Whip it good: ‘Slash and Burn’ lets you play ‘Iron Man 2′ bad guy

May 02, 2010 | 5:58 a.m.


Tony Stark breaks all the rules (even the one that says superheroes must keep a secret identity), and he always seems to come out on top — that’s why we love him. But now comes “Iron Man 2,” a film about secret dangers, the sins of the father and the nasty price of modern celebrity. The movie lands May 7 in the U.S., and every day until then, we’ll have behind-the-scenes scoops on the summer’s most anticipated film.

One of the signature images of “Iron Man 2” is the menacing Whiplash marching down the raceway of Monaco and slicing through Tony Stark‘s race car with his strange, sizzling cable whips. Of course, when we watch something like that we think: I wish I could try that.

Well now we’re in luck, friends. There’s Whiplash: Slash and Burn to help you tame that game itch.

It’s a pretty simple browser-based game mainly using the left and right arrows to destroy cars as they zoom past at varying speeds. I didn’t have my 3-D glasses with me (like I usually do), so I may not have fully engaged the Unity 3D browser as it was intended. Like theWatchmen” browser-based video game, which was extremely 2-D, it’s a fun distraction while trapped in the cubicle and working for the weekend.


It’s also just part of the introduction to Marvel’s and Sega’s Iron Man 2: The Video Game, which also features War Machine. The folks over at ComicBookResources.com had a chat with Michael McHale, the game’s development director, about what changes were made from the first game to this one, the different characters and story lines involved and the gameplay and customization available.

But until that’s released (on May 4, 2010 for the DS, PS3, PSP, Wii and Xbox 360), try to beat the high score on Slash and Burn!

— Jevon Phillips


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