Sony PS4 announcement: What to expect today

Feb. 20, 2013 | 11:12 a.m.

It’s been seven years since the launch of Sony’s Playstation 3, the longest gap between console releases in the company’s history. But if speculation about their event Wednesday afternoon on the “Future of Playstation,” holds true, the wait for the next Playstation will soon be over.

Hero Complex will be hosting a live stream of Sony’s hotly anticipated announcement, starting at 3 p.m. Pacific time (6 p.m. Eastern), so stay tuned for the reveal of whatever it is that Sony has up its sleeve.

Look for Sony to build off of recent industry trends, including the integration of movement-recognition hardware, a la the Microsoft Kinect, an extension of Sony’s efforts to dethrone Xbox Live with its Playstation Plus offerings and of course, upgraded hardware.

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The event hints that Sony may have adjusted its strategy with the launch of the PS4. Allowing the Xbox 360 to have a year’s head start over the PS3’s launch, Sony allowed Microsoft to seize momentum and it wasn’t until recently that PS3 sales caught up with the 360.

With Microsoft still keeping its cards close to its chest, Sony will host the first next-generation reveal, if not the first next-gen release to feature significant hardware upgrades. Nintendo’s Wii U, released late last year, marked the opening of the new console generation.

With new consoles come new games, but publishers have been reticent to start debuting their next-gen offerings. “Watch Dogs” and “Star Wars 1313” have been all but confirmed to be on the 360 and PS3 successors. “The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt” was recently confirmed to be a next-gen title, and a tweet from the chief executive of GameStop about seeing “Battlefield 4” has sparked speculation that the game will make an appearance at Wednesday’s event.

Sony, which has recently seen its stock reduced to junk status and made significant cutbacks companywide, announced earlier Wednesday that it expects to post an operating profit by the end of its fiscal year in March. Its console and games division has recently been hit with a loss of momentum in software sales, and sales of the portable Playstation Vita remain sluggish, so the hope is that Sony’s new offerings will provide a shot in the arm.

— Morgan Little


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72 Responses to Sony PS4 announcement: What to expect today

  1. Marvin mccants says:


  2. Guest says:

    fyi, the WiiU was the first 'next-gen' reveal, and has already released!

    • luke says:

      I'd hardly call the WiiU Next-Gen. It's specs are up to par with last gen.

      • Kenny says:

        ditto. WiiU is just a really late current-gen

      • Mike says:

        Wii U's launch games already look better than the ps3 and xbox 360… Launch games always look worse than the consoles full potential.. For example look at the ps2's launch games compared to its later games.

      • Lolwut says:

        generation=time, not power. Simply because the Wii U is less powerful does not mean that it is NOT next gen. Also, if we're talking about graphics, wouldn't the PC blow consoles out of the water???

      • Guest says:

        That's like saying kids this generation aren't this generation because they aren't as smart as last generations kids.

        The Wii-U doesn't need amazing specs to keep up because Nintendo make some of the best games of all time. Whereas the Xbox and PlayStation compete with graphics more than gameplay.

      • Christian says:

        I don't remember the XBOX 360 and PS3 having a touchscreen on the controller…

      • XxChAoS32xX says:

        The original Wii wasn't really up to par with the current Xbox 360 and PS3 but it was still considered a "next-gen" console, as it is a 7th generation console. The Wii U is a "next-gen" (8th generation) console whether you like it or not, and even if its specs aren't up to your standards of what you believe should be considered a "next-gen" system. If its not "next-gen" (8th generation), than what is it? and dont say 7.5 because that will make it clear that you are a obvious Nintendo hater, along with anyone else that wants to deny its generation, its not an opinion, its a fact.

      • TruthHurts says:

        Every Generation has its slow kids…

    • joker says:

      for a system to be called a nxt gen system it has to trump the systems that came b4 it the wii u faild

    • Ian says:

      FYI, he said in the article, "Nintendo’s Wii U, released late last year, marked the opening of the new console generation."

    • charlie says:

      but it's a next gen system without capability beyond this gen…

  3. HELLO says:


  4. John says:

    Sony will host the "first" next generation release? What happened to the Wii U?

  5. dareallink says:

    second next gen, wiiu came out already

  6. John says:

    Hopefully the PS 4 box will have more quality in its motherboard problems of the PS 3 box which fails at alarming rates with poor quality at CPU chips and overheats. A major problem with PS 3 box

    • RjJ says:

      Need you remember the Red Ring of Death from the Xbox 360? Both have had their share of problems.

    • THEDON82z1 says:

      What the hell are you talking about PS3 was well within the standards of OEM, now that xbox 360 was the one with all the dame problems. You sound like one of those xbots.

    • Max says:

      I've never had a problem with mine and i was there for the midnight release of PS3.

