Ben Affleck will play Batman in ‘Man of Steel’ sequel, due July 17, 2015

Aug. 22, 2013 | 6:22 p.m.
Ben Affleck. (Jay L. Clendenin/Los Angeles Times)

Ben Affleck. (Jay L. Clendenin/Los Angeles Times)

Ben Affleck will play Batman opposite Henry Cavill in the “Man of Steel” sequel, Warner Bros. announced today.

In a statement, director Zack Snyder expressed his excitement about the casting of Affleck, noting, “Ben provides an interesting counter-balance to Henry’s Superman.  He has the acting chops to create a layered portrayal of a man who is older and wiser than Clark Kent and bears the scars of a seasoned crime fighter, but retain the charm that the world sees in billionaire Bruce Wayne.  I can’t wait to work with him.”

Snyder, who directed “Man of Steel,” is set to co-write the story with David S. Goyer, who will pen the screenplay.

Production is expected to begin next year, with a July 17, 2015, release date.

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Affleck, of course, has a history in the superhero genre. He previously starred as the blind Marvel hero Daredevil in writer-director Mark Steven Johnson’s 2003 film.

Word of the union of two of DC Comics’ most iconic heroes first surfaced in July at Comic-Con International in San Diego, with Warner Bros. announcing the project during its panel presentation.

During that session, Snyder said that the film will not be adapted from “Batman: The Dark Knight Returns.”

“Zack Snyder is an incredibly talented filmmaker, but beyond that, he’s a fan first, and he utterly gets this genre,” Greg Silverman, president of Warner Bros. creative development, said in a news release about the Superman/Batman project. “We could not think of anyone better suited to the task of bringing these iconic superheroes to the screen in his own way.”

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“Man of Steel” producers Charles Roven and Deborah Snyder are returning as producers, and Christopher Nolan and Emma Thomas are serving as executive producers on the upcoming film, along with Benjamin Melniker and Michael E. Uslan.

Returning “Man of Steel” cast members include Amy Adams as Lois Lane and Laurence Fishburne as Perry White.

Diane Lane also will reprise her role as Martha Kent.

— Gina McIntyre and Noelene Clark

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In 1956, Infantino and  Kanigher was assigned to revive and update the Flash after a lull in the popularity of superheroes. "Showcase" No. 4, featuring the speedy hero, was a success and the Silver Age of comics began. (DC Entertainment)Flash may get his own show on CW

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214 Responses to Ben Affleck will play Batman in ‘Man of Steel’ sequel, due July 17, 2015

  1. Jane says:

    Did they SEE Daredevil????

  2. angel says:

    val kilmer should do this again.

  3. Mike says:

    How do you follow up Christian Bale with Ben F'n Affleck?

  4. HULS22 says:

    Why is nobody excited???? I AM ECSTATIC!!!!!

  5. Carl says:


  6. Amanda says:

    I think Ben will be great! Can't wait to see it!

  7. grover says:

    i thought ryan reynolds was a lock

  8. Jam says:

    Way to kill a franchise with this move, have you guys never seen an Affleck movie??? Was Adam West not available??

  9. Batman Lover says:

    Please tell me this is a joke!!!!

  10. mike says:

    Well that sucks. Affleck will make a horrible Batman.

  11. dukenukem says:

    zack snyder will bankrupt DC comics

  12. Brian says:

    WTF? . THIS IS ABSOLUTE BS. your going to have the daredevil play batman . way to kill two franchises.

  13. mike says:

    And now it's not awesome anymore…

  14. soulconstruct says:

    Another DareDevil catastrophe in the making,… Please After His rise your going to kill him again..,

  15. pjolds says:

    I was really hoping to see Josh Brolin as Batman.

  16. ItsanArgojoke says:

    I hear they are "shooting" it in Tehran. I know what he's up to. Bring them home safe, Ben.

  17. Jimbob Jones says:

    I certainly don't see this going over very well. This movie will tank, and it'll be another 20 years before another Batman movie is made because of it!!

    • Jerry Vandesic says:

      One can only hope. Maybe after this he could work with the hacks that are doing Iron Man, the Avengers, and Spider Man. Make the world safe from these tired franchises.

  18. APRIL FOOLS!!!!! Oh, wait . . .

  19. chirpie says:

    I really like Ben… and this is a terrible idea.

