‘Captain America’ title will be changed to ‘The First Avenger’ in Russia, South Korea

Jan. 21, 2011 | 1:23 p.m.


captain america running Captain America title will be changed to The First Avenger in Russia, South Korea

"Captain America: The First Avenger" (Jay Maidment / Marvel Studios)

How do you sell a movie called “Captain America” to an overseas market? In South Korea, Russia and the Ukraine, apparently, the answer is you don’t even try.

captain america comics 1 Captain America title will be changed to The First Avenger in Russia, South KoreaThe film “Captain America: The First Avenger” will have its title truncated to, simply, “The First Avenger” in those three overseas markets, according to Marvel Studios insiders. The choice was made by Marvel, Paramount Pictures’ international team and distributors in those three countries based on market research results. Those involved in the decision are being careful to frame the move as a matter of brand management and consumer awareness and not as a decision tilted by cultural or political winds.

In private, Marvel insiders said that early on in the project’s planning there was talk that the title might need to be changed in numerous international markets but that there was a “pleasant surprise” — the brand recognition of the comic-book superhero was so strong that it overrode those considerations in many places. That was not the case in Russia, South Korea and the Ukraine.

It’s not uncommon for American films to undergo name changes for overseas to suit the international variables in taste, translation and temperament.  Still, this particular title tweak might not sit well with those pundits and purists who frowned on comments last year by the film’s director, Joe Johnston, that suggested that Captain America and his alter ego, Steve Rogers, would be more measured in the way they saluted their country.

“He wants to serve his country, but he’s not this sort of jingoistic American flag-waver,” Johnston told Hero Complex. “He’s just a good person. We make a point of that in the script: Don’t change who you are once you go from Steve Rogers to this super-soldier; you have to stay who you are inside, that’s really what’s important more than your strength and everything. It’ll be interesting and fun to put a different spin on the character and one that the fans are really going to appreciate … the idea that this is not about America so much as it is about the spirit of doing the right thing,” the director said. “It’s an international cast and an international story. It’s about what makes America great and what make the rest of the world great too.”

One competitor thinks the name change is a good move and might be advisable for more countries. “It’s going to be interesting to see how the movie does internationally with that character’s name,” said Matthew Vaughn, the director of Fox’s “X-Men: First Class.” “I think changing it is smart.”

Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige could not be reached for comment due to an intense work schedule on “Thor” and “Captain America: The First Avenger,” both of which are now in postproduction. Through a spokesman, however, he did not refute the reports of the name change in the three markets.

captain america comics Captain America title will be changed to The First Avenger in Russia, South KoreaThis March marks the 70th anniversary of Captain America, the Joe Simon and Jack Kirby creation who was introduced in the months leading up to the bombing of Pearl Harbor and became the most popular of the many red-white-and-blue superheroes of that era.

The film stars Chris Evans as Rogers, a frail young man who volunteers for a secret government program aimed at creating an army of super-soldiers. The experiment is a success but Rogers ends up as an army of one when the process cannot be duplicated as planned. The film directed by  Johnston (whose credits include “Jurassic Park III,” “Jumanji” and “The Rocketeer“) and written by Christopher Markus, Stephen McFeely and Joss Whedon includes some new additions to the classic mythology from the comics — before Rogers reaches the battlefields of Europe, for instance, he’s assigned to be a USO performer by military masters who worry about the PR risks of putting the hero in the line of fire. The film also stars Hugo Weaving as the Red Skull, Tommy Lee Jones at Col. Chester Phillips and Hayley Atwell as Peggy Carter.

The film will be released July 22 in the U.S. with some overseas releases as late as Aug. 12.

— Geoff Boucher (Follow me on Twitter @LATherocomplex)


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87 Responses to ‘Captain America’ title will be changed to ‘The First Avenger’ in Russia, South Korea

  1. DM says:

    So much for seeing this film.

    I’m tired of my Country being denigrated.

    So screw you.

    • Babeouf says:

      Change a name and increase the dollar earnings. That is the American way. It might be 'oh say can you see..' in America but in Venezuela for an additional five US dollars it retails as 'Hang them from a tree…' . Nothing is more American than a fast buck . Don't like your country denigrated ,stick with Fox news.

