‘Batman’: Michael Keaton on ‘The Dark Knight’ — and a lost scene from 1989 film

May 16, 2011 | 10:41 a.m.

We’re getting a tremendous response to the lengthy feature on Michael Keaton and his reflections on life, career, “Batman,” “Beetlejuice” and working with Tim Burton. There was plenty left over from the interview, however, so I went back to find more nuggets about the actor’s time wearing the cape and mask of Gotham City’s dark champion.

 On the magnitude of “Batman” and the landmark moment it represented in Hollywood history:

“It was awesome. It was so cool. It was so much work. Now it would be done so much more efficiently; that guy [Christopher Nolan, the director of the new Batman trilogy]  is great, he’s really, really talented, but at the time we did ours, there was no example to follow. It was new territory. And what Tim accomplished changed everything. It was hard. It was harder on Tim than anyone and he changed the way people look at those movies. That really is the case and the reason for that is the originality of Tim and the people Tim put together – [production designer] Anton Furst was off the chart, [composer] Danny Elfman was perfect, bringing in Prince and Nicholson, all of it was just so right and so huge. The promotion of the movie was genius too. The look of the movie was a turning point, too, you still see that around in different versions. What I remember is how so much of it was an experiment while we were doing it.  There was the practicality of how to get this stuff done. For a lot,  well, I don’t want to say we were making it up as we went along, but there were a lot of choices made to overcome difficulties as went along. This wasn’t the [CG effects] era you have now.”

Michael Keaton: A career in pictures

On Bruce Wayne as a character:

“The coolest thing from the get-go is that he doesn’t have superpowers, there are no magical things. He is a hero of intuition and inventiveness and discipline … I always knew the way in was Bruce Wayne. It wasn’t Batman. It was never Batman. That was the key. The only reason to do it, really, was to come at all of this from this guy’s point of view.  It was risky in my approach to it but not from my point of view. It was obvious to me that there was one way to play this role. There was no other way I was going to do it. The movie was different from what had come before. The discussion from the get-go was to do a hero that was based in the psychological. Then from there we had to figure out how to make the Batman half of this thing work. The suit really just amplified everything for me. It was really claustrophobic. It was a struggle every day because I’m a claustrophobic dude. It was all such a challenge and that was perfect for me at the time. I felt it was given to me for a purpose. I took as a mental exercise. I just used the isolation of it all and the feeling of 12 and 13 hours days in this mask and trapped in the suit. ”

tim burton and michael keaton Batman: Michael Keaton on The Dark Knight    and a lost scene from 1989 film

Tim Burton and Michael Keaton collaborated on two Batman films (Warner Bros.)

On the challenges of creating a believable secret identity on the screen: 

“The problem I had, the practical issue, is the fact that Batman is standing right there in the street light, how does the guy in front of him not know he’s Bruce Wayne? Now I know that sounds obvious and silly in a movie like this and you should let that go but that’s how I am. The problem with me is as an actor. That is exactly what I think about and I need to come up with something or the role is not going to work on some level. So I said to Tim, ‘Look, here’s what we need to do, as many times as you can shoot half-degrees off of him, he should be half behind things or at an angles where you can justify that people think he looks maybe familiar but they can’t put it all together.’ Tim immediately got that and started lighting in a certain way and using the angles on the suit, on that great mask, to create a distance, a literal distance and a distance in perception.”

michael keaton batman 1989 Batman: Michael Keaton on The Dark Knight    and a lost scene from 1989 film

Michael Keaton as Batman (Warner Bros.)

On the voice of Batman:

“There was another practical matter; Bruce Wayne is a man about town, a luminary, having to go to social functions and make public appearances, so people know his voice. So I came up with dropping his voice down, as Batman it comes from a lower thing that he drops down into, a place he has to reach to become a quasi-vigilante. That’s where that whole voice thing came from and it’s just to protect himself, it’s part of the transition inside of him from one thing to another thing. And the truth is I can talk about all this stuff and maybe it comes across or it doesn’t come across but I don’t know another way to do it. I have to find a way to make sense of what I’m doing before I can show up and try to make the whole thing work.  On one level it all sounds silly and superfluous, but it’s not actually, not at all. Not for me. I don’t know any other way to do it.”

