‘Batman v. Superman’: Twitter reacts to Wonder Woman costume reveal

July 26, 2014 | 3:12 p.m.
aaanewwonderwomany74hkhy Batman v. Superman: Twitter reacts to Wonder Woman costume reveal

"Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice" director Zack Snyder tweeted out this first look at Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman. (Clay Enos/Warner Bros.)

newgallerysuperman horizontal Batman v. Superman: Twitter reacts to Wonder Woman costume reveal

Henry Cavill will be reprising his “Man of Steel” role as Superman in "Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice." (Warner Bros.)

newgallerybatman1 Batman v. Superman: Twitter reacts to Wonder Woman costume reveal

Ben Affleck will portray the Dark Knight in "Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice." (Warner Bros.)

In conjunction with Saturday’s Comic-Con appearance by “Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice” stars Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill and Gal Gadot and director Zack Snyder, fans got their first glimpse of the new Wonder Woman when Snyder tweeted out the first photo of Gadot in costume.

It’s been a busy week for those awaiting the highly anticipated 2016 follow-up to “Man of Steel,” as Snyder also recently shared a new close-up photo of Ben Affleck under the cowl.

Even in its earliest stages, the upcoming movie, which brings together a triumvirate of DC heroes and sets the stage for a future “Justice League” film that Snyder will direct, has been the subject of strong commentary in the fan community. Many openly criticized the director’s casting choices — including Affleck as Batman, Godot as Wonder Woman and “Social Network” star Jesse Eisenberg as Superman’s traditionally burly, bald and middle-aged archnemesis Lex Luthor.

FULL COVERAGE: Comic-Con 2014

As with Snyder’s reveal earlier this year of the first shot of Ben Affleck in costume posing with the new Batmobile, the photo prompted a huge response on social media, with “Wonder Woman” becoming a trending topic on Twitter within minutes. Many fans were quick to praise the edgy new take on Princess Diana, but of  course, the reaction was far from unanimous.

Take a look at some of the responses below:

What do you think of the new Wonder Woman photo? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

–Justin Sullivan | @LATHeroComplex


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70 Responses to ‘Batman v. Superman’: Twitter reacts to Wonder Woman costume reveal

  1. Ron says:

    It looks awful! I hate this costume design. HATE the boots the most. Why won't they just do the costume to make her look like Wonder Woman instead of trying to turn her into something else. UGH.

    • Jon says:

      Her costume doesnt make sense "In The Real World" where I live….. where you live (assuming) ……. Idiots everywhere.

  2. David Martinez says:

    This costume looks great. Looking forward to the film. But why isn't the lasso golden?

  3. RhonD'OH says:

    Hmm. I think this may be the first time Photoshop has been used to make a woman look BIGGER. :/

  4. S.Smith says:

    So, Batman and Superman get real costumes. Wonder Woman gets one-piece lingerie. This sexism is not cool.

    • WS Smith says:

      She's wearing more than Lynda Carter did back in the day.

      • BOB Jones says:

        Yeah but Linda Carter had the body to fill out the costume, this Gal chick is TOO DAMN SKINNY> It's not about the costume so much as it is about Wonder Woman being and Amazon. Gal is more of a stripper type

  5. nathrotep says:

    Pros and cons for me. I kind of like the over all look of this, but she is still too skinny. She doesn't remind me of the Wonder Woman in the comics. They have her in heels since she is only 5'9" in real life, and will need to be able to look batman and Superman in the eye, and they are both over six feet tall. In the comics, she's 6'3" and has a lot more muscle mass. Hopefully Ms Gadot will be continuing her workout in order to pull off this look successfully. However, it's a pretty good start.

    • Claus Talon says:

      In the comics, she's 6'3"? Must be in the NEW 52, because she's always been right at six feet in the golden and silver ages of DC. I'll agree that she''s too skinny-doesn't look Amazonian at all.

  6. joey pepperoni says:

    it is pathetic nothing close to the wonder woman outfit i grew up with and will avoid the movie because of it

    • WS Smith says:

      If you're looking for the costume Lynda Carter wore, you are way behind the times, my friend. This costume looks very much like her armor in the comics.

  7. ScottSatellite says:

    I'm so tired of dark, broody depictions of all these characters. Frankly they are all starting to look so much alike that I really have no inclination to go see the movies, especially since I know they won't bother with a plot beyond a few lines of dialog to string together a never-ending series of CGI explosions.