      • MarkTapson says:

        Thanks, Babeouf, for your admission that Fox is the only news outlet that doesn't denigrate America. Of course, you meant it as condescending snipe at Fox and its viewers, which says way more about you than about them. The fact that you think "nothing is more American than a fast buck" is further evidence of your own sad ignorance about, and hatefulness toward, America. But your honesty is refreshing.

      • Hotspur101 says:

        By that logic, you admit the other networks denigrate America. Glad to see a liberal admit the truth!

        I know it's hard for you…

  2. spence says:

    I collect original comic art and have over a hundred Cap pages. He has been my favorite since the very beginning but this movie is not about Captain America. This is Captain "Politically correct". That and the ludicrous costume, wings painted on the helmet, forget it.
    I never saw Superman Returns because they had Perry White say, "Truth, Justice and Whatever", cutting out "The American Way" to be politically correct. I've been waiting for this picture for five, too bad

    • jack says:

      I like it! Captain Politically Correct: the perfect title to fit the need to sell outside of this country.

      That title will draw in more of the socialists who might be offended by a “Captain America”.

  3. Peter says:

    DM, it's not denigration to recognize that Captain America wouldn't be a compelling title for Russians anymore than "Captain Russia" would interest many Americans.

    It's marketing. It's not nationalism.

    • Rabid70 says:

      Uh-huh. If there was an exceptional movie called Captain Russia, Americans would go see it, because we love good movies, regardless of the title.

      The director reveals the real reason for the change with the statement "“He wants to serve his country, BUT HE'S NOT THIS SORT OF JINGOISTIC AMERICAN FLAG-WAVER,”… “He’s just a good person."

      Dear Director Jacka$$: Someone named Captain America WOULD BE A FLAG-WAVER.

      • mike says:

        not neccesarily, he would however have to stand up for real American values, he wouldn't have to be a fanatic. truth ,Justice ,courage. I don't believe he would be left or right, just do what is just.

      • fluffy says:

        "Americans would go see it, because we love good movies, regardless of the title"

        Yeah, right….

    • sbminisguy says:

      Why would I care if the hero is called "Captain Russia' so long as the character was called that, and it promised to be an entertaining move?? It's a dang movie, not a history lesson!!

    • Al m says:

      Its not marketing, its cowardice and shame. If it wasnt for America, south koreans would be starving while living under kim jong ill. As for Russia, if you have read the comics, you would know that Captain America has fought by the side of Russians against the Nazis. There was even a comic where Captain America and the submariner saved Josef Stalin from a Nazi Thor. The Nazis killed 20 million Russians, I think they will cheer for Captain America.

    • Roc says:

      Peter, captain America is a symbol of America and its interest, and changing the name just to appeal to few countries who wouldn't see the movie because of the name or the history then doesn't deserve to have our entertainment. If "Captain Russia" had a rich history and a good movie you better believe i'd watch it. I wouldn't want them to change the name just to appeal to us. It's ridiculous what Marvel and paramount are doing.If these countries don't want it as is ,then why take it to them, they aren't the only countries in the world and it would do great here and in other countries

    • fluffy says:

      I'd actually like to see a Captain Soviet; I imagine him as an idealist that believed communism allowed everyone to have a chance at prosperity, making humanity kinder but not having class struggle etc. and gets disillusioned by Stalin and the USSR's invasion of other nations (Soviets actually started hating Stalin after her was dead); that'd be interesting

  4. philmosk says:

    The "it's marketing, not nationalism" crowd would normally have a point, were it not for the fact that, no matter how hard the filmmakers tried to cover it up, the lead character's uniform is based on the American flag.

    True non-jingoistic marketing would have them rename the film "Comrade Russia, the First Laborer" (although, upon reflection, isn't the Russian Federation's flag white-red-blue? Saves them the cost of CGI-ing the old hammer and sickle on crimson over the outfit). But, any truly capitalistic studio would have thought of this beforehand, and ordered the outfit to be nice neutral blue and greens (green would play big in Islamic states, make it green).

    This is one character that probably doesn't have a big following in those markets, anyway. Hopefully, they'll make up in those markets what they lose when Fox news gets a hold of this bit.

    Me? I'll just go watch "Scott Pilgrim" again. I'm mature enough to see past it's inherent Canadian undertones…

    • HippityHop says:

      Uh, excuse me? Tell me why we should change Captain AMERICA's colors to a "nice neutral blue and greens?"