On a scene that didn’t make it into the film:

There was a thing that never got in that was really interesting. I went to Tim and said that we should see if we could do a scene that showed the transition and Tim was really great about these things so we tried. I wanted to see and to show that transition when he goes from Bruce Wayne to Batman, the time when he’s about to don the suit and go out and wreak some havoc. That’s not a casual thing, obviously, it’s not putting on a jacket to go out for the evening. So what is that transition like? So there was a thing we did early on that showed him going into a sort of trance and it justified this shift in him. So we did that scene and it never made it into the film but I think helped me in a way. It was part of the way he became this other thing and even if you didn’t see it, it was part of the character and the way we created him. Tim was always open to that. Jack and Kim come to him, too, chipping in with ideas and it was a really creative environment.”

On the Batman films that followed his departure from the role:

“I never saw the other ones [in the 1990s] but I saw most of the one that starred Heath Ledger which, if you me, is off-the-charts. Amazing stuff. The whole thing was great, everyone involved is great. That approach and that tone is exactly what I wanted to do with the third film when we first talked about it. I really believed that Batman had the potential to be one of the coolest guys in cinema. I wanted to go back and remind people of where this character came from. I wanted to go darker with him but the people involved int he decisions weren’t going to go for that. By that time, it was a huge, rolling machine and it was going to go on either with or without me. As I heard what they wanted I knew, honestly, that I just didn’t know how to do that thing that they wanted. I didn’t know how to do it, literally, and in the end I couldn’t. I would have been horrible.”

— Geoff Boucher


anne hathaway Batman: Michael Keaton on The Dark Knight    and a lost scene from 1989 film

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73 Responses to ‘Batman’: Michael Keaton on ‘The Dark Knight’ — and a lost scene from 1989 film

  1. chris deal says:

    more batman tales from keaton!!!! more more more!!!!!!!

  2. donny hanes says:

    keaton is the man i really wish he did more movies one of the most underrated actors today

  3. Sam T. says:

    Keaton proved all the naysayer and pessimists wrong by his great portrayal of Batman. It was Keaton's Batman movie that finally turned the corner and opened the way for this new generation of action movies.

  4. bob mortimor says:

    Keaton was the best batman and bruce wayne. Bale gets too much credit – yes, he looks like Bruce Wayne, but he looks stupid in that suit, he has none of the physical bearing that Keaton had. He hasn't got the jaw, or the eyes. Oh, and his batman voice is ridiculous. Keaton had it all, the full package.

    I'd welcome Keaton back to the role in a DKR-type movie…

    • Tom says:

      If memory serves, that was a phony jaw that Keaton wore while in the suit.

    • andydoerksen says:

      Can't agree with you, Bob. Keaton did a fine job indeed; the problems in those 2 Bat-films weren't Keaton's fault. Bale does NOT look like Bruce in the comics, which proves you're not familiar with the source material. But there's absolutely nothing wrong with how he looks in the suit–or, if your tastes differ, then it's a problem with the new Batsuits themselves, not with Bale. Thirdly, he has a stronger jaw than Keaton, so you're off-base there too.

      In terms of pure storytelling, THE DARK KNIGHT is far-and-away the best comicbook film–and even one of the best crime dramas–ever produced.

  5. CrystalSpins says:

    I love Michael Keaton. LOVE YOU MICHAEL! Sometimes I just have to get a Keaton fix and I pull out my VHS of Mr. Mom. I know you probably aren't going to read this, but I have to say I wish you were working more because I want to see more of you! And I still think your Batman was the BEST EVER! Come to think of it, lately I get into debates about it all the time.


