‘Dark Knight Rises’: Anne Hathaway will be Catwoman, Tom Hardy is Bane [Updated]

Jan. 19, 2011 | 9:32 a.m.
anne hathaway Dark Knight Rises: Anne Hathaway will be Catwoman, Tom Hardy is Bane [Updated]

Anne Hathaway (Getty)

Anne Hathaway will play Selina Kyle, the slinky and savage outlaw who is known as Catwoman, in next year’s Christopher Nolan film “The Dark Knight Rises,” according to a press release from Warner Bros.

Tom Hardy, already announced as a cast member, will play Bane, the chemically created brute who first appeared in the comics in 1993 — making him a far “younger” villain for Nolan’s Batman mega-franchise, which has most prominently featured the Joker (who first appeared in 1940) , Two-Face (1942), Ras Al-Ghul (1971) and the Scarecrow (1941).

Catwoman — then just called “The Cat” —  first appeared in 1940 as the creation of Bob Kane and Bill Finger, and she has brought leather-clad sexual tension to the Batman adventures both on the page and beyond; she was portrayed by Julie Newmar and  Eartha Kitt  on the 1960s television series starring Adam West as the caped crusader (and by Lee Meriwether  in 1966 film starring West) while Michelle Pfeiffer memorably cracked the whip in the role opposite of the masked Michael Keaton  in Tim Burton’s 1992 film “Batman Returns.” In 2004, Halle Berry starred in the character’s own solo film, “Catwoman,” but the film became an infamous flop and was jeered by comic-book fans after director Pitof jettisoned years of comic-book lore and character touchstones.

Nolan, in the Warner press release, said: “I am thrilled to have the opportunity to work with Anne Hathaway, who will be a fantastic addition to our ensemble as we complete our story.” Of Hardy, who worked with Nolan on “Inception,”  the director said: “I am delighted to be working with Tom again and excited to watch him bring to life our new interpretation of one of Batman’s most formidable enemies.”

Nolan will direct the film from a screenplay he wrote with his brother, Jonathan Nolan, from a story by Nolan and David S. Goyer. Nolan will also produce the film with his wife and longtime producing partner, Emma Thomas, and Charles Roven. “The Dark Knight Rises” hits theaters on July 20, 2012.

— Geoff Boucher (Follow me on Twitter @LATherocomplex)


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251 Responses to ‘Dark Knight Rises’: Anne Hathaway will be Catwoman, Tom Hardy is Bane [Updated]

  1. Fuelbot says:

    Pics of the press release or it didn't happen.

  2. CJcool says:

    Not sure how a Bane and Catwoman storyline will weave together, but i have absolute faith in Nolan after TDK and Inception.

    • EGOvoruhk says:

      Honestly, I hope they don't try to weave them together, and it just focuses on Batman trying to cope with 2 badass villains destroying the city. It was "easy" in the Dark Knight because he could follow the trails from one to the other. If there were no trails, it could just focus on the struggles of an overwhelmed hero

    • Kevin says:

      Don't forget "Momento" and "The Prestige" Both directed by Nolan, both fantastic films.

    • EMO4LIFEJK says:

      If you read the comics you would know that soon after Bane breaks Batman's back he starts falling hardcore for Catwoman and she isn't a Villain at this point and ends up seducing Bane into her trap.

    • Hollywoodman323 says:

      Would be really cool if this turns out to be a variation of the of the Knightfall storyline, seeing as how this is both Nolan andBales last batman. And could set up perfectly for a new actor to take over the mantle of the bat for the following movie.

    • whiterabbit123 says:

      I don't know, what if she's another Katie Holms though…

  3. banthafodder says:

    They'll get Bane right this time!!! : )

  4. Hank says:

    Hathaway is a good actress but I don't think she embodies the character of Selina Kyle. Bruce Waynes love interest in Nolan's films have been tricky. Both Rachel Dawes were miscast and i fear this is another one. Tom Hardy as Bane seems fine. I wonder how he'll be used in the storyline but i trust Nolan to make a great finale to the trilogy.

    • the,watcher says:

      "Hathaway is a good actress but I don't think she embodies the character of Selina Kyle"

      I thought the exact same thing about Ledger, and he redefined and re-invented Joker, so let's see how this turns out:)

    • Joey says:

      that’s the same thing people said about heath ledger.

      frankly, i’m more worried about the announcement of Bane as the main villain.

      • Ryou says:

        Bane would be great as the main villain if used correctly. Look up the Batman story arc "Knightfall" and you'll see what I mean

    • Elizabeth says:

      I honestly didn't see Heath Ledger being the Joker. But, he went above and beyond. I actually have nightmares about the Joker now. I didn't even have that as a kid. So, I'm holding off judgment. I have faith.

      • Guest says:

        In my opinion I must agree with Stepping Razor about Maggie Gyllenhaal
        playing the part of Rachel in The Dark Knight. She is so fugly. She looks so old with the very fugly lines drooping down by her mouth. What were they thinking? Moviegoers want to see a beautiful, sexy and intelligent female lead.

    • random guy says:

      I like what you're saying but i don't think Maggie Gyllenhaal portrayed Rachel Dawes wrong at all. She didn't have much to work with from what the Tom Cruise's wife put out there… which was terrible. But for stepping in burnt shoes i think Maggie did excellent.

    • madrox says:

      Interesting point .. i never thought about that : his love interests have not bee 'ideally ' cast . 1 couldnt act, 2 didnt embody 'beauty' , but did act … so 3 .. seems to have both combined … but true,, we'll see how it comes out (Or goes IN since we're talking about love ;p )

    • Jose R says:

      a lot of people didnt think heath ledger was a good choice for the joker and then we saw what happened there

    • Wheels says:

      I agree on the miscasting of the Rachel Dawes characters…..I think everyone is overlooking the person who should have been the obvious choice for catwoman……Algelina Jolie… Hathaway is too cookies and milk for a role that requires someone that looks like they have a darker side…..

      • Richard says:

        Angelina Jolie is a superhero stereo type. She played Laura Croft fine, and did a good job with Wanted, but her other superhero roles are blah…she is just a pretty face…and that's about it. She has gotten way too, way too thin. I can see Keira Knightly as a catwoman.

        I do agree with Hank about both Rachel Dawes being miscast-ed, they weren't horrible, but they could have found someone better.

    • Jason says:

      I agree, Hathaway doesn't have that ora of cat woman, and BANE is a Chemical induced mutated Strong man Freak, i dont know how this will fit into Nolans REALISTIC world he has made for batman… from Screen Play to Story Broad to film to the Big Screen hopefully he can make it right

    • bro says:

      the first rachel was fine but the dark knight rachel= eewwww

    • immature says:

      She's embody Nolan's version of Catwoman, which is what matters.