  5. Pete says:

    "So much for seeing this film. I'm tired of my Country being denigrated. So screw you."

    What does that even mean? What is your "Country?" If your capital "C"ountry is the U.S., you're ridiculous. Changing the title to increase profits has nothing to do with the U.S.A. being denigrated. And in case you didn't notice, we are a country that attacks based on spurious reports of weapons of mass destruction. You think everyone loves the U.S.? There's a fine line between naivety and pure ignorance.

    If your country is not the U.S., I have no idea how your brain is functioning. I don't understand why you can't watch a film that has nothing to do with insulting any country, at least from the article info on the movie.

    Who exactly do you want screwed? The LA times? Marvel and Paramount? Russia, South Korea, and the Ukraine? An ex that couldn't understand your complete inability to articulate a coherent thought? If you're going to make an ignorant comment at least be clear on the object of your irritation.

    • Rabid70 says:

      "we are a country that attacks based on spurious reports of weapons of mass destruction."

      Pete, when is your book coming out? The one that tells of your extensive travels throughout late 2002/early 2003 Iraq, where you checked high-and-low, above-and-below ground, verifying that, indeed, there were no WMDs?!?! I have no idea how your brain is functioning if you haven't written one, that would be a best-seller!

      I wonder why the Iraqi's gave the U.N. weapons-inspectors the run-around and eventually kicked them out of the country if they didn't have something to hide?

      • Silly says:

        The weapons weren’t there. YOur own warmongers admitted this.

        Why did the Irakis kick the inspectors out? Because nobody likes foreigners digging through your backyard. Or would Americans have accepted, say, Turkish weapon inspectors?

        No? Guessed so.

      • that didn't happen says:

        I know! it's because that didn't happen. They weren't kicked out of Iraq. George Bush withdrew them (prematurely) and claimed that it was because the fact that they hadn't found anything proved that Iraq was hiding something.

      • reallyfluffy says:

        there's a book like that already available; it's called Fair Game by Valerie Plame Wilson

  6. trajan says:

    Just another film that i will not care to watch.
    To not call the superhero Captain America in Russia and South Korea is ridiculous! Changing movies because of some focus groups reaction is ridiculous too and not anything close to the art of filmaking. Just hearing of the name change is a turn off to the major market for the film, the US. Also look at the cheesy drab costume Captain America has to wear! Goes against the classic buff super hero superhero look. This movie has signs of a dud written all over it. Just goes to show that the politically correct movie makers suck big time when it comes to making great super hero films. It seems like Paramount is selling snake oil first with this film and trying to entertain second.

  7. Aynrander says:

    Whoever came up with this idea is a fool. South Koreans like everything American. Why they decided to change the name there is a mystery. As a Korean-American, I'm offended that these dolts think Captain America would be a bad marketing title. Maybe McCarthy was right. The American movie industry is run by communists.

    • JennJenn says:

      They don't like American beef very much, do they?

      • kushibo says:

        Actually, they like American beef quite a lot. The protests you're probably thinking of were a bunch of well-organized leftist fringe groups that thought they could use the South Korean president kowtowing to American pressure over beef imports as a way to oust him from office.

        Not only did they fail, but when American beef came to the market, it sold out right away. It sells very well in South Korea.

    • Larissa says:

      :-) Totally Agree! As a fellow "aynrander" and supporter of the fundamental principles of liberty and individualism that America was founded upon, I think that this is a total disgrace. Limo commies the whole bunch of them!

    • kushibo says:

      aynrander hits the nail on the head.

      This is a non-issue, and AP, the LAT, and the NYT have been getting it quite wrong.

      Why don't the media also report, say, that Australia dropped "Heroes are made in America" from the trailer, or something like that.

      Manipulative press, both intentionally and inadvertently.

  8. Blue Mark says:

    Dolts! They are only changing the name of the film, NOT the character.

  9. Darrell says:

    I would encourage my right-wing friends to not be driven even more insular by superficial trivialities like how often the word “America” is used or how hard Superman salutes a flag. It was free-market economic conservatism that gave us our global economy, and with that comes the demand of diplomacy and cultural sensitivity. In an era when our reputation has been so deeply sullied and dishonored by our government’s aggressive military policies, literally the last thing the global community wants to see is American chauvinism.