  20. Kenny Baiseri says:

    What is this belief that this B Movie failure can play Batman?

    Biggest mistake ever!!!!!!!

  21. Was a fan says:

    Your better off going with a black guy the Ben Affleck! This makes as much sense as having Megan Fox playing the hulk!! Well this WAS gonna be a good movie! I won't be going to see it!

  22. Scott G says:

    Epic Fail.

  23. yolo-ono says:

    Whoa, and Matt Damon is Robin?? Crazy

  24. Tammie says:

    No way I will spend even $1 at the Red Box kiosk to see Ben Affleck suck as batman… hell I won't even waste my monthly FREE CODE at Red Box to rent it!!!

  25. fustrated says:

    i wonder if daredevil gains his sight and relizes he was batman the whole time lol and then he relizes oh crap marvel prolly doesnt want me back as daredevil lol hint hint this is y their was no sequal my guess is their gonna kill batman this is afflaks fate

  26. @jmyers6977 says:

    i wonder if daredevil gains his sight and relizes he was batman the whole time lol

  27. Lili says:

    nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!! we want Christian Bale! we want Christian Bale! we want Christian Bale! I bet they can make him look old as they can to anyone else. age is not the real issue peoples! its money! they don't wanna pay up. am sad at the same time that he demanded so much money but hey… that's business for ya.

  28. the_bigham69 says:

    similar responses to when everyone found out heath ledger was the joker. they guy from a knights tale and brokeback mountain. he wouldnt be my first choice but i wouldnt say that hes going to sink the franchise and this is the worse casting ever. because i was said before and it was proved wrong, so dont knock it before it has even began production.

    • @Mattkind says:

      Heath Ledger sucked but So did Bale

    • DW says:

      That’s actually a good point… I had no real respect for Ledger and thought it was going to be terrible… and then I saw The Dark Knight. I had to pick my jaw up off the floor after watching his Joker.

      Affleck as Batman I think is going to be disappointing. I don’t hold out a lot of hope… but I’ve obviously been very wrong before and sincerely hope to be again.

  29. alejandro moran says:

    This is a horrible, I’m dissapointed that christian bale didn’t want to come back and play batman again. This WAS going to be such a good movie, now its just a joke and a completly dissgrace to DC and batman.

  30. Bandicoot Daddy says:

    Ben Affleck? What a joke. He should stay home and play with the kids.

  31. Kyle Watkins says:

    Well there went all my childhood fantasies in flames. Thanks for ruining my favorite super hero of all time.

  32. Jimmy Moore says:

    The same people who did 'Man of Steel'? OOPS!

  33. angelo says:

    Pleeeease don't do that!

  34. dark says:

    all youpeople talking trash, before there is an actual product will be the reason it fails.

  35. CORR says:

    Considering how shallow Man of Steel was, I'm not surprised Snyder would allow this.

  36. johncorsino says:

    man of steel sucked ! i thought Batman retired and they left the Robin character open at the end of Dar Knight rises…didnt they ?
    Oh, and did anyone SEE Man of Steel ? It was crap

  37. Steve says:

    Let's see… Marvel decided to go with a comic book guy to make movie making decisions (Joss Whedon ) and it worked brilliantly! Who is making the decisions at D.C.? With all due respect to Ben and his accomplishments putting him in this movie just to fill theater seats just doesn't work. I agree with "was a fan" it just doesn't make sense. The fresh faces we have seen some of these super hero movies have been a blessing to us while some of these seasoned actors ( not all of them ) are just screwing up some of my favorite characters. But Hollywood seems like they're on another planet with there grand idea's. I hope Ben proves me wrong cause if this tanks so does the Justice League movie!

  38. jocknerd94 says:

    Everybody get over Daredevil. Affleck has matured and improved as a actor and creative person in general since that movie. Besides he wasn't that bad in Daredevil. I have faith in the writers to bring another good DC film.

  39. babygap430 says:


  40. HalJordan says:


  41. BALD HEAD WIG says:

    Will he be wearing his HAIRPIECE ????????

