‘Aliens,’ ‘Predator’ get Mondo poster treatment for Comic-Con

July 17, 2013 | 9:16 a.m.

Two of the most fearsome extraterrestrials in modern sci-fi — the insect-like xenomorphs of the “Alien” films and the namesake hunters of the “Predator” series — get their close-ups in a pair of new posters by Mondo, the collectible-art division of the Alamo Drafthouse.

The gallery above offers an exclusive peek at the posters, and a variant for each, all of which will be released at Comic-Con on Thursday.

Australian artist Ken Taylor created the poster for “Aliens” (the second installment in the “Alien” franchise), which James Cameron directed in 1986. Taylor’s poster depicts a blood-red alien queen gnashing its teeth while flanked by two more aliens in the familiar black coloration. The variant print is a monochrome version washed in a sober gray-green.

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Taylor told Hero Complex, “Design-wise, the queen is such an awesome-looking creature, I knew that’s what the poster had to center around. It was a real challenge to draw the pose, but I think it’s literally the most fun I’ve had, and most time spent, drawing any movie poster, ever.”

Illustrator and designer Ash Thorp created the poster for “Predator,” the 1987 film that introduced the trophy-hunting, dreadlocked beast to the world as it stalked Arnold Schwarzenegger and his team of commandos in a Central American jungle. Taylor’s poster portrays the Predator with its sleek helmet removed, revealing the creature’s jutting mandibles as it howls in the rain against a stark red backdrop. The variant is tinged a cool greenish-blue.

Thorp said the movie, directed by John McTiernan, was one of his favorite monster flicks growing up. “I remember being scared senseless while watching ‘Predator’ for the first time, and once it pulled off its mask, I lost it,” he said. “Such a great movie moment and iconic monster design. I knew I had to capitalize on and pay homage to that iconic form that really freaked me out as a kid.”

The “Aliens” and “Predator” posters will be available at the Mondo booth, No. 936, at Comic-Con. Taylor’s poster is to go on sale at 9 a.m., and Thorp’s poster, which he will be on hand to sign, is set to drop at 5 p.m. The regular posters are $50; variants are $75.

— Oliver Gettell | @LATherocomplex


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