Watch it live: Sony’s PS4 announcement

Feb. 20, 2013 | 2:26 p.m.

Sony is expected to release details of a new PlayStation 4, a long-awaited entry in its line of home consoles, today at 3 p.m. PST / 6 p.m. EST.  The news to be revealed — any release date, controller or games — is still up in the air, though that hasn’t stopped leaks and rumors as anticipation of the announcement has grown.

Tune into the stream above for Sony’s live announcement.

Among the speculation is that the system will launch by the end of the year, the controller will feature a touch-enabled screen, the initial price will be around $400, and it will feature extensive mobile integration.

The questions are many. Will anticipated PS3 games such as “The Last Guardian” and “Final Fantasy Versus XIII,” long kept in the dark and speculated to have been shelved, reemerge as PS4 titles? Will games like “Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes,” and “Watch Dogs,” which look beyond the range of current consoles, be featured in Sony’s event? Or are there games that no one but their creators and Sony know about waiting to be unveiled?

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Sony’s track record with console debuts was muddied when the PS3 bowed. Its debut was met harshly by fans not thrilled by the $599 price tag or the possibility of fighting giant enemy crabs. So, Sony is facing additional scrutiny as memories of that awkward past performances reemerge.

Shortly, will clear the air and unveil its latest offering.

Keep an eye on Hero Complex for ongoing coverage as Sony pulls back the curtain on its much-anticipated PS3 successor, and feel free to add your predictions, analysis and reactions below to Sony’s announcement.

playstation4 Watch it live: Sonys PS4 announcement

Mark Cerny, lead system architect for Sony's PlayStation 4, talks up the new PS4, promising more "personalized" gaming at the Feb. 20 Sony announcement in New York.
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(Emmanuel Dunand / AFP / Getty Images)

ps4 7 Watch it live: Sonys PS4 announcement

Mark Cerny and Sony revealed the new PS4 controller, though not the console itself. (Emmanuel Dunand / AFP / Getty Images)

ps4 4 Watch it live: Sonys PS4 announcement

Sony's Andrew House, president and group chief executive of Sony Computer Entertainment, at the announcement, held in New York. (Emmanuel Dunand / AFP / Getty Images)

ps4 8 Watch it live: Sonys PS4 announcement

Sony's Andrew House at the announcement, which was the first major PlayStation meeting in more than two years. The last was in January 2011 to unveil the prototype for the PlayStation Vita handheld console. (Emmanuel Dunand / AFP / Getty Images)

ps4 1 Watch it live: Sonys PS4 announcement

David Perry, Irish video game developer and chief executive of Gaikai, was among speakers at the event. (Emmanuel Dunand / AFP / Getty Images)

ps4 2 Watch it live: Sonys PS4 announcement

Gaikai Chief Executive David Perry. Following the event, fans grumbled about the lack of information.
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(Emmanuel Dunand / AFP / Getty Images)

ps4 6 Watch it live: Sonys PS4 announcement

Mark Cerny explains features of the PlayStation 4. There were promises at the announcement of zero lag time and zero startup time with the new device. (Frank Franklin II / Associated Press)

ps4 11 Watch it live: Sonys PS4 announcement

French musician, writer and video game designer David Cage, head of game developer studio Quantic Dream, at the PlayStation event. (Emmanuel Dunand / AFP / Getty Images)

ps4 10 Watch it live: Sonys PS4 announcement

Yoshinori Ono, Japanese video game producer for Capcom, was also among speakers. (Emmanuel Dunand / AFP / Getty Images)

playstation5 Watch it live: Sonys PS4 announcement

In August 2009, Sony Computer Entertainment Japan President Shawn Layden displayed a new PlayStation 3 during a news conference in Tokyo. (Itsuo Inouye / Associated Press)

playstation3 Watch it live: Sonys PS4 announcement

A motion controller, bottom left, and wireless controllers, right, for Sony's PlayStation 3 on display at the company's Tokyo showroom on Feb. 7, 2013. (Kiyoshi Ota / Bloomberg)

playstation2 Watch it live: Sonys PS4 announcement

A controller for Sony's PlayStation 3 video game console at the company's showroom in Tokyo. (Kiyoshi Ota / Bloomberg)

playstation1 Watch it live: Sonys PS4 announcement

Gamers play PlayStation 3's "Hitman: Absolution" during the E3 expo in Los Angeles on June 7, 2012. (Frederic J. Brown / AFP / Getty Images)

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164 Responses to Watch it live: Sony’s PS4 announcement

  1. omg! cant wait get the popcorn!!

  2. OldSchoolHVM says:

    It doesn't affect me, but why is a press conference age restricted?

  3. Overclock21 says:

    Can't wait.

  4. Francisco says:

    cant wait

  5. Nick says:


  6. kyle minniti says:


  7. KWhite says:

    :D So exciting!