  42. Tidus360 says:

    I think Affleck will play a much better Batman then Bale did

  43. Deepwater805 says:

    Now if they could just get J-Lo to play Catty Woman, then this might be interesting…

  44. DClover says:

    Remember all, Daredevil is a Marvel character and batman won’t be the only new person entering this DCuniverse.

    JL 4 ever

  45. Ben is the Bats! says:

    Affleck will make an excellent Batman. I don't understand why people are so baffled. It baffles me how much disappointment he is garnering but when Anne Hathaway, a terrible actress, toothy, skinny, butt-less and with as much sex appeal as a wet umbrella, took the role of Catwoman, everyone and their mother went crazy. She was terrible in that movie. Jessica Biel should've took the role as Catwoman, at least she is sexy and looks the part.

    Congratulations to Ben, he will do just fine! He just needs to build his physique.

    • Frankieboy says:

      I agree 100% on the Anne Hathaway opinion. I thought the exact same thing. But Ben is much better behind the camera than in front. Don't agree with this casting. If they want to recycle past heros,maybe Eric Bana would be a better choice.

  46. lenny breau says:

    Ben has the abilities if the director can pull out the right stuff. Once the suit is on, it makes little difference. Compare the first of the remake block busters with Michael Keaton. Was he good because he was first or because he was such a surprise for such a role? Yeah, Daredevil sucked, but that character never had the fan base of Batman nor could it so….it's like Haley Berry and her catwoman versus Storm. I think we just remember too much about Ben from Daredevil which was catastrophic due to more than just him. Ooops.. I forgot, this is only a movie!

  47. Kelly Waasdorp says:

    Wait I thought Ben had already committed himself to playing the shark in the Jaws sequel!

  48. Rich says:

    and now, Henry Cavill's career is over too….way to go Ben…way to go

  49. jess says:

    no way! deeply saddened by this news…

  50. Cina says:

    Kristen Stewart as Wonder Woman! Why does Hollywood hate DC comics?

  51. MocosaTx says:

    NooooooOoooooOooooooo *breath* NooooooooooOOOOOooooooooo

    I’ll wait and watch it on netflix. I’M not paying 14 bucks to see trash at a theater

  52. C Jackson says:

    While I don't get the black guy comment. I must say that this recent news has more or less killed any hopes I had in a DC movie universe to rival that of Marvels. John Ham would've been great. HELL, give Clooney another shot. I'm going to sleep now. With any luck I'll wake to find this was all just cruel nightmare. Maybe I've been dosed by the Scarecrow.

  53. jess says:

    is this a joke? what can you still expect here? he had already played daredevil and failed. i expect to see batman has a sexy face with intense eyes. something like james franco's face, though i didnt say he can be batman since he lacks superhero height and a body..just the face.. i can never see this guy as batman, he will always be daredevil. lol

  54. cris says:


    Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

    4000 Warner Blvd.

    Burbank, CA 91522

    CA Tel. 818-562-3062

  55. Nabz says:

    Wow, I cannot believe they messed this up. I liked Affleck in The Town and Argo and think he is very talented but he is not Bruce Wayne nor is he fit to be Batman.

    This is why I sometimes hate Hollywood. They don't give the job to the best fit actor or the person who would make audiences happy, they give it to one of there boys or someone's agent they owe a favor to, I guess it really is about who you know…

    I guess Nolan's Batman will forever be the best Batman in our lifetimes cause this is going to ruin the Franchise for the next 15 years.

    • decal 626 says:

      Tim Burton's Batman, Michael Keaton, was the best Batman hands down. Charm, darkness, and pathos. Plus, the supporting characters were off-the-chain. Those films seemed most comic-like. Maybe we should give Ben a chance. He's older now. Been in the wacky Hollywood biz a long time. That's almost like a comic book! The Town and Argo were both great movies. I wish that all the shut-in, armchair quarterback, lazy bitchers would just pipe down and give this thing a chance to take shape.

  56. Max power says:

    Let’s take the bat cah to get some chowdahh.

  57. mike says:

    Nooooooo God Ben as Batman? He’s better casted for bizarro or an extra that gets in the way of a fight

  58. DTLARes says:

    Ben is becoming hotter and hotter the older he gets.

  59. Brian says:

    "I'm Batfleck"

  60. Dondo says:

    Can someone please tell Zack Snyder it's ok to use a tripod in a major motion picture?!? All the unnecessary handheld camerawork in Man of Steel, plus the fact that it was about 30 minutes too long almost ruined the film and made it very hard to watch.