  10. Proud Merkin says:

    "You think this letter on my head stands for… AVENGER??"

    • spence says:

      Glad to know someone remembers that page and I agree totally. Happens to be I own the original page by Trevor Hairsine and Bryan Hitch, purchased from The Art of Comics when the book first came out, no other page EVER indicates the true patriotism of Cap. Now he's a USO clown, hates the costume, isn't a flag waiver, I hope this movies circles the sink real fast.

  11. Captain AMERICA says:

    Looks like BO's heifer ain't the only one that's not proud of America. Slimy little commies are in charge of writing, drawing and now filming Captain America. Only liars and prosti_tutes would change Cap to be what this will be. Ashamed of your country, eh? This is as bad as the scum that drew the TEA party crowd as terrorists in the comic book. Not going to mention his commie loving name. Looks like the Red Skull won after all. They'll have to change his name to Comrade Hollyweird.

  12. Ripley says:

    Be good to see ole Cappy kicking Kraut butt again !!!! Give me a guy on a Harley with a .45 colt on his hip and a Thompson saddle gun anytime. Hope all those pukes in Washington, get an eyeful of the future.

  13. HIJK says:

    Why change it in S Korea? Is the US the new Japan in Korea now? Ridiculous.

  14. JCreed says:

    I can understand Russia & Ukraine- loss of the Soviet Empire embittered them. But South Korea?! "South" Korea wouldn't exist if not for the USA! We have guaranteed their security against the psychopaths in the North AND opened our markets for their products; the older generation of Koreans know these things, the younger generation- who have only known peace & prosperity- are spoiled ingrates conditioned to be resentful of the USA. I'm not a White Republican right-winger, I'm a TrueBlue California Democrat Filipino-American! I'm also a proud veteran of the United States Air Force.

    • Julie says:

      Sorry, but it sounds like you know squat about the history of the Koreas. Or, at the very least, you have a very simplistic view. My guess is that your education in history only goes up to about high school?

      • USAFA 76 says:

        Oh yeah, Julie, well I’ve got a BS in Asian Studies/History, spent lots of time in South Korea, and know plenty about the history of the Koreas. South Koreans can go back to the early 20th century if they want and blame the US for the division of the Koreas, which you are implying they have a right to do to justify their anti-American sentiments of today. But it doesn’t change the fact that thousands of American troops remain in harm’s way in South Korea. Yeah, I know, your reply: “We’re only there because it’s in America’s interests”. Fine, I say it’s in our interests to pull all our troops out of there tomorrow and let the ingrate super-nationalist, and yes, very much anti-American South Koreans fend for themselves. See how they like living under a North Korean dictatorship. I agree 100% with JCreed.

      • kushibo says:

        You are way overreading the dropping of "Captain America" from the title.

        You also have an overly simplistic view of anti-Americanism in South Korea. While there is a very well-organized and vocal fringe on the Korean left that is anti-American, they don't represent the typical Korean mindset.

        American movies do very well in South Korea, and "American" was left in plenty of other titles (e.g., "American Beauty" and "American Pie") while other movie titles were truncated like this one.

        This "news" is a selective and superficial read of the issue, which ignores things like Australia replacing "Heroes are made in America" with, “When evil rises, a hero will stand.”

        So what's your take on ending the Anzusa alliance over that tagline?

  15. Likorial says:

    What part of "Captain America" is so hard to understand? Oh well, it's freaking Marvel, the company that brought us the soap opera muppets of the X-Men and Rob Liefeld. This is why I stick with DC. Batman would never let this crap happen.

  16. JCreed says:

    I understand Marvel is a business and if their beancounters contend that a name change will be a positive in those countries, then they have to do it for the sake of profit- I'm a patriot, but I'm a realist. I could care less of the Russians- they are a self-destructive, corrupt country, even less of the Ukraine BUT it angers me that my years of service in the Air Force AND my tax money supporting South Korea doesn't mean a damn thing, a superhero movie with "America" in the title angers them- unbelievable! I was going to buy the new 2011 Hyundai Elantra but screw that, I'm going to buy the Chevrolet Cruze or Ford Fiesta!

  17. mike says:

    screw you all, I can't wait to see cap!