    • La Mont says:

      You hit it on the nail!!

  5. johnpariah says:

    yeah, seriously…this is kind of out of left field.

  6. Matt1 says:

    I KNEW Nolan was gonna do Catwoman! Makes perfect sense if Rachel really is dead (which I'm still not totally buying) to make Selina Kyle Wayne's new love interest! And I can't wait to see what Nolan and Tom Hardy do with Bane! Thank You Chris for helping erase the memory of that turd that was supposed to be Bane in Batman & Robin!!!

    • Jeremy Benferd says:

      idiot. do you really think batman, with his limitless technology and resources would some how not notice if his Rachel's incenerated corpse was not there?

    • Jared says:

      How can you not buy Rachel Dawes being dead? She was created for the movies, and was just a catalyst for Batman and Two-Face's character development.

  7. |r? says:

    Didn't see it coming, but can't wait for more news!

  8. Mike says:

    You know, as long as she doesn't look like the tramp Halley Berry catwoman I think I'll be fine.

  9. Nick says:

    Bummer on Hathaway … not a fan.

    • concerned bat fan! says:

      same here…..if shes acting in this. i will really suffer watching it :(

    • Putts says:

      agreed. Enough with this Catwoman garbage. Enter the black mask or someone we havent seen on the screen yet instead of the same thing over and over. After that disaster of a solo catwoman movie you'd think Nolan would have the tact to stay away from this. Guess not. Shouldn't have killed off Dent either.

  10. me ho says:

    anne should be harley Quinn…

  11. Bristian Cale says:

    Nonsense. Nolan doesn't confirm things like this and, especially, wouldn't reveal that Bane and Catwoman are in the movie.

  12. fhqwhgads says:

    Wait a minute, Catwoman and Bane. Didn't they try that in the 90s? Didn't work well.

    Also…epic side-boob

    • a for apple! says:


    • CCCP says:

      Uh, Batman Returns and Batman were the best Superhero films up until the new Batman series. Michelle Pfieffer and Michael Keaton were brilliant in that movie. They kept the tension on edge, but it didn't overwhelm the story like so many other forced romances (cough cough Lord of the Rings cough cough).

      • grundi says:

        it was poison ivy with bane in the 90s and the movie wasnt written/directed by nolan lol…yeh it sucked

  13. xuc says:

    Look at her – she should be playing Harley Quinn!

  14. Michelle Thompson says:

    Anne Hathaway always had a dark side. Watch HER in the movie HAVOC where as a privileged Westside girl, she searches for meaning in her life by hanging around GANGSTERS or CHOLOS in East LA. Usually the apple does not fall far from the tree!!!

  15. Luis R. says:

    Anne is a great actress, but i don´t see her as a Catwoman, i think she should play Harley Queen, she definetly has the look, the smile, the face, etc

  16. tehawesomedragon says:

    Wow, and with Talia al Ghul?

  17. Auntie says:

    Now that is a brilliant piece of casting IMHO.

  18. VideoXPG says:

    I don't believe this, yet. How do you start Batman Begins with Ras Al Ghul and not include a story with Talia Al Ghul seeking revenge on Batman? Seems like a golden opportunity missed

    • The Catwoman Riddler says:

      Yes, I do agree. Anne Hathaway as TALIA with Jennifer Garner as Catwoman would have been Oscar-worthy.

    • Bryan says:

      Yes, but they cast Bane. Bane is supposed to be Ras Al Ghul's successor. Don't know if they'll do it, but it would be a nice bit of circularity.

  19. NDC says:

    Hardy as Bane is perfect. They can finally scrub that terrible portrayal in Batman and Robin.

  20. gulfmonsoon says:

    Remember everyone's reaction when they casted Heath Ledger for Joker?

    I'll wait before I make a judgment.

  21. odjit says:

    i think hathaway will be good. yes, she would have made an awesome harley, but they missed their chance on that character, and i think she can pull off catwoman.

  22. Michael says:

    Wow! I think these are great choices for Catwoman and Bane. I'm just so glad that Catwoman will be in the film…love the inner conflict of the character. And we know given Nolan's realistic style of movie-making that Bane won't be a super-huge freak like The Hulk…good.

    I do hope they make room for Harley Quinn. I thought Nolan could do something cool and use the Joker in "shadow," or just his voice as he's being treated by Harley, thereby establishing her character. It would pay homage to Ledger, while not showing a new Joker.

    Any way, good news today!

  23. The Catwoman Riddler says:

    I have nothing against Anne Hathaway. I am also a fan of hers. In fact, it is fair that she gets this role, because she was supposed to be in "Spider-man 4" until it was cancelled, and they decided to remake Spider-man altogether….. which, don't get me started with that one, because it makes me madder than the Joker. But, I will forever think that Jennifer Garner would have been the purrrfect Catwoman. But, she is supposed to do another Marvel role, different from Elektra ( so the rumors say). Until then….. Jen Garner kicks ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Michael says:

    Wow! I think these are great choices for Catwoman and Bane. I'm just so glad that Catwoman will be in the film…love the inner conflict of the character. And we know given Nolan's realistic style of movie-making that Bane won't be a super-huge freak like The Hulk…good.

  25. ??? says:

    I am baffled by the choice of Hathaway for Cat Woman. How is she even in the conversation with actresses like Mila Kunis and Scarlett Johannsen in their prime. Either would be idea and different takes on Cat Woman. Even the vastly overexposed and underachieving Megan Fox would be a far superior choice. Anne Hathaway could certainly have a place in the Batman Lexicon but Cat Woman? Really?

  26. spazimus says:

    i was hoping for kate beckinsale for the next catwoman, she proved her ability in dark roles with the first underworld i felt, but nolan doesn't usually fail to disappoint, so i will agree with gulfmonsoon and wait before casting a judgement on anne hathaway as a choice

  27. Solamente Dave says:

    Hardy is a fantastic choice for Bane. His role in "Bronson" gives you a pretty good idea of what it will be like. Anne Hathaway is a choice that I can live with. Not my favorite, but she'll do a great job with it.

  28. oijoij says:

    hahaha nice nice!!

