VIDEO: Jim Lee finds the faces of DC Universe Online

Jan. 14, 2011 | 9:52 a.m.

jim lee at work VIDEO: Jim Lee finds the faces of DC Universe Online

Even though dozens of artists worked on the new DC Universe Online game debuting Tuesday, the goal was to make it look as if the game was illustrated by one person.

That job fell to Jim Lee, one of the most popular artists in contemporary comics and now the co-publisher of DC Comics. For the last five years, Lee devoted about a third of his time to poring over thousands of drawings and 3-D renderings depicting more than 100 of DC’s heroes and villains that are featured in the game developed by Sony Online Entertainment. Lee made adjustments to nearly all of them. The arch of an eyebrow, the curve of a nose, the shape of the haircut — Lee had the sharp and merciless eye he says is needed for true qaulity control on a $50 million project. To give us an idea of what went and what stayed out, Lee

— Alex Pham


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