  61. andrew says:


  62. seedoubleyou says:

    Well, that's it for me. I'm OUT!

  63. steve secor says:

    Really: who comes up with these ideas. Ben is a good actor but Batman. I see another 100 million down the drain.

  64. Dennis says:

    Just pay Christian Bale whatever he wants!!

  65. edwin says:

    Definitely not going to get a ticket from me. I hope it tanks.

    WB has forgotten one thing…using Ben as Batman, everyone will be assessing his acting skills as batman as oppose to being immerse with the character and storyline.

    What a fail.

    This has to be a joke for sure.

  66. Louie says:

    Why?…………………..I hate you Warner brothers……..I always hated you Ben afflack now I hate you even more.

  67. Milton says:

    I remember everyone saying "I'm not going to see this" when Amazing Spider-Man was announced. Shut up quit being stupid and see how it goes. Don't just assume its going to suck. Daredevil was a long ass time ago. GET OVER IT!

  68. John W. says:

    Look at that photo of a Affleck. Does that trademark placid looking face of the nice-guy-next-door look like the Dark Knight's!?! At best, he's Clark Kent, not Superman, but the bashful alter-ego. He can't play tough or dark or anything resembling gritty.

  69. DPRichard says:

    Affleck killed off the Jack Ryan franchise (Tom Clancy's CIA Analyst/Bad Arse played very well by Alec Baldwin & Harrison Ford) with Sum of All Fears. Now he'll kill off another successful franchise after Christian Bale resurrected it from the dead. Who ever made this call needs to be black listed from film making across the planet.

  70. Rebeldog says:

    Yawn. Fanboy meltdowns. So utterly predictable. You wouldn't know talent if it came and bit you on the ass. Personally I think Affleck is a great choice and I can really understand the decision.

  71. Kirstie says:

    Seriously People??? You are BOOING an Academy Award Winner! Everyone thought Robert Downey Jr would be a terrible Iron Man…well they were wrong. Have Faith!!!!

    • Edddie says:

      wtf Roebrt Downey Jr is a brilliant actor. He is good in any movie.

    • Frankieboy says:

      Academy Award Winner for writing, with Matt Damon. I still chuckle everytime I hear that. Academy Award Winner Ben Affleck, like it was for acting. LOL Writing, NOT Acting, or even Directing (I do think he got robbed there) And most recently for producing ARGO but NOT for acting. Tell me Ben is Directing, great. But Batman?? After Bale? Bad news.

  72. mdm studio says:

    Ben as Batman, that is crap, the guy has a smile like Nicole Kidman full of Botox, imagine him under Batmans mask…
    Christian Bale is the Best, Michael Keaton was great also, Val Kilmer good, Clooney bad, Ben will be Crap…

  73. Steven Speilberg says:

    I was going to comment "Who cares?" but then I saw that this article has more comments than any LA Times article in probably the last 5 years, and I got depressed…but then I thought of a great serial killer movie idea where the guy stalks brainwashed moviebots like the people commenting here and I felt OK and then went to bed happy…..:}

  74. Shroud46_2 says:

    Ben you may not be scared of taking this role. Because you think you got nothing to lose. But you haven't thought it through. You haven't thought about Argo just winning us over relatively recently. You haven't thought about your old friend Matt he won't even do a movie with you he's on another level than you, or your little Brother Casey he's getting to work with Nolan.

    People from your world have so much to lose. Now, you think because
    your directed, co-produced a good film we trust you on the acting side of
    life, but we don't. You've never really made up for Pearl Harbor. You're, uh, you're
    Ben Afflec, the Dunce of Hollywood ; you'd have to go a thousand miles to
    meet someone who didn't know you were in Daredevil or Gigli. So, don't-don't come down here with your Oscar, trying to prove something to yourself. Rabid fans live in a world you'll never understand. And you always fear what you don't understand.

    Yeah, you got talent, kid. I'll give you that. More than you use half the time you act,
    anyway. In the bathroom at a gas station , Snyder told me, uh, told me about the night

    you auditioned for the part. He said you begged for mercy. Begged. Like a

  75. shahar says:

    Nooooooo :'( My childhood… gone…

  76. Kathy says:

    Horrible choice. He's too much of a dude. Will they dub his voice? Hope so.

