‘Tomb Raider’ sequel ‘well into development,’ Square Enix reports

Aug. 01, 2013 | 4:39 p.m.
lara then now  Tomb Raider sequel well into development, Square Enix reports

"You can't just create a male character with boobs,” says "Tomb Raider" writer Rhianna Pratchett. At left is Lara Croft in 2006's "Tomb Raider: Legend." At right is Croft in 2013's "Tomb Raider," a March release. (Crystal Dynamics / Square Enix)

Lara Croft’s video game adventures will continue.

Square Enix today confirmed that the company is “well into development” on a sequel to 2013’s reboot of the “Tomb Raider” franchise. No details were offered in the way of timing or plot, but Square Enix Chief Executive Phil Rogers said in a blog post that the title will be coming to next-generation consoles.

Word of a “Tomb Raider” sequel first leaked out of San Diego’s Comic-Con International, where comic writer Gail Simone said in an interview with Kotaku that her upcoming “Tomb Raider” series for Dark Horse will lead “directly” into the sequel for the game. The 2013 game boasted a script from Rhianna Pratchett, who described the new-look Croft as one who combated the very video game stereotypes the little-clothed Croft character helped nurture.

“This new Lara is much less chesty, and she doesn’t wear hot pants and midriffs,”  Pratchett said in an earlier interview with Hero Complex. “She looks like a woman who has dressed herself, rather than a woman who has been dressed by a male video game developer. You can’t ignore the fact that she’s female. You have to give that some respect. You can’t just create a male character with boobs.”

The 2013 “Tomb Raider” went back to focus on a more college-aged Croft. Far from the seasoned, Indiana Jones-inspired adventurer of yore, this Croft hesitated with a weapon and had to learn survival skills on the fly. The game saw Croft marooned on an island full of violent men under the cult-like control of a mysterious “sun Queen.”

While a “Tomb Raider” sequel was almost assured — Croft remains one of the most recognizable characters in games — a May financial briefing from Square Enix went into detail on the increasing difficulty of releasing big-budget games such as “Tomb Raider” or “Hitman.” Today’s post from Rogers was designed to quell any concerns that the company had reservations regarding the green-lighting of top-tier games, so-called AAA games.

Lara Croft returns in the new "Tomb Raider." (Crystal Dynamics / Square Enix)

Lara Croft returned in the March release “Tomb Raider.” (Crystal Dynamics / Square Enix)

“There’s been speculation and commentary made this year about Square Enix’s strategy in the Americas and Europe, and I know we’ve not outwardly commented or addressed this, so some folk may be confused about what we’re actually doing – therefore I want to try and explain directly to you here on our Square Enix blog,” he wrote.

He continued: “I can categorically say that we’re not abandoning core, triple-A console and PC games. We’re working hard at improving how we develop our games and how we release them …”

In the spring, Square Enix’s senior executive managing director, Yosuke Matsuda, spoke in the company’s financial briefing of “significant degradation” in regard to sales of console games. He put the blame on increased competition in the console sector, as well as more entertainment and gaming options available to consumers, many of them cheaper than a $60 console game.

“There was tremendous competition from many other strong titles, and with the diverse amount of entertainment options available, customers have become more selective, resulting in this disappointing outcome,” he said in the presentation.

Aside from “Tomb Raider,” Square Enix has a number of major games in development, including “Final Fantasy XV” and “Kingdom Hearts 3.”

“Kingdom Hearts” architect Tetsuya Nomura recently spoke with Hero Complex about the development of the game, noting that numerous character arcs defined over the first two core “Kingdom Hearts” games will be coming to an end.

– Todd Martens | @toddmartens


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38 Responses to ‘Tomb Raider’ sequel ‘well into development,’ Square Enix reports

  1. CosMos83 says:

    Being a fan of Lara Croft TOMB RAIDER since the days of Core design I must say that this reboot was fun to play.but I hope that the future games won't be as linear and short on actual TOMB raiding. I realize this was a reintroduction into how she became the more strong,stand alone Lara Croft.but I fear somehow that the whimpering and slighty hunced over in fear is going to return as part of her attitude(I know they're going for a more realistic lara croft.but don't over do it with the whimpering),oh GOD I hope not(even though I understand she was in a situation that forced her to fight) i hope she's more self assured,sardonic,daring and in your face in the next game,like how he was in the classics,dual pistols to lara croft is like white hair to storm(from the xmen)it's her signature…she just looks so RIGHT with her dual pistols,it's apart of her image….

    • Rayne says:

      As a woman I'm actually offended by the newest ones. She was beautiful, intelligent, accomplished, and resourceful. The reboot to my mind is someone coming along and saying "Oppps sorry no pretty woman could possibly be that we need to make her uglier and less strong." Sorry but I won't be playing any of the newer ones I want the old Lara back the one who wore gorgeous dresses when the occasion called for it that just happened to have gun belts underneath.