    • JinitialPinitial says:

      Totally agree…. every character is brooding, dark and becoming so non-heroic. This movie is headed down a terrible path where the heroes no longer care about the people they supposedly protect.

    • Claus Talon says:

      You said it! Everybody can't be like Batman! They make a hit with the Nolan series and want to follow the same formula with the rest of the DC universe-when that just isn't the case! Batman is a dark, avenging creature of the night. Superman is the optimistic, Dudley Do-right boy scout and Wonder Woman is the Noble warrior-protector and repersentative of her people. Neither her nor Superman are dark and brooding. Marvel succeeded with The Avengers because each character has their OWN individual persona, and not being patterned after the most popular one. Imagine if all of the Avengers had Wolverine's personality-FAIL! DC needs to follow the advice of the Michael Jackson song-Get it Together or leave it alone! End of rant.

  8. S DuBois says:

    Wonder Woman or Xena wanna be? We get it.. you are afraid red, white and blue won't sell overseas and its the green that dictates 'truth' in Hollywood. I was disappointed. Do whatever you want now. Make Thor a woman for all I care.. Oh.. yeah.. they did.

  9. Kwame says:

    This is a good and amazing picture though foreal.

  10. DTZ says:

    Skinnier than i thought she would be. Like a twig.

  11. This is not DC comics. This is Zack Snyders Huge mess. Sucker Punch was a mess. If I were Warner Bros I would cancel this, start a whole new superman movie and a whole new wonder woman movie. Batman needs a break for a few years.

    • Claus Talon says:

      You get all my votes if you could actually run for the position as head of WB. I feel the same way. They rreally messed up Superman in this last … should I say film or trash?

  12. KTH says:

    Why couldn't they give her costume more color? She looks good as Wonder Woman even if she is a bit too small.

  13. Tom says:

    I didn't know Wonder Woman carried a sword

  14. dchater says:

    Don't like it at all. But then again I wasn't a big fan of DC comis.

  15. LET DOWN says:

    Rin Tin Tin would have made a better Wonder Woman. NOTHING about this is Wonder Woman. I see Xena. Lynda Carter was and always will be the only true amazon princess. Gadot will never be it. Nothing against her she just IS NOT WONDER WOMAN!!! Stevie Wonder could run a better casting call.

  16. Jeffrey Turner says:

    Guys I'm so with u on this Leave it To Hollywood To Destroy A Classic., I love Wonderwoman But this is a travesty., Have u ever heard of Likeness., If That's The Case I Wonder What Lucy Lawless doing these Days Cuz That's not Wonder Woman ., not Even close Hollywood .,From All of us To You Wonderwoman we apologize for this travesty Holly wood has put you through

  17. Cee says:

    Hollywood seems to think a woman can't direct an action movie. Maybe the problem with them getting Wonder Woman right is just that none of these male directors get it. How about a big wonder woman movie directed and produced by women? Anything made by male directors will just end up with a cutout doll for wonder woman dressed in the current vogue for male fantasies.

  18. Cee says:

    Also, Hollywood has become so international and dollar conscious that they are stripping America's heroes to make them more world friendly. Why are they suddenly ashamed of America?

    • SJJ says:

      Yes… Wonder Woman found an AMERICAN fighter pilot washed up on the shores of Paradise Island. She adopted the symbols and colors of the AMERICAN flag/uniform. She joined the AMERICAN Armed Services to support the war effort. I know that the DC story line had "the gods" re-write her history…but this is NOT Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman has a GOLDEN lasso. I’m not sure what this rip-off is sporting. After all of these years of rumors about WW on the big screen this is what we get? I guess there is no concept of an iconic female AMERICAN PATRIOT. Seems like Hollywood IS ashamed of AMERICAN patriotism. SAD!

  19. JOHN says:

    Cool pic but where is Wonder Woman??? This would be good if she was in a medieval show or Lord of the Rings. Get real, go back and read some of the comics before you think you know something, and what's with keeping Batman and Superman traditional and reinventing Wonder Woman? Where is her Golden Lasso, and when did she ever have a sword? The answer is NEVER!!! I expected an updated costume for Wonder Woman not Xena.

