British invasion: U.K. actors now play Superman, Batman and Spider-Man [updated]

Jan. 30, 2011 | 12:31 p.m.

Henry Cavill will be the first foreign actor to portray Superman on the silver screen.

cavill British invasion: U.K. actors now play Superman, Batman and Spider Man [updated]

Henry Cavill (Getty Images)

Look, up in the sky, it’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s … the Union Jack?

The news that Henry Cavill, a native of the British isle of Jersey, will fly across the screen as Superman brings us to an interesting point in superhero cinema — the three biggest Hollywood franchises based on American comic books  will now star actors either born or raised in United Kingdom. Christian Bale (who looks poised to win his first Oscar for his stunning work in “The Fighter“) will soon be back in Batman’s cape on the set of “The Dark Knight Rises” while Andrew Garfield is already wearing the red-and-blue tights of  Spider-Man for the Sony reboot of the wall-crawler’s mega-franchise.

andrew garfield British invasion: U.K. actors now play Superman, Batman and Spider Man [updated]

Andrew Garfield at the SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills on Sept. 7, 2010. (Kirk McKoy / Los Angles Times)

Garfield was born in Los Angeles but he is a dual citizen of the U.S. and England and moved across the pond at age 3. If you want to argue that he should be considered an American actor, you might want to start the discussion with the 27-year-old himself. As you read here at Hero Complex, he has plenty of Peter Parker’s self-doubt when it comes to taking on the uniquely American hard-luck hero. “This is a beloved character, and, you know, ironically, I’m gonna be the person in the audience going … ‘Who cast this English fool?’”

Bale, born in Wales and of English heritage, is the first foreign-born actor to play Batman in a theatrically released project (the previous Caped Crusaders were Adam West, Michael KeatonVal Kilmer and  George Clooney in feature films, Lewis Wilson and Robert Lowery in the 1940s serials and  Kevin Conroy in the 1993 animated feature “Batman: The Mask of the Phantasm“). Cavill will have the same sort of distinction with the Man of Steel, who has been portrayed in live-action feature films twice by actors from Iowa (George Reeves and Brandon Routh) and three times by actors from New York or New Jersey (Kirk AlynChristopher Reeve and  voice-actor Bud Collyer). If you’re curious, the Clark Kent actors from live-action television series — Reeves, Dean Cain, John Newton and Tom Welling — were all born in the States as well.

christian bale and heath ledger in the dark knight British invasion: U.K. actors now play Superman, Batman and Spider Man [updated]

Christian Bale as Batman and Heath Ledger as the Joker in "The Dark Knight." (Warner Brothers)

There’s some relief, perhaps, that the most patriotic of American superheroes will be portrayed by domestic product this summer; Chris Evans, of Sudbury, Mass., has the title role in “Captain America: The First Avenger.” That community just happens to have the ZIP Code of 01776 within its city limits — no joke — which can only have helped when Marvel Studios looked for a fellow who could wear a wardrobe that Betsy Ross would have loved. There’s a “Wonder Woman” television series now ramping up, too, but there’s no casting news yet, so we’ll have to wait to see if the Amazon princess — who also looks like a walking flag — will be portrayed by a subject of the Queen of England.

Cavill will undoubtedly be asked if he feels a bit odd taking up Superman’s classic fight for “truth, justice and the American way,” so we have a suggestion for him if he grows weary of the queries. It might be worthwhile noting that the hero of Metropolis is, in fact, an intergalactic immigrant. The last son of Krypton may celebrate the Fourth of July, but let’s remember he arrived in Kansas as the ultimate outsider and then won all of us over as, um,  a resident alien.

— Geoff Boucher

UPDATE: Due to an editing error, an earlier version of this story used “England” in the headline instead of “U.K.”