    • @MohiAbro says:

      I was born in 1988, and I saw Batman Returns first when i was a kid. I agree – he should act more. I love to point to people who are unaware and are Christian Bale's Batman fans and say – "That man is the first Batman".

  6. charlywalker says:

    How about Batman returns to Pacific Heights?

  7. Mark Strauss says:

    "I always knew the way in was Bruce Wayne. It wasn’t Batman. It was never Batman. That was the key. The only reason to do it, really, was to come at all of this from this guy’s point of view."

    Interesting perspective on his approach to the character. I hope we see more of Keaton in the years to come.

  8. Jack styles says:

    @ bob: bob who?: Okay 1st off, bale doesn't get all the credit or too much credit. Keaton gets as much credit as Batman then anybody else who played Batman (besides Kevin Conroy because he's one of the greatest too). Keaton's Batman portrayal has changed everything. People look back and see Keaton's Batman as one of the greatest, and basically the first person too get it right. And this isn't who's better Bale? or Keaton? their both very good and both did a very good job portraying Batman, In their own way. That's what Keaton basically said too.

  9. zelenostrai says:

    Michael Keaton is the only Batman I ever know,he is the real Bruce Wayne…! Other actors doing their jobs in a unique way but Mr. Keaton have has that sparkle,don't you see how they are sitting and spilling their inner eyes and brains into that?! :)
    I really hope to watch them working together again!!!

  10. Harriet Bee says:

    I could listen to Michael Keaton talk about the Bat Man all day. I would just sit there on the couch and nod and takes sips of my drink and occasionally ask a question for clarification, but just clarification, as I wouldn't want to impose any structure of my own onto the proceedings. If I had to use the restroom I would wait until Michael Keaton had to take an important phone call (I can't imagine a phone call with Michael Keaton that wouldn't be important!) and then excuse myself then. I would return most promptly and he would probably still be on the phone, and I wouldn't bother him, I would pretend I was writing something in my notebook until he was done with his conversation.

  11. AlainSG. says:

    Amazing how the costume has changed.

  12. The Hook says:

    Awesoem post! Keaton has always been Batman to me, and he always will be. I wish they had made their own version of "Batman Begins" with Keaton, but that's the movie biz.

  13. ournote2self says:

    I"m a huge Keaton fan. He always plays the best characters.

  14. Some of movie maker copy from other story, Michael Keaton is a great guy, New Batman has 3d effect.
    We should wait to release the movie.

  15. Mrs. Tremaine says:

    One of my favorite movies of all time. Tim, Mike, Kim and Nicolson did a heck of a good job on that movie!!

  16. Eva McCane says:

    very cool!

  17. kesseljunkie says:

    Terrific stuff. As much as I hate stunt casting, I’d get such a kick out of him playing a side role that interacts with Bruce Wayne. No nod or wink, no cheesy pause — just something where if you’re a fan, you can have a little smile in the moment.

    Clooney should be burned at the stake for what he helped do to this character, though. Kilmer tried as hard as he could, but the material for the third one was just crap.

    • andydoerksen says:

      This post is off-base as well. Clooney is not to blame for the problems with BATMAN AND ROBIN. He did what the script called for him to do. Clooney in fact /looks/ the part of Bruce Wayne more than anyone else who's played the character, and in fact Clooney is to be lauded for his own concept of a gritty, noirish take on Batman that unfortunately never got off the ground because the franchise died.

  18. Marlon Phillips says:

    Keaton is & will always be The Batman! Also Jack Nicolson was my favourite joker in my view.

  19. Roulette Revolver says:

    Excellent stuff! Michael Keaton is a great actor and under-used these days. His portrayal of Bruce Wayne/Batman dwarfs any other performance of the roll, great to see some appreciation for the dude here!