    • MShawn says:

      I'm with you with hating all the reinvention, but do your research, because WW has had a sword in the comics for over a decade.

    • Sam says:

      Exactly, and BTW, this actress is just skin and bones…. how can she ever make me believe (in a unrealistic world) that is strong LOL, PLease, disaster casting!

  20. BB says:

    I like it a lot. Not in love with it but its a step in the right direction. In order to modernize her I was hoping for a 300like feel. A true Greek warrior type. I think the skirt or whatever is too short and it is quite colorless but definitely warrior like which is what she is. I am a true WW fan and I see no wrong with reinventing her into a new world. GG would not have been my first choice but she looks great and is pulling this off great. I really am hoping for the best here.

  21. Anthony says:

    I kinda like the new costume, but hate the boots. They make her look like a stripper. Some of you tend to forget that the Greek and Roman warriors wore leather-like outfits. The Amazon culture is derived from from the Greeks. I agree that she's too short and small for the role of an Amazon that's gonna be kicking some serious bad-guy ass. She may be a good actress, but she's not built for the role. There are tons of girls in Hollywood that are better suited for the role. In my opinion, money got her this role. Perhaps from financial backers for the film. Anyway, I hope she can pull it off, and this movie doesn't flop. Hollywood, listen to fans!! After all, they're the ones that's gonna make or break this film.

  22. Dude says:

    Ur all idiots she’s had a sword for years video games, animated movies, and the comics. Not all depictions of Wonder Woman are the same in the comics she’s not always big give the movie a chance just because she’s skinny doesn’t mean she’s going to be bad.

    P. S. Get a life.

    • Indigolantern says:

      Yeah she definitely does have a sword you’re totally right ^_^

      I don’t think alot of then have seen wonder woman in a long time. On another note, the actress can stand to eat and workout alot more, let’s be honest as she is right now she’s far from an Amazon. Aside from that I’m confident in her abilities

  23. wolfmanjason says:

    1. We have no context for this picture, so all you people clamoring for red, white and blue may want to just calm down a little. For all we know this is WW before she even leaves the island and this outfit is her "standard Amazonian garb".

    2. Even if this is "the" costume if you show this picture to someone with no information about who it is or what it is from I'm willing to bet that a vast majority of people would guess Wonder Woman because it looks like Wonder Woman.

    3. Isn't it time to admit yet that the Lynda Carter WW show wasn't actually good? It was fun sure. It has a HUGE nostalgia factor of course, but was it really good? The acting, the stories they told, is that what any of you REALLY want to see? It's alright to be nostalgic for something but being blinded by it is not going to lead to a good movie, ask George Lucas.

    4. A whole bunch of you vocal minority opinion people are going to see the movie anyway, then good or bad you're going to only focus on the negative and complain endlessly until the next movie comes out which by the way you will also still go see. You have no integrity and that is why your opinion as a "fan" does not and should not matter to Hollywood.

    Side Notes:
    To the she's "too skinny/stripper type" people: Get over it, I'm sure they looked at a ton of different people and in the end had to pick the person that fulfilled more than just one aspect of the overall character. WW is more than just her body, I'd personally rather see her played strong than just look strong.

    To the "WW should be made by women" people out there: She was created by a man, I'm sure you know this. You want strong female heroes written by women? Well then quit wasting your time complaining about a character that was made by a man, has been written and drawn by primarily men for the last 70 years or so and go make one. Be the change you want.

    • MShawn says:

      Now this guy knows of what he speaks…

    • sam says:

      Im sorry but with all due respect how can a skinny boned person can go by WONDER WOMAN, its actually pathetic! just like the actress of the beauty and the beast, shes gorgeous, great actress but, PLEASE!!!! she 5'2 and a detective that kicks people's asses LOL no sense! she can barely lift her finger!

      • wolfmanjason says:

        While we're on height….

        You guys realize that Gal Gadot and Lynda Carter are the same height right? 5'9 maybe 10-15 pounds TOPS between them….and that's not muscle either, go back and look at her.

        Lynda Cater was a pageant girl and model, if she were cast as WW today the same people would be saying the same things.