  29. SamuraiTsugaru says:

    While I knew it would be Catwoman, since they made reference to her in The Dark Knight, I am disappointed in the choice of Anne Hathaway. It continues Nolan's streak of choosing rather unattractive women, when compared to the bevy of choices out there in Hollywood.
    Why is it that Nolan can pick all the male roles so well, but he just has to choose one female lead and he blows it each time in these Batman movies? Katie Holmes wasn't right (too young) and then came Maggie Gyllenhaal, who's rather ugly, and made Holmes look like a great choice. While Hathaway is better looking than Maggie (how could she not be?), she's not good-looking, again, when put up against the many very sexy and attractive actresses out there who would be great as Selina Kyle/Catwoman. Disappointed to say the least.

    • The Catwoman Riddler says:

      I must say, I thought that the purrrrrfect choice for Catwoman was Jennifer Garner. I really wish she would've done it. It would have been Oscar-worthy.

    • rdrummer says:

      Don't forget they're still casting another woman….

      • SamuraiTsugaru says:

        I hope Nolan actualy picks someone good for a female role for a change.
        They need to get someone who's mature, good looking and has chemistry with Bale. Neither Holmes nor Gyllenhaal had chemistry with Bale.
        Looks like a lot of people dislike my opinion, but I speak the truth?

    • Tim Drake says:

      The choices are about who fits character roles. Maggie and Katie did excellent. Hathaway will pull it off too. It is the right choice.

    • Mike says:

      Not attractive? Seriously, you must be legally blind. Great eyes, smile and beautiful body.

    • dennis wong says:

      Man you're wrong on Anne Hathaway–she's definitely a fox. As for Holmes, I don't think her hubby Tom would agree with you because she's rather attractive but unfortunately she was the weakest part of "Batman Begins". As for Maggie, she's not ugly as you say but rather a plain Jane but have you seen her acting in "Sheba" a little indie? She may not have the looks but she definitely has the chops which is an improvement over Holmes. My choice though would've been Jennifer Garner, who has the looks and the acting chops to cover the role as she has demonstrated in "Alias" and "Electra" though that movie sucked despite her contribution.

    • Manugon says:

      Anne Hathaway is not attractive? You're either a gay guy or a blind gay guy.

      • PaulDFTY says:

        Umm, no. She really is NOT attractive. But I guess if you like huge bug eyes and a mouth that could swallow your head whole, then….more power to you.

    • Tony D says:

      when did they reference her in The Dark Knight? i dont remember that

      • Hello says:

        Bruce asks Lucius Fox to build him a better suit after he's attacked by the dogs. Lucius pokes fun of the situation by saying the new suit would be able to withstand a cat's claws.

      • SamuraiTsugaru says:

        I still don't know how many people missed that line. They must not listen much to dialogue.

      • Gunslinger87 says:

        That piece of dialogue was simply a joke from Lucius. It is NOT a reference to Catwoman!! They said it back when the film was released you're reading too much into it. We'll probably have an origin story with Catwoman in the new film and then your theory is completly sunk!

      • dickslinger87 says:

        Nolan also claimed that he didnt mean to imply that a sequel would have Joker by how the ending of Batman Begins occurs…yeah right! i definitely think the Cat reference was meant to get fans to think of all the possibilities.

    • Nick says:

      Not good-looking? Unless youre George Clooney or Brad Pitt, how about you just shut the hell up and leave your ignorant, arrogant opinions to your shallow little self.

    • rwerewrwe says:

      Do they have to be attractive? Are all the male leads attractive?

    • EMO4LIFEJK says:

      I don't understand how you don't think she is attractive… She is one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood. Like many others said you must be gay or a woman!

    • random guy says:

      You know in reality it should come down to how good of an actress a lady like Maggie is rather than how sexy she is. Most sexy actresses don't know how to act because they only thrive on what they flaunt.

    • Osmosis says:


      1st off Katie Homes was 27 years old hen she made that movie. How is that too young for Rachel's character? How old is Ms. Dawes supposed to be? Second, you calling Maggie Gyllenhaal ugly says more about your shallow concept of beauty than it does about her. And even Hathaway's not sexy enough for you? You're a hard person to please.

      So, I'd like to know: who would be the best Catwoman, in your opinion? Who is sexy and attractive "enough" by your standards?

    • La Mont says:

      Your right on with this comment… Just left one thing out, She can't act either….

    • trrranje says:

      Maggie Gyllenhaal should sue Nolan for lighting her so badly in a film where eye candy is expected. She has a beautiful, quirky face but she needs good lighting on film. Also, if I were her, I'd sack who ever it was that told her that taking on a crap Katie Holmes left-overs role had was a good idea…

    • Elijah says:

      Hahah your post is hilariously shallow but basically true. I agree with every point. Katie Holmes playing an Asst DA is like watching a middle school drama student dressing in DA clothes workshopping a scene. She cant act and was constantly out of her depth (though to be fair her character was written horribly. Her job is to just espouse the theme of the movie. But so what? Katie Holmes wouldnt know the difference between good dialogue or bad dialogue in the first place so I'm not defending her). And as for Maggie, I dont know what it is and I hate to lowball her but she is just so ugly its amazing. It looks like her face is melting in the sun and sliding off her… face. And she played Rachel Dawes like some smarmy tart and I was quite alright with her getting blown up. Nolan definitely misfires on female casting in these flicks. Anne Hathaway is cute and all but not SEEEXY like Catwoman. Shes normally a capable actress but I think she will be like Holmes in the first one. Just some little girl trick or treating as Catwoman.

  30. Dave says:

    How do Catwoman and Bane fit together? I would imagine it'd be fairly easy. Let's see…Batman's on the run at the end of THE DARK KNIGHT. So let's say Batman, exhausted and beaten down after dealing with being hunted by the cops, the mob, and maybe this new freak Bane, is somehow "broken", a la KNIGHTFALL, and Catwoman chooses to or has to fill in for him while he's down. It's not too difficult to tie them together.

  31. Robert says:

    Hopefully, Nolan's Catwoman will be more of the cat burglar/love interest than the villain type. She's never struck me as a particularly effective villain. Also, in terms of Bane, there is a way for them to connect him to Ra's Al Ghul and have a conclusion to the entire storyline. I'm actually excited about the casting news. I've always liked Hathaway and I can't wait to see her as Catwoman.

  32. estevan says:

    Jennifer Garner is a great action star but she had her chance as a superhero and messed it up…Elektra was better than the Hulk but no Iron Man

  33. dino says:

    what with johnn depp as a ridller?

  34. Sunny725 says:

    Does anybody know if Anthony Michael Hall will be back as Mike Engel, or even if he's been approached? I always thought there could be a story there. I think AMH is a very underrated actor and can do a lot more than read news and look terrified as a duct-taped hostage….