  20. Matt says:

    Keaton as Batman/Bruce Wayne is timeless cinema for me. An actor, a comedian, who defied the critics (and muscle bound morons like Stallone) and showed the world what playing a fantasy character is really about. He played it seriously but had fun while doing it. It was a drama that was allowed to moments of satire, without being silly.

    The suit in the Burton film (like the car and the gadgets and the scenery) were great but it was his performance in the suit that defined Batman for me. Keaton's Batman will always be Batman, more so than even the comic books. That may be wrong in fanboys eyes and in no way is a judgment on Bale or Kilmer (both who I think did a good job), but Keaton made the mark and it still imprinted on the character.

  21. KCSLEDGE says:

    The intensity was good in Keaton's acting, but so much of what I thought was missing finally made it into Batman Begins. When I watch B89 it's like I 'm supposed to believe the batsuit fell out of the sky on Bruce Wayne and that was it. With Bale's portrayal, we see the hammer and polish that Bruce has to go through to make himself equal to the task at hand. We get the pain Bruce went through over his parents' death, the training he had to go through, the intensity in equipping himself with what he needed, and finally a brutal fighting machine who knows how to engineer a plan of attack–to the hilt! We get all these segemnt portrals IN SPADES!!

  22. Christina says:

    Michael Keaton was the best Bruce Wayne / Bateman!!

  23. Invisible Mikey says:

    To get it out of the way, loved Keaton, Burton, Fuerst & the '89 Batman in general. However, to read yet another actor's view that everything done in their movie was a new and original thing is both boring and an indication of how ignorant movie stars can be about film history.

    Lighting & forced perspective was from German Expressionism and theater of the 1920s. Psychological approach, and the voice change, had been done previously in both The Shadow and Lone Ranger on radio in the 30s, as well as being right there on the page of the Batman comics since WWII. The giant, dark city set approach and camera angles was recombined from both Metropolis (1927) and Blade Runner, which came out only a few years before Batman. Any bunch who can recycle all this stuff and do it well deserve to have their product celebrated – but NOT for "originality". It's all been done before, over, and over, and over.

    • Tom LaFleur says:

      I agree with what you are saying 100%. It does make him sound pompous in many ways. If there was anything "origional" in any of his movies, it would have been Beetle Juice. Loved Keaton in everything he did. From Batman to Mr. Mom…..

  24. theamberlight says:

    Great stuff! Always loved you Michael. Thanks for sharing these interesting comments. And yes, we woudl all love to see Michael Keaton as The Dark Night again VERY SOON!!!

  25. Jake says:

    See 510 hero's journey / screenwriting structure at http://www.clickok.co.uk/index4.html ; there's a Dark Knight deconstruction on the youtube channel.

  26. Deebler says:

    "As I heard what they wanted I knew, honestly, that I just didn’t know how to do that thing that they wanted. I didn’t know how to do it, literally, and in the end I couldn’t. I would have been horrible.”

    Don't worry, not many people know how to be THAT HORRIBLE. Thank you for not doing the other Batmans back then…

  27. corzgalore says:

    I love each Batman individually. Michael Keaton was one of the betters, although I think I'm biased because he did play Beetlejuice. I'm kinda thinking he could be getting a little old though to be jumping on buildings in tights and fighting the badest of Gotham City. Just saying.

  28. misternizz says:

    Man, it's funny, reading these comments slagging Bale's version of Batman. Back in the day, the reaction to casting Michael Keaton was "Who? the Night Shift guy? Are you NUTS???" Of course, Keaton showed all of them what a talented actor can do when he gets inside the head of his character. I think Bale does that too, for what it's worth.

  29. thestevenjcampbell says:

    Of all the batman films the first and last two are the only ones I can watch. The rest are just so commercially geared to mcdonalds tie ins and flashy special effects that it makes me sick.

  30. newsy1 says:

    In my book it is hard to beat Keaton and Nicolson. I don't get into the finer points of the Batman movies nor do I profess to understand all the nuances I just liked those two best.