    • Mark says:

      "3. Isn't it time to admit yet that the Lynda Carter WW show wasn't actually good? It was fun sure. It has a HUGE nostalgia factor of course, but was it really good? The acting, the stories they told, is that what any of you REALLY want to see? It's alright to be nostalgic for something but being blinded by it is not going to lead to a good movie, ask George Lucas. "

      Granted, the plots of a 70's TV show are full of holes we have trouble handwaving today, and some of the acting was not exactly Bryan Cranston-calibre. At the same time (as I've been rewatching on MeTV), they created some villains that were actually interesting and who could have been sustained, and they did a great job of capturing the essential heart of a hero who, after all, was blessed by Aphrodite with overarching love and compassion. To ignore that aspect of her character in favor of the "hyped-up warrior who is uncomfortable off the field of combat" that we have seen so much of in the last decade does her a great disservice. So when Lynda Carter says, "why is she always so angry?" and "they'll do fine so long as they don't write her like a man," ITA with her (and I hope she gets to play Hippolyta in the eventual WW movie). It's perfectly fine for Diana to be able to kick ass alongside Bruce and Kal-El and I'm looking forward to seeing it; just don't reduce her to that.

    • Indigolantern says:

      I get what you’re saying…but she is certainly too skinny anyway. I would like to see her played strong and look string at the same time. Why do we have to accept one or the other? I personally think she can do it I just Hopefully they do with her what they did with the man of steel actor and have her workout alot and eat alot to look like an actual Amazon

    • jko says:

      She may have been created by a man, but a very unique man with a wife and a girlfriend who helped create the character. One wife demanded his super hero be female, and his girlfriend designed the costume. Its not that the TV show should be literally interpreted, but the essence Lynda Carter captured should be followed. Wonder Woman is a warrior for peace, not a sword wielding Roman soldier. Maybe someone at some point depicted her with a sword in comics, but that is not what true fans want to see on film. Super Man would never need a sword, and Wonder Woman's powers should rival that of Super Man. End of story. The actress can be 5"2' and flat chested for all I care, but the character should not be carrying a sword. The comics that depict her with a sword took Wonder Woman in the wrong direction and I predict this film will do the same. The TV show may have been campy, but they did a lot of things right that resonated with woman of all ages. Those are the fans a Wonder Woman film should cater to. Not Batman and Superman fans. This Zack Snyder film has its place among his fans, and Justice League will come next. But, once these films start collecting dust, I hope Warner Bros will give Wonder Woman another chance either in a TV series or on the big screen. Basically I see a divergence in fans. There are the 52 & Justice League Wonder Woman fans, and there are the Lynda Carter, Wonder Woman was an ambassador for peace fans. I think the latter feel Snyder's portrayal of Wonder Woman is not for them. Its not the Wonder Woman they believe in. Its not the Wonder Woman that they can buy into or support. His Wonder Woman is just that, HIS version. He is obviously disconnected from true Wonder Woman fans. But, he has his vision and perhaps he will create a new fan base with his iteration. This character looks just like Sif from Thor. I am guessing Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman will have as many lines and scenes as Jaime Alexander had as Sif. I think what offends Wonder Woman fans so much is to see that Wonder Woman is finally getting her moment on the big screen and its not getting done right. That is that. A man may have created Wonder Woman, but she belongs to women. She is not a hero made for men. She is a hero made to inspire little girls. Bottom line! That is how she should come across. She deserves her own series of films. The true fans deserve to see Wonder Woman done right! If she is done right, a new fan base will certainly follow. If she is done wrong, she may get buried for even longer. If Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles can get a feature film of their own and Wonder Woman cannot, Warner Bros is being run backwards. And, during this time of great turbulence when we are facing a potential world war, Wonder Woman should stand for peace, truth and justice! NOT "I'm gonna slay you with this sword because my powers are kind of lame so I have to use a sword." Man, she should be shielding bullets with her cuffs, soaring through the air, and whipping her lasso!!!! NOT reminding the audience of Xena or Thor's gal pal Sif.

      • Josh says:

        Funny enough the wonder woman with a sword thing has revitalized the character in such a way that it has catapulted her to being curenrently one of DC's strongest comic lines Being constantly amazing. Which in itself is impressing considering wonder woman was quickly fading from popularity in the comics.

      • wolfmanjason says:

        " I think the latter feel Snyder's portrayal of Wonder Woman is not for them. Its not the Wonder Woman they believe in. Its not the Wonder Woman that they can buy into or support. His Wonder Woman is just that, HIS version. He is obviously disconnected from true Wonder Woman fans."