      • Alex says:

        I would think the older Tomb Raiders would offend you; the old Lara had Double D bra size and wore revealing shirts and booty shorts, the new Lara is no less beautiful she’s just beautiful in a more realistic sense, she has flaws but she still is beautiful

    • Luke says:

      I think you'll get more of the old Lara back. You should note that towards the end of the game, She started to sound more like the Lara we all know (and she did get the dual pistols). The whimpering probably won't come back. However, the "Hunch" you're complaining about is probably going to make a return; It's not fearful at all, it's common sense. Only an idiot goes through a dangerous area standing fully upright, where your balance is terrible and you make a Giant target.

    • Johnny says:

      They are also trying to make her lesbian, which I believe is more of why they stereotyped her and made her a little more masculine…. But I also think that it's not saying women are anything less, if anything it's saying that they can rise above it and become stronger than they ever thought possible.

  2. Tara says:

    I have been a fan of all Tomb raider games since i was four. I used to watch my dad play the very first game for hours. I first started playing at the age of 7( mindless wandering around Lara's house and discovering things like the hidden quad course). I am no game expert, however i must say i feel this game was put together so well. I feel that the team that re created the epic tomb raider games did such a wonderful job. I loved the new Tomb raider square enix put out. I must agree with what Cosmos83 from above though. I feel like the actual tomb raids should have been more focused on. One last thing that i found displeasing was the survival instinct used in the game. It kinda pissed me off. I hate that players have become too lazy and rely on that to figure out the entire game. Tomb raider is known for the hard puzzles and forcing you to really use your head to get past difficult parts of the game. I missed that in the 2013 game. other than that i really don't have major complaints about this game. It got me excited when i defeated a challenge, spooked me during parts, and gave me that adrenaline rush when i had to complete something fast. I really hope there will be several games after this !

  3. boy croft 24 says:

    I think lara in this game should be a good fighter. like in the new reboot game you have to tap the y button to get her axe out and fight so in this one it would be cool for her to fight like a hero i meen maybe like buffy the vampier slayer or something and have her dual pistols even mabey have her meet zip and alister for the first time even as a camo. and at the end maybe we will see her legend or classic or even her underworld outfit and defo have a croft maner in the game and i think she should swim in this sequel.

    • Jason says:

      I actually hope they DON'T do most of those things.

      I found the gritty, kind of brutal style of combat they had in the reboot was much more believable than the overly-choreographed and unrealistic "hero-style" nonsense. One of the reasons this reboot was so successful and so enjoyable is that it WASN'T like the older games (many of which weren't very good). Obviously she is going to get better at fighting as she trains, but I'd like them to keep the flavor that they've established in the reboot; I don't want to see her flipping around everywhere and wearing skimpy clothing. That would cheapen her and make her less believable as a real, serious character.

      • Brett says:

        I agree, the new grit of Lara and this game are great. Add that grit to more tombs and this will be the best reboot ever.

        The tombs before reached a level of absurdity but were still great and enormous puzzles to solve. A marriage of their size only not as hyper-real but with the grit of this last game is needed.

        If you’re reading these posts but haven’t played the 2013 TR, make no mistake, the ratio of action to tomb raiding was like 95% to 5%. That’s generous to the tomb raiding.

        No more shallow T and A, Jason is right on the money. But damn, the game ain’t called ROOM Raider.

      • Aaron5472 says:

        Definitely agree with this guy. The new Tomb Raider is how the games always should have been. The old ones got on my nerves dying 27 times to reach the other side because I didn't jump on the right pixel is not my idea of fun.

    • Ms. Derp says:

      I hope they don't do most of those things. They should try something new, they already had dual pistols and Zip and Alister, and why the same outfit? That would be boring to be honest I want new characters or some of the same like Samantha

  4. mario says:

    As the previous people commented I agree with them, in Tomb raider 2013 the end was hard to me as player especially when finishing the game the game started with Lara is being alone in the island its kinda booring she only collect the relics and this giving a sense that I failed to escape the island? while the main task is to escape that island, I wish it can be like TR legend or anniversary when finishing the game u can play Croft Manor

    • Jason says:

      Not sure how you can get the sense that she didn't escape the island when the ending cutscene shows them leaving the island on a big boat.

  5. Ryn says:

    I'm very happy to hear they're working on a sequel. This was a reboot done right.

    However, like others have noted, there are two aspects I hope they correct. One, as already mentioned. Tombs need have more of a focus. But in conjunction with that, I feel the combat/non-combat ratio needs to be adjusted. What I mean by that is, although the new combat is much, much better than the original games, there's two much of it. I would have preferred about 20-25% percent less combat and 20-25% more puzzles and exploration.