  35. NightScourge says:

    I think what people need to remember here is that Anne Hathaway's casting as Selina Kyle/Catwoman is only one of two female characters in the story. Nolan has already said that there's another female character in it. So far there's been SPECULATION that it's Lt. Sarah Essen of the Gotham City Police Department who had an affair with then-Lt. (Commissioner) Gordon in the comics (she later married him and was even later still killed off by The Joker). Another character SPECULATED was Julie Madison who was a love interest for Bruce Wayne since the early days of the 40s and was the obsession of the first Clayface/Basil Karlo. Elle McPherson played Madison in the horrific Batman And Robin with George Clooney.

    So for all those who were hoping for Ra's Al Ghul's daughter Talia (like me), there's still the possibility that Talia COULD still be in it. Selina vs. Talia for Bruce's affections? Hmmm…
    Either way, I trust Nolan. His work thus far has been great. Can't wait to see how this plays out.

  36. <3TDK says:

    Any thoughts on Kate Beckinsale as Catwoman? How would that have been?

  37. Matt says:

    sounds like the makings for another bad third installment.

  38. Shane says:

    Anne Hathaway is amazing and will do an outstanding job!

  39. The Catwoman Riddler says:

    To all of the Batman fans out there, I would like everyone to see this one more time…. it's my riddle for who SHOULD HAVE played Catwoman in The Dark Knight Rises…. riddle me this…. riddle me that…. who should have played the CAT?????? Jennifer Garner as Catwoman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Here is why..1. Jennifer Garner has more experience with action than any other actress.2. She won a Golden Globe for Alias… which was an action series. 3. She performed MAGNIFICENTLY in Daredevil and Elektra. 4. She has a feline look to her eyes. 5. She is around Christian Bale's age.
    6. Jennifer Garner was supposed to play Carol Ferris in "Green Lantern", but Blake Lively ( who is too young for Ryan Reynolds anyway) was chosen instead. BIG DISAPPOINTMENT.7. It's been a while since she did an action movie.8. Jennifer Garner has the talent to portray BOTH sides of the character (Catwoman as well as the mousy secretary Selina Kyle). 9. Alias was cancelled too early, so it would have been nice to let her be Catwoman. 10. Jennifer Garner is my hero, and many other women's hero, and is a strong, powerful example of a capable, take-charge woman.

  40. Vme says:

    anne hathaway is a very talented actress…i think you'd have to see the screen auditions before really passing judgment on Nolan's choice. you'd have to see her chemistry with christian bale's batman/bruce wayne and see if she has has what it takes to steal a scene with her screen presence.

  41. Tonyd317 says:

    When was Catwoman referenced in "The Dark Knight"?

    I'm not feeling Bane. Unless they do the Knightfall storyline.

    Rather see Killer Croc or Hugo Strange.

    • Marcus says:

      She wasn't really.. When Lucius presented Bruce the new Batsuit Bruce asked "will it protect me from dogs?" and Lucius responds "it should do well against cats" or something to that effect. Some view this as a Catwoman reference.

  42. Richard S. says:

    "Did you get mauled by a tiger?"

    "We talking Rottweilers or Chihuahuas? Should do fine against cats."


    • guest says:

      wow…i didnt even make that connection until now…hahaha. anyway, i agree with those who say that anne hathaway as not really being the right choice. i just dont see her as being catwoman. plus isnt she a vegetarian? cant imagine a cat that only eats rabbit food. ahah

  43. Pro-Choice says:

    I'm not a huge fan of Anne Hathaway but she's alright & she's not part of the waif Hollywood stereotype. She's got body so I have no doubt that she's going to fill Michelle Pfeiffer's skintight patent leather "shoes" quite nicely & bring her own interpretation to Selina Kyle.

  44. Michael says:

    Anyone else noticed that Nolan confirmed that they were signed, but he didn't specifically say what roles they would be filling?

  45. Valentina says:

    I think Anna is hot.Common, who is pretty in Hollywood these days!! Thank him for not bringing Jessica Parker.

  46. Valeria says:

    Of course, everyone practically knew Catwoman would be in there! But Anne Hathaway…I don't know, I never truly liked her much…plus she'll have to make us forget about Pfeiffer the same way Ledger did Nicholson.
    As for Bane, he would not be the first villain I'd have thought of for the final chapter, but I must say I was very impressed by Hardy's performance in Inception and I'm longing to see how Bane would fit into the realistic world of Mr Nolan.
    Anyway, I have absolute confidence in Mr Nolan. Can't wait to see the first images.

  47. Brenno says:

    epic side boob is an understatmenet, took me a good hour to read that article…. my eyes kept getting pulled back to that glorious cleavage. I would certainly pay to see her in a tight leather suit.

    The kate beckinsale call is a good one, she has similar maturity to bale, is smoking hot and has done darker roles before. I get the feeling she would be more easily moulded by Nolan to fill the darker role that his backman characters have. I think she's underated as an actress.

    But i have faith in Nolan, and anne should do alright if she takes notes on ledger's and bale's performances.

  48. bokononist says:

    Wow. What terrible ideas.

    Jennifer Garner? The same Jennifer Garner as in Elektra and other assorted low brow comic recreations? Give me a break. The stigma of her terrible performances alone would ruin the movie.

    Bashing Gyllenhal on an appeal to vanity, nice. Why dont you just go put Batman and Robin on replay. If you are appeased on casting choices simply by appearances I cannot imagine you really appreciate the difference in Nolan's Batman as opposed to the others.

    Hardy is a raw dog actor.

    Hathaway is an actress. These movies aren't about how well the actress fills out entirely impractical hero body suits with disproportionate anatomical requirements. We should be happy people who actually act were picked.

    • Mekt_Ranzz says:

      You'll have to forgive much of the old school Batman audience, which I guess is more interested in eye candy and curves than sophistication and complexity.

    • manbat says:

      the whole vanity thing better not be directed toward the manbat sunshine- the film cannot be viewed let alone enjoyed when her face lokks like that. By the by "bashing gyllenhal" implies physical violence; i would say that i trashed her. Oh boy, you just got told.

  49. Jbecks says:

    Look at that… I want to take it home, not fight it! Salina is supposed to look like she could take a guy out with one punch and stand up to Batman. This girl looks like my lil sister could puch her on the playground and she'd cry (don't get me wrong… this girl is hot). Harley would be a GREAT character for her to play not Salena. I just can't picture in the new look/role Salena plays in the comic. I've got high hopes for this film so I hope she does this right and keeps it all believeable.