  31. Jordan says:

    I agree. He is an underrated actor. He should do more work.

  32. findingpaola says:

    I met him once in Tribeca. He's amazing, quite the charmer.

  33. danieldokter says:

    Keaton’s lips and the sharp-stabbing eyes. Gotham’s comically eerie atmosphere. Enough said. Burton had create perfect Batman as in the comics. Not one who mumbles like a tuberculosis patient, tryin’ so hard to held his cough, and Gotham which looks like Sam Mendes’ suburbs.

  34. nursenan says:

    Lol, whoa…I was afraid to read comments…thinking I was the only person who was tantalized by BATMAN. I feel great now,,,,,especially after reading Harriet Bee's comment! Well, eat your heart out HB because I had a lifesize Batman Prop in my bedroom!! It was a gag gift from a male friend…but I never got rid of it, lol. Until a few years later, that is. But that's the point of how powerful the movie was and also how powerful Keaton was. As well as Kim B. Perfect casting. I still find myself acting out one scene in real life with real jerks…"and what do you do?" and I have the eyebrow for it. I think the coolest thing about this article is seeing how many people really "got" what BATMAN was and did for us in the audience and that it still moves us all this much. That so many guys got it, is news to me, and I like that. They pulled off a mood of a Dark Knight….completely. We bought it and liked it, which proves Knights in Shining Armor aren't just for girls or cheesey, afterall. It was Brilliant. Glad I was there for the ride. It was so perfectly done.

  35. cjoness says:

    Michael Keaton- My favorite Batman and actor. I'm not a fan of the Batman of today.

  36. cinefobie says:

    He's the best Batman afetr the great Adam West !

  37. thor27 says:

    Nice blog I'll add a link at http://thor27.wordpress.com Later.

  38. steve says:

    I dont believe I have to sit through Bale again and all that blur fighting scenes that anybody could do.The quailty is not there,then Nolan will produce the others,I dont care what they made in dollar figure.Heath untimely death caused all the uproar.Keaton was the man.Jack should have got an award.

  39. beyondanomie says:

    Fascinating. I'm intrigued by that deleted "trance" scene.

  40. jim says:

    Just because I write “lol” on every comment does mean your funny, get over yourself

  41. Andymovieman says:

    michael keaton is my favorite actor. he did a good job playing batman and beetlejuice. i think he is the best actor that can do action comedy and drama. god bless him. he is good at playing a hero and a villain. i think the 1989 Batman is better than the dark knight. nicholson is better and funnier as the joker than heath ledger. ledger spoke in mumbo jumbo in the movie. there was no backstory in the dark knight than in batman. keaton is the best better than tom hanks and george clooney.

  42. timelessmoviemagic says:

    This must of been a tough role to play, the first Batman film for 20 odd years. Keaton did this perfectly and opened up the avenues of showing a 'superhero' can have a darker side.

  43. joe35 says:

    Still the best of all the live-action Batmans. Christian Bale is a pale shadow in comparison.

  44. rain says:

    Comment read. Thx NDG! And thx for finding it

  45. David says:

    Michael Keaton looks great for his age and I want him to do at least one more BATMAN. Maybe we can catch up with Tim Burton's Batman and we can see how Batman is now getting older and how his job is getting harder after years of crime fighting, injuries and ongoing stress/depression.

    Tim Burton's films broke rules but in doing so it became something better I think, the Joker being the killer of his parents was a great idea!


  46. Ex-Parrot says:

    Keaton got two things dead right. The two most important things. He recognised what Burton wanted to do, and who the character of Batman truly is, and was able to really step up and embody that on screen to an amazing degree. And he knew when to just walk away, when the suits behind the scenes didn’t get it, and wanted to go down a different path for future sequels.

    And in doing so, in knowing not only when and how to step up and prove the naysayers wrong, but also seeing the writing on the wall and knowing exactly when to step back down again and walk away he has secured his version of Batman firmly into the realm of cinematic legend.