  77. ibbe says:

    I am smelling a flop already.
    I dont believe that Mr Affleck is suited for this role. He is Not Batman or Bruce Wayne.

  78. jon says:

    hahahaha… I am having a good laugh on this one..

  79. AnitiBenacide says:

    Ben can't play Batman because Batman is intelligent, this movie is going to be guano, and I'm very sad, maybe we should cancel Christmas this year while we're at it.

  80. David says:

    this is a terrible idea.

  81. daniel says:

    Warner Bros. Executive 1 – We need to find a way to stall the Justice League movie.

    Warner Bros. Executive 2 – Ben Affleck!

    Warner Bros. Executive 1 – What?

    Warner Bros. Executive 2 – We cast Ben as Batman in Man of Steel 2 and people don't see the movie.

    Warner Bros. Executive 1 – THEN WE GET TO REBOOT THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE! Brilliant!

  82. @wilgold22 says:

    Please, consider Betty White before Ben Affleck! Oh no Blanche!

  83. Choripan says:

    this SUCKS….I like Ben but he's not batman material……STUPID CHRISTIAN BALE…..WHERE ARE YOU??????????????????

  84. johnrj08 says:

    I think Affleck is going to surprise a lot of people. This is the kind of film for which he is ideally suited — no pun intended. He has the physical stature — especially if he trains for the role — and he is completely capable of pulling off Bruce Wayne. He has made some terrible films in the past, but some terrific ones, too. This could turn out to be his best outing and I think people should make an effort to keep an open mind going in.

  85. Brie says:

    Argo was a great film. But not because he was in it. The story was good. He’s going to kill my favorite super hero.

  86. CarlFurillo says:

    Ben Affleck!?!?!? If they were going to go that way, they shouldn't have just picked Steve Carell. He's more believable . . .

  87. @BxMrLow says:

    I think this movie is going to be awesome!!! I can't wait!!!! He's the perfect candidate to play Batman. and Yes I saw daredevil.

  88. Rae says:

    wow, just reading all of these comments is pretty hilarious. do you people have nothing better to do or fight for?? I mean, starting a letter writing campaign and a "no ben for batman" facebook page? get over yourselves! it can't get worse than george clooney or val kilmer!

  89. BenNoThanks says:

    I will not see the movie. Daredevil, or the 2 batman movies that stinks from the 1990s. It will destroy the Superman and Batman movies and WB/DC will have to do another restart of both.

  90. Eddie Alvarez says:

    Wow. How about you continue on with Christian Bale or a talented Ethan Hawke. I would rather see
    Keanu Reeves play as batman then the Cheesy Ben Affleck. And if the decision is final he better be the batman, smell like him, eat like him and do an equal or better Jon then Christian Bale because Christian Bale is so for the bets batman ever!

  91. Eddie Alvarez says:

    Who saw Gigli? Case closed.

  92. Matius says:

    Way to take the BEST superhero series and COMPLETELY destroy it……. his best role was Gigli or movies that no-one would every watch.

  93. NiteOwl says:

    "It's simple, we kill the Batman" This is awful news. Batman is officially dead and I declaring it is the end of respectable super hero movies. We have come full circle and are now back to the days of Batman and Robin. I am positive they will be sure to include nipples on his suit.

  94. Sam C says:

    Stupid choice. You “Producers” already let him ruin one “Marvel” Comic Book Great. Now you’re going to let him ruin a DC Comic Character? You guys are so dumb. Why you guys give these bozo’s a second (or third) chance is absurd. He didn’t even do a Tom Clancy character right.

  95. Agent721 says:

    Superheroe movies have officially jumped the shark.

  96. Letty says:

    Someone should send them copies of the movies: Daredevil, Gigli, Reindeer Games, Forces of Nature (the one with Sandra Bullock ), Paycheck, Surviving Christmas, Pearl Harbor and Team America: World Police ( only because of the music: Pearl Harbour sucked and I miss you)

  97. Jennifer says:

    Anyone remember is crying seen in Armageddon? Pathetic.