    As far as AAA profits are concerned, I can't imagine how a sequel to this game can't be profitable. The character animations are there, tons of texture work and sound effects are on-hand, physics and environment interactions are already scripted. Half the game is basically built already.

    In the meantime, perhaps they'll give us some worthwhile DLC. The only piece currently available worth purchasing is the single extra tomb.

    • Walter says:

      I would have to disagree that the environment interactions are already scripted for the next game. The one thing I enjoyed about this game is that it looked and felt like I was playing a movie rather than a game. Since she went through this turmoil on the island, her reactions (animations) in the next game should be different. She should be more hardened from her experiences and confident. I look forward to the next installment.

  6. boy croft 24 says:

    I think lara should have diffrent outfits in this game I mean i know she was stuck on an island and had no more outfits but i have compleated this game like 5 times so that level where she gets back on the ship to get somethin for that littel bouat they found she went in her room and looked in the mirrer she could have got some more outfits from the draws. so in this game i think she should have some outfits that are like boyish but also ones that are like the ones in legend and underworld also she should have a level where her hair is down and in a other level have it platted that would be classic cool.i know it would be hard to do her hair and how it moves but look at that woman from the leage of assasins in batman arkham city it would be good to have a try.

  7. YouShouldHireMe says:

    Tomb Raider was great is a "first in a trilogy"-type game. She was new, and she was learning things for the first time. I think everyone can agree that the tombs were too easy (or not enough puzzles, or both) … But I remember the final puzzle in the story actually made me really think… And it's like, "okay, so we get our first real Tomb Raider puzzle at the end of the game." And she uses two pistols for the first time at the end of the game. The whole experience is built to LEAD into future games, and with that in mind, I thought it was great. Still, the tombs could've had much more to them. The trick now will be having a much stronger and confident Lara, while keeping the more innocent side of her in tact, "somewhere in there". If they want to keep legitimacy in her character, as with any good story, she needs to remain flawed.

    • Brett says:

      YouShouldHireMe, you legged the main problem with what Lara was in the past: for fifteen years we were promised a Lara that was more real and less Barbie. Hey never delivered. She was perfect smart, perfect agile, perfect looking, perfect strength, perfect…Flaws. FLAWS make a person attractive and more important RE-LAT-A-BLE! (Why a I yelling. I agree with you.)

  8. jolie says:

    I loved shantytown so much. I played the game over and over just to get to that part. It was awesome, thrilling and so entertaining.

  9. Brian R says:

    I loved the reboot for the most part, and think she gained confidence as the game progressed. Early, she seemed almost unwilling, but grew to the point where she realized she had to be the one to deal with the situation.

    The two things I didn't prefer were (a) she was realistic, except she took damage that a US Navy Seal couldn't shake off and (b) boss fights (especially when minions showed up). The camera/controls were ill-suited to those and (for me) turned the mini-battles into chaotic random button mashing.

  10. Jack says:

    Congradulations to the developers, voice actors, artists, designers and the whole crew at Square Enix for giving us a great game in story and graphics. The reboot of Tomb Raider was spectacular, looking forward to the next installment

  11. Gabriel says:

    I would begg if the game camed out for the old gens like xbox 360 cause i love the story line and the way you guys make me feel like im right ther its so amayzing please make the game for the xbox 360 thats all i ask

  12. Nomoneyfornewgen says:

    God I hope the sequal isn't just for next gen consols.
    I'd like to be able to play it on my 360.

  13. J says:

    Ok well in my opinion square enix did a good job with this reboot the graphics were great the environment was very realistic lara looked more believable there were a lot of pros with this game, now as for the cons I feel they’re staying away from what tomb raider is and has always been I’ve owned every tomb raider since PlayStation including games not too many people remember like the last revelation, cronicles, and even the newer legend, anniversary, etc and this game was by far just too easy and straight forward I miss the puzzle solving and the different country settings like the previous games there wasn’t any swimming involved no vehicles she could use, I beat this game in two days of gameplay not playing for many hours I remember tomb raider 2 took me months to figure out that in my opinion is a great game a game you have to focus on surroundings and use your own critical thinking skills. I understand this was a reboot but it should of remained loyal to the legacy which it is otherwise just change the name of the game completely. Lol why make a tomb raider without croft manor. I enjoyed the game it was fun and I’m not mad I bought it but it was toooo easy to be a tomb raider, sorry if my opinions are harsh or brutal but I thought this would be the best tomb raider ever and that was definitely not the case!

  14. Joseph Tyndall says:

    honestly, I have loved it! It had great graphics, great gameplay,an awesome storyline, and great characters. I’m honestly looking forward to the sequel. I’m really related to this game because I play a lot of games like it, like Uncharted for example. so I will be here waiting for that’s equal to come out!