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93 Responses to British invasion: U.K. actors now play Superman, Batman and Spider-Man [updated]

  1. wes hall says:

    how pathetic….now where your from in the world today reflects on your acting ability?? does it matter what part of the world the actor comes from as long as he does his duty and portrays the character to the best of his ability and makes his character believable to the target audience..least we forget Heath Ledger was Australian but where was the critique on his acting abilities because of his country of origin…i think the reporter really needs to grow up and stop being racist towards an actors country of origin and concentrates on the actors performance instead

    • Dee says:

      Right. I'm sure the Brits would be so understanding if Jon Hamm got cast as James Bond.

      • Larry says:

        I didn’t hear any of them whine when Downey took on Sherlock Holmes. Funny though many Americans did, though.Us, Americans, not me but generally, like to cry over every little thing. We seem to have this massive sense of entitlement for no reason.

      • jae says:

        Downey is Canadian, not from the US.

      • Jim says:

        As a Brit, I'd like to say that i'd LOVE Jon Hamm as Bond.
        That is all.

      • James says:

        I second that as a proud english man! Come on Garfield!
        And I think Downey Jr was amazing as Sherlock!

      • nelson says:

        they did'nt bitch like you are when rdj was cast a sherlock holmes

    • Truth says:

      lol . if it's all acting ability then perhaps they should keep their own accents while delivering the lines. Watching the new Batman movies is like watching a bunch of midgets trying to fool the audience they are six feet tall. lol Would we be saying the same thing if the director was from Germany, all of a sudden cast a bunch of Germans to portray American accents? lol I understand about actors ability and everything, but it's pretty evident that there is a casting culture going on right now where Foreign is in. I mean come on, It starts with Wolverine,Superman, Joker, Baine,about 90 percent of the new batman films, Clash of the Titans, John Conner for Christ sake and now super man. lol it's one thing to say ''oh they are just good actors'' it's another thing to neglect the fact that there are just too many of them for it to be a coincidence. lol

  2. commentor says:

    He wasn't being racist. How about reading the last paragraph again before throwing out the race flag!

  3. Guest says:

    So what was J.K. Rowling being when she refused to allow any American actors to be cast in the Harry Potter movies?

    • fact says:

      Europeans are well known racists. Only Americans are expected to be so big hearted as to accept anyone.

      • Louise says:

        You're so right. Nothing says "big heart" like racial segregation lasting into the 1950s and uproar over a black president.

        Rowling is one person, she doesn't represent all of us. Consider that the Harry Potter cast is disproportionately white and middle-class when 14% of the UK population does not identify as "White British". Also, those casting the film opted for more mediocre actors from the London area rather than make much use of the prestigious acting academies in the north of the country. Americans were hardly the only ones excluded from the roles.

        Also, considering that unknown child actors were going to be in the Potter films anyway, it makes more sense to have British children rather than needlessly drag a bunch of American kids through pronunciation classes to sound sort-of British.

      • JohnnyJackson says:

        Well at least the US has a minority president. And we don't air brush out blacks in our movie posters!

      • Anon says:


    • stickerlininmenter says:

      She was being sensible. There's a big difference between a US adult (e.g. Paltrow, Zellwegger) playing a Brit, with their ability to undergo exhaustive dialogue coaching, and a US child to do the same. She wanted to keep the integrity of her creation, and Haley Joel Osment just wouldn't have cut it. And as others have pointed out, that's a nationality issue not a race one.

    • GiGi says:

      She did WHAT? If I had known that, I wouldn't have paid one red AMERICAN cent to see her movies! American money she was more than happy to receive…

    • Jorden says:

      Lol right aswell if this how the yanks whinge its all about bloody power to the lot of them lets not go there as most countrys would agree, dont worry tho im sire there,ll do a remake they like tht.

  4. KT Chong says:

    Hey, if Robert Downey Jr. can be Sherlock Holmes, and various American and Australian actors can be Robin Hood, why can’t British/Australian be American superheroes?

  5. Jess says:

    What does racism have to do with this article? "American" and "British" aren't races. God, you people are stupid.

  6. Zack says:

    Actually Andrew Garfield is an American. He was just raised in Britain.