  50. Gibson says:

    I think Anne Hathway as Catwoman and Hardy (Harvey?!) as Bane are fine. But I think having Catwoman and Bane as the two main villians is fail. Neither comes off as a main villian, they are both kind of like side villians. In TDK, on the other hand, both Joker and Two-face could have been main villians (Joker was, Two-face almost was). In Batman Begins, Ra's Al Ghul was the main dude but scarcrow also had plenty of screen time.

    Really I just never found Catwoman as a great main villian. She is ok as a supporting character, but not as a main villian. And Batman Returns sucked when you really think about it. Bane….idk how they'll do it. I've heard he is actually very smart, so maybe that can work. I really would've preferred the Riddle instead of Catwoman.

  51. mar says:

    not my choice but I don't think she's very good anyway. You can always see her "acting"–she approximates the character but never is.

  52. Disgusted says:

    Catwoman and BANE?? Major dislike. I was really hoping to like this movie. Might as well add Killer Croc to make it a crap trifecta

  53. Warlock says:

    Hathaway sucks. Hollywood has been trying to force feed her to us for years now. She may be a decent actress but she is marginally attractive barley tolerable. By no means does she deserve a spot in this epic Batman saga. Once again, Nolan's only misstep in his pristine franchise is the miscasting of the leading lady. Bummer.

  54. Mr. Blonde says:


  55. Evan says:

    Hardy will be a great Bane, think of him when he was in Bronson but even buffer. Hathaway as Catwoman is alright I guess, like someone previously stated the only thing about Nolan's Batman films that bothers me is the weird way Bruce Wayne's relationships have been presented. I hope they do the Catwoman/Batman chemistry justice.


    -that is all.

  56. Hartter says:

    Interested to see both costumes (especially Hathaway's), but the real exciting news to me is Tom Hardy portraying Bane. I'm sure he is going to be a brutal, relentless juggernaut. I wouldn't be surprised if they combine Talia Al Ghul with Catwoman either, since Talia is reportedly definitely in the flick.

    Now comes the year and a half wait…

  57. Elizabeth says:

    Although I don't think Anne Hathaway fits the role as catwoman, she is a great actor and I'm a fan of her movies. She's definitely pretty enough, but I don't feel like she fits the role. The acting she does will be good though and I guess it's good for her to play a lot of different types of characters even though I don't see her in that role.

  58. Nemeres says:

    Literally could not be happier for this film now. BANE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  59. mattn says:

    Whoever thinks Bane is a poor choice NEEDS to look at Tom Hardy in Bronson. Simply put, the guy IS A BEAST in that movie. Reminded me of Alex from a Clockwork Orange. If he brings those villainous sensibilities to this movie, then he may well challenge Ledgers Joker for title of best Nolan villain.

  60. Tom says:

    I trust Nolan also

  61. SquishDawg says:

    Ok, great choices. All of you are wrong about Harley Quinn however. I’m thinking Sheri-Moon Zombie is the perfect choice for Dr. Quinnzel. She’s bat-shit crazy in 1000 Corpses and could pull off a mean “Mrs. J” however Heath’s early departure from us prevents that from ever happening. I say Anne is a nice choice. Michelle was the best Catwoman, but they changed Selina’s back story too much. Hardy as Bane, oh yeah! Not only is he big but he’s delicious. (Yeah, even us gays like Batman) And saying Anne H is ugly is just plain lame and mean. She’s a pretty girl, but an amazing actress. I have faith. When we heard Ledger was gonna be Mr. J all we thought was oh crap, Ten Things I Hate About A Brokeback Knight’s Tale, and we were pleasantly proven wrong. Let’s see what Nolan’s got up his sleeve before we cast stones! ;-)

  62. iluvbatman says:

    ITA with SamuraiTsugaru, very well put and very well said.

    Anne Hathaway?! AWWWWWW!

    Anne Hathaway is like what Lee Meriweather was to Julie Newmar and Eartha Kitt!

    Oh well, at least now I am not counting the days till "the dark knight rises" comes out !

    Peace and Love!

  63. veenreen says:

    Wow, sounds like a pretty good plan to me dude.


  64. luis says:

    Oh Hell No Anne Hathaway As Catwoman I Think Angelina Jolie Should Be Catwoman This Moive Going To Like Spider-Man 3 Watch But Think Anne Hathaway She Is cut Too But I Think Angelina Jolie Should Be Catwoman

  65. mlk says:

    Be fore the Dark Knight filmed I thought Heath Ledger was miscast. Boy, was I wrong!

  66. Lando-Smoke says:

    People are saying jeniffer gardner?… Really?!?… Im no saying she cant actor she aint good looking, shes just too old for that role… As far as good looking AND good actress, i think natalie portman, or Scarlett johansson, would be way better for this role than Anne hathaway, i do agree though that she would make a great harley quinn.

  67. Feynman says:

    Worst. Choice. Ever. Yes, we can officially state that Batman 3 will suck. Thinking of Hathaway as the follow up to Heath Ledger almost makes me cry. In fact, I did just cry.

  68. concerned bat fan! says:

    are you kidding me!!! Anne Hathaway!!!!!……..NO!!!!!!!
    why her uggg that makes me so mad!
    she is not cat woman material!!

  69. iluvbatman says:

    anne hathaway is good, in her type of roles . . . .
    she is too white bread to be a catwoman in my nobody opinion though

    I am very disapointed

  70. Juan from L.A. says:

    According to pressreports that came out last week there were 5 actresses in the running for two roles. Hathaway, Jessica Biel, and Keira Knightley. So this figures that Keira is out of the running due to the similarities of both her and Hathaway in physical appearance. The other two actresses I swear to God I've never heard before and when I wiki they had played minor roles in other movies. Just food for thought.

  71. Brian says:

    This is great news! I'm a huge fan of Anne Hathaway and I have faith in her that she will do a great job!!!!!! Besides since Christopher Nolan is the director, he would expect nothing less.

  72. jorge says:

    I trust Nolan…after casting Heath as the Joker and hitting it out of the park, I totally trust him.

  73. guest says:

    bane is actually a very very intelligent person
    he demonstrated this by finding out who batman is
    i hate it when people percieve him as an idiot he is a genius and more of an anti hero because he has teamed up with batman a number of times

    anyways awesome news ha

  74. arc40 says:

    Hathaway is a good actress but i'm not totaly sold. With Nolan's habit of working with the same actors movie to movie i thought for sure he would cast Marion Cotillard after Inception.

  75. Scott says:

    Fantastic news. Can't wait.

