Comic-Con 2011: Steven Spielberg says ‘Jurassic Park 4’ is on

July 22, 2011 | 1:56 p.m.
jurassic park1 Comic Con 2011: Steven Spielberg says Jurassic Park 4 is on

A T-rex and a spinosaurus face off in 'Jurassic Park III.' (Bob Marshak / Universal Studios / Amblin Entertainment)

Steven Spielberg confirmed to the audience at Comic-Con that he is at work on “Jurassic Park 4,” a new installment in the dinosaur franchise he launched in 1993.

“We have a story, I can happily announce,” Spielberg said to the cheering crowds in the San Diego Convention Center’s Hall H, where he was appearing to promote his Christmas release, “Tintin.” “We have a writer who is writing the treatment and hopefully we are going to make ‘Jurassic Park 4’ in all of your foreseeable futures — all of our foreseeable futures — hopefully, in the next two or three years.”

— Rebecca Keegan


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21 Responses to Comic-Con 2011: Steven Spielberg says ‘Jurassic Park 4’ is on

  1. Fercedes says:

    Whether JP4 is made or not…REMAKE JURASSIC PARK and THE LOST WORLD (with Spielberg as Producer)

    A facebook page has been started to promote the campaign. Like the page to show that you’re gonna CONTACT UNIVERSAL (by e-mail or postage)

    If Universal is afraid to remake Jurassic Park and The Lost World (because of the biased/obsessive fanboys who are too stubborn to accept anything besides Spielberg’s version) then we must give Universal the idea to GET SPIELBERG TO BE THE PRODUCER OF THE REMAKES. It might be the only way for the fanboys to have faith in the project….(“In Steve We Trust”)

    The posters for the remakes could even say: “STEVEN SPIELBERG PRESENS” (just like other movies he was the producer of.)

    How can you not understand why do we want remakes? WE WANT A CLOSER ADAPTATION OF THE NOVELS.

    • Coltyn says:

      Remaking those movies is the worst idea of all time. Have you seen them lately? What is there to remake? Thats like saying, "Lets remake Inception and have Christopher Nolan produce the movie..!??!" Pure stupidity.

      • redlantern says:

        There is plenty to remake, the book and the movie have very little in common and a remake would be a great idea.

      • steve says:

        You are now aware that Crichton wrote the movie script first and published the novel only after it was optioned. He then went back and redid the script to fit the book, after which another screenwriter