is $399.99
    While the Xbox One will be $499.99

  145. Thetruth says:

    Everyone I have recently looked and the Xbox One will not have BC either so both consoles will have a major flaw. So everyone be quiet and if both consoles fail at launch who cares still got my ps 1, 2, and 3 because I haven’t traded or sold them because I had great memory’s with all of them.

  146. thundabolt says:

    I think it's stupid to design the ps4 not compatible for the ps3 games!!!

  147. Katie says:

    Well the non-backwards compatibility would suck for me (A Xbox360 gamer who absolutely loathes the new xbox.) due to the fact i never owned a ps3, so to play the ps1-3 games i'd have to get a ps3 (my 360 broke, and I don't really intend on buying a new one. I'm now gaming on the pc.) so yeah that really blows..but still looking forward to it..sorta..

  148. Annoyed says:

    All of you people need to practice writing the English language.


    Do the world a favor.

  149. justin says:

    why cant sony or microsoft just alow us to play there games from the ps3/2 or 360 thats stupid in my oppion please sony fix it please

  150. Army says:

    People, the PS4 has to be compatible with PS3 games. If not, they will lose sales. We are in the High Def Digital age. Forget about PS1 and PS2. Those games were not High Def. The PS3 however is. Most of the PS3 games are Bluray Quality. Which means 1080P graphics. Unless the PS4 has games that are better quality and graphics more than 1080P, Sony will be in the dog house. I myself have well over 100 PS3 games. There is no way on God`s Green earth that I will purchase a PS4 unless it plays my PS3 games. Sorry Sony. Stop thinking of yourselves and start thinking of the people keeping you in business.

  151. says:

    Just the other day I was in Game Stop and they had flyers up about the PS4 and the price was listed $399.99. My opinion not bad price for what the system is capable of. If they will be using Cloud I do not know if all whom is so concerned about being able to play PS3 games. Could should give the ability to remotely transfer PS3 games to the PS4 and if not what is truly the big deal. This system is the closest so far to being a computer hooked up to our fancy big TV’s. I am pleased with the advancements they have made for being a game system. Honestly, I believe people simply love to hate. Cannot blame them much either, from the time we start in this world we are having what’s good, bad, what to hate and how we should be. No reason to hate on things though because we make the final choice on how to act. A shame that most would rather follow than lead their own thoughts.

  152. me_mario says:

    I wont buy a PS4 until it's backward compatible….amen…

  153. masterhaze420 says:

    lol im probably gonna get a ps3 when the 4 comes out… i traded my ps3 for an xbox 360… worst mistake of my life thus far. but i assume the 3 will drop considerably in price and the games will be even cheaper. then when they come out with the 5 ill get a 4. i don't care to be behind in the tech of new systems because once you're behind its cheaper and more cost effective. so if you all are worried about backwards compatability just expand your game library while you wait another 5 years til the next console war begins. then sell your old ps3 system for mad bucks because it will be so old it'll be the classic system like the ps2 was and is and like the n64 was and is. i have the n64 and ps2 with classic games and if i sold them today i could get quite a bit of dough for that sh!t. but i'm not cause i love my old ass games.

  154. John says:

    The only thing that would make me interested in buying another console were if the graphics were comparable to a gaming computer. I don't see the PS4 leaping above the PS3 in that regard. I fear Sony has missed the mark and will only be putting out a slightly more advanced PS3 in other features I don't care about. I don't see a jump in graphics! I'm thinking that if I want better graphics through the next 5 years I'm going to need to throw down and buy a good gaming computer unfortunately.

  155. Luka27 says:

    No 3D no BC no PS 4 for me

  156. Real-Gamer says:

    PS4 And Xbox1 already DEAD! Real Gamers play Nintendo and old school Arcade games.

  157. Rae says:

    OMG!!!! Will someone please come out with a console that will take — playstation, playstation 2, and playstation 3 games!!!! Im sorry but these consoles don't last forever and they stop making them so wtf am I supposed to do with a bunch of games that I paid at least $50 each for????? What a waste!!! Ya this BS sure doesn't make me wanna go out and buy more consoles….that's for sure!!!!!!

  158. matthew says:

    my ps 3 died thats right died. the console stopped working after 5 years . so im free to rebuy ps 3 or go ps 4. read a lot how people wont want to toss away there system for ps4 so– those in my position can either re buy ps 3 or go for ps 4… clearly if you have several ps 3 games on hand or want to play more you can just stick with ps 3 system even the new games for ps 4 are going to ps 3 as well/ though if ps 4 has such better grahics then it should be fun getting ps 4 and its just a matter of enjoying the games that can be played on it./ so long as your not planning to play any game not playable on ps 4/ if you play and have 12+ games go for ps 3 then i just have 4 ps 3 games on hand…. though i clearly noted some ps 3 games that may be fun to get…if they bring out need for speed most wanted ps 4 next deus ex and elder scrolls 6 ps 4 it could be fun going for a system with gnarly graphics

  159. Adam says:

    I'd say that "backwards compatibility" option is more for those people who either never has a previous system, or never got the chance to play those games (ie, those in limited print, rare, region-locked, what have you). While Playstation Network has given us a slew of great games from their older systems (at fair prices), it doesn't have every single game. If the PS4 is able to access the ENTIRE Playstation library, then it's going to benefit those of us who missed out on those early titles. However, I think it's fair to adopt a "wait and see" tactic until all these streaming issues become clear. Personally, I can wait until Kingdom Hearts 3 releases.

  160. Danny.V says:


    I would just like to add a few things (couldnt read all the posts, sorry). I will be buying PS4 on release. From my research I have found that PS4 will have better graphics than Xbox One. The Xbox One will be better for entertainment purposes like watching tv and movies, but whats the point in that.

    Would also like to say, Xbox One’s E3 game demos were actually shown using a gaming pc and were not actual console quality.

    Tv’s are soon to use 4k and 8k technology. The PS4 cable is 4k ready.

    Cant think properly as its late but there are some points to talk about.

  161. Tessa says:

    I see both points , and i know i can keep my ps3 , and will. But there is no way i am going to buy a ps4 unless it is backward compatible. I absolutely love to play under my own terms, not under sony's terms. If we let sony force us to pay more money for games we already own , then we are letting them dictate how we play, and how to spend our money. Oh! and all that " get your old games with better graphics" line ,is just bogus. I dont care about that , thats what the new titles are for . My older games are fine the way they are. Those that care about the new graphics can go pay the extra money to buy them again , not me. I rather pay the extra money upfront to buy the new console with backward compatibility , like i did when the ps3 first came out, then have to download my games again . Anyway i like my games in a box , easily accessible for me , instead of having to sign in , anyway. I was looking forward to buying the ps4, but oh well, it just won't do.

  162. tlander says:

    all this is nice but with the ps4,are you going to be able to back up your games you download. just in case to system breaks

  163. Joan Jane says:

    Just want to inform all folks who live outside US that or PS4 is a great media Player. If you want to access Netflix and other streaming stations on your PS4 you can use UnoTelly as I do to get around the geo block.

  164. sonyforlife says:

    ok so now that its out i gotta say yep i like it.. i have no use for the social part idc about it. but sony once agin showd that theyr not as money hungry as microsoft the xbox one sucks ps4 rocks

  165. QWQTGFLO says:


  166. Freeware says:

    The LAST game I will want to buy or play on my PS4.

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