  76. DL says:

    In a way I’m glad he’s doing these 2 villains cuz bane was potrayed beyond horrible in batman & robin and Halle berry nearly destroyed catwoman’s legend. So Nolan will reinvent them and I believe they’ll be amazing

  77. Kevin Feige Sucks says:

    Not having the Riddler was a big let down. I thought he was next logical choice far as realistic villians and Iconic Batman villians. But if Nolan said there would be no scientifical, monster-like and magical villians, where did he pull Bane from? I don't really know if I like it or not cause it's just weird. Bane's story is like Steve Rogers into Captain America but 20 times as extreme. With Cat Woman? Oh well, Nolan makes good films, so…..

  78. mike says:

    I will trust Nolan but I could have seen Zoe Saldana as catwoman

  79. anberry says:

    Well… There MUST be a reason why Anne Hathaway got the part, so I shall just reserve my judgment. It's gonna be really hard to top the performance of Michelle Pfeiffer in that cat suit though.. To me Michelle was just the EPITOME of any Catwoman performance, movies or otherwise.

    After pondering the idea a bit more… I think Hathaway may have something up her sleeve. We shall see… :)

  80. Micah says:

    Bane was the only other villian who was gonna top the joker. Any other villain would have been a sideshow step backwards. No Robin? Damn.

  81. Rex says:

    SamuraiTsugaru, you need to calm down. You think Katie Holmes was better than Maggie just because you think Maggie Gyllenhaal is uglier? And you don't think Anne is right just because she isn't "good-looking"? Seems a bit shallow, and don't agree with you at all; I think all three are beautiful (even if Katie sucks otherwise).

  82. Francessa says:

    Anne Hathaway is going to suck. Nobody but a few nerds find how remotely sexy. She was plenty naked and screwing in Love and Other Drugs and all the guys knew about it from the internet, yet nobody went to see the movie. It's puzzling to me that her and Jake Gylenhaal have made it so big. Neither is that attractive or good actors.

  83. Steph says:

    Interesting casting choice…
    Granted, I'm a little confused with Nolan's choice for Catwoman….as I'm pretty sure nearly half of all the diehard Batman fans out there probably are….but we gotta have faith. I mean, Nolan hasn't dissapointed with a bad movie just yet…..we just gotta have faith that Nolan saw something in Ms. Hathaway that the rest of us haven't….who knows, she might actually pull a Ledger-type of preformance and plesantly surprise us all!
    All in all….I have faith in Mr. Nolan that he will pull out a fantastic end to his vision of Batman….

    P.S- FYI…to whoever suggested Angelina Jolie….are you serious? That is such a cliche choice it almost makes me want to vomit in rage……really? Have you even SEEN Salt? Nolan is obviously smarter than the average director that falls for those coligen injected lips of hers…

  84. busta501 says:

    Nothing against Anne Hathaway – she is a good actress, but I don't see her as a good fit for Catwoman in anyway at all.

  85. Punk says:

    I think a MUCH better choice for Cat Woman would have been Kate Beckinsale. Jennifer Garner and Anne Hathaway aren’t even cost to being in the same league as her.

  86. Smitty says:

    I'm thinking that we are gonna be stunned, again (see Heath Ledger), by her performance. No, she is not drop-dead, plastic, Hollywood beautiful. She is the "good looking girlfriend" type and that is why Nolan picked her. If you look at her performances in "The Devil Wears Prada" and then look at her in "Rachel Getting Married", gang it's all there. She will not have to be a physical entity, that is what the Bane character is in the movie. She is going to curl up on to Bruce Wayne's lap and purr. Just when everything is good, she is going to snap and dig her claws into his crotch. She is going to turn into the walking nightmare that Glen Close was in Fatal Attraction. Bet on it…

  87. infinity100ideas says:

    I know where will b made the movie !!! Check this out!! http://infinity100ideas.wordpress.com/2011/01/20/

  88. Billy Bob says:

    Anne Hathaway is sooooooooo hot! great casting job cant wait to see her in skin tight leather…

  89. skilledchaos says:

    I hope there is Knightfall involved .It will be brave and awesome to show Batman crippled.

  90. manbat says:

    heathy boy was awesome; shame about what happened to him. So much talent and gone at such a young age. ps doesn't anyone think its lame that the new film is taking a supernatural turn with bane and therfore ruining the relative realism of the previous movies? A high was reached with dark knight and the third film is blatantly going to bomb

  91. TJ Harris says:

    I have faith in Nolan and his decisions in casting, So everyone wait until the film comes out before you poo-poo on it. Hey everyone complained when Heath Ledger was pick for the Joker and look how that turned out

  92. Kaise says:

    It's OK. I believe in Nolan that's ALL. One thing is that I dun want this to be a trilogy I want at least all possible villains to appear, soon or late Harley, Riddler, Mad Hatter, Ventriloquist, etc make it a real crime in Gotham a total dark city and focus more on Arkham. I love Arkham. Prisoners break jail and wreak havoc…

    Ps the Riddler should be the final and most domineering villain in Nolan's Batman Epic

  93. michaelsatran says:

    This is a travesty. Bane is no more an iconic member of the Batman Canon than Warren G. Harding was an interesting or useful president. Every story the character has ever appeared in has been utter garbage, and this will be no exception.
    Even Christopher Nolan’s directorial talents cannot save Bane from being the most useless villain ever to grace Batman’s rogues gallery. He enjoys similar popularity to Venom and Carnage, two characters from the Spider-Man canon that also never should have been created.
    Characters require depth. Bane has none. I would rather have Professor Hugo Strange, The Mad Hatter, Penguin, Anarky, Doctor Phosphorous, Mr. Freeze, The Ventriloquist, The Tally Man (Yeah, that’s right, the Tally Man is a better villain than Bane.), or even Doctor Tzin Tzin or Cosmo “Skull” Dugger.
    I’ve been reading comics a long time. Nolan has dropped the ball.

  94. Tommy Dizzlemits says:

    We've got coverage of Hardy/Hathaway in the new Batman flick, plus which character won't be returning for Spider-Man!

  95. manbat says:

    maggie gyllenhaal looks gross X ( absolutely minging. i think the g man was swigging a couple whilst sculpting this medusa :)

  96. norma says:

    really Anne? Her acting sucks! I love batman and now im not excited at all, might not even see it!

  97. MissKT says:

    I really and truly appreciate everything you've done thus far but….don't drop the ball on Godfathering "Superman"!!!

  98. s3lin says:


  99. manbat says:

    I think that i should just devote a comment to how awesome my name is; manbat- it rocks!! btw begins is better than dark knight- last time i saw the latter i got bored so easily- its all very corny and all " you gotta do whatcha gotta do!!" Lame. i can't believe i used to think that this was good?! Thats one dvd im giving to my brother

  100. GadalftheWhite says:

    Anne might be a good Selina. Although, Michelle Phieffer will always be Catwoman to me. She played the mousy secretary and femme fatale villianess perfectly. So I will reserve my judgement until the movie comes out. But my vote should have been Kate Beckinsale. Did you see her in the Underworld movie in that cat suit kicking ass. She could have played Selina Kyle because she is about Christian Bale's age and a great actress to boot.