  18. sophie says:

    I'm always amazed by the naivete of Americans who get all their info from mainstream American media and are completely clueless about the rest of the world. The media in this country is part of the reason why the majority of Americans are just ignorant about the rest of the world. Hollywood understands the realities of the world outside these borders because it has to navigate them, and make money doing it. They're not re-shooting the film and calling it Captain Russia. They are just changing the title. Lame LA Times posters.

    • RSS says:

      It is called selling-out. They are selling out the country that allows them the freedom to create the art they love. Capitalism, sure. But what causes so much frustration here is that they are trying to take a hero who's creator intended to proudly represent American ideals and taking America out of it. They've taken someone else's art and twisted it for their own benefit.

      We vote for politicians with ballots, we vote for the type of media we want with our wallets. Keep that in mind when you buy your tickets.

  19. Kenny says:

    Oh, Sophie… the LAST thing Hollywood understands is reality…

  20. Joey S says:

    This is actually what's wrong with this article:

    "… the idea that this is not about America so much as it is about the spirit of doing the right thing,” the director said. “It’s an international cast and an international story. It’s about what makes America great and what make the rest of the world great too.” Same thing they did with G.I. Joe. They take the American out of it, because the producers, distributors and directors don't really care about America like they did when these characters were originally created. They should go make the movies overseas. These characters are about American exceptionalism. Period. Why else have a "Captain America", or G.I. Joe the Great American Hero? How come you people love movies like Machete, where the protagonist is a proud Mexican, yet when we want a proud American, we're jingoistic. What a bunch of crap. Look in the mirror, people.

  21. lee says:

    Believe you me, if there was a cherished "Captain Corea" superhero in South Korea and a Korean movie studio decided to rename him as a nondescript "First avenger" for the American market (out of some sensitivity issue), there would be a minor riots in that country.

    Most people outside of the United States would not tolerate an iconic superhero figure of their culture rebranded or whitewashed to appeal to foreign market. You're not going to rename Uzumaki Naruto as "Phillip Powers" or "Ninja Boy" because that might be more accesible American teens.

    Rocketeer was one heck of a jingoist film. They had American mobsters abandon their ways of crime to shoot at German saboteurs, one of them who infiltrated Hollywood. They don't make movies like Rocketeer anymore. Good times.

  22. Lindsay Plummer says:

    No matinee money from me. God bless America and damn this film.

  23. Johnny 100 Pesos says:

    In this day and age, I think a little 'jingoistic' flag waving would make a healthy alternative to what usually comes out of Hollywood these days.

    And I'm not even American.

  24. Mark says:

    OMG some of you guys are ridiculous. Its one thing if they changed it in the United States, but your talking about foreign markets, who could not relate to the name of the movie. Its not like they changed the name of the character, or his country of origin, just the name of the movie. To the people who think this is denigratintg the United State, would you go see a movie called Captain Russia? Captain South Korean? or a movie called the First Avenger? Drop Fox and stop the fake nationalism and patriotism

  25. RdA says:

    I'll be skipping this Marvel film. Captain America is a patriotic symbol from my youth. If I wanted Captain whatever I'd go but count me and my family out.

    • Common Sense says:

      YOU won't be getting "Captain Whatever" unless you are planning to see the film in Russia, S Korea or the Ukraine. All the nonsense about the film TITLE change in certain overseas markets will have NO impact on those planning to see the film here.

  26. ben says:

    Captain America is probably my favorite hero right now, and I am real excited about seeing this movie. However, if Americans want to see a sequel to this movie, we have to realize that the international box office is important. Both Iron Man films made about 1/2 of their profits oversees. A Captain America movie faces an uphill battle playing outside of the US. Changing the title of the movie (not the hero) could help out. I'm sure if you were looking at a 300 million dollar international box-office pot, you'd do what you could to make it marketable. Plus, I intend to watch it here and could care less what it's called in Kiev, as long as it makes money so more movies like this can be made.

  27. Neneb4u says:

    The movie Captain America SOULDNT have to change the name because not just that me and my parents are captain america fans but would to you really think the title ‘the first avengers’ would be appealing to you? I mean really! But for my oppinion ,i should keep the title ” Captain America: The First Avengers” because if the title doesn’t have Captain America in it, it won’t keep the people interested in the movie and it would just keep the people guessing and stop watching it before it really shows that it’s a movie about Captain America…. But what I also don’t understand is that why is it that The movie Captain America:The First Avengers has to change the title but any other marvel movie DIDNT!