  15. hamlett22 says:

    I did like the combat in this game. But I wanted more detail. Fist fighting. Scraping. Clawing. When she takes down a baddy, I wanted more options for conversation. Interactive. "Tell me where Sam is or you die" for example. Player then has a choice to choke and stop choking, or point the gun at eh baddy's head, etc… TR Reboot created a lovely badd-ass young Lara. She was innocent. Then she wasn't. She learned the hard way. She adapted. She over came. I want more in the sequel. Build in some more interactive features that stretch the player's choices and actions. How much of a bad-ass should Lara be in certain situations. Questions of morality built into behavior, action vs. reaction. This can really immerse the player beyond pointing a gun and pulling the trigger. Hard choices with consequences. Even the puzzles and the raiding of tombs. Choices lead to consequences. The done and the undone. We will watch Lara grow or revert in the game and feel the pressure / weight of the choices that we make for her.

    In sum, I want a more interactive Lara with more choices in each situation.

  16. THeELf says:

    2013 TR was seriously one of the best adventure games

  17. Michael says:

    I actually agree with everyone. I also think the tombs should have been focused on way more than the were. I’ve been a Tomb Raider fan since Tomb Raider 1 I own them all and this was the easiest TR to date it took me 14 hours to beat, the puzzles were cake. but the plot was epic. I can’t wait to see if the new Tomb Raider is harder.

    Please take off the survivor instinct. Players should have to use their own instinct like the old days. Also, Tomb Raider just isn’t Tomb Raider without Croft manor and bring back troels b fulmann for the OST he made Legends and anniversary with the sound track.

  18. Jessikins1989 says:

    I hope that when they bring out a sequel that the colours are a bit brighter and the environments a bit prettier, I loved how the old tomb raider games had beautiful colours and atmosphere, the sound tracks were incredible too, they really made the game.

    Lara needs to have a bit more self confidence in this one too, after all, she did conquer an entire island inhabited by nutters!!!

  19. Jonks says:

    Will it feature the vomit-inducing follow cam that tortured us all in the first one?

  20. Cimsunviper says:

    I absolutly loooooooved this game. And. It was one of my favorites Right there with INJUSTICE.Lara. tore that Island up fighting for survival stranded..shipwrecked.The story was so brilliant I didnt even miss the Tombs. In this one but if there are no Tombs in the next one were gonna have some problems and Squar Enix Better put this on a PS4 .

  21. Harley Quinn says:

    this game was awesome and I much prefer this Lara croft to the old ones! people are suggesting she changes outfits?! but why? she’s on an island trying to rescue or reunite with her friends. As a girl, I wouldn’t stop to think “damn, I should really change!” plus I sure as hell wouldn’t be in hot pants! good job with this character and looking forward to seeing the games progress!

  22. Hael says:

    Can’t wait! As a lady, I adore the new reboot and definitely appreciate what they did with the character. She’s so much more human now, on the inside and the outside. I really hope they keep Rhianna Pratchett as head writer, and maybe even get Gail Simone on the team if they can (She’s one of my favorite DC writers).

    In regards to Square Enix being concerned that “gamers are more selective”….. I honestly think it’s because most gamers “don’t give a **** about Final Fantasy anymore.” You’re on FIFTEEN. Please, make it the final Final Fantasy… Or at least make them good again.

  23. Shianna Barrs says:

    I first wanna say is I LOVED this game and I’m a tomb raider fan! And Hope to REALLY see that this game goes on and has a 2nd tomb raider and I did wanna say is I lIke the old and then new tomb raider But I liked when she dresses for the occasion and how she had dresses on and the dual guns would be under it. It makes her look like a bad a** the way Shes supposed to look and I loved tomb raider legend cause you could run around her house. So I also think y’all should progress and make another one and where you can run around in her house cause

    I think ALOT of people liked it. And I’m not much of a person to talk I just listen to what people like and don’t But I love tomb raider and I love this new tomb raider and how she was the teen ager Lara in this one But I Hope on the next one she’s got a little much older and has progressed in her fighting and shootingand stuff. But y’all did an amazing job!

  24. Shianna says:

    And as amazing as this game was I think only oONE women can ever actually pull off tomb raider angelina jolie to me But still excellent job with the game!

  25. hillsm says:

    Are there any games similar to this that anyone would recommend?

  26. Anthony says:

    Im a long time tombraider fan and ive owned every 1 also, and I loved the old versions but this 1 killed the others I loved the new style of interacting the tombs were new and different adventures thats what ur supposed to look 4 new and different things if u have to much of the same as in the past versions that defeat s the purpose so great job , I love the way we got to control what happened in battles versus just shooting a few bullets and the enemie died it seemed as though they were adapting to the situation as the battle in sued so everything about this game new and different was great I loved the experience and look 4ward 2 a sequel !

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