  98. jj in LA says:

    Is anyone sure Ben & Henry Cavill aren't the same guy? ie: have you seen them in the same place @ the same time with your own eyes? It would be easy to pull off, don't even need CG, remember how Bruce Wayne would get Alfred (Alan Napier) to don the tights and stand in the corner with his finger over his mustache pretending he had a cold. Same thing only Henry/Ben wears the Superman's underwear while a double wears the bat-flak & cowl. Who'd know they were one-in-the-same if not interchangeable?

  99. Beans says:

    this must be the place where all the (cool people) idiots go to say “nooooooooooo!!!!!” “this is gonna suck” “I won’t pay to see this” and try to be more witty than the previous idiot. Can’t wait for school to start back up so all you kids have something better to do.

  100. KdF says:

    was really hoping they would have considered Jim Caviezel

  101. nightside says:

    Wasn’t Mark Wahlberg available?

  102. Johnz522 says:

    Wow , hold me back. Hollywood is bringing more comic book cr*p to the screen. The dumbing down continues. There used to be a time when movies were made for adults, It was called Hollywood's Golden Age.

  103. nightside says:

    Can you imagine Ben scowling like Batman. It’s going to be another Cloone-wreck. The Rock would have been a great choice.

  104. nightside says:

    Physically speaking The Rock would be an awesome Batman

  105. Clem says:… this petition showed what a lot of people think about this idea

  106. Snook says:

    Sounds like a basic money grab and entertainment politics. The fact that they cast him without a script lets you know even a monkey would suffice. Daredevil is the only film I’ve ever walked out on. 3 worst actors, Sam Jackson, Ben affleck and nick cage.

  107. C. Testa says:

    Not the best choice, however, Ben DOES have traits more akin to Bruce Wayne than Bale did. Wayne is supposed to be tall, hefty, 'bigger' than most men. Bale was kinda squirelly…though he was by FAR the best since Keaton…who was quite believable as Wayne. I like Ben, I'm certain he WILL do his utmost to attain some kind of [transformation] into a believable 'Wayne', and, alas, a transformation WILL be requisite IF he is to pull it off. If he solves the role by just being his 'normal' Ben Affleck type presence, he WILL fail, utterly, as Wayne. I think it might have been Far better if they'd have chosen an unknown actor with a more gritty voice, big frame, small waist [Ben is kinda too blocky and thick waisted for Wayne]. He may surprise us all. I hope so. I like Ben but would never have even considered him for portrayal as Bruce Wayne / Batman. But I do think he will take this very very seriously.

    Batman is ONLY as good [as] Wayne. People never realize this. The better Wayne is portrayed, the better the Batman…! I find it hard to believe that out of all the possible choices, 'Ben Affleck' was given the task…and a task it truly is. Especially now that Bale has truly given us something above the mediocre norm.

  108. emoran71 says:

    whyyyyy? the movie will suck

  109. Louie P says:

    What a crappy choice. The movie will now officially suck

  110. entropy says:

    I was unpleasantly surprised when I read of this last night. Not my first choice. But I think Ben *can* pull it off… they just need to allow him to grow some grey stubble and just look like he's been through a few wars… At the time of its release, Daredevil was actually pretty damn good (much darker than I expected) for a mainstream release. It made $180 million. It wasn't a flop. Anyway, if Exec Producer Christopher Nolan did not veto this, then Snyder and Affleck *will* make this work. Have faith. Man of Steel was awesome.

  111. Cob says:

    They really should have went after Christian!!!

  112. Theresa says:

    Matt damon should be Robin…anyone that has seen Dogma knows that

  113. dudamiami says:

    i just wanna put the word out there in DC they have few issues call the trinity with a great story line featuring Superman,Batman and Wonder Woman i really think they are missing the mark not making a movie based on those three characters together…would be the biggest heroes in the comic world together!!!

  114. alex says:

    Well, when I first heard Bale was plying Batman in Batman Begins I thought that was an awful idea. Will give it a shot!

  115. Dwood says:

    Worst possible choice for Batman. I and my family will be boycotting.

  116. Sean says:

    i will not even watch it. said and done.

  117. Bo fussmucker says:

    Man of steel has a sequel???