    Thank you Mr Keaton for being wise enough, and principled enough to have done all that. Oh, and make more films, you aen’t on screen nearly enough these days.

  47. ian johns says:

    Keaton is still the #1 Batman to me… his portrayal just resonates with me as a viewer

  48. Makermasters says:

    I think the Michael Keaton Batman was the best. Tim Burton really captured the concept of Batman duel personality. This movie also had the best looking Batmobile. The later cross between a Hummer and a dune buggy just didn't cut it for me. Casey Putsch built a Turbine powered Batmobile just like the one that Keaton drove. You can hear what he had to say about it on youtube. http://www.makermasters.com/he-wanted-his-own-bat….

  49. Shawn Tighe says:

    You just can't beat Tim Burton's BATMAN films the cast, music, production sets, everything was on the mark, and The Original Batman costume as for all the other films they tried to change it and I feel they ruined it. Being a fellow Pennsylvania native myself I'm a big fan of Micheal Keaton's work, and He was the Best as the Bruce Wayne BATMAN charecter no one has come close, its the Motion Picture Companies who always mess with a work of art, all they worry about is money, if Tim Burton, and Micheal Keaton were left to create what they enviosioned for the BATMAN Films fans could have had more BATMAN films that were as good as the first, but they did not want anymore of a dark
    film, which to me is BATMAN. Micheal Keaton is BATMAN

  50. Charles Miller says:

    The one scene I really dug in the first Burton Batman movie was in the only face-off between Joker and Bruce Wayne… The way Michael Keaton did it, Bruce Wayne ALMOST loses his cool and lapses into his Batman persona for JUST A MOMENT — he snatches up a fireplace poker and snarls "C'MON!!" — whereupon the startled Joker produces a handgun and shoots Wayne. To me, Bruce Wayne crossing the line into Batman for a split-second was the ESSENCE of his neurosis or psychosis or whatever you want to call Bruce Wayne's mental condition. Bruce Wayne was always the essence of cool, but you KNEW he had to be deeply schizophrenic, and Keaton brought that to the surface like nobody has done since.

  51. Priscella says:

    Great read, thanks for sharing. There is a minor mistake in the last question. You forgot to insert the word 'ask.' Read below:
    "“I never saw the other ones [in the 1990s] but I saw most of the one that starred Heath Ledger which, if you me, is off-the-charts.""

  52. ART says:

    Yeah, the new ones are intense… even the slow scenes are like… building tension. The old ones had style though. Flashy and had to be made in a fun way because comics outlawed violence for the longest time. That’s why Frank Millers vision of batman sold off the shelves.

    So cool to see him happy that it’s going on. A lot of actors get upset (like nicholsons famous quote towards ledger taking that role with a cryptic warning. I feel kind of bad because now he has to live with saying those things)

    Anyway, anyone else watch “The Other Guys” and halfway through the film go “Holy shit… THAT IS MICHAEL KEATON!” lol. I kept saying “no… can’t be” because I couldn’t think of a real outlandish comedy I saw him in.

    Dudes got amazing comedic timing if you watch that movie. I hope he shows up in more films. Slayed. Just remember. Don’t go chasing waterfalls.

  53. Milansdad says:

    Keaton is the OG Batman as Jack is the OG Joker!!! Mr MOM is his best comedy of all time! 30 years later the principles in that movie still hold true! Dad gettin laid off, mom going to work. Only today mom has to start off working so "Jack Butler" would have his problems earlier in life!

  54. Robert/Keaton-fan says:

    Michael is the definitive and quintessential Batman – and will always be. Granted, Bale did an amazing job as Batman, and having just seen the dark knight rises, I kind of fell in love with his portrayal of Batman. I will always keep the Nolan-trilogy in a warm place in my heart, but as much as that last statement, I’d have to say the Burton installements warms my heart even more. You can’t beat that particular roguish and enigmatic glint in Keaton’s eyes (they go beautifully along with the mask), and not to mention his perfect mouth with perfectly shaped lips that sport just enough of determination and discipline without it seeming over-the-top.

