2011 Anime Expo: More costumes per capita than Halloween Town

July 05, 2011 | 5:56 p.m.

A 2011 Anime Expo attendee takes the form of Morrigan from the Darksiders video game franchise. (Jevon Phillips)

An attendee who calls herself Endochan poses as Link from the Legend of Zelda franchise at the 2011 Anime Expo. (Jevon Phillips)

A 2011 Anime Expo attendee becomes Ciel Phantomhive from "Black Butler." (Jevon Phillips)

A 2011 Anime Expo attendee portrays a character from Kingdom Hearts. (Jevon Phillips)

A 2011 Anime Expo attendee dressed as Pocky box -- and not a deadly Pocky box as the gas mask might illustrate. (Jevon Phillips)

A 2011 Anime Expo attendee poses as the title character from the movie "Kick-Ass." (Jevon Phillips)

An attendee casts a spell as Dark Magician Girl from "Yu-Gi-Oh!" at the 2011 Anime Expo. (Jevon Phillips)

A man and his tank, or a man is his tank, at the 2011 Anime Expo. (Jevon Phillips)

Captain Jack Sparrow, or a remarkably costumed performer, makes an appearance outside of the 2011 Anime Expo. (Jevon Phillips)

A 2011 Anime Expo attendee poses outside of the convention as Green Lantern. (Jevon Phillips)

2011 Anime Expo attendees pose as Vegeta and Goku from "Dragonball Z." (Jevon Phillips)

For a novice, an event like the Anime Expo — which was held at the Los Angeles Convention Center over the weekend — can be overwhelming. First, the range of anime TV programs and movies is incredibly diverse — there are kids with high school problems, groups of people who change into animals of the zodiac and beings with the power to destroy the world. And then there are all these people wandering around dressed as their favorite characters from said alternate realities.

Cosplay — short for “costume play” — is a universal experience at fan conventions, whether it’s at a broader-ranging event like the expo and Comic-Con or those geared to more specific fan bases such as Morphicon (focusing on “Power Rangers” lore) and Botcon (“Transformers”).  Even if you aren’t otaku, seeing people who’ve spent hours/days/weeks/months working on a costume for a character can be a draw.

Above is just a small sampling of costumed attendees at this past weekend’s 2011 edition. Some characters were readily identifiable to a general fan — Captain Jack Sparrow, Alice and Green Lantern, among them — while others were a bit more obscure. And yes, there were lots of Hatsune Mikus, but none made this gallery.

– Jevon Phillips


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One Response to 2011 Anime Expo: More costumes per capita than Halloween Town

  1. You wouldn't find anybody there in santa suits despite it being a costume. The Cosplayers there are mainly in costumes from mainly Japanese or Geek culture. The time spent in making these costumes can be phenomenal, and that is why they have such pride in them.

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