    • Mike says:

      The 3 PS3's in my house have been running for 3, 3, & 2 years respectively without any issues.
      I don't know where you get your stats from…

      Red ring anyone…?

  7. Anonymous says:

    What time is the event in EST?

  8. PS-PS3 owner says:

    I feel less enthusiastic about Sony and its premier product unveiling nowadays.

    Being a ps3 owner, they had 7 years to perfect in updating their system to its best potential. In the end, I felt I was robbed.

    – the hackscapade that made it go offline for a month years with the EU commission saying Sony didn't make necessary security precautions is stupid. To compensate, Sony was proud to announce free games. Apparently there were ONLY FOUR and only one decent and OLD title came with it.

    – the Cinavia problem is very irritating. How can it be a media center if you can't play everything?

    – media streaming is ultra crappy. super choppy + no subtitle support

    – the upcoming shutting down of the secondary market of games will be the deal breaker for me. Will now be more inclined to just use PC games as it is more customizable and can do a lot more.
    Upgrading it is easier too.

    In the past consoles hardware wise lead the way in computing power. If the rumors are right, the hardware is garbage except for the video card. Also, the 4000 resolution many believe wouldn't be adeptly handled by the rumored hardware specs. So this would be more of an evolution vs a revolution during previous gens.

    Sony of the last 5 years wasn't the Sony during the late 90's. Basically, it ran out of creative juice and just wants to milk its loyal base like what Nokia did.

    Will just get a roku 2 or WD live tv to replace my ps3 as a media center. For gaming, PC all the way.

    PS, it is 12 pm and 3 hours away from the actual release lol so the specs I've given might be off.

    – A disilllusioned and disgruntled Sony fan.

    • Mike says:

      A way to get around Cinavia is to disconnect your PS3 from the internet (unplug your modem but leave the router active so you can stream from your computer).

      Note: this only works on Cinavia movies you have not previously attempted to play on your PS3. Once Cinavia is detected the PS3 logs it for future playback attempts. If you have never attempted playback of the movie it will play successfully (as long as you are not connected to the internet).

  9. Nick K says:

    "first next-generation reveal"

    Because no one cares about Nintendo.

  10. Guest says:

    "First next-gen release?" Are we forgetting about the Wii U? Why is it that news outlets seem to make this a two-man race with Microsoft and Sony? Both of those companies dabble in much more than just video games. Meanwhile, Nintendo makes -nothing- but video games and gets overlooked? Odd.

    • Jawa says:

      Nintendo fails at next-gen.

    • RjJ says:

      Answer to your question. Yes they forgot Nintendo. Point being the Console wars are not between Xbox and PS3, or more specifically Sony and Microsoft, because the Wii and WiiU fill a niche gaming market, just like mobile gaming. The Next Gen consoles now are comprised of the heavy hitters with the gaming community in general. The Wii and WiiU's market is now the Home and family friendly console market. Wii outshines the other two console sellers, but not because it is a superior gaming machine, but because it doesn't fit into what we now see as the Console Generation Wars.

    • iKnoYurName says:

      That's because they've been making the same games since the very first nintendo consloe, and because the wii-u is a current gen console when u look at it. if a company does nithing but video games i expect them to take on a leding role in console development instead of a following role.

  11. PieLady says:

    ur internet is what makes the streaming choppy, I stream netflix and hulu plus w/o any problem. You can’t blame sony for insufficient internet.

    • PS-PS3 Owner says:

      Please eat more of those Pie as I have a wireless N router. ;-) Media streaming is different from online streaming lol.

      • PS3_streamer says:

        I had similar problems and ended up having to use a wired connection. Problem solved, but now I have ethernet cables running across my floor.

      • PieLady says:

        N routers suck.

      • Disposable Info says:

        LAN ≠ WAN.

        Wireless-N router = LAN
        CableDSLSatellite = WAN

        Beyond that, you are using wireless and expecting a consistent experience with Netflix?

        The PS3 only supports the 802.11B and 802.11G wireless specs, and not N. Numerous reports indicate performance issues using 802.11N with a ps3.

      • Mike says:

        Wireless is your issue then.
        If you hard wired to your router it would work successfully.
        Do not blame the PS3 for wireless interference.

      • PS-PS3 Owner says:

        did some research. the problem of ps3 is transcoding ;-)

      • Ayzha says:

        Your cable company and modem also play a factor in your streaming. I have 50-100 mbps up/10mbps down and an expensive N router, but my modem is outdated, so my media streaming is extremely choppy due to ping spikes. Just a thought ;)

  12. ChildAssaulter says:

    Sony always wins!