  7. doop says:

    Hey, after Costner butchered the accent in Robin Hood, we (Americans) deserve this.

  8. Lance says:

    jon hamm isn't a bad bond… tom hardy will get the next one though

    but it's not like we haven't had a non-brit in the role… George Lazenby was an australian and Pierce Brosnan isn't british.. he's irish.

  9. Kurt says:

    How about Charlie Sheen or Lindsay Lohan for these roles? Second thoughts, maybe not…

  10. Scoobi says:

    Johnny Depp as a fabulous BRIT JAck Sparrow. Lara Croft played by Angelina Jolie. Anne Hathaway playing Jane Austin. Rennee Zelleweger as Brigit. Gwyneth P…. shall i go on?

  11. Wilber Kookemyer says:

    This is just an attempt to sell newspapers. No story here. Films that are paid for by international investors, shot in multiple foreign countries, and packaged for a worldwide audience, are somehow suspect for hiring british actors? Yawn.

  12. jana says:

    I am furious about this. But mostly because I wanted the super hot Tom Welling.

    • Sonya says:

      Yes, I was very disappointed. I won't lie.
      My eyes deserved such sensory pleasure, basking in Mr. Welling's seething hotness.
      Alas, we are denied.

  13. Lisa says:

    I don't care if an actor is from Mars (or Krypton for this certain matter XP), so long as he can ACT (as well as look AMAZING in spandex)!!!

  14. krypton says:

    So, it's to be a return of SWIMMER'S BODY Superman?
    Time to commence campaign of rage and hate.
    Why do you have to keep fecking this up Hollywood – WHEN IT IS SO EASY????

  15. Bev says:

    I was just going to add about Robert Downey Jr. being Sherlock – thank God we're basing it on acting ability and not nationality/natural accent. We could've had far worse. As a Brit, I wouldn't have wanted anyone else come to think of it.

    In terms of Superman, we once nearly had Nicholas Cage and recently Joe Manganiello. Cage is the same in every role he plays and looks nothing like Supes whereas Joe… was too Italian looking.

    As a plus, Henry Cavill does actually have dark hair and BLUE eyes.

  16. Jeff says:

    Mel Gibson, Australian- Brave heart

    Pierce Brosnan-IRISH-James Bond

    Russell Crow-New Zealand-Robin Hood

    Americans should not get upset over foreign actors playing certain roles, If the actor is good enough for the role let the actor or actress play the part, take Pierce Brosnan, born in Ireland,yes an Irish man playing James Bond, imagine that, you did not hear us getting upset over that

    • Geoff Boucher says:

      Actually Gibson was born in New York

    • Ivy says:

      Mel Gibson in Brave heart = playing Scottish character .

      Pierce Brosnan = playing British character

      Russell Crowe = NZ actor playing English

      So what does this have to do with Americans? None of those characters were American, so why should we care if an American does not play them?

  17. JohnMcDonaldish says:

    Aye, and Sean Connery, the best Bond, is Scots. And Sherlock Holmes was written by a Scot, and, that bloke who is featured in the King's Speech – he's not the King of England.

    England is great but it's only part of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

    No, this isn't a lesson in geography, it's just a rant. And, no, I'm not Canadian.

    • FreddieLewis says:

      I think you have all misunderstood this article. This is an article written out of curiosity on an interesting fact that Americas major icons are being played by British actors.Yes Sean Connery is scottosh but thats irrelevant as he is british and MI5/MI6 is an agency working for the 'queens people' which no matter you're political views includes both australia and scotland, but yes the pierce brosnan case is rather funny. + JC me being an islander of jersey myself I can confirm that being from jersey doesnt make you english but Cavill did go to boarding school in england from 13-18

  18. JC says:

    “the three biggest Hollywood franchises based on American comic books will now star actors either born or raised in England”

    Henry Cavill’s from Jersey – not part of England, or even the UK. It’s a Crown Dependency.

    • Kenny says:

      Well, now it seems Hollywood is a Crown Dependency…come to think of it, I HAVE a Crown dependency. I need a drink already. Up, up and away!