  101. Ruth says:

    I do not this this casting choice was wise on Nolan's part. Rachel Weisz would have been a much better choice for Catwoman or Mila Kunis or Zoe Saldana from Avatar. Any of those 3 woman could pull off the Catwoman character must better. Michelle Pfiefer was AWESOME with Michael Keaton as the original Catwoman. Somehow Anne does not seem capable of possessing the same charisma. Yech….this does not make me eager to see this new Batman movie.

  102. Kevin Moran says:

    I just want to see Anne in somthing tight i don't really care about her part, well maybe the part you cant see

  103. Art says:

    Anyone remember that nightwing novel? Bane broke batman’s back and crippled him, and that dude came in to play batman. Was a huge book for the franchise I think. I wonder if this will have one of those bad endings? Nolan said this will be it for the franchise and him. One thing is for sure, if this is done right, expect a lot of hand to hand combat like the first one.

  104. anfiwyn says:

    Kinda bummed to see Catwoman so early in the movies since the character has already been present in the earlier franchise. was hoping to see Talia al Ghul since Ra's was in the first one. Don't think Anne might be the right person to play Selina but she's got the acting chops to prove lots of ppl wrong

  105. Jeff says:

    Since this is supposedly Nolan’s last film in a trilogy, and, if it does follow the Knightfall story line, why is it called The Dark Knight Rises? Seems like The Dark Knight Falls would make more sense.

  106. Cyber-X says:

    Wow men the films there are getting very popular and so exciting is the transformers 3 twilight saga breaking Dawn and the last and not least is Batman 3 and thor o men o men o men

  107. alyssa says:

    I agree. Catwoman is one of my batman faves and I so do not see Ann Hathaway playing the role. She doesn't exude sexy to me and I really don't see her doing all the acrobatic like tricks! I thought jennifer garner would be good, but then again she already starred in an action hero film as Elektra. So then I was thinking maybe Charlize Theron or Rebecca Rominjn (Mystique from X-men). I think they're both sexy athletic types that are underrated. :0)

    Bane…that seems random. haha, but random is cool…if the storyline is good. I really wanted to see the riddler though!

  108. Neil says:

    Not sure how they are going to do Bane justice. As the man who took down Bruce Wayne he deserves his own movie properly entitled "Knightfall". This is the first one that Nolan has me worried.

  109. BloodWolf says:

    Ok, not Thrilled at Hathaway playing CatWoman, Hell I think Jessica Alba would be perfect. But I Want to see Bane done right, GAWD Batman and Robin HAS to be Thrown out and never viewed again.

    Someone Mentioned Harley Quinn. I think Milla Jovovich would make the Perfect Harley.

    Just my 2 Cents worth.


  110. I was under the impression that it will be Amanda Seyfriend. Was reading a post earlier, and some comments tells that Amanda is playing as Catwoman. This made me confused. Well, I guess Anne will really be the catwoman.

  111. Snarf says:

    Bane sucks, he's totally uninteresting. Anne Hathaway looks like a horse. Yep, this movie will probably fail. Originally, they were going to have the Joker help Batman catch Two-Face ala Hannibal Lecter, but since he was an idiot and killed himself, we're stuck with this. Tom Hardy is a good actor, and did well as Bronson, but I can't see Bane working out in a movie like this. He's also not a big name villain like the Joker, which will probably make people avoid it.

  112. Marko says:

    I love all the idiots who are saying this movie is going to bomb purely on the villain actor choice, before the movie is even out.

    • manbat says:

      i take offence to the assumption that me and many others are idiots- i think you should apologise marko, you gangster boy ( im guessing ur using the name from gta if not, then wow u have cruel parents)

  113. andy says:


  114. Ebony A Batman Fan says:

    I don't think Anne Hathaway hould be the next Catwoman, t me she's not sexy enough and she doesn't have that sassy attitude like the real Catwoman has. Now if really want a sassy and classy Catwoman then Angelina Jolie is your girl. HAlle Berry sucked as Catwoman. I'm sorry but she did she didn't make me believe in the character sorry Hlle Berry you sucked. As a Batman fan I believe for the character of Bane should be a wrestler to fit the part and for the Scarecrow I can care less. Harley Quinn should be playedby Jessica Alba or Jessica Beil. Hey I know my BATMAN better than anyone.

  115. elysse says:

    Terrible! Talk about beating a dead horse! Halle did an excellent job-just leave Catwoman be!

  116. rob says:

    I said tom hardy would be bane.

  117. Iron says:

    I know this is big news in all which i am excited to hear but Doesnt Anna's Tity in this pic look HUGE?! goddamn mama *suckle suckle*
    O but anyway, hope she pulls Catwomen off well, i know ill be watching for them titties but Tom seems out of place to be…. i mean from what i know about Ban, Tom doesn't have a strong resembles to him & plus will they use so "Hulk" CGI to make him bigger….. Then again how would the fit in this new "Realistic" Batman…. All i know is that Nolans has been killing it & i hope he continues it!

  118. douchey says:

    does anyone realize the major boobs happening there.

  119. Eliza says:

    I'm glad about Selina being in the last Batman movie! The trilogy wouldn't have been perfect without her. She's Bruce's true love and he couldn't meet Talia before her anyway, wouldn't have made any sens. And Bruce needs someone who understands him, not another Rachel Dawes or someone who only wants reveange…
    I don't know if Anne is the perfect choice, but I love her acting. I think she can be sexy not just because of what she looks like and I've confidence in Nolan :)

  120. Andy says:

    I think the trouble most people have with Bane+Chris Nolan is the unrealistic bravado that Bane is famous for, his Venom. It came as a shock to me personally when he wasn't going to have Hugo Strange in the mix. I mean, it's the perfect storyline in my opinion: Dr. Hugo Strange, in his attempts to understand the psyche of the criminal vigilante Batman, starts to develop an obsession over this case of the Dark Knight and decides to take the Caped Crusader's message to Gotham a little too seriously, by becoming and replacing Batman himself.

  121. dAVID says:


  122. Robin fan says:

    i think anne hathaway can do a good job if she tries

  123. In(ter)ception says:

    Those who do not believe Hathaway will be a good Catwoman will be surprised. If you have paid attention to Hathaway’s career recently, you would see that her roles have become less apple pie. Her characters are more loose and even permiscuous. She will do well I wager.