  28. Fifthchild says:

    This has certainly brought out the nutcases. Predictably everyone has overreacted and 90% of posters seem to believe that they are changing the name of the character rather than dropping his name from the title of the film in only 3 countries where perhaps, God forbid, America is not that popular. So by all means boycott the movie about the guy who represents the country you claim to love so much. That will show them.

    How overly sensitive and ridiculous can you be? Is every American citizen who doesnt walk the streets of Baghdad draped in an American flag at 3 in the morning singing the national anthem a traitor now? Think for 10 seconds.

  29. Eranju says:

    One of the main reasons why I like Captain America is how he's tolerant, open, and puts the needs of others before his own. He's a true american hero. He makes America look good when so few others, my fellow commenters included, do.

    I know what this movie's about. As do, I'm betting, most of the other people who'll be attending this movie when it comes. We know the character, we know the setting. Not all of us like the way the US operates, we don't care for their politics.

    But we like their heroes.

    They give us a hope for an America to believe in, and a change of title ain't gonna change that.

    Honestly, I'd love it if they changed the title to "The First Avenger" in my country as well. It's less of a mouthful than "Captain America: the First Avenger".

  30. asdf says:

    Politically correct people SUCK. Sorry Marvel but this one I'm skipping.

  31. hung says:

    If you can't be proud of creating this film and the Character of Captain America, why make the film at all. This is proof that this film will suck. They obviously don't believe in the soul of this character. If he was only the first Avenger, why not change his name to that completely. What a cop out and they should be ashamed.

  32. Chris says:

    It's a movie from a comic book, for crying out loud. The people who make the movie can call it whatever they want. And if you don't like, don't see it. The irony of the outrage is rich — the flag that is Cap's costume represents freedom, and anybody in this country is free to see or read whatever they want. The character doesn't represent "exceptionalism" or patriotism or jingoism, or nationalism, or any other ism. It's a comic book. Lighten up people.

  33. Barr says:

    I will not be seeing this film either. Steve Rogers is rolling over in his grave.

  34. AmanoJyaku71 says:

    Makes me sick I think of those young heros that died by the thousands in WW2.My Grandpa too!!! They saved the world for real!I'm also a former Marine.Liberal hollywood makes me so sick! Yeah like in Superman truth justice and all that stuff?Semper Fi my AMERICANS!

  35. Randy says:

    Are you planning on seeing theis film in Russia? If not then I don't understand the problem. There will be no changes in the U.S.

  36. erin says:

    holy freaking crap. this is ridiculous! i'm sorta mad at this!! i have been so excited to see this movie for forever! maybe because i'm a teenage girl, ill get lots of 'go back to playing with barbie' but i have loved superheros all my life, i was made fun of for the longest time because of it, but now its cool and everyone wants to see the movies. His name is captain america. he clearly wasnt just about doing the right thing because he loved America so much that he agreed to be experimented on. something that could have killed him. ughhhhh!!! i'll probably be skipping this one…….. :/

  37. kenneth says:

    captain america is going to be a two star or one star movie because the y got the wrong person to direct this movie.

  38. Teresa says:

    1) Um, Captain America is still going to be Captain America in the film. Changing the name doesn't change that. And he WAS the First Avenger, and that already IS part of the American title.

    2) Again, movie titles change for overseas markets ALL THE TIME. Both on our movies going out, and foreign films coming in. How many movies from other countries have you watched that have the same exact title as it had in its home country. Probably NONE as many Americans wouldn't take the time to try and pronounce them correctly. Then again, how many movies from other countries have you seen PERIOD?

    3) Believe it or not, other countries don't care as much about America as we do. *gasp* Shocking, I know! So the word America might not draw them into the theaters! Whereas by changing the title, more people will go and GET the message about a fictional American hero than would have had they left the title the same. And isn't THAT more important? Actually getting the story OUT THERE?!

  39. Ware9 says:

    Ridiculous. The studios are pandering to a bunch of b***s***. Changing the title will make no difference. When a ticket buyer walks into the movie, it will be all Captain America. http://vimeo.com/7093147

  40. Warehouse9 says:

    Ridiculous. The studios are pandering to a bunch of b***s***. Changing the title will make no difference. When a ticket buyer walks into the movie, it will be all Captain America.

  41. DynamiteDoc says:

    Captain America has always been a true patriot, but you have to understand something. The dedication he has for his country is based on ideologies, not the government, military, or flag. He represents, and literally fights for, the freedom and right to be ones own person. His beliefs are not exclusively American beliefs, but beliefs held by the bulk of the world.
    Furthermore, if you want to see my beloved Cap stand for America, look no further. The film is trying to make money in a foreign market. A slight title change to produce greater revenue is capitalism at it's best, and in no way communistic.
    I like to think that if Steve Rogers was a real person, he would want the ideals he represents to be spread all over the world, even at the expense of a little bit of his own credit/fame.

  42. Roc says:

    Mark,I don't find this ridiculous at all but why should they change something that was born and bread in America just to appeal to these particular countries. I guarantee you that these people in South Korea and Russia will see the movie regardless and if not then screw them, the movie will do very good here and in other parts of the world. I am pretty sure they would never change the titles of any of their movies just to please us, they would stay true to their roots and not give a rats ass. And i wouldn't have a problem with it if the movie was a good one. It is just ashame that Marvel has to go this route. I do hope the movie sucks over there so that Marvel learns its lesson and doesn't cater to these international idiots second time around.

  43. doordietv says:

    Want to attend Captain America Red Carpet After Party/ The 1 Millionth to go to http://www.imdb.com/name/nm3240766/ and email doordietv at gmail with the picture number for the Captain America Poster will win the night.

  44. Moira says:

    Now Iam Very IAm confessed. I thought that Capton America Was the Leader of the Avengers,He even said If Those I ronman Is First Cap came in FIve After hulk I think.

  45. Moira says:

    America America From sea to shining sea,Listen people to a story that was writen long ago about a kingdon,on the mountian,peace on earth, was it said.hate your

  46. AzIamAmerican says:

    Shame on you Marvel Studios………………Catering to countries that can't stand us! I know I lived in all three! Well that sucks I wont be seeing this movie! At least I have Thor!

  47. Captain Mexico says:

    Ha ha ha. in Korea are not stupid.

    They know that his name is Captain United states.

    Captain Asia

    captain Europe

    Captain Africa

    Captain America? WTF!?

    ha ha ha

    U.S.A can not erase history.

  48. RSS says:

    Only thing more pathetic than Marvel studios selling out America to for more profits in those other countries are those in those that will go see it only because the name was changed. I can only guess what they've done to the patriotic message of the classic avenger character in the film itself. I'm proud to live in, and contribute to the greatest country on earth and I don't need to support those who would sell the message that I should be otherwise.

  49. Website says:

    I loved as much as you will receive performed proper here. The sketch is attractive, your authored subject matter stylish. nonetheless, you command get bought an impatience over that you wish be turning in the following. ill definitely come more formerly again as exactly the same just about very incessantly inside of case you protect this hike.

  50. johnny says:

    If South Koreans aren't interested in American heroes, maybe we should pull the real American heroes from their homeland, and watch as Kim Jong Il crushes them under his commie boot.

  51. Paleta Man says:

    Have you read the new Bilingual Superhero books ‘The Adventures of Paleta Man’ & ‘The Adventures of Paleta Man: Secret of the Gold Medallion’ available at Amazon.com & Barnesandnoble.com?

    Esteban Ruiz is an ordinary ice cream vendor mysteriously turned Superhero with Aztec Warrior Superhuman powers and Luchador confidence. He fights crime and protects the defenseless, elderly, women and children throughout the world. He rides an ice cream bicycle cart filled with all natural "Paletas" for all the boys & girls. He has good moral values and believes that Good always wins over Evil!

    Now these would make great movies for Latino kids worldwide!!

  52. Renee says:

    Why are all you americans complaining? when ever foreign films go to your country you's change everything in the movie so that it's americanised, why can't other countries do the same? ffs.

  53. Jake says:

    Did I think it's kinda retarded they changed the name? Yes. Did I let it ruin my day? Err….not really.

  54. TaunT says:

    Why Captain America fighting Hitler on the picture? Is Americans did something in World War II? They only sold weapons and getting rich at the expense of the war.

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