    • Leon says:

      from Jersey – not part of England

      He still speaks with an English accent.

      • Sarah Johnston says:

        Er.. It's actually a Jersey accent. if a Canadian has an American sounding accent (and a lot of us Brits think they sound the same) does that make him/her a citizen of the united states? There are people in Scotland with English sounding accents, does that make them English? Have you ever been to Wales? in Cardiff you have plenty of people who have an RP English sounding accent, but if you called them English they would punch you!

  19. Jamie says:

    It's well known in Hollywood that British characters are brought it to either play villains, or dark/edgy roles. Why he would be chosen to play whiter-than-white American superhero is puzzling mind?

  20. jason says:

    Newsflash: Wonder Woman should not be anywhere in this article. She is an Amazon Princess, and at no point is ever an "American." She is an ambassador from Themyscira AKA "Paradise Island" and never ever considers herself an agent of the USA, affiliated with it, or any such thing.

  21. Ian Mackenzie says:

    For goodness sake, does it really matter who plays the part of a comic book hero or where they come from!
    Remember please that Superman is not an American but a Kryptonian.
    As long as the actor meets the need to portray Truth Justice and the American way whats the problem?
    Stand and remember true heroes,like the 24 Brits that died on the walls at the Alimo supporting the Texas dream or the Yanks that flew with the RAF during the Battle of Britain before America joined the fray. Remember true heroes,Yanks Brits and others from Iraq and Afganistan. Enough said! ( A true Brit from Scotland)

  22. Lucy Fallon says:

    Whatever next. A white bearded man to play Jesus of Nazareth? And Sean Penn is a straight actor pretending to be gay, dont be silly. And that bloke in 127 hours didnt actually cut his arm off. No, i know, Its true. UGhhh And a moving drawing given the voice of a human in UP? Outrageous. I paid money to watch the movie about drugs and it turns out the actor isnt really an addict. And kermit isnt a real frog so.. and wtf Jesse eisenberg isnt actually Mark Zuckerberg. Ive been robbed. AND AS IF a British bloke could EVER be a jedi Knight. Gimme a break. Oh and DONT get me started on Americas got talent.

    • Guest says:

      Aight you went a bit far there let's be fair man. "Americans got talent," chill Lucy. That would be like me saying "All Brits are a bunch of posh-tossing cunts." I get yur point (not that, you needed mine or anyone's validation but) Jesus, …seriously that one hurt.

  23. JBuck says:

    It's an outrage and insult to US actors that Warner Bros. could find a single one of them to fill the role of the Man of Steel, the most iconic American superhero of all.

  24. gingerliu says:

    Who gives a shit about nationalities as long as they can act. Brits rule.

    • Chad Dahc says:

