SXSW: Rovio adds ‘Angry Birds Toons.’ Tomorrow, the world! Or a film

March 12, 2013 | 11:52 a.m.

Angry Birds developer Rovio Entertainment found itself in a quandary. How do you follow up the most successful mobile game in history, after more than 1.7 billion in downloads across all available platforms? The answer: “Angry Birds Toons.”

Unveiled during the developer’s conference at SXSW 2013, the cartoon shorts will be broadcast by way of Comcast’s Xfinity service and Samsung Smart TVs beginning March 16, and on March 17, a button will be added to all “Angry Birds”-related apps linking to the cartoon.

Rovio — whose slingshot game has included the special versions “Angry Birds Space” and “Angry Birds Star Wars” — is clear about its plans to extend its domination beyond the app store.

“With over 1.7 billion downloads, we can reach a far wider and more engaged global audience than traditional distribution would allow,” Rovio Chief Executive Mikael Hed said in a statement. “Launching the channel, and partnering up with some of the best video-on-demand providers and TV networks, is an important milestone for us on our journey toward becoming a fully fledged entertainment powerhouse.”

Rovio already has showen its prowess on YouTube, where its channel featuring animated promotional shorts and trailers has amassed nearly 500,000 subscribers and more than 1 billion views.

Fifty-two episodes already have been completed for the first season of “Angry Birds Toons,” with work on a second season already under way. There are tentative plans for an “Angry Birds” feature film in 2016, led by producer John Cohen of “Despicable Me” fame.

— Morgan Little


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  1. Jonathyn says:

    It will be awesome I wave been waiting for a year!

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