  118. As expected, there are no reports explaining why Christian Bale is not reprising his role in the new installment of Man of Steel coming in July 2015. Even more pathetic, Christian Bale's name is not EVEN MENTIONED anywhere in this post. He just recently played this role so why the sudden cast change? Those film executives are confusing the fans. Who is the real Batman? The previous Batmen are too old and are virtually unfamiliar to this generation. Can we stay more consistent in these super hero flicks please? Like, I dunno, Iron Man. Ben may be an Academy winner but he should stick to Daredevil 2 featuring Christian Bale as Batman.

  119. Steve says:

    It should have been Christian Kane.

  120. Arturo Gonzalez says:

    This really suxxxxx.. Christian bale all the way. why no continue the best batman movies of all time! Please tell me this is not a locked decision. pLEEEEEEEASE….. Don't do it!!!

  121. scott says:

    ben is the 'talkative good guy' type, not the 'quiet dark type'. the last batman wasn't very good because of the plot and editing, not bale. why the change? i have a hard time conjuring any interest in seeing this and i have been a long time fan of batman and superman…. feeling disappointed :-/

  122. D Casey says:

    As soon as I saw the headline I knew all the adolescent comic fanboys would be coming out of the woodwork. Thanks for not disappointing boys.

  123. Bobbi says:

    "Joe" Manganiello would be a much better batman to Henry Cavill's superman! Ben Affleck is Daredevil. Hello? This isn't going to work.

  124. hernson says:

    Once again the Batman / Superman movie franchise has been flushed down the toilet. I really miss the golden era of movie entertainment.

  125. Greg says:

    this choice sucks; truly sucks ….. maybe they can listen and reconsider Christian Bale !!!!!

  126. Punya says:

    I’m glad christian bale isn’t doin this movie cause anyhow Man of steel was a bad movie. Bale turned down the 50 mil $ offer as he doesn’t want to ruin the trilogy.

    I hope Affleck does a good job with this.

    But seriously speaking I don’t have the same expectations from the movie as I did from the Nolan trilogy and I wouldn’t want Bale ever to be wasted in a project like this.

  127. realityavi says:

    Dear Ben,  You have been chosen, you lucky man, to play the Caped Crusader in possibly the most anticipated superhero move ever.   You have to see this as an opportunity. People are incensed bro, prove them wrong. Remember when Heath Ledger was announced as The Joker, I scoffed, I joked. He knocked my socks off. His turn as The Joker was one of the best perfomances anyone in my generation has seen. Hands down. You have to knock our socks off.   This is not about you pal. Batman is dear to many people, if I were to be a superhero, I would want to be Batman, I want to be the Christian Bale Batman, I want to be the Batman of the comics and the graphic novels I read when I was younger. I do not want to be the George Clooney or Val Kilmer Batman. Will you be an inpsiration to youngsters today, or are they going to be left with Marvel superheroes?   Batman is bigger than Ben Affleck, when I watched the Dark Knight Trilogy, I didn’t see Christian Bale or Heath Ledger I saw Batman and The Joker. I don’t want to come and watch you play Batman, I want Batman. Let’s take Jack Reacher, I have read many of the novels and was very excited to the see the film. Alas when I went to watch the movie I saw Tom Cruise. I didn’t see Jack Reacher. That is a problem Tom Cruise has, he is too big for his roles. YOU ARE NOT BIGGER THAN BATMAN MATE. Don’t try to be.   You are getting a second chance.. You had Daredevil. Ben Affleck gets to play a second superhero, after getting a Golden Raspberry for the last time he played one. Dude, life has dealt you a pretty sweet hand. Bring some of that Argo magic, leave Jersey Girl at home. Post from my friend Mord maman

  128. ANASTASIA says:

    well, well, to all of you movie critics and experts, you are already killing this movie before it is even started!!!. for all you experts are being chilish and negative, you never know, BEN is extremelly talented and could make you eat crow once the movie hits the theater. I hope so anyway, I hope that his acting makes all of you look like fools!!!. And to be honest, I doubt that all of you that have no acting talent need to stop being so negative… JERKS__

  129. UncleBiz says:

    I don't DON'T DO NOT like Ben Affleck as Batman! However, the fact that Batman & Superman will be in the same movie overshadows that and we all know it. Marvel has finally woken DC's lazy ass up so a Justice League movie may just come to fruition after all by 2021.