      Well yeah of course but, look I'm just a guy here aight? I read this whole thing and understand everyone's point but it doesn't seem like anyone's acknowledged the actual issue. Possibly, and this goes for me for sure, the only reasons that some to most Americans quarrel with Brits playing us is that: 1 It's not balanced (and that's the main ****** issue really).
      See, let's look here: Brits, yeah, you guys can TOTALLY play us easily. Our accents are so flat and easy that….. if I could come up with a funny analogy here I'd use to strengthen my point. Obviously Bale, the Spider-man kid, and Superman, they're gonna do the job AND DO IT WELL. But it's not fair that Americans aren't playing you guys. YES. Yes I understand it though; our portrayals of the English/Irish/Scottish/Welch accents are quite "posh, well bad, horrible, fake, and rubbish." But hey, that's only a few actors. Hell, I can do a pretty nice cockney accent "I fink."
      You guys have only seen like, MAAYYYYBE, two actors from here in the states play you: Robert Downey Jr. and….I don't know somebody else. We can do it! An actor is an actor: give him/her the direction and he'll/she'll will do the research and do it (hopefully). Everybody knows not ALL Brits say "Ay wuld yuh lioke uh cup a' tea luv? Ohhh cool blimey look ah t that w****r ova theh… Gits me knickers in a knot ay?"
      But not all Americans say "Like, and um, like and uhh like, it's like, yuh know, like, uhhh dude like, d-d-d-d-d like dude." (Ironically if you haven't noticed, I am not a good example).
      Anyway, this is the last thing I'll say and if you've actually read this whole thing thank you. Really. I know you may have better things to do than read some dude's post about the annoyances of British to American-American to British casting. Seriously, I appreciate you reading this, whoever you are [on a side note, is it WHO or WHOM?]) I
      t's fine having Brits/Scots blah blah blah people play Americans, but be consistent. There should be MORE Americans playing Scots and Brits and ect. AND, ANNNND, if a role is REALLY REALLY, I mean REALLY designed FOR that nationality, let it BE that nationality (I hope I am not ignorant with this because I don't know if Sherlock Holmes falls into this). I'm talking about films like "Captain America" or, …I dunno "The Queen" or freakin' "The Adventures of Tin Tin." I'd be WELL pissed if an Englishmen played Captain America. EVEN if he did it well because it's like "Dude, come on that's one of ours." Granted, you guys should PISSED if we played the kid from Tin Tin. Heck I would too! Maybe Batman isn't a good example but, if you noticed, there were (I think, I think) two American actors in that entire film. Come on, that's a LITTLE suspicious.
      Anyway, I hope this long message gets to someone out there sincerely and humbly. I don't want to come off as a jerk.
      Thank you if you read this. And remember, it's not that Brits are playing Us; it's that we (US) are not playing you (Brits). Fairness. That's all guys. (NOT saying it's your fault, it's not. It's the casting, JUST saying. Ok bye I gotta go to bed it's like eleven right now and I've got…nothing tomorrow. Night).

  25. Lola says:

    *** Dances around the LA times Hero Complex website wearing nothing but the British Flag***

  26. j3n1lynn says:

    For those who watched Smallville, the voice of Jor El (his Kryptonian dad) is voiced by none other than Terrence Stamp, a well-respected Brit actor. Stamp also played Zod in the films, where Marlon Brando played Jor-El (still with a Brit accent).
    Now, if I also follow the Dr. Who logic (as well as Hollywood), pretty much every place on earth has a Brit accent – except in America – even outside of time, space, and alien species. It is a universal truth.
    ill be honest tho i really don't care too much who plays superman. as a female, i just want him to look hot. altho, i do agree with the one person who said swimmers bodies suck. but, this dude…he's been on the tudors. im all down with it. its buff.

  27. blkyank says:

    I don't care if Superman is played by a non American as long is he's played AS an American.
    Kal-El may be of Kryptonian heritage,but he was raised by Americans, as an American,in the American heartland. Superman is the ultimate symbol that America has always been more an idea vs an ethnic group.

  28. Gary Makin says:

    Speaking as a Brit, this is our revenge for Dick Van Dyke's cockney accent in Mary Poppins.

  29. Jack Burton says:

    I prefer to look at this as being American rocks so hard Brits are falling over themselves to BE us in the movies. :D

  30. FrankieBlueEyes says:

    It is a very sad state of affairs in this country that even Superman is outsourced to the British.

  31. love says:

    Wow. There are plenty of people on here, American and British enjoying playful teasing banter without resorting to hate over the casting of Superman!
    Both of us rule. W make good films together!
    You know, i think Henry Cavill will make a sexy American, just as Johnny Depp has been a sexy Brit playing Captain Jack Sparrow. Peace and love x

  32. Vivian says:

    And what if it's a South American actor? Superman is one of the most loved character in the world, the most important cinema industry is North American and It wouldn´t be a surprise have a full multicultural team.

  33. WhoKnows says:

    I doubt there will ever be an American actor who plays James Bond….

    • bryce says:

      You're right. We Americans are open-minded whereas the Brits et al are not. We're people who love to give others the chance to shine, Brits traditionally don't

      • The Queen says:

        Go back to watching Fox News and kissing the feet of Israel, ignorant retard.

