PS4 rumor roundup: Streaming? Competitive price? 4 unlucky?

Feb. 18, 2013 | 9:33 a.m.

Sony has been keeping the contents of its Wednesday PlayStation announcement tightly under wraps, but the rumor mill has been churning, and besides a new console — dubbed PlayStation 4 — the word is, Sony could unveil a new streaming service.

Fans playing over the Internet will be able to play current PlayStation 3 titles on the new console, according to the Wall Street Journal, which cited unnamed sources who were in on the company’s plans. In addition, according to WSJ, the new console would play new games stored on optical discs.

Streaming games marks a first for video game consoles.  From Gizmodo‘s Casey Chan: “It’ll be interesting to see how Sony balances games on optical discs and games for streaming.”

Also rumored: The new device might be priced more competitively from the start compared with the PS3.  Slash Gear, citing leaked internal documents obtained by a U.K. news outlet, suggests the PS4 could bow at $100 cheaper ($399) than the PS3 when it was introduced in 2006 ($499).  That remains to be seen.  Also remaining to be seen? A new controller.

In a recent post, the Los Angeles Times’ Salvador Rodriguez showed a photo that’s hit the Web of  what’s rumored to be the new PlayStation 4 controller and its touch screen.

Earlier this month, Hero Complex noted possible details of an upcoming PS4 console, along with the new website Sony launched where gamers can sign up to “be the first to know.” The teaser video, above, is from that site.

“Last year, the video game blog Kotaku released what appear to be details about Sony’s upcoming console. If it’s correct, the new console will feature an 8GB memory system and new controllers (with touchpads) that can be linked to PlayStation Network accounts, allowing for multiple logins.”

Amid the hoopla surrounding the upcoming announcement, Kotaku revived a story from 2012 about the device’s rumored code name, Orbis, and how the numeral 4 isn’t popular in Japan. It’s  “akin to the number 13 in the West,” the blog writes.  But there’s a workaround, the blog notes:  PlayStation “four” instead of “4.”

More on the PlayStation 4 at Hero Complex as the announcement nears.

— Amy Hubbard


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7 Responses to PS4 rumor roundup: Streaming? Competitive price? 4 unlucky?

  1. T. Grande says:

    Fact check: The news about the new touch pad controller was first dropped on Destructoid, as referenced in Salvador Rodriguez's article.

  2. jrod says:

    Fact check: Nobody cares.

  3. Patrick J says:

    also, streaming games is not new to consoles. Onlive, the first company to create a streaming game service put out a console.

  4. BigAnt says:


  5. dovahkiin says:

    Lol streaming games is not new… I know its a little different but don't you remember saga channel!!

  6. Rosie posie says:

    What is the anticipated street price of this console on the release date? Does anyone know? Serious replies only pls. I've checked Ebay and some people are ridiculous with they're pricing, i believe it to be a scam to make an inflated 200% increase somewhat acceptable when compared to they're otherwise *fake ad's for $2500.00. Anyone have any thoughts (respectable & mature ones pls) on what the inflation will actually be on the release date. Tried doing research and keep getting search overloads.

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