  8. Not telling says:

    First! ;)

  9. Impatientguy875 says:

    Why is nothing on, its 3 p.m. PST / 6 p.m. EST

  10. Dave says:

    Well, its past 6pm EST…… Whats up?

  11. Joel says:

    keeps lagging

  12. sonyylove says:

    It is because some games previewed on their is rated m

  13. Jrs says:

    just audio?

  14. Brian says:

    umm…. am i missing something? where is the video?

  15. Alex says:

    Why was the video playing and now it says it's off air?

  16. hassan says:

    omg!!!!! it's the moment we have all waited for

  17. fuguy555 says:

    buffer much?

  18. Youst says:

    After 10 minutes, the video streaming got dead, and unable to recover… Bravo Sony !

  19. Jayybone says:

    what time is this live

  20. Hhh says:

    Any good news yet?

  21. Tim says:

    why is the stream dead?

  22. Jameson says:

    Stream isn't working

  23. ricky says:

    this lag in the stream makes me want to go out and buy a ps4 right now

  24. CJS_UK says:

    Sick !!

  25. Haa says:

    Wont load for me, like 10million people streaming or something?

  26. Ashton says:

    Won't load I hate it

  27. Commy says:

    knack looks fun but as a presentation. Bad start to releases

  28. Anthony says:

    If the online game isnt good then all of this defeats the purpose. It was the lack of a unified online community not graphics and horesepower

  29. ChimmeChonga says:

    when will it start!!!

  30. lebron hater says:

    lebron is a baby

  31. Leevin Peysth Ree says:

    I hate this guy

  32. Chris says:

    Have any of you heard of communicating with actual human beings? Get a life

  33. @esauc2 says:

    The price better be good…or aint buying it until later on…

  34. Hii says:

    What a terrible stream, managed 2 mins then kicked! I hope this isnt a sign of things to come from sony.

  35. jon says:

    Ps3 still has a lot more to offer! :(

  36. mike says:

    when xbox bring their console out people are gonna say they copied ps4 both consoles are gonna be doing pretty much the same thing by the sounds of it.

  37. ermegur says:

    is enyone elses video constanly freezing

  38. jake says:

    where is it?

  39. jason myers says:

    omg cant wait

  40. Stryder312 says:

    PS3 here i come!

  41. Mr.1942 says:

    Wait, did I miss it?

  42. Shihou says:

    Wow.. PS4 only 8 gigs, HDD, and x86? u_u 8 gigs meh, better then nothing. HDD though? Cmon.. SSD is a must. x86? with 8 gigs? Lol. Sony, you trolls.

  43. Charlie says:

    Has anyone heard anything that would justify this system's existence?

  44. Lucky says:

    Great…stream just stopped

  45. El Chicharito says:

    bart scott "cant wait!"

  46. bob says:

    is it down still?

  47. Dan says:

    Been on a good 30 sites, not one of the streams work! Lol…. Poor choices from day one….

  48. xxob123456 says:

    This is for jack bro

  49. jared bello says:

    holy crap im an xbox guy and this looks amazing

  50. panicskeletorn says:

    why is the streaming not worldwide, why only friends?

  51. bob says:

    ZzZzZzZzZzZz………Boring system

  52. Meh says:

    Do not want. Not impressed. What happened to the good ol' days? Too much social BS as it is. I want to play the game on my own, not wimp out and have some slob do it for me. It completely ruins the experience, in my opinion.

  53. Cainen says:

    Pj!!!!!! Read comments pj!!!!!!

  54. bob says:

    Taking over people game to help and live stream amazing

  55. Daniel says:

    Way to steal from NIntendo!!! Remote play… Come up with something more original Sony

  56. Eddy says:

    are they going to show the system?

  57. bigdickwilly says:

    so when is it coming out? my connection blows

  58. Cainen says:

    Pj!!! I’m on the toilet

  59. fdg says:

    I thought this was for the xbox 720…ps3 is used to hold my xbox games

  60. mike says:

    cloud based = no physical copy = you dont own anything

  61. Steve Jobs says:

    Well, im missing about half of the announcement because of the shitty streaming…

  62. @slidersv says:

    If PS Vita and Gaikai technologies will be as good as their announcement live stream jitters, we might as well throw them into the basket.

  63. donald ourand says:

    you all cant even stream a fing video

  64. abderrahmane says:

    when is this event starting

  65. Charlie says:

    This is a waste of time. It's all filler. I haven't heard one specific detail except that you can use facebook or something.

  66. sdfg says:

    Im forcing my wife to watch this with me…cuz this is cooler than when spock was born, or even when jar jar binks first talked…im so excited I have to go get my calculator

  67. MAJOR BINKY says:


  68. bill gates says:

    xbox 720 will be better

  69. Russ says:

    I can't even view this video stream on 240p with dedicated 12mb connectivity. How do Sony expect to deliver rich 1080p and beyond content like this when the layman can't even via the video ?