  124. ben sona says:

    Wow, in this picture she looks like a cat. I love Nolans casting…..he never sells out and picks the predictable people like Johnny Depp, nothing against him, just a nice change.

  125. Themysteriousone says:

    Okay, here is how I think this film will play out:

    Batman and Catwoman chase each other around Gotham for a bit, them Bane shows up and starts causing trouble. Then Batman finds out that Talia al Ghul hired Bane to kill Batman as a way of exacting revenge on him for the death of her father. Eventually, Batman and Catwoman end up working together to fight Bane and Talia in a two-way fight that leads to the deaths of certain characters, and eventually leads to the ending of the trilogy of epicness and awesomesauce.

    There. You now have my theory on the plot.

  126. Anderson says:

    Johnny Depp as the Joker or maybe Tom Hanks for a older Joker in Arkham
    Joseph Gordon-Levit as the Riddler

  127. moses says:

    nolan, are you gonna get christan bale a new batman suit for the next film? p.s. catwomen and bane is perfect for TDKR!

  128. Cece says:

    This choice of Catwoman is shocking. Disappointed with the choice though, but I'm very excited to see how she takes on the role of Seline Kyle. I hope she can give the sexy diva look and personality in Catwoman.

  129. theshishashop says:

    Yes, I know he does in the comic book, I have it. But BZenMojo was talking about "Batman: The animated series" and a show on after that called "The Batman" where apparently he gets his back broken.

  130. amanda says:

    Christian Bale as Batman huge fail!!!!! Could have done better. Anne Hatheway, Huge dissapointment, when compared to Michelle Phiffer. Haley Barrey was HORRIBLE in "Catwoman". They will never top the old school batman. Now i will say the NEW Batman movies are great with certain cast, like Harvey, Comissioner, Joker, Heathe Ledger was soooo amazing.!!!!! He was by far the best choice in the New Batman movies. But please if you are going to use Anne, CHANGE HER ROLE TO HARLEY QUINN PLEASE!!!!!!

  131. ervinbarquio says:

    after inception and the dark knight, i have no doubt that chris nolan knws what he is doing. case closed.

  132. Lisa Carter says:

    How about the Mad Hatter

  133. karine says:

    Not felling it, maybe with shorter, darker hair but otherwise she doesnt look… cat-like enough.
    It's also hard to forget Michelle Pfiffer

  134. glitch13 says:

    I really wanted Olivia Wilde to play Catwoman.

  135. ChrisCraddock says:

    A lot of beautiful women have played Catwoman, like Eartha Kitt, Julie Newmar, and Halle Berry, but I can't wait to see Anne Hathaway in the cat suit. She was very good in Love and Other Drugs. I agree with fhqwhgads RE: Epic SB.

  136. DDB9000 says:

    While i would like to trust in Nolan, I think Anne Hathaway is way too whitebread and boring and well, in my opinion only a fair to middling actress. Others have mentioned others that would be good, and I agree with Kate Beckinsale and Olivia Wilde. I also like Mila Kunis, but she is really too short to play Catwoman. Someone else I would choose is Jennifer Connelly. Yes, I know she may be considered too old, but she sure doesn't look it.

    In any case, Hathaway – no, no, no…

  137. Slainte says:

    I really don't like her acting at all, specifically for a classic comic role like Selina Kyle. They need to keep her in the cheesy kids fairy tales and post someone like Natalie Portman or Felicity Jones. They're both smokin hot and could totally pull this one.

  138. naresh says:

    hathaway is most attractive lady.

  139. Vicky says:

    she is going to be a disaster……..seline is known to be a hot agile horny brunet in leather fit costume capable of giving all us guys a dysfunctional dissociative dangling dick syndrome………i am not sure if Ms. Hathaway can cure our serious plight……………….(LOL) :P

  140. direstr8s says:

    I have to agree – Nolan is not good with his lead female roles in terms of casting decisions, Katie Holmes and Maggie Gyllenhaal were terribly miscast and nearly ruined his amazing films. Anne Hathaway as Catwoman sounds disastrous…I can't imagine her seducing/manipulating Christian Bale's Batman in any way – this sounds like some backroom Hollywood string-pulling.
    And to the person who suggested Jennifer Garner…wow…that is just such epic bad taste I don't know what to say to you. The beautiful story of Elektra was completely trashed by her as well as the dunces that made the movie.
    Zoe Saldana would have made a decent Catwoman, but since she's black there's no way Hollywood would cast her as a white man's love interest. Diane Kruger is another that comes to mind, as well as Clemence Poesy. But Anne Hathaway??? I like her but hot-n-sexy she's not…sly/seductive she's not…why is Nolan so bad at choosing his women?

  141. zelenostrai says:

    it could be worst…they could be put Lady Gaga as Catwoman…! apocalyptic….Yes why is not she Harley Quinn,whhhy?oh…this would be a bummer but I hope will not,I mean I watched Ms. Halle Berry as a catwoman…could it be worst?there is always a 'worst'…

  142. emily edwards says:

    who!!!!!!!!will!!!!!!!! be!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! harley quin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  143. Tahnee says:

    As good an actress as Anne Hataway is, she WILL NOT, NOW OR EVER!, make it as Catwoman. Try as she may she just does not have that "oomph" or "ooze" coming out of her like many of the other stars that were obvioulsy OVERLOOKED/UNDERMINED during the casting process for this role. I mean come on! You could've had Charlize Theron, Keira Knightley or Kate Mara… And you chose Anne Hathaway?

  144. Rickysison530 says:


  145. Claudia says:


  146. Bon says:

    Call this weird but has any one thought of any Asian Catwoman. Maybe say Ziyi Zhang? Just figured I'd toss that in there for discussion.

  147. Amanda says:

    Anne Hathaway looks hot and sexy!!

  148. Katie says:

    They should base it on what ACTUALLY happened….and Bane break open Arkham Asylum to set free Joker, the riddler, scarecrow, mr. freeze, two-face, etc….it would be sooooo much better. I hate it when they make movies based on comic books and change the story on us!!!

  149. Dr Adam says:

    I can't really picture Anne Hathaway as Catwoman. Although she is a good actress, but I don't see her as a good fit for Catwoman in anyway at all. Kate Beckinsdale would have been a much better fit in my opinion.

  150. Lia says:

    She is so unbelievably ugly, I just do not understand how the casting director thought Cat Woman = Anne Hathaway. No no no no no…

  151. charlestonscbroker says:

    Had to watch this one for the 3rd time

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