‘Ant-Man’: New poster features Paul Rudd, Michael Douglas and more

May 06, 2015 | 12:39 p.m.

Scott Lang is anything but ant-sized in the new official “Ant-Man” poster.

Just after “Avengers: Age of Ultron” made its North American debut, earning $191.3 million in the domestic box office over the weekend for the second-best domestic opening ever, Marvel has released its second official “Ant-Man” poster to remind fans that there is more superhero action to come in the summer.

The official "Ant-Man" poster. (Marvel)

The official “Ant-Man” poster. (Marvel)

The poster features Ant-Man standing tall in his full suit as Paul Rudd’s Scott Lang, Ant-Man’s alter ego, peers over one shoulder. Over Ant-Man’s other shoulder is Dr. Hank Pym, played by Michael Douglas, as if to symbolize how Ant-Man shoulders both Lang’s less-than-stellar past as well as Dr. Pym’s expectations.

Others featured in the poster include Evangeline Lilly, who plays Pym’s daughter Hope Van Dyne (who you may recall lands a solid right cross in the official trailer) and Corey Stoll, who plays Pym’s former protege turned villain Yellowjacket. Bobby Cannavale and Michael Peña are also featured in the poster.

What is perhaps most telling, however, is that the poster states “from the studio that brought you ‘Guardians of the Galaxy'” rather than mentioning “The Avengers.” Is this a nod to the more comedic tone that “Ant-Man” seems to take that echoes that of “Guardians,” or is it a signal that perhaps Ant-Man will be joining the space-faring heroes in a future adventure? Only time will tell. What we can tell now is that the poster seems a bit more serious than what we have seen so far in the trailers.

“Ant-Man,” directed by Peyton Reed, is set to hit theaters on July 17.

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