    I wish he could once again team up with Burton and return to do Batman – this time an older and more mature Batman in his finest days. We need them back… now!

  55. Bryan says:

    Both Michael Keaton and Christian Bale are by far the two best people to play Batman, in the whole franchise.

    Also, Heath Leadger was the best Joker hands down.

    R.I.P Heath.

  56. Tiffany says:

    My vote goes to Michael. He made the best batman and Burton made the best movie hands down! Michael the public has spoken and we miss you like crazy. Your voice over work for Disney Pixar just isn’t enough.

  57. jonathantrfranklin says:

    Keaton was Batman. Love Nolan's movies and Bale did a great job. But Keaton nailed it to perfection. He seems like a very bright man too. A true artist.

  58. Michael says:

    Michael KEATON BEST Batman.

  59. TheBat says:

    Batman and Keaton = Perfect. He has the soul of Batman, he ran in the streets at night and felt the character in his heart. He knew what he was doing. Awesome job Michael! I wish they would of went with a darker Batman III. Just one more film would of been great to see with you as Batman again. Bale's voice, as Batman? I literally started laughing and felt embarresed for the character. He looks a ok Bruce Wayne, but he's no Batman, and the new cowl is for the birds! Batman is supposed to be highly intelligent to work on his own rides, not get it from some dude hiding in a basement. That's part of what Batman is. The cars, the suits, the gadgets, and the willingness and courage to use them all to fight crime his way. Getting things handed over to him was a little ridiculous.

  60. gothamcycleworks says:

    Agreeably people is the best, and though the newer films have merit and effects and great stories and ideas..ledger was amazing but so was nicholson…but bales batman growl is ridiculous and as good as the 3 film is in cinematography what burton did in BATMAN w/o CG unbelievable still to this day…and the story on DK3 needed tweeking…killing off wayne too early in that film and BM would never ever be away 8yrs…..
    so that said….heres are chance to shoout loud and proud BATMAN 89 fans/Keaton fans!…..What would you think about a made for TV show like smallville but only: BATMAN BEYOND!!…Michael Keaton could reprise his role he'd be perfect and maybe someone like zac efron or ? could play terry mcginnis His bio-enginered son courtesy of masha wallce and checkmate(from comic and smallville)…maybe even a cameo from Tom Welling aka Superman…..or Erica Durance visits aka Lois Lane….has possibilities…….hey DC/Warner are you Listening????

  61. PS77 says:

    Agree with the comments here. MICHAEL KEATON IS THE BEST BATMAN. And the first 2 Batman movies still my most favourite Batman movies… everything went to hell after that.

  62. Cameronius says:

    I was at a bar a few weeks ago and the hottie bartender was sporting a Batman ringer tee. I asked her, "So, which Batman is your favorite Batman?" Without hesitation, she responded, "George Clooney, followed by Christian Bale." She then went on to tell me she hadn't even SEEN either of the Michael Keaton Batman flicks! In my mind, Keaton is Batman and Nicholson is the Joker! I no longer have my VHS copy of the original, but I often throw it in my cart when I'm at the Walmart, only to return it to the shelf just before I check out. Perhaps next time, I'll actually buy the thing! I bet it's AMAZING on Blu-Ray!

  63. D.D. says:

    In my opinion, Michael Keaton is to the Warner Bros Batman franchise what Sean Connery is to the EON films James Bond franchise. They were the originals and neither of their boots can ever be filled.

    Furthermore, Tim Burton single handedly invented the "dark" comic book hero film noir style.

    Chris Nolan's versions are great but nothing has come close stylistically speaking to the dark, sinister, expressionist style of Tim Burton's Batman.

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