    *Affleck wasn't that bad as Daredevil, the movie was just horribly directed and the script poorly written.

  130. rhi says:

    Will he be whining again about not getting a grammy

  131. Jeromen270 says:

    I remember how we all booed and laughed when they cast Michael Keaton as Batman in the "comic book" version of the Batman genre, and got surprised. It's called acting for a reason, and Ben Affleck has a long history of good acting ability, in action, drama, comedy, and romance. These are all areas that all movies are expected to have, regardless of the actor. Ben Affleck can do well, or can do worse to the character, as can anyone. The story, and the director define most movies by bringing out his vision. Trusting Zack Snyder's vision, and allowing that he is skilled in his craft, should make us more anticipatory than negative at the beginning of the process.

  132. Genni says:

    Really not Fair >.< WE wanted Jensen Ackles to play dark knight not Ben >.<

  133. earl says:

    no ben is good but he is not the batman person

  134. Martin says:

    Eat your words, Snyder.

  135. Gina says:

    I am a huge Batman fan. Ben Affleck is a one dimensional actor who lacks substance. Perhaps, he's a good guy, but his acting is unconvincing. What a shame! I refuse to watch Ben as Batman. He should stick to writing and perhaps, producing. The director needs to rethink his decision. Who can walk in Christian Bale's shoes? I can watch Bale a thousand times as Batman, but Affleck? I don't think so.

  136. brian keith says:

    Im already tired of these people saying give him a chance thay pepple were wrong about ledger and keaton yea but at least everyone knew yhey had some sort of acting skills but afflec the only reason why hes famous is cause of three people kevin smith matt damon and jennifer lopez and any movie that he’s been in that was good wasn’t cuz of him stick to directing leave batman alone its rediculous that anyone thinks he can pull of batman warner bros is going to loose millions thanks to there stupid decision

  137. nightside says:

    Ben Affleck is the greatest actor since Mark Wahlberg. He will rock in this movie. Just imagine Batman saying “I’m Batman” with that sideways smile and giggle. It’s perfect. By the way who wants to short Time Warner stock with me?

  138. hernson says:

    In the words of the immortal Lloyd Bridges…..It looks like I picked the wrong week to quit sniffing glue.

  139. Lila says:

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wanted Richard Armitage… Why the hell happened?

  140. Prophet Sv says:

    Colin ferrel would be a great batman

  141. Christina says:

    People WORLWIDE have SPOKEN! 50,000 signed PETITIONS in 1 day! NO Ben BATMAN!

    Point 1: STOP COMPARING Aflac to other actors who can act–Keaton, Ledger(rip), etc.
    Point 2: Those actors didn't have the HUGE FAME NEGATIVE BAGGAGE Aflac has (horrific Gigli, Daredevil, Bad taste in women JLo ghetto, gambling and arrogant persona, etc. etc.)!

  142. patrick says:

    Im not gonna say this is gonna be terrible but im not gonna say its going to be great either i am very cautious about this announcement it may be bad but i wouldnt count on it just yet

  143. david green says:

    I cant beleave there going to let ben play batman the roll should go to robin joseph-Gordon levitt since was set up for him to take the rains

  144. liz says:

    jeez, people, lighten up! he'll be fine.

  145. Dude says:

    Why Ben? Wasn't Ashton Kutcher available?

  146. Lee says:

    What were they thinking – r u serious??? I wont be spending my money on that ! and I think the franchise will not be taken seriously…. I am no longer even anticipating the superman release or any Batman releases. Way to Go ! guess were going back to the George Clooney Batman Days !!

  147. Rkr says:

    I think Cristian bale is the right candidate for this movie.

  148. bos_mac74 says:

    Why reboot batman?.. Nolan had something going, you could have combined the franchises by making it seem as if both events happened at the same time!… Like the new batman but hate the idea of rebooting batman.

  149. paige thomas says:


  150. Supermanfan1980 says:

    Billy Zane would make a great Lex Luthor!

  151. Joe says:

    Affleck couldnt be any worse than Henry Cavill at least. Cavill is nothing like Superman, nor anyone who's ever portrayed him. His last movie was a big yawn. Now Affleck and Routh might work. But for that matter is there nothing in Hollywood except Batman re-writes

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