      • Daniel Cowan says:

        Your film industry is much bigger than ours so many US actors never make an effort to be in our films but the ones that do are well received and given a fair crack of the whip for “British” parts.

        We’ve had two non-Brits play James Bond and would have more if they can play Bond as Bond. Bale plays Batman as American so if an American was cast as Bond he’d have to play it British.

        Maybe rather than say the Brits aren’t open-minded enough to cast Americans (which is all kinds of ironic) you might ask yourself why so many Brit actors and overseas actors in general are being cast over Americans. The answer is talent. Cream rises to the top. That’s not to say American actors are bad, it just means that for the movies some are bitching about Brits/Foreigners being cast for, the quality of US talent auditioning for those roles is poor.

        The thing to remember about acting is that it is acting. You are pretending to be someone else and as long as you can do that convincingly it doesn’t matter where you’re from as you’re doing your job properly.

  34. Joek says:

    There has been an Australian James Bond, so who knows.

  35. Dave says:

    I'm all for the best people in the roles, and Brits have outstanding actors, along with Australians, Canadians and New Zealanders (South Africa, too). As the story points out, Superman came from outer space, the ultimate resident alien. The point about Robert Downey Jr. was on target.

  36. Rob says:

    Yes-it is a bit annoying when there are so many good American actors who could do the Superman role-but. Bale was the best Batman. Connery was the best Bond, and Russell Crowe has played Americans a lot. The film that really put him on the map-LA Confidential, he was an LAPD detective, and played opposite Guy Pearce-a great actor, and an Aussie I believe. This stuff goes on all the time- Isla Fisher ( mostly Aussie) was hilarious in Wedding Crashers. Everything is global now, and Aussies are more like Americans than Brits anyhow, and I know a bunch. The key is, can you do the accent-and do it flawlessly. The previous generation of non Americans could not. This generation can.

  37. Leon says:

    I bet They remove, and the American way, from Superman

  38. robert says:

    cavill does not fit the role of superman, leave it alone and cast tom willington for the part

  39. BigBOYRoy says:

    All men are created equal who cares as long as they can act period.

  40. Thomas says:

    Frankly, it's a lot about the dollars. The actors have the drive to make more money 'abroad' and international/US studios can and will pay less or the same for that motivation. Never put studio's on the grounds of decisions based on national bond – they cater more to international balances.

    I'd say the only big issue in movie making would stem from anything documentary and true portraits of the people of the land. As for fiction, anything about it can be fiction – even the actors accents. On the acting side, there is the consideration that local actors may not get said parts due to increased pool of talent. That's where they'll have to get creative and seek American roles in foreign lands, . . . they could land long term international standing . . .

    It's a smaller world after all.

    • Al says:

      Except that you know Americans won’t be hired overseas, unless they’re already famous and used for glam value. It’s not fair, as in even. The anti-American rhetoric from the average Brit has only gotten louder in the last 5 years. They will never let the average American actor participate in a proportional amount.

      There’ve always been talented actors from all over the world in American entertainment, which is as it should be. What’s happening now isn’t that. There are plenty of local actors with the skills, but the people in charge are willing to indulge their upper-middle class Anglophilia to the detriment of their fellow countryman.

      • Daniel Cowan says:

        It’s not acting related but we (the UK) made the Scissor Sisters famous. They couldn’t crack America to start with and they tried their luck here and were a success.

        Most US actors who aren’t yet famous will try their luck in Hollywood and would never dream of coming to the UK to be in our films. The success of British films of late may change this in the future.

        Experienced US actors often take part in our films because they want to try a different way of film-making. Those that do really embrace it and try hard to pin the accent down. Brad Pitt in Snatch is a great example and an early film of Josh Hartnett’s “Blow Dry” is another. Both worked hard to do decent non-US accents.

