Christopher Nolan: ‘The movie theater is my home’

July 20, 2012 | 4:46 p.m.
Christopher Nolan. (Warner Bros. Pictures)

Christopher Nolan (Warner Bros. Pictures)

The dire headlines and unsettling images from Colorado tell us that a dozen moviegoers lost their lives after being gunned down at a screening of “The Dark Knight Rises” — it’s an ugly spasm of deranged violence and everywhere people are trying to make sense of it, whether they reach for tissue, their Twitter accounts or  a sturdy soapbox. In Paris, a red carpet premiere was canceled and Christopher Nolan was in lockdown mode with his cast and crew awaiting further information on the rampage of a 24-year-old gunman who reportedly referred to himself as the Joker when questioned by police.

A short time ago the filmmaker released a statement through his Los Angeles publicist.

colorado shooting Christopher Nolan: The movie theater is my home

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“Speaking on behalf of the cast and crew of ‘The Dark Knight Rises,’ I would like to express our profound sorrow at the senseless tragedy that has befallen the entire Aurora community. I would not presume to know anything about the victims of the shooting but that they were there last night to watch a movie. I believe movies are one of the great American art forms and the shared experience of watching a story unfold on screen is an important and joyful pastime. The movie theater is my home, and the idea that someone would violate that innocent and hopeful place in such an unbearably savage way is devastating to me.”

The final line of the statement: “Nothing any of us can say could ever adequately express our feelings for the innocent victims of this appalling crime, but our thoughts are with them and their families.”

— Geoff Boucher


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169 Responses to Christopher Nolan: ‘The movie theater is my home’

  1. @annekrla says:

    What a bunch of pretentious and cliche-ridden claptrap! You don't hype your profession while offering condolences.

    • Phillip Borgman says:

      He wasn’t “hyping” about his profession . He was saying that such a place of where people are suppose to enjoy a true art form should not be demeaned in such ways.

      I think you need to reread the article. Don’t act on impulse , it will drown you.

      • Ed Smith says:

        It would be more accurate to say he was trying to offer an excuse for it. Hollywood and our popular culture share a fascination in the depraved, sick and twisted. That we "enjoy" it says much about who we are and aspire to be. "Dark Knight" indeed.

      • @annekrla says:

        "profound sorrow. . . senseless tragedy . . .appalling crime. " A bunch of pat phrases. Cliches. So what, the killer violated a theater. So did John Wilkes Booth when he shot Lincoln. The point is that an insane guy shot a bunch of people in an enclosed public place. Yes, it was probably not a coincidence that it was a movie theater, since, the killer was clearly trying to synchronize his destruction with the movie But this is not the time to extoll the sanctity of the movies.

        (Btw, I am not one of those who believes that movies somehow made the killer do it.)

    • Ed Smith says:

      Well said

    • Fess Up says:

      I agree. Ironic that he called this incident appalling and violent when the shooter dressed as the Joker even dying his hair and mimicked the exact tone of Nolan's character by slaughtering innocent people. Take responsiblity Nolan. It's all yours.

    • Connor Torres says:

      u don't understand. u just don't understand. but, what scares me most is your UNWILLINGNESS to understand. maybe you're against violence in movies… FINE. but, don't presume to know how it feels when the devil steps between the art and the people it was made for. your post and the posts agreeing with you show a lot of disregard to these victims who probably looked forward to the film for as long as I did. who don't interpret it as just a violent piece of entertainment. at least try and understand that not everyone shares your disregard for storytelling. at least TRY and understand that an artist that devotes his life to this craft might actually care about it. just… try.

      • Lux says:

        My objection is not to art, storytelling, or the movies. What I find nauseating is Nolan's rhetoric. When referring to this massacre, he uses lame cliches, but when referring to HIS movies, and HIS feelings about movies, he manages to muster some eloquence. What an egotist!

        I'm mystified by the fact that you think my criticism of Nolan shows disregard of the victims. My point is that Nolan's phrases were empty–until he mentioned "movies." The fact that the fans looked forward to this movie for a long time only to be confronted with this horrible slaughter adds a dimension that makes the feelings (of some people) all the more wrenching. But this would be a terrible thing no matter whether it happened at a baseball game or at Disneyland or on the street. But I wouldn't expect the condolences to emphasize Baseball of Disneyland more than the victims.

    • guest says:

      I agree with Annekrla!

    • Whats sad is that the violence in that theatre paled in comparison to the violence on that screen in that theatre!

    • JonSnow says:

      Obviously you didn't read the same article. Go back and re-read it again if you actually know how to read.

  2. Constance Ford says:

    This young man grew up watching the increasingly violent and sadistic fare offered by what was once a great art form, the motion picture industry. I wrote a letter to your newspaper about 20 years ago basically warning of a generation desensitized to this kind of malevolence and potentially acting it out – thanx hollywood, now we can all live in fear because you "pushed the envelope" and poisoned the minds of those children. May God forgive you.

    • Max says:

      @Constance: To quote Ben Greenman, “It seems foolish to say that a killer is inspired by pop culture. A killer wants to kill, and finds a peg to hang his insanity on.”

    • sid says:

      movies don't create psychopaths and that's a fact. the killer is a crazy fuck and there's no one to blame except for him. neither hollywood or anyone could've prevented this, stop pointing fingers.

    • poyan says:

      What kind of history books have you read? Humanities past is filled with violence, gore and tragedy. Do you believe something like this would be any less likely 100 years ago? Wiki "Genocides in history", most of those tragedies are a result of religion and your God. Place the blame where it belongs, on that psychotic boy who murdered those innocent people. There are and always has been those whose minds are skewed and troubled regardless of the violence in movies.

      • Tracy says:

        You are going to tell me he was not inspired by a movie when he tells cops he is "The Joker"?

        Hollywood pats itself on the back and credits itself for positive change when it puts out a movie like "milk" but washes it's hands of inspiring senseless violence.

        So which one is it? Do movies inspire or not?

      • pjd says:

        'The movie theater is my home, and the idea that someone would violate that innocent and hopeful place in such an unbearably savage way is devastating to me.”
        The killer imitated what was shown in the movie, the trailer and in an ad years before for "Batman". Who does Nolan think he is kidding? Nolan is worried about the bottom line – his bottom line. And as for "innocence", Hollywood trashed that years ago. Hollywood also trashed goodness and decency years ago.

      • TacoDave says:

        Perfect reply, Tracy.