  70. kameron says:

    I love sony when does it come out i wanna now

  71. will says:

    what game is being announced? i missed the beginnig

  72. ps4 guy says:

    this sucks

  73. sufyaan says:

    wahz diz game called :L

  74. Armando says:

    QATCH IT ON UR PS3 under “what’s new” watch*

  75. Eric F. says:

    This video stream quality is so good it's a little scary.

  76. MS>Sony says:

    I have this streaming in 43 different tabs, just to use up extra bandwidth.

  77. van says:

    Why is it so freaking boring, no emotion or anything from the audience or anyone!

  78. PS4guy says:

    >Nintendo fans say Sony copied remote play.

    Does the 3DS do remote play, tablet, or computer?

  79. dfsdf says:


  80. jayabrack says:

    Is it just me, or is the site choking?

  81. Steve says:

    drive club sucks 10 years of working on it and it looks like crap

  82. jack says:


  83. Jonathan says:

    Has there been any confirmed any images of the actual console?

  84. Zakk says:

    Guys it is working fine for me, if you are going to complain then get a better network connection

  85. John says:

    Did they mention if it could play ps3 games (disks)

  86. peter says:

    Crap this stream suuuuuuucks!

  87. james harris says:

    is anyone else live feed laging

  88. robert todd says:

    Can’t wait

  89. Gee says:

    Buffering all the time :(

  90. hunter says:

    its the halophone from futrama!!!!

  91. ringo starr says:

    cant wait for the xbox

  92. john says:

    this ps4 looks so bad the wii u will bet the crap out of it if they could fight

  93. RONALDO says:


  94. brock samson says:

    this asian guy is hilarious!

  95. John says:

    There is nothing more awkward than watching these guys explaining games. Each have the personality of a piece of cauliflower.

  96. Vimtu says:


  97. Ps4Gamer says:

    let me show the PS4 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i cant wait damn bro let me show it

  98. jxsilicon9 says:

    That puzzle game looks like garbage.

  99. Daeyalt says:

    Did they show the ps4 already?!!!! ;O

  100. Steve Wazniak says:

    Straight Garbage. I just want a picture of the console and some specs.

  101. @Affinity4M says:

    X Box 720 I will whether buy than this, boringgggggggggggggggggggggggg

  102. DatLag says:

    Damn. Lag much.

  103. Evo says:

    That Watch Dogs looks pretty cool

  104. John says:

    Blizzard!?!?!?! WTF

  105. Toi says:

    I want an MMO for my Vita, thanks.

  106. Zakk says:

    Can't wait for Diablo III!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  107. Eric says:

    Destiny is its only hope.

  108. Richard says:

    Heard a lot about how they are making the producers and Developers happy… But what about the Customers???

  109. Jim says:

    I can't wait till Xbox 720 comes out and looks like shit and they all buy ps4 lmao

  110. PS4guy says:

    Does anyone think that Destiny looked better than CoD….?

  111. isaaac says:

    didnt even show the system

  112. PlumagedAsh says:

    lol bungie didnt want halo anymore so they can move to the ps3 and ps4 dont get me wrong i own both the ps3 and the xbox 360 and its pros and cons with both systems and they are equal in almost every way cuz they balance each other out

  113. Gammon Karn says:

    Save yourself some gaming time and fast forward to the speakers from Ubisoft, Blizzard and Bungie … Square Enix and Capcom you can afford to miss

    Whatsreally important is will the PS4 overheat like the PS3 in the first 4-5 years due to 3rd rate materials used. And it had better have more RAM than a 2nd rate tablet.

  114. guest says:

    way to copy wii u with a touch screen controller… is anything original anymore

  115. Michael says:

    I want to feel that control!!!!!

  116. Harry says:

    does anybody know when we get to see the design for the ps4?

  117. Jeremy says:

    Looks sick they are really upping the game cant wait till everything is done with it and th egraphics are kicked up a notch cant wait saving for it right now

  118. luis says:

    this was really disappointing

  119. cody says:

    is there a way to start from beggining?

  120. morad says:

    what does the counsel look like?

  121. Danny says:

    Kind of doing most of that stuff right now with the wii u. I'm writing this on the gamepad and watching this on my tv at the same time. If you haven't played one you don't know.

  122. frankminor says:

    i am watching it just fine.

  123. Guest says:

    Same old playstation, same old controller, same old games……Yawn :0

  124. fernando cordero says:

    i hope this year 2013 is better for the PS4 cuz i think that ps3 is ok but i hope ps4 is better then ps3 i would like too know how is every thing is going to look like the games going to be better & when is going to come out & how much would it be…

  125. Operator says:

    Totally disappointing. As mentioned in the article here almost no essential information was given. Sony failed at this:

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