‘Amazing Spider-Man 2’ teaser introduces Jamie Foxx’s Electro

July 19, 2013 | 10:40 a.m.
asm2 electro1 ‘Amazing Spider Man 2’ teaser introduces Jamie Foxxs Electro

Jamie Foxx as "Electro/Max Dillon"on the set of the film, Amazing Spiderman 2 on April 15, 2013 on the streets of New York City. (Bobby Bank/WireImage)

asm2 electro2 ‘Amazing Spider Man 2’ teaser introduces Jamie Foxxs Electro

Jamie Foxx as "Electro/Max Dillon"on the set of the film, Amazing Spiderman 2 on April 15, 2013 on the streets of New York City. (Bobby Bank/WireImage)

Fans whose spider-sense has been tingling in anticipation of more “Amazing Spider-Man 2” news can now sneak a peek — and a listen — at Jamie Foxx in character as the supervillain Electro.

A new 42-second teaser video, embedded below, opens with Electro obscured amid a tangle of wires while strapped onto some sort of high-tech gurney. As the camera pores over the equipment, Foxx says in an ominous whisper, “No matter what you do … you can’t contain me. You want to know how powerful I am? Well I want to know too.”

FULL COVERAGE: San Diego Comic-Con 2013

Finally, a shot reveals the villain’s visage, with eerie bluish skin and a bald head, as he says, “I’m Electro.”

Electro’s look in the movie is markedly different from his counterpart in the classic Spidey comics, in which he wears a green-and-yellow suit with a lightning bolt mask. Foxx’s character appears to draw inspiration from the “Ultimate Spider-Man” comics and TV series.

The video closes with a graphic touting Electro’s arrival at Sony’s Comic-Con panel in Hall H on Friday afternoon.

Last year, “The Amazing Spider-Man” star Andrew Garfield and director Marc Webb (“500 Days of Summer”) appeared at the convention. Both Garfield and Webb are reprising their duties for the sequel, which opens May 2, 2014, and also stars Emma Stone, Shailene Woodley, Chris Cooper and Dane DeHaan.

— Oliver Gettell


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21 Responses to ‘Amazing Spider-Man 2’ teaser introduces Jamie Foxx’s Electro

  1. M & M says:

    So sad Jamie Foxx is in this movie because that means I cannot see it.

  2. Cap says:

    Jamie Foxx as "Electro/Max Dillon"? Nope…doesn't work for me and many others as well as they find out he is in this movie and skip going to see it. Yet another movie ruined due to a out of control P.C. hollywood. Wait till it lands in the walmart dvd dumpster diver movie bin. And even then I'm 99% sure I will not buy it.

    • Alfonso says:

      I hear this type of stuff all the time, I'm not going to see this movie it will suck. I heard this about Captain America because people like to have an opinion before even seeing the movie. So I'll go on to say doesn't matter how many people that say I won't go see that, cause for everyone that doesn't there will be two people that will. So we will enjoy being entertained. Thanks for leaving the open seats

  3. Randall Flagg says:

    So once again another character that has been historically white is being made into a black man (I.E Nick Fury/ Samuel Jackson) to appease the phonies of the world. I don't give two squirts for this movie and will not see it.

    • Eric P. says:

      NIck Fury was 'cast' as, not only a black man, but Samuel Jackson himself in the comics FIRST,…. by comic book writers,… long before he was cast in the movies. Ultimate Marvel Universe,…… educate yourself please.

    • wow says:

      Maybe the accurate race of the original gender who applied weren’t as talented as they should have been to make the part. Didn’t think of that, did you??

  4. harry says:

    what’s problem with jamie foxx?

    • guest says:

      He is one of the biggest White Hating Racists around. Don't take our word for it, check out some of his race bating interviews. I am not going to support someone that has so much hate in them.

      • MstrChf says:

        Jamie Fox racist? What?! He was the only black man to show up at the George Strait Country Music Awards & sung with George Strait Himself.

      • Alfonso says:

        You have to supply a link if you want people to look up what your saying. So maybe you interpreted what he was saying wrong. I'm sure he's not a racist for I believe that he has people of all races working with him and for him, being said he has children and any man on this green earth that has kids is really stupid to employ hate into there kids

  5. anthony marks says:

    You people are horrible, and even a bit racist! Culture is being introduced to a “new era” spiderman movie, and all you twats can do is bitch about a black man replacing a white man! Wake up… PLEASE! Personaly i will be seeing this movie because im a genuine “spidey” fan and will not let casting of a black man detour me.

  6. Moon says:

    My problem with Jamie Foxx is how he continually complains about violence, especially violence in movies, yet signs on for another movie where he has a violent role. HYPOCRIT!!

  7. Jack says:

    Get over it hater! By the way, it doesn't matter if YOU don't go see it. It'll be fine without YOU. LOL!

  8. Gary says:

    I'll see the movie. I'm Asian, so I don't care if Janie Fox hates white people.

  9. Guest says:

    All the people who are hating on Jamie Foxx are just repeating the stupid cycle of hate. Get over yourselves. That's whats wrong with this world

  10. iLove Mexicans says:

    Jamie Foxx is racist? Y'all sound stupid

  11. TythePrince says:

    I personally believe this is a ridiculous thing to argue about. I personally am black and would I have said a comment like that no that's all him. Just because someone has certain beliefs and says things it shouldn't be generalized toward everyone. His comments were really unnecessary and I can understand how other races might take offense. I mean I'm only 16 so I cant speak on much but he is his own person and it shouldn't effect wanting to see the movie. Everyone has a choice and I personally love Spider man so I plan on seeing it. Maybe they could have picked someone else because I don't like when they put already really famous people in movies personally but I wont complain I definitely will see it. So please these arguments are pointless and this is the kind of stuff that spreads to my generation. We all are people and are united together and it shouldn't be a racial thing .

    • Alfonso says:

      You can't fix ignorance and to be 16 you seem to have a better head on your shoulders than most adults. So stay strong and stay positive and people will be how they are cause it's how they are and I think having a negative attitude will keep them in a negative place. Some people claim to hate a race when behind the screen it's all race's that make up the entertainment that was brought to you but they don't see that but yet in still they just supported a race that they claim not to like. So turn off your TV, Radio, shut off your mobile phone because I'm sure there is a different race gender that has something that they provided to bring you these things.

  12. ebony says:

    Tytheprince has more sense than most of you ignorant adults….terriable……haters are gona hate because they dont know how to do anything eles…..

  13. lmao says:

    ALL OF THE PEOPLE COMPLAINING ABOUT JAMIE FOXX ARE IGNORANT. In the end Electro isn’t black or white, HE’S BLUE. What’s the issue?..lol

  14. nitta says:

    I just saw the movie for the first time..thought it was great..as always Jamie fox plays good parts in movies as well as a dam good singer..as far as people stating he is a racist..we all of people have certain types of feelings and quotes about anything.that’s life…so hands den to Jamie fox doing hys thing..and for all that have hate in their hearts towards DAT..he probably could careless..

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