        And they get all that from one out of context picture….. that is why they are not worth making movies for. They are not fans of anything other than seeing words they type on a screen.

    • Christopher Forte says:

      WOLFMANJASON:__NICE!! Totally agree with everything you've said. This is essentially a dirtied-down version of the classic WW costume, mainly (I think) to put her in line with the looks that Superman & Batman have in this movie. Imagine her showing up all sparkly and bright — it'd never work. Lynda Carter & the original WW series was a bit ham-boned but is nevertheless quite iconic. My greatest concern is that this WW will rely less on her traditional weapons (bracelets, lasso, tiara) than her sword and shield (that's what's strapped to her back, according to the costume designer). _She is the perfect foil for Superman & Batman — a warrior last, a negotiator first. But, mess with her & she'll snap you in two. Hence the 'trinity' they're so often shown as._If Godot can act the part, the rest will fall into place. Just lose the shield, use the lasso, defend with your mind first and your gauntlets second, and it'll be gold.

    • Claus Talon says:

      1. That MAY be her standard Amazonian gard BEFORE leaving the island, BUT-The iconic costume was the one she dons a their representative, so it should be as close to that as possible.
      2." because it looks like Wonder Woman." Disagree. She looks more like she should be in a Robert E. Howard book to film production.
      3. It may not have been that good, but the casting was spot on for the character as she was drawn and portrayed. The George Reeves Superman series wasn't that good by today's standards, but they've yet to cast a better Lois Lane than Phyliss Coates!
      4. I was opposed to just about everything I saw and heard about "Man of Steel", prior to its release, and sat through the opening night showing HOPING to have my stance changed-to no avail. It's easier for me to point out what I liked in the film than to pick out what I didn't because there was so little.

      As to your side notes- She may be too skinny, but Lynda Carter wasn't really a speciman of feminine athleticism, BUT-SHE had the right look, and if that has to be explained, then one just doesn' get it.

  24. tom eoin says:

    typical modern day liberal Hollywood – take away the " 'ol red white and blue' " from an iconic AMERICAN costume

  25. Gus says:

    NO! Xena CANNOT play Wonderwoman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and Wonderwoman had a LASSO not a sword!

  26. moe says:

    if the same pic of WW was posted online and the title was Xena warrior princess coming in 2016, no one would think this is wonder woman at all. its great to finally get WW on the big screen but im not going to pretend its a great WW outfit because its not.

  27. @jdtorber says:

    Awful. Way too short and way WAY too skinny ….. uh…duh she's supposed to be an Amazon. The costume might work on a bigger stronger woman – but the costume and actress are so far away from what Wonder Woman has always been it's just a joke. They could not have done a worse job selecting the actress / costume they have here.

  28. Mimi says:


  29. Lui Lui says:

    I am a huge fan of Wonder Woman. This woman looks nothing like the character. I have nothing against this actress but I will probably dislike her after she butchers my favorite female super hero. I don't understand why they could not find someone in the entire country who resembled our amazon goddest more. I am SUPER DISSAPOINTED. Bad Casting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. The Man With No Name says:

    Wonder Xena? Xena Woman? Costume blows! Lynda Carter Rules! Batman still looks like batman no matter how much they change costume. The same goes for Superman. Female Thor? Black Captain America? Gay Green Lantern? Calm down this is only my opinion, we are in America……..right! Have Good Day All – :)

  31. Omar says:

    The Casting Is Really Bad. She Looks Like She Has Been On Crack…..Too Too Skinny😠

  32. Sam says:

    I think this is very disappointing – This actress is just skin and bones – how can she even makes us believe she is a tough one, her legs can barely kick a ball much less warriors – Very upsetting! Stupid casting. Her bone structure doesn't make sense or justice to the character of Wonder woman…. btw I wish they would have casted EVA GREEN much much better

  33. Indigolantern says:

    She’s pretty, and the costume is cool, but it should be a little more colorful like the original. My only big problem is her extremely skinny body. Wonder woman is an AMAZON! they are muscular, tall,and curvy!

    if Gal eats alot more and works out then we have a wonder woman, if not then keep looking!