  13. M. Little L.A. Times says:

    Nintendo's back in there, I became stuck in the Microsoft v. Sony hardware race that's brewing. And who knows – if some of these other rumors about nixing used games and dropping free-to-play online are true, maybe Sony will end up neglected in the next go-around.

    • Dave says:

      That's 360 who is rumored to be nixing used games.

    • RjJ says:

      Don't forget that Microsoft had that rumor first. If both do it, there will be nowhere to turn with the next generation of consoles. A mass market shift away from the major systems might be inevitable. Either way, a change in the gaming industry will happen if the used game market is shuffed out for the soon-to-be Current Generation.

  14. wow! says:

    Wiiu! Really!? Maybe ill get a wiiu for my 3 year old.

  15. miah says:

    @ps-ps3 owner WAHH WAHHH WAHHH do I need to call the wahbulence? God suck it up sony spent millions fixing and correcting problems they did not even need to give you free games fool. -.- im sorry you cant spend a little bit off ps3 but that downtime made me relise there is more to the world then a vitual game.

    • PS-PS3 Owner says:


      Did you seriously think my world revolves around ps3? The article is about Sony's release dimwit.

      Okay, so as a company to appease an angry populace you give them nothing? The point is don't spin something extravagant just get a crockload of crap.

      Being formal with you is unbecoming. Should I call then the grammar police ;-)? ambulAnce = wahbulAnce. You need improvement with your Disney channel insult fool lol.


  16. jsmeezy says:

    wii u is last generation the wii didnt even have a hdmi hook up… and microsoft and sony had better motion sensors than the wii seriously wii u compares to ps3 and 360 nothin special

  17. NextGen enthusiast says:

    Guys, If you actually read the sentence, he's saying the first next-gen reveal to feature significant hardware upgrades. Because the WiiU hardware is not that far ahead of current gen specs. He's not saying its the first nextgen reveal.

  18. Jinzo says:

    Wow. So much hate on wii u. Last time I checked, the 3ds killed vita. Possibly same fate for ps4. Seriously, a struggling vita and a new console coming out? I question. You fanboys.

  19. chrisjhon says:

    can't wait

  20. Zeldarocks says:

    Next gen is having youtube on my tv and reading the shit you guys write on my gamepad with the wii u.Cpu is four core on the wii u which is four times more powerful then yer 360 and ps3.I myself am sony fan can not wait for the ps4 with killzone.Wish people would do the homework before writing shit!

  21. PENIS says:

    3PM PST
    4PM MST
    5PM CST
    6PM EST
    11PM GMT

  22. @Thematman23 says:

    I have never had a problem streaming anything from my PS3 even .MKV files(using TVersity or PS3 media server). Wii U doesn't usually "catch up" to Sony or Microsoft until they are 6-7 years behind and by then Sony and Microsoft have already started developing newer systems. This is exactly what happened with the Wii U. In order for it to be the first "next-gen" console it has to be better than all the others of the same time frame. Nintendo only caught up. I have heard a ton of good "rumors" about the PS4 that are very intriguing to me, lets just hope some of them come true.

  23. James says:

    Gamers get caught up in the PS vs. Xbox fight over and over again- continually dropping context that Sony as a company is in complete shambles. They've nearly entirely lost their television and portable music business sectors to competition. They may not even be around in five years.

    Try Googling Sony, stock, and junk in the same query- tells quite a tale.

  24. figs says:

    WOW!!! you can really see the sony fanboys at work here, honest complaints are thumbed down, and zealot butt-kissing gets thumbs up!!! you sony fanboys are worse than the old sega trolls!!!

  25. jason says:

    Maybe they do not count WiiU because its not even on par with Sony and Microsofts previous gen. Their next gen status is a technicality.

  26. Daniel says:

    WII U!!! Needs some updates but def better than current GEN, that is just common sense from a tech perspective. I believe sony won't go all out with specs this time because of the problems they are having turning a profit. At this point it wouldn't make sense for them to sell at 2 to 3 hundred dollar loss, so in order to copy nintendo again (controller) and keep prices down the PS4 won't be as powerfull as people think. In the end the "power" rankings will probably go as follows
    Wii U

    But the wii U will probably be on par this time around!

    Before the flames start…

    PS1 Controller was a copy of SNES
    Sony quickly copied Analog sticks from the N64
    Sony Copied the Wii Controller
    and I believe they will try to copy the Wii U Controller

  27. Mark says:

    I wonder. Do you think Apple may get into the gaming console business anytime soon? It's a lucrative endeavor and they do compete with Microsoft and Sony already.

  28. daniel brown says:

    well the problem will u can not play older games on ps 4 and that really sucks

  29. Random says:

    Wiiu is garbage. Nintendo is a joke. Its only good for Pokemon games.

  30. jeremy says:

    over priced social network system.

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