  41. Victor says:

    Here is the big picture. SUPERMAN ISN'T AMERICAN!!! He's from another planet all together. Then they mention Wonder Woman, she's an Amazon, also not American. By the way does everybody remember where the white people of America originally come from? Europe!!!

  42. Diavolos says:

    There is no such thing as american idiots. If he is native american he is asian, if he is white american he is European. Seriously do you think that all americans grew up in a tree or came with a spaceship???

    Seriously political correctness turned you into an adopted child or what?

  43. happy says:

    native americans are not asians, they are Indians who are native to this country, you big dumbo

  44. Joseph says:

    I'm a Brit, so I don't mind the jobs being outsourced to folks back home. However, The Superman and all are manifestations of the American Culture and character. This country was given birth thru war with England and its three kingdoms, so its ironic that these rolls are being played by British actors.
    Same amazement I have with Bruce Willis being all American when he is German, or a number of Black actors in prominent America films playing all Americans characters but are ether British or Germans and passing off as African Americans.

  45. Ruben Reyna says:

    This is really a pointless article. I believe any film cast any actor they want. I only care about the final made film. Look at Tom Cruise playing Lestat. Robet Downey JR playing Sherlock Holmes. Kevin Costner & Cary Elwes playing Robin Hood. Christian Bale has played Batman with wonderful conviction even better than Michael Keaton. Toby Maguire was never really that good as Spiderman. So I look forward to Andrew Garfield’s take on on the part. Stop waving the American flag and protesting ” This is our land go back to your land part” and just enjoy the show. Most of us Americans don’t support your view.

    • Jose says:

      I agree with your general point, but felt I should point out that Cary Elwes is English, so his portrayal of Robin Hood is not an example of a foreigner playing the character.

  46. Mark says:

    Superman is a American I-con,not English.If he uses an American accent I'm fine with it.House used an American accent and nobody would've cared if he used his English accent.Make sense in the use of accents.

  47. Lincolnshire Liz says:

    It's time we Brits got our own back – for the crime that the baggage Ann Hathaway committed in the film One Day. Her accent was utterly terrible – she didn't even TRY to speak in the Yorkshire way. She also murdered the accent as Jane Eyre.
    And don't get me started on Costner as Robin Hood. As a Nottinghamer, I felt he should have been tied to the Major Oak and left to contemplate the reasons he decided to speak in a US accent for the film. And then there's Johansen and Portman as the Boleyn girls…. we have suffered long enough.

  48. Silla says:

    Funny how people claim that your acting talent shouldn’t be limited by what country you’re from. I bet the same people complain about Indians stealing jobs. You may be in denial but this is the same crap. Only reason some are so quick to brush this issue aside is because most of these actors are white and British and we all know how hard the entertainment industry is trying hard to make Americans worship the British culture. If leading roles were being given to non white foreigners, you would all be hopping mad and spewing racist venom. There are hundreds of thousands of Americans trying to get acting roles in Hollywood and for some if these directors to say that no Americans want a role so that’s why they had to hire a Brit is bs. Not only that but they couldn’t find the white Americans they wanted so instead if trying to give American minorities a chance they hire and pay millions to white non Americans is also bs. In the end its America that loses.

  49. Jeremy says:

    it's always ok for america to be fair but let anything go the other way and look out. we're said to be arrogant but ever saw the movie Green Street Hooligans or watched Top Gear UK? never a kind word said about americans. it's yank this and stupid american that. they had a whole show on Top Gear trying to feel important by lining up everything they make in the UK. I like the show but you could feel the hurt as they were trying to prove how superior the Brits are to everyone.

  50. Kathy Sanderson says:

    In a sane world, the British and the Americans would be the best of friends. This banter about acting and accents etc. is quite a hoot, never erring to the nasty side. The only thing that matters is that the part is played in a convincing and compelling way. There are fabulous things about Britain; there are dreadful things about Britain. Ditto America. After all, we British are effectively your parent nation. Now……are we not supposed to honour our mothers and fathers? Peace and affection to you all. From an Englishwoman who loves American films, whatever the nationality of the cast.

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