  34. jko says:

    The ONLY thing that bothers me is the sword. Not that I am opposed to WW using a sword or any other weapon. BUT I disagree that the sword should be a jumping off point. As if WW and the sword are now inseparable. I think this image (for the sake of the BIG reveal) would have been more powerful if she was using her cuffs to deflect bullets (which attests to her super human speed). Then, if a sword came up in the film, its more welcome. By revealing the sword here, Warner Bros. is telling the audience that this WW is all about weapons, not powers. About violence, not peace. That her powers are weak. Ever since the sword was introduced as a central weapon for WW, she seemed less pure. This image also recalls Xena and Sif (from Thor). To me, this picture does not shout goddess with super human powers. It shouts gritty female Roman Soldier, a woman trying to be a man. A human man at that. I think the reveal would be more welcoming to ALL WW fans if the sword had been left out. Fine to have in the movie, or maybe slung on her hip, just not so central for this image. By making this choice for their reveal, Warner Bros. has already told fans the WW they were hoping for is not going to be delivered. I think it was a bad choice by Warner Bros. Gal Gadot is fine. I agree people should stop picking her apart. The problem is NOT the actress, but with Warner Bros. They did so great with Super Man and Batman Dark Knight. They have always done great when handling Batman and Superman, all versions. I still have high hopes for WW. I am hopeful this picture does not mean what I fear it means….that being, Warner Bros. is totally out of touch with the WW fan base and she will get buried by this version of her.

  35. dskip23 says:

    Is Wonder Woman wearing tights in this photo? It looks like her legs and arms are a different color shade.

  36. Guest says:

    Guess he was a fan of Xena. I've been reading comics since the 60's and that ain't Wonder Woman in any form.

  37. Bee says:

    Good "Amazon Warrior" Greek type costume – still – it looks like a Xena update – but not Wonder Woman; hope there more & better to come – GG looks great in the costume; but she looks like Xena's sister- sorry – still waiting for a REAL " Wonder Woman" costume.

  38. Josh says:

    I say this to all complaining about the sword: Wonder Woman was losing popularity. They decided to take a new direction with her in the new 52, it looked very similar to this. It was phenomenal. Wonder Woman is now the best comic line in the new 52 at the moment. Have faith. Also Zack Snyder could be said of being not so great at a few things. But casting is not one of them. All of his films have great casting choices all round. PS you can see her lasso on her side!

  39. quaid says:

    I really dont care what they do but I'm just glad I'm getting to watch another DC movie, better than nothing and surely another reboot should happen a decade later, so more movies, yaay

  40. Deano says:

    I have been a big fan of Wonder Woman for decades. what made me pick up my first WW comic was her costume! the TV series did a spot on job of recreating Wonder Woman, especially for its time. the costume was perfect. Yep, the greatest female superhero is iconic because of the way she looks.
    this may well be her Amazon outfit and i sincerely hope that is the case.
    i'm not a big fan of the new 52 costume, but its ok.
    what really pisses me off most of all is that both Superman and Batman have the outfits that we know and love. the black and the blue. no changes are made to their costumes or the way they look. so why should Wonder Woman be treated any differently.

  41. Call me old school but I don't like the new costume. I like the vibrant primary colors of the old retro costume and the new one in the current DC Comics. I can understand staying away from heels though – don't like it but understand it.

  42. I'm also not a Gal Gadot fan either. I say go back to the pageant circuit where Lynda Carter came from. Stature, poise and looks – pageants have that.

  43. Alexis says:

    My only big problem is her extremely skinny body. Wonder woman is an AMAZON! they are muscular, tall,and curvy!

    if Gal eats alot more and works out then we have a wonder woman, if not then keep looking!

    ALSO where are the stars and stripes? I want the patriotic version please, give women once chance to have a real representation of our superhero. No anorexic models, and no grimy costumes with stripper boots. I love boots, but lets try something a little more useful – not just hot.

    And btw if anyone hasn't seen Gal in a bikini (or a dress, or anything for that matter in real life) this Wonder Woman picture is PHOTOSHOPPED (the body of course is what I refer to, I realize all Hollywood character shots are altered)! That deserves outrage…to photoshop curves, breasts, and legs on a woman who is pure skin and bone. Why not pick a real woman instead? With real curves? This is weak Gal, I thought you went through Israeli Military training, why cant we see some of that muscle?

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