        An idiot above you said "movies don't create psychopaths and that's a fact." Facts are provable, Sid. Can you prove the movie didn't inspire him to kill this way? Because I seem to remember an ultra-violent, stylistic, depraved, depressing movie called "The Dark Knight" that left me sick to my stomach. And it had The Joker in it. Seems pretty evident what this psycho was emulating…

        Nolan only hates this kind of "appalling savagery" when he isn't making money from it. He's happy to film it and give it to us to consume.

      • Brandon says:

        He was probably going to be a murderer anyways. I don't think he watched the last movie then said to himself "Well I want to be the Joker so I will kill some people" I think he probably was already dangerous and just hung on to that character. Most murders seem to hang on to little things, nothing ever really inspires them to kill except their insanity.

      • BcdErick says:

        Yeah, I'm going to tell you that James Holmes was not "inspired" by a movie. He graduated from UC Riverside in 2010 with a degree in Neuroscience and was quickly accepted at the University of Colorado in one of their medical PhD programs. He is extremely smart. I wonder if even he knows why he did what he did. Some people just want to get attention and I’ll bet that was what the Joker crack was about. Think about that. It’s as if were all a joke to him. The police say he spent months preparing for this.

      • Jessica says:

        Your lack of understanding of basic human psyche is astounding. Hollywood did not create this problem. Rape, murder, violence, suicide…these are as old as written human record. Look at the mythology, the story telling, in Mesopotamia that spiraled out to many points in the world throughout the past 3,000 years. Nolan, Ledger, Nicholson, Burton, Ward, and West…none of these caused the problem. The problem is lack of psychological oversight in understanding when someone's personality shifts to dangerous levels.

        To blame the director is disingenuous at best. A killer kills, no matter how or why. This was not a quick break from reality, a fugue state. This had warnings that were ignored. That is not to blame anyone for the shooter's actions, either. There is no blame in that. The only bloodied hands are the shooter's. He had time to plan this out. The Joker was convenient but it wasn't the disruptive piece in this saga.

      • Andrew says:

        Tracy I was inspired not to go on psychopathic shooting sprees when I watched the Joker in the Dark Knight. What the hell is the point that you are trying to make? It seems you are not making any that is valid or worthwhile. To state that people adapt their behaviors to what they see in movies and thus that we should change the contents of movies is so ignorant. Better yet, why don’t we just stop making TVs all together. That way movies can’t be shown at all?

      • TacoDave says:

        Tracy didn't say EVERYONE WHO WATCHES WILL KILL!!! So the fact that you didn't kill anyone is irrelevant.

    • doctordoc says:

      Ha, again we see the mindless conflation of correlation with causation. In the 1950's Comic Books were banned for corrupting the youth. WIth 300,000,000 people in the country, one monster acts out and the morons assume if it weren't for comics, movies, books, television or apple pie, the monster would have done nothing.

    • arggie says:

      Dear Constance, you are absolutely spot on in your assessment. These billon dollar phantasies celebrate and perpetuate mayhem, murder and destruction joyfully and gleefully.

    • says:

      Spot on Constance!

    • Kerry says:

      You are correct the Movie industry is what caused this and then want to blame others for their deeds,,,

    • Barbara Araujo says:

      That is ridiculous! Sadly violence as always been a side of human nature.. Even when TV's and Movie weren't even an idea. Do not presume that the evil what happened the 20/7/2012 was a response to the violence exposed in movies.. The driving force may be different from case to case, but the illness resides in the minds oh those who do the crime regardless of what they are exposed to. If there is an external cause, stress, burnout or even extreme confusion of a very smart mind are far more likely, scientifically speaking, to be it.
      As for violence in movies, the portraits of war, and death and blood come AFTER the events of History have actually happened, or are inspired by them. The point is not to turn young youth in to death-zombies, it is to make us think of the issues that surround us, instead of closing our eyes towards life. Even the bad things must be looked in the eye for we must learn from past mistakes and truly understand horror, even if just in theory, to me motivated to stop it. Do not insult this movie, many who lost their lives probably loved it and lived in many aspects by the so many GOOD things that it teach us. You know nothing if you do not love something.

  3. Michale says:

    The movie theater is my home, and the idea that someone would violate that innocent and hopeful place

    • ruth says:

      "We reap what we sow." "Be not deceived, GOD is not Mocked, for whatsoever we sow, we shall reap." We sow violence, we get violence……we sow innocent blood, (the innocent in the womb, we get bloodshed….the blood of 66 million or more unborn cry out from the ground,) Ezekiel 35 : 6 "Sinnce you did not hate bloodshed, bloodshed will pursue you." the BIBLE

    • Alohajonny says:

      My home is protected with 5 firearms

  4. Lori Hensley says:

    "someone would violate an innocent and hopeful place"………????? Read your own words

  5. Brad says:

    Constance—films had nothing to do with this act of lunacy. Films depicting violence were around long before this individual was born.

    Hollywood is no more to blame than the makers of the guns that he used.

    I would look first at his parents.

    • Frontierland says:

      Movies do not exist in a bubble.
      Corporate media, advertising and pop culture is highly suggestive and programs the unwitting mind. This garbage produced by Hollywood is created for a purpose. Look who sits on the board of every major media corporation. Bankers, members of the CFR, .001% Vulture Class predators, are you that naive to think they don't have a message to put into the subconscious highly domesticated public? Mr. Nolan: Don't act so innocent, you can't inject this dark and disturbing programming into an easily programmed public and claim to be surprised. For years after Jaws, people were afraid of the ocean, even though the odds of getting attacked by a shark were one in a million. Advertisers have been using this for years, movies, TV… there is no difference.

      Look to his parents? Hogwash. How about a pop culture which pushes mostly depravity and violence, a State in perpetual war responsible for the deaths of millions around the world. How about blaming the shooter for letting his mind turn to mush and letting this disgusting culture dominate his behavior?

      All of this is assuming that this crime was actually what we are being told, and not yet another staged false flag terror attack just ahead of the UN Gun Ban which Obama has promised to sign, which needed a little push to make it seem necessary and reasonable to abolish our 2nd Amendment.

      JFK, OKC, Jared Lee Laughtner, Andres Brevick, Sirhan Sirhan, 911, Gulf of Tonkin… the list of synthetic terror and fear based promotions carried out by the Deep State is long.

      Don't be a useful idiot or dupe. Stalin, Lenin, Mao, Hitler… all for Gun Control.

    • GozieBoy says:

      The makers of guns did NOT deliberately and intentionally place images of graphic, gratuitous and glorified violence into susceptibale, warped minds. Not comparable in any way, but good try echoing the Hollywood spin. I look at the Nolans as well as parents; both have blood on their hands in addition to the murderer.

    • Vetmike says:

      My God, Brad what mushrooms have you been smoking! You need to go go back and trace the indicators of violence from the first silent films to todays stuff.

  6. David says:

    I thought Nolan just commented a few days ago, defending the death threat people on RottenTomatoes, saying they were "passionate"??? Guess he shouldn't have said that, huh?

  7. JediJones says:

    Horrific violence and evil has existed throughout human history. Cain didn't need to see how to do it in a movie before he killed his brother Abel. This man wouldn't have done it if he didn't KNOW how horrific the violence would be. He wasn't desensitized to anything. He had hate and evil in his heart and WANTED to horrify other people for whatever perverse reasons he had. He was fully aware of the consequences that would come from it as his body armor showed. A desensitized person would not have understood the consequences that would come from this. No one deserves to be blamed for this except for the killer.

    • Joemama says:

      JediJones ,I couldn't have said it better. He wasn't desensitized to anything. He knew exactly what he was doing. He was a sick f**ker trying to get attention, thinking he would make himself relevant.

    • GozieBoy says:

      You guys just keep your heads firmly in the sand. He was indeed trying to inflict pain on society for his frustrations, and Hollywood showed him a way to do this. He was acting out a "Joker" character here, and to think otherwise is insane. He did NOT go and shoot up a "Nemo" audience…

  8. Tessa D says:

    It's childish and ignorant to blame entertainment influences for tragic and bizarre things that happen in our world. People were committing appalling crimes against each other long before there were movies, television, video games, or whatever scape-goat you want to target for the troubles of the world.

    • jim says:

      the gratuitous violence feeds sick liberal minds. don't deny it. If one used The Ten commandments as their basis for life, this would NEVER happen. PERIOD !

  9. Tracy says:

    Lots of people pointing out that mankind has a history of violence. However mass random killings is very new to mankind. Started in the 80's and since then has escalated.

    The fact is that Hollywood use to make violent film but the the murderer was never "cool" like in Natural Born Killers, Pulp Fiction or "The Joker" in The Dark Knight.

    Hollywood likes to take credit for inspiring positive change when it puts out a movie like "Milk" but ridicules any suggestion that it could inspire violence because movies are just entertainment.

    So which is it Hollywood do your movies inspire or not?

    • Max says:

      @Tracy: ‘The Dark Knight’ did not glorify The Joker’s actions. The point of the movie is Batman trying to stop The Joker. In that same vein, if someone was a bigot and shot a gay politician, would you blame ‘Milk’? Of course movies are inspirational, but no one will become a murderer unless they are willing to become a murderer.

    • HawkX says:

      Very knew? Are you mad? Random killings have happened since the dawn of humanity. Or have we forgotten things like The Holocaust, or the killings that happened ALL THE FREAKING time back in the Medieval era, or countless other examples throughout history and prehistory.

      Being "The Joker" was just a convenient excuse for the f*cked up person this guy is. Just like religion is an excuse for Middle East terrorist organizers and other countless killings in past humanity.

      Don't be so naive.

      • Princessjenn says:

        I have to start off by saying that…

        We didnt have hollwood when Cane killed Abel… Did we?? No.

        What Hollywood movie did Hitler watch ?

        So if entertainment supposedly makes his kill then why doesnt it make us run out and get pregnant or run out get married or hell even run out and get cancer … Really.

        Hollywood wasnt there to pull the trigger to kill anyone. A person with a gun who is f*d up kills. Society plays a part in this and the world around us. We as society have to take and embrace this tragedy and learn from it. Dont put blame on entertainers. They tell us a story weather it be in the form of a song a movie or in pictures. If we dont want entertainers to tell us stories then we all have to start reading more to our kids. Sing more to our kids. Get off our lazy bums to play more with our kids.

        Im just sayin.

    • BcdErick says:

      "However mass random killings is very new to mankind."

      Sadly that is untrue. Look back to the history of the Pharaohs or the Roman Emperors or, geez, even the French revolution. One person has been behind the slaughter of many (100's,1,000's more) on a since the dawn of human history. This was done as a demonstration of power or imperial amusement. Both of these happened in ancient Rome.

    • Zeck says:

      "However mass random killings is very new to mankind."

      Ummm.. No. Psychopathic have been around since mankind have existed. Random killings are nothing new to humanity. Easily available, obtainable automatic weapons just made it "mess" murders.

  10. Jeremy Tidwell says:

    Nolan should add into the end titles and dedicate this film to all those who lost their lives, or were injured in this tragedy. In the theaters and BR/DVD releases!

    • Nathaniel says:

      Jeremy, Awesome!!! I was thinking about what i should to morn the loss. I believe you're idea should be considered seriously… Have you taken this to WB's Twitter page? If haven't already seriously recommend it.

      Thanks for your comment

  11. Jeremy Tidwell says:

    Nolan should add into the end titles and dedicate this film to all those who lost their lives, or were injured in this tragedy. In the theaters and BR/DVD releases!

  12. dingle berries says:

    He should donate all his personal profits from the film to the families of victims and the wounded!

  13. shawn says:

    If what people watch has no effect on their thoughts and behavior why do most people agree that children shouldn't watch x-rated movies? Why do companies pay $millions to create 30-second ads that don't even say anything about their product but merely show people enjoying that product? When I watched Rocky as a kid I went out and bought a punching bag. Whether in this case the killer was influenced by gore on TV is yet to be determined, but what people witness on the screen absolutely does affect their emotions, beliefs, and desires. That's undeniable.

    • J Lo says:

      So did you go out and buy a punching bag because you wanted to beat somebody up and hurt them? Or because you were inspired by Rocky who eventually overcame obstacles he faced as an underdog?And my parents did not care if I was caught with a porno magazine. They knew that sex was a part of life as well as violence. I learned to differentiate between the Terminator blowing everybody up in a fictional movie, and the scum-bags in my city killing each other. My father owned a gun and I was taught never to touch it because I knew it was dangerous. I drew positive ideas from violent movies because of the way I was raised. I love Pulp Fiction because of the dancing and the music and the clothes. My grandmother and I laughed when Marvin was shot in the face. We knew the difference.

      • shawn says:

        Will/do you let your children watch anything they want to watch? If not, why not? Not a single rational person really truly believes that hooking someone's eyes up to a TV set will have no affect on his/her values and eventual behavior.

      • J Lo says:

        I'm saying that a child's parents and upbringing have a greater effect on a their eventual behavior. They teach you the difference between right and wrong. You learn to separate movie violence from real life violence. Of course everything a child sees affects them, but you're assuming when they see violence they become violent. That's not true.

    • gment says:

      Your deep, Dr. Shawn.

    • Schifter says:

      That's a good argument. But I suppose a lot of people making comments here probably think young kids should be allowed to watch x-rated films as well–they are that out of touch.

  14. Pyronaught says:

    Creator of most violent Batman movie ever condones the violence. These same Hollywood idiots who are so quick to blame guns never even stop to think that maybe the ultra-violent, criminal glorifying crap they litter the screen with on a daily basis just MIGHT be influencing young people desperate for attention. Homework assignment: go to a video store and count the number of DVD box covers that feature someone holding a gun.

  15. Gary L. Hammontree says:

    Unfortunately I must echo the sentiment espoused by Ms. Ford. When the comics were indeed comic book characters, there was no confusion between character and reality. The fact that today's young audience, unable at times to understand that THIS IS A COMIC BOOK CHARACTER and not real life. Failing to understand, to be able to distinguish the difference between reality and fantasy, seems to be a problem in today's existence. Let us stop producing children that cannot distinguish between the two, and EDUCATE children that can distinguish between reality and fantasy. Someone is going to get hurt.

    • JESUS says:


    • Alexis H. says:

      Except reality is just as horrific. So what about the shooting event that occurred in Arizona. What about Virginia Tech and even Columbine. These are only events that are most popular. Are we going to keep blaming entertainment for the violence that occur in real life or are we going to go deeper? How did he get those guns in the first place? Is our country gun obsessed? And what about countries like Japan that have violent entertainment that do not have such frequent violence?

    • seeClearly says:

      In the 1950s comic books were so violent and gory that a council had to be formed to get them under control. Within a short time the worst offenders were off the market and the comic books that were directed at children became a little more tame. There are many people of marginal emotional intelligence who actually believe what they see and read. Combine that with predisposition for violence and impulsive behavior and bingo you've got a social misfit ready for anything.

  16. @By_SJD says:

    Movies and TV are my life. From comedies and romance to action packed heroes and everything in between. I have 177 ticket stubs since I started saving them as a teen in the mid 90s. I have no desire to hurt myself or anyone, in fact the only thing that movies do inspire me to do is run off to Hollywood and make them. I am looking forward to the next time am in a dark theater watching the flicker of light and imagines on the screen.

  17. MadCharles says:

    The only difference between the slaughters I saw in Vietnamese villages if we didn't get there in time and today's slaughter are the parents are alive. This guys parents raised a terrorist. The public schools encouraged his parents by teaching them the same slop over the past thirty years.

  18. Lux says:

    Really? Well some of the worst violence I can think of was perpetuated by ANTI-SEMITES.

      • Lux says:

        I was responding to a comment that has apparently been removed. The commenter said this violence has something to do with the fact that Hollywood JEWS love money. They removed his comment but not mine and now I sound like a loon. oh well. . .

  19. Pyronaught says:

    What has happened with the crap churned out by Hollywood in the last few decades is the glorification of the criminal element. While the violence has certainly increased substantially in terms of realism, gore and darkness, it is the empathy given to the bad guys that is most notable. Movies like Pulp Fiction, Natural Born Kiillers, Boyz in the Hood and scores of other gangsta glorifying garbage in addition to dozens of mafia movies all glorify the lifestyles of lowlifes. Even worse are the video games like Grand Theft Auto that get kids involved with acting out crimes while making it the goal of the game. The producers of this morally inverted poison will sit there and tell you it is just entertainment and that what people see on a screen doesn't effect their behavior in the real world, while simultaneously taking millions from advertisers for mere product placements. Why would advertisers spend so much money putting their products or messages in front of people if it had no effect? The claim is utterly baseless.

    • GMENT says:


    • Elias says:

      To compare the effect of product placement and advertising on consumption with the psychological deficiencies required to commit an act as heinous as the one Holmes committed shows either complete disregard for rational thought or a deliberate obfuscation of two very distinct and complex issues as a means to an ideological end. Either way it's an attempt at politicization and polarization which I find, quite frankly, offensive at a time like this.

      When Mark D Chapman or Lee Harvey Oswald were found with multiple copies of "The Catcher in the Rye" in their possession, there were attempts by some to link their crimes to the sociopathic and manic depressive tendencies of the central protagonist in Salinger's classic. But no book nor movie can completely remove a sense of empathy, or invoke such truly evil and sadistic qualities necessary to carry out such a crime. Characters like the Joker or Holden Caulfied may bolster or justify pre-existing mental defects, but they don't create them, and these individuals will actively seek out characters or ideals which support their already crumbling sense of reality. If it weren't the Joker it would be someone else.

  20. michael says:

    Apparently some people think violence never existed until the movies created it.

  21. Yirmin says:

    Want to do something, then best to do nothing. The constant media blitz focusing on the actions of the nut job will only serve to influence copy cats or other nutters trying to get their little bit of fame. Best thing is to go on business as usual.

  22. greatminus8 says:

    I think the blame should be placed where it belongs: the kid who murdered a dozen people and seriously injured dozens more.

    There are millions of factors that contribute to who we are, and the choices we make. To narrow that down to being raised by a single mom, seeing a movie, reading a comic book, or listening to an album is shallow thinking.

    Christopher Nolan loves the movies. His comment above is about the movie theater being a place where we can go to forget reality, and become immersed in a story, and how it is a violation of our emotional and physical safety when something terrible happens like this. I don't think he's trying to make money; I think he truly doesn't know what to say on such an occasion as this, and is doing his best to try.

    • max says:

      @greatminus8: A very well thought out response.

    • Zoloft says:

      Thank you sir for restoring my faith in humanity by your statement.

    • Redford says:

      You don't think he wants to make money? Ha. But you said it, we go to movies to forget reality; exactly what this young man forgot.

    • Lux says:

      The great creator "doesn't know what to say?" No, the point is that he chose his words carefully and eloquently when he was extolling "the movies." But his words regarding the actual murders were lame and hollow. And yes, I could do better.

  23. Connie Bryan says:

    Let's face it, the movie industry wouldn't be making the billions if they didn't create more and more violence…….the industry has a part in this…..a very large part….stop acting so innocent and contrite.

  24. Nancy says:

    Movies that act out the creators sick demented mind don't need to be filmed. Give me something profound and emotionally moving or clean fun.

  25. Batwatcher says:

    " I believe movies are one of the great American art forms and the shared experience of watching a story unfold on screen is an important and joyful pastime."

    Still about self-promotion and making money even when a tragedy is staring them in the face.

    Such is hollyweird.

    • seeClearly says:

      You are right some "art" forms are right out of Dante's Inferno. Twisted and sick minds amplified through Hollywood resonate with like minded sick individuals. It gives form to their violence like, in this case, translates vague ideas and impulses into concrete directed actions. Might as well just issue an instruction manuel for budding mass murders.

  26. Old Watusi says:

    Now we see them for what they are… trash! The movies coming out of Hollywood are full of violence and "over the top" barbarity. Now they act innocent and troubled. This evil act has been protrayed by Hollywood a hundred times, sick and evil individuals don't even have to come up with their "own original" ideas – they have already been played out for them. I hope this creates enough of an issue for lawmakers to put a few restrictions on Hollywood, media, etc. It isn't the "gun", it's the sick mentality these movies are creating.

    • GMENT says:

      Thank you Pauline Kael!!

    • Elias says:

      "I hope this creates enough of an issue for lawmakers to put a few restrictions on Hollywood, media, etc. It isn't the "gun", it's the sick mentality these movies are creating."

      Ah, how the seeds of authoritarianism are planted in the minds of the frightened and easily-fooled.

    • Ben Sona says:

      WOW-why not just turn to communism? Why not put restrictions on your comments while we are at it or ban all Batman comic books and any other form of entertainment.

      It's never the person who is born insane or was abused by bad parents, NO, let's blame a film director for all the problems in our world.

  27. HeddBanger says:

    Gee, Christopher…ya think showing endless clips of violence for years and years might inspire those at the edge to maybe go over the cliff??? Hmmmmm???

  28. Rob says:

    While I find Nolan’s comments stupid for the most part & most people have been right in that we have been desensitized the blame CAN ONLY be PLACED on this freak that murdered these people I’m quite sure Hitler the worst of them all didn’t watch a movie about mass genocide & then decided to go out & murder millions of people of different races & religion

  29. Mentious says:

    No question this director has some responsibilty for this carnage and even more future violence.

    Feed violence and depravity to the minds of the people, fool, and you make them violent and depraved.
    Garbage in, garbage out.

    May this director live in hell from now on, and go to hell after death.

    • Random says:

      A: If you are going to blame one director for an act of violence, might as well blame them all
      B: Technically the perpetrator had not seen the new film, so you cannot blame it on the new film you have to blame it on the older ones.
      C: None of his films advocate violence…actually i find them to advocate the opposite.

      and last but not least…consider Matthew 7:2

      " For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you. "

  30. TOny says:

    Best thing you can do is just accept the fact that this act was commited by a sick twisted individual. Take the effort that most of you are using to place blame on laws and politics and redirect it towards the peolpe that lost everthing today as compassion.

  31. pjd says:

    Hollywood/NY types sell their mothers to make money. They make "Think and Do" movies. The murders in Colorado are in the movie, movie trailer and in ads from past "Batman" movies. Mr. Nolan, you are directly responsible. Stand up like a man and donate your profits to the families of the dead and injured.

  32. Johnny says:

    Its the kids fault, he killed people, Christopher Nolan directed a movie, JK rowling wrote a book, Activision created Call of Duty. These people use their minds to create something that the majority of people will enjoy, The dark Knight series did not become a hit because it showcased a madman, or killed people, it is because it was a work of art, and people enjoyed it. This Kid thinks he can become the joker, well the Joker is an idea put into movies or comics, it doesn't exist. The people he killed were real. He deserves a very sever punishment, possibly death penalty, because he is 100% responsible for everything that happened at the theatre. People express their ideas for others, Nolan created a movie for us to enjoy, this madman killed innocent people. He is the only person to blame.

    • Connie says:

      By providing his own mass murderer name, “The Joker”, he prevents the media from saddling a less pleasing moniker as he joins the ranks of the infamous that will live on in the annals of crime. He now has topped the head count and the next nutbag with a hankering to see his name all over the media will have to make an even bigger splash.

  33. Malcolm says:

    Wow. A lot of people here are blaming the MOVIE. What about the lax gun laws that allow deranged individuals access to guns. Lots of people who got killed were Batman FANS who love Batman, not because of violence but because he's a hero who stands up AGAINST violence against the innocent (Batman doesn't even like to kill and doesn't like to use lethal force). Yes, the movies are violent but deranged people WITH EASY ACCESS TO GUNS will kill whether or not they see the movie.

    • Random says:

      Thank you sir…

    • Freesia says:

      There is a reason the Constitution protects the right to bear arms, and it is so citizens can protect themselves against t this very kind of thing happening to them by tyrannical leaders/government. If you take away the right to bear arms you eliminate the ability of citizens to protect themselves against a tyrannical government, dictator, police state. Not smart thinking to want to give away your right to do that.

  34. rich otontm says:

    afraid there going to loose money this week end? People talk about guns but what about glorifying killing and violence like in the movies? They never talk about that.

  35. BcdErick says:

    Some of these comments are just dumb. There has been appalling real life violence throughout human history. It is part of human nature. IMO I see these kind of movies as a release for that kind of impulse. I have have no idea what this Holmes guy was thinking, but anyone here who claims a Batman movie drove a guy with a graduate degree in neuroscience into an involuntary murderous rampage is nuts. IMO opinion as long as you protect young children against violent imagines and the actors involved are not forced to do things they don't agree to anything goes. If the product stinks the market will decide and no will pay to see it. The investors will lose their shorts and it won't happen again.

  36. billy says:

    Nolan you glorify senseless violence.

    If media has no impact on society – why do companies advertise.

  37. billy says:

    What a foolish statement – "the theater is my home."
    Well, your home must be a disgusting place considering the movies you make.
    Glorifying sadistic violence – be ashamed!

  38. Franklin Jennings says:

    Maybe if Nolan hadn't spent his career glorifying violence in the most realistic way possible, I might care.

    As it stands, he might as well have been handing the shooter fresh clips, him and all the rest of Hollywood. He certainly contributed well to this shooter's desensitization to what he was doing.


  39. Emma says:

    I agree with all the posts that blame the movie industry. Movies USED to be fun and entertaining, but these days there are so many that are just dark, morbid, violent or just plain too weird. For the last 20-30 years they've become increasingly so. It has to affect the minds of young people when that which is supposed to be entertaining is nothing more than attempts to shock and frighten people. I have often thought that acting is pretty much a lost art and has been replaced with special effects. They have taken good stories and twisted and perverted them into vile, disturbing motion pictures. Not only do we not even go to the movies any more, we can barely stand to watch what's on TV. There simply are no more John Waynes, Katherine Hepburns, Julie Andrews, Dick Van Dyckes, Harrison Fords, etc.

  40. rer says:

    So an occupy wall street member uses a gun iin the shooting that has been traced back to the Democrat gun running operation, the FAST AND THE FURIOuS.. and the lying communist media says it's a Tea Party member???

    Obama and Eric Holder gave that gun to a violent Mexican drug gang who sold it on the black market.

    Now we can add a dozen more dead Americans to the list of the murdered Border Agent.

    Obama and Holder are accessories to murder!

    All of these dead Americans just so Obama and the Communists can attack the 2nd Amendment…….

  41. Freesia says:

    Hollywood folks make their mega bucks and live in nice giant houses by glorifying and glamorizing murder, violence, immorality, etc. and selling it as entertainment. Usually in films they subtly demonize all the things that in the past were traditionally considered good, honest and righteous people and behavior– the preacher is portrayed as mean and controlling to his family, the Christian girl who is made out to be a mean girl biaatch at school, the super honest, good guy who is portrayed as a naive geek or as stupid or as a loser, etc. Hollywood people shouldn't act so shocked and surprised when the violent, evil behavior they glamorize comes home to roost in the very place they peddle their wares. That's just how I see it, just my opinion.

  42. Gment says:

    Ban films not guns!!!

  43. Robert says:

    Violence has been around for thousands of years but the violence we see in movies and on TV has created a very evil society. The number of people posting that violent movies like Batman do not influence people are certainly of simple mind. Everyone and anyone that goes to this movie or any violent movie is just as responsible as the evil person that shot these people for helping to promote this junk. We kill babies by the millions and call it abortion because our society has become desensitized to killing. Listening to people on here, they don't even realize it, like the frog in the boiling water which is why they argue in vain against the idea of violent movies causing this type of mad man. Now we have a president that promotes evil, lies daily, and yet half our nation supports him. American is about to fall because of its immorality. Watch the response to this post and you will see the warped mind set of much of America.

  44. joecool says:

    Nothing will stop this sickness other than not buying tickets for this crap. TV is just as bad, and we are destroying our culture. If this keeps up, they'll be auditioning for gladiators to fight to the death for the cameras – and people will buy tickets!!

  45. jabbo says:

    a typical hollywierdo turd

  46. Pronghorn says:

    I suppose he doesn't find the violence inside his film as 'savage' and 'appalling?'

  47. charles says:


    If you want to find gratuitously violent and sadistic murderers, then just go to a place where there is a celebration and display of gratuitous violence and sadistic murderers.

    And don't forget the other famous colorado killings, at columbine. The two idiots there dressed up to play like they were in the movie MATRIX.

  48. Psychologist says:

    Nolan's 'Joker' is a character who attempts to live out his unconscious fantasies of sadism and violence. Filmmakers like Nolan rationalize the impact of their movies by claiming they are not responsible for feeding the minds of budding sociopaths like Holmes. There are lots of places once could point fingers for this terrible tragedy – the gun lobby and Congress, the parents, the neuroscience department that didn't probably didn't do enough to address a student's decline. There are many people who did not act. But it is certainly the fact that in every community in this country we have emotionally ill children, and the Batman films and other films like them are helping to create and fuel in them a violent fantasy life. If filmmakers claim they have no responsibility here, they are deluding themselves.

    • Redford says:


    • Vernon Norbert says:

      PRECISELY correct. The simplistic reduction to a black/white cause/effect analysis keeps us spinning ineffectually between the poles. The truth is more complex … and as one with significant experience in affecting human psychology via media (advertising), I can attest that the unrelenting, ultra-realist, dark violence portrayed in films like Nolan's Batman is more than enough to lodge in a healthy mind and create a tenacious sense of unease – in fact, this effect is probably part of Nolan and his supporters would call his "art" – and perhaps they're right. But in an unhealthy mind … well, there is absolutely no question it can tip an unhealthy mind over into a perception of self and world that seems intolerable, and at times, must be acted upon – either inwardly, or in this case, outwardly.

      Psychologist is right. We are crushing our souls with this stuff. I don't know whether Nolan gets it or not, but I can say with absolute certainty that if he thinks his films aren't, at minimum, a "causal element", well, he's completely wrong.

      I might ask him to reflect upon the fact that a fellow Warner Bros. auteur, Stanley Kubrick, was sufficiently aware of the effect of film to pull A Clockwork Orange.

  49. backbench2 says:

    Of course Nolan, cast, crew and studios made a nice tidy income from producing this comic book fantasy. Just another layer desensitizing the public, especially the young, to violence. But oh dear when our young ones actually are victims of this rot.

  50. nvrat says:

    Saddened and Senseless Tragedy. Yea, I bet that's what they think and the movie theater is their home they must live in a fantasy house of horror. Just keep the Box Office Tickets going they need the money. That`s the part you never hear about, every year as the movies and games get more and more violent the warped minds of so many take on the fantasy of living in a virtual world and reality is only a place where they rest. Hollywood has become to strong in the political arena the political hacks just want their money and Hollywood wants the freedom with out consequence while spreading, demanding and supporting liberal ideology. Don`t look for any solution soon the politicians will not act and Hollywood will not stop producing movies with dark characters and violence.

  51. HENRIRT says:



  52. savior says:

    the gratuitous violence and ease that it is carried out is helping weak and sick minded liberals to carry out such acts more and more. people dressed up as characters at the theatre, is SO dumbed down…If everyone lived by the Ten Commandments, NONE of this would ever happen. PERIOD !

  53. Squawker says:

    The poet WB Yeats once wrote, "In dreams begins responsibility", yet Hollywood will never take responsibility for its most brutal dreams so long as the paying public still flocks to the theatre of cruelty and barbarism.

  54. Redford says:

    You cultivate the dark side; the dark side cultivates you. You move in the direction of your response.

  55. Albrecht says:

    if programming didn't work companies and politicians wouldn't spend millions on advertising and marketing. So what happens when a generation of people are raised on Hollywood's violent movies, movies linking sex with violence, and the ultra violent video games where you can "be" the killer, pervert, psycho for "fun". Hollywood also promotes the weirdness of adults dressing up etc for their warped fare. Note that even the US Army uses video games and simulator for training on tactics (how to kill more effectively) and how to deal with anxiety (get over the impulse of guilt or hesitation to kill.)

  56. seeClearly says:

    BTW Geoff Boucher many, many people in the real world will reach for their religion, their family or friends to make sense of this insane criminal act. Tissue's, twitter and soapbox's may work in Hollywood but the rest of the world is built on more substantial foundations.

  57. DrBobNM says:

    savage and appalling? kind of like your movies, huh?

  58. skyview says:

    When God was taken out of our day-to-day life, the evil became more pronounced. God has been banished from schools. everyday life, hollywood products and the results are disasterous. Until He is brought back to be the center of our lives the disasters will continue.

  59. Daoud says:

    I am a zombie junkie. From the Victor Halperin's White Zombie early 30s all the way to George Romero, Lucio Fulci, etc in the early 80s. I have never disemboweled and devoured humans and have never experience the urge to. Yes, I am a little whacked but could not fathom doing anything like this.

  60. m stein says:

    Pull back consumers. Pull back. Send the strongest message possible by not buying that product Hollywood produces. Nolen should donate all the proceeds of this film to those fans who lost their lives or were injured and their families, who will be caregiving in many cases for the rest of their lives.

  61. justavoter says:

    Somebody doesn't have to have guns to kill somebody. A person can kill another with a tire iron, a fist or whatever else somebody's sick mind can use to kill others. What happened at the movie theater happens in Chicago every week. It's the minds of savage dark people just like the movie depicts. Hollywood used to play good roles in people's lives. Now it plays movies for savages. Where or when does it stop?

  62. Morris says:

    ‘The movie theater is my home’.

    Yeah well clean-up your home Chris, you glorify killing and violence then act surprised that some wacko should act out on it, filling childrens heads with such violence from and early age makes them indifferent to death. Hollywood is breeding violence, not entertaining people.

  63. POV247 says:

    The debate over whether movies encourage violence can be answered with one question. Do movie makers want to inspire their audience? If the answer is yes then content DOES matter and it will encourage those that view it. It's easy to dismiss responsibility by saying that one individual is at fault however, a Hollywood lacking any common sense restraint, has been gleefully feeding and nurturing monsters for decades and then to express shock when the monsters bite back, is arrogant hypocrisy on a grand scale. To read this drivel from a director who ardently supported his fans for threatening the lives of critics who reviewed the film less than enthusiastically, is the height of conceit!

  64. BlownfuelCoupe says:

    Geoff, Your Villains are much more believable than your "concern".

  65. The late Heath Ledger described the joker he created in the last movie as a 'psychopathic, mass-murdering, schizophrenic clown with zero empathy.'
    Looks like someone just tried out for the part. This isn't about guns, it's about HOLLYWEIRD and their reckless creations that pervert our culture. The demonic nature of the joker character likely consumed Heath Ledger and now this…
    Stay away from the spiritual sewer, folks. Families and survivors: SUE the HOLLYWEIRDOS.

  66. Raven says:

    It is a sad sign of what our society feeds upon for entertainment. movies like these glorify evil acts, turning the most evil character into twisted heroes for the deranged evil personality's to fantasize and idolize.

  67. justaguest says:

    movies are based on reality; not the other way around… this movie is full of government mind control and propaganda. furthermore, this incident was a government false flag prequel to the UN gun ban treaty.

  68. nooch says:

    Nolan you can be proud your movie was used as the backdrop for what certainly appears to be a mass-murder psychological terrorist operation against the American people, blurring reality with comic books, timed perfectly to push the UN's anti-gun legislation over the top and sign the papers that say that Americans must give up their guns – which of course will turn us all into victims begging for the protection of a super hero like the president, since we are weak helpless trash. This is the kind of stuff they've spent 50 years and your tax money dreaming up in their Think Tanks.

  69. Black Eagle says:

    What a wretched man you are, Mr. Nolan. You take a child’s comic book hero, and make him into a sinister neurotic, in monstrous films stuffed with blood-soaked violence and sadistic murdering. I wonder if in private, you are fond of whips and chains, such that you consider the kind of Hollywood filth you have created, as something suitable or justifiable — everyone knows Batman films get watched by children, but you made these monstrosities into XXX violence-porn, knowing you could technically get around the ratings blockade for children. You are not alone in corrupting and destroying the minds of children with sick and extremely graphic violence, but by use of film media, have far more influence than most. Shame on you, shame on your disgusting films, shame on Hollywood, and double-shame on you personally for not taking responsibility in those areas where you could easily do so.

  70. michael says:

    I just read a book on Marie Antoinette, the queen of France beheaded during the "revolution". Barbarity is relative, those were some very hard times. I think the way our culture is so militarized on the one hand with all our warfare and "defense" industry and yet soft and coddled on the other hand because such a small percentage of the population actually gets into harms way that things like this are more likely to happen. Young men are conflicted about the nature of their society and sometimes act out devastatingly.

  71. Joe says:

    Hollywood directors like Nolan bear some of the culpability for this kind of stuff. Their movies are increasingly sadistic, demented, and violent and are often viewed by children. They do this not for "art" but to make a buck. If you believe that violent movies have no influence on our children, ask yourself why businesses spend billions of dollars each year on advertising. Is it because advertising doesn't work?

  72. Jay says:

    So can we call this a terrorist act? O wait..the guy is non-muslim white..nevermind.

  73. Hazmat77 says:

    movies affect people in many ways …. people who are living with an otherwise fragile psyche are susceptible to undue influences – some of which may obviously be found in many motions pictures produced and shown. Wih the ever increasing complexities of modern life, becoming lost in the nonreality of film is problematic for many people. Dismissing the notion that films can and do influence personal action of viewers is sophomoric and dangerous … Censorship is NOT the answer as it simply creates worse problems.

  74. jfire says:

    Believe it. watching something over and over certainly does eventually desensitive people. What do you think they do to prisoners of war. It is a way of breaking down moral codes. You can say we as humans have always been this way, and true there have always been those that have been the bad guys, but there was a kind of code of honor even among bad guys. They didn't just kill for no reason, and kill babies and women unless they were barbarians. You can't blame the parents either. Parents do their best to shield their children, but there is just too much out there to protect them 24 hours a day. Luckily my generation did have good role models. The movies do not have them anymore.

  75. collins says:

    I do not know for sure but I guess if you are a responsible adult maybe you should consider all the crap you have produced and say maybe they should ban my product because of the shootings I believe that is as viable as any other knee jerk reaction I have heard.Do not react , think passion after a tragady does not make good laws

  76. Airborne869 says:

    Nolan’s movie Dark Knight Rising is “Savage and Appalling.”

    The Killer mimicked his movie and the theater of Gangster’s…

    I wouldn't look at the parents…I'd look to Hollywood…! ! !

  77. Tom Clair says:

    Hollywood id responsible for this! What do you expect decades of gratuitous violence coming from Hollywood. For God's sake don't you realize, people emulate what they see in the movies. When gangs and violence are glamorized what else will we get?

  78. ARA says:

    This director's movies are so violent that he needs high tech million dollar special effects to "unfold" his "joyful" stories on the screen. He's not part of the solution, he's part of the problem.

  79. Tzi says:

    It was meant to inspire good. Not madness. Not death.

    -Bruce Wayne talking about Batman, 'The Dark Knight'

  80. Parker says:

    These Christopher Nolan Batman movies are vomitus, sadistic trash. That so many people can derive pleasure from this kind of gratuitous sadism is truly scary.

  81. suibne says:

    he makes savage, appaling, stupid movies year after year and …..this is what he has to say?

  82. James says:

    I don’t know how so many here can visit this mostly liberal newspaper website and be so conservative and narrow-minded. To believe that violent movies, television and video games crest psychopaths is absolutely absurd. Only those disturbed individuals who cannot tell right from wrong could be inspired by a movie: but they could just as easily be inspired by a news report or something that they read. Or maybe people are killing because they have always done it throughout history. Stop spouting your delusional nonsense. Movies don’t kill people and they don’t cause violence. I’ve watched violent movies since I was a small child and I have never decided to commit acts of violence. I don’t even own a gun because guns are evil and they should be banned. Violence in movies is not meant to encourage violence: it’s actually the opposite. Unless you are watching those dumb action movies with Stallone or Schwarzenegger that make light of violence. But really even those don’t inspire crimes. If you are intelligent enough to realize these violent films are making a statement against violence. Anyways you conservatives need to get your priorities straight. Just because you want to keep your precious guns, doesn’t give you the right to blame artists and entertainers. The fact that you would, sickens me inside.

  83. Eric Saarinen says:

    Did this murderer see the movie? I don't think so. Why did do his reality show where dozens of random people are hurt or killed? Why did he set it up so the evidence would be destroyed, in case he got away? Why did he not want to die in a blaze of glory? Why are we here on earth… the rest of us lucky to be alive? Why is our question in and of life. We did not make us. We will never know the answer to "Why".

  84. @Ogojoi says:

    i believe dat movies are people's ideas brought to life so when i c christopher Nolan i jst want to c his imagination and he has neva disappointed me. believe

  85. Peter says:

    Why is there always sick muppets in the world who think they can do the things they see on screen in real life. Kids for too many years have spent too much time in front of computers and television screens which has blurred their view of reality. The product is sick wankers like this guy who thinks its okay to dress up as a movie character and shoot dead innocents on an evening out. It’s time we brought in tougher social order and monitered young people and their exposure to graphic material and hold carers and parents accountable. Britain has the same problems with young people trying to live out violence they have seen on mainstream media. Anyway god rest the victims and bless their families

  86. zoeyfrancis says:

    Wow… There are a lot of joyless people who read the L.A. Times. It’s always been the practice of cynics to blame and point fingers at everyone but themselves. I know you don’t want advice from anyone, but I’m going to put it out there anyway: Find something, anything, that gives you a reason to appreciate life. The rest of us can decide for ourselves what entertainment we want to indulge in without your sanctimonious assessments.

  87. edwin says:

    I don't even know why everyone is reacting to the idea of violent films = violent behavior?!

    This is just plain silly. I suppose we should all stop driving cars because they lead to accidents or perhaps stop playing sports because it brings out the aggresion in us all.

    STOP being so precious!! So some psycho lashed out and there will be justice brought upon him.
    Pretty much it. Harden the f@#k up and get on with life, I'd say.

  88. oneoflokis says:

    & Gary L Hammontree: as well as educating kids (& govt would have to put forward cash for media studies courses in schools to make them THAT intellectually aware) why not tell comic book movie makers to make movies that LOOK LIKE COMICS (like Marvel does) and not PRETEND like that pretentious prat Christopher Nolan that it is all “realism” and about “real-world issues”? &one thing that the Burton movies (though also dark and violent) did is that (as Danny DeVito remarked) made the villains and their methods so fantastical that they were impossible to copy. I knew Nolan’s neo-brutalist capitalist-realism piles of negative unaesthetic totally de-fairy-taled rubbish could only end in tears – but I didn’t think it would be as bad as this!

    And I agree with everyone who commented negatively on the film, Nolan’s arrogance and the corporate media’s surely not totally naive but deliberate influence on “unwitting minds”. & I see that that constitutes the majority of you – good – time to take Hollywood back from the 1%

  89. smythechristina says:

    This is a tragic loss. I send all prayers to the victims' families. Someone created a memorial page for these victims on Evertalk within Facebook. There is a memorial fund on this page and people can donate to help the families of the victims of this terrible tragedy. Here's the page.

  90. jacklyn johnson says:

    My thoughts and prayers are with the loved ones of these victims. Please know that we share your sorrow at this difficult time. Thanks for the heads up on the Evertalk memorial page Christina. I will make sure to visit it.

  91. Michel J. says:

    The late Heath Ledger described the joker he created in the last movie as a 'psychopathic, mass-murdering, schizophrenic clown with zero empathy.'
    Looks like someone just tried out for the part. This isn't about guns, it's about HOLLYWEIRD and their reckless creations that pervert our culture. The demonic nature of the joker character likely consumed Heath Ledger and now this…
    Stay away from the spiritual sewer, folks. Families and survivors: SUE the HOLLYWEIRDOS.

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