‘Star Trek: The Video Game’ exclusive: Spock mind-melds with Gorn

April 23, 2013 | 12:48 p.m.
tmar Star Trek: The Video Game exclusive: Spock mind melds with Gorn

A scene of T’Mar from "Star Trek: The Video Game." (NAMCO Bandai / Paramount)

surok Star Trek: The Video Game exclusive: Spock mind melds with Gorn

A scene of Surock from "Star Trek: The Video Game." (NAMCO Bandai / Paramount)

“Star Trek: The Video Game” hit shelves Tuesday, featuring an original story set between 2009’s “Star Trek” and this May’s sequel “Star Trek Into Darkness.”

The game, three years in the making, allows players to step into the roles of Starfleet officers Spock and Capt. James T. Kirk. Game developers aimed to create a cinematic experience for gamers, recruiting “Star Trek” composer Michael Giacchino to create custom music and actors from the film, including Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto, to lend their voices to the game.

“This had to feel like it was a ‘Trek’ adventure that could have been a movie but happened to fit the gaming space better,” Brian Miller, senior vice president of Paramount Pictures and the game’s executive producer, told Hero Complex writer Todd Martens last month. “We would not have made the game unless we had every actor from the movie. They had to actually be in their roles, not just appear for likeness.”

The game, written by “God of War” series veteran Marianne Krawczyk, introduces Vulcan scientists T’Mar and her father Surok, who are working to build a new home for the Vulcan race after their home planet was destroyed. They unwittingly open a rift in space, allowing for the reptilian Gorn to invade.

Check out this exclusive video for a preview of the game. In it, Spock decides to perform a mind-meld with a captured Gorn to find out what the enemy is up to.

The game’s story is inspired by a 1967 “Star Trek” episode titled “Arena,” and the game offers no hints about “Into Darkness,” out May 17.

“We’ve all played the game where the sensation is, ‘Great, I’ve seen that. I get to play the Tatooine level.’ I know where that goes. Some of those games can be fantastic, but ‘Trek’ has to have a story component to it,” Miller said. “Even the best of the worst episodes were unbelievably well written. We wanted to take the viewer — and I use the term ‘viewer’ deliberately  — on this journey. We wanted you to play a Kirk and Spock quest. We had to give the viewer some things they didn’t expect rather than them just doing the same things you saw them do in the movies.”

The game is available now for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC download, priced at $59.99 for console versions and $49.99 for PC.

Check out the scenes from the game in the gallery above and watch the trailer below.

– Noelene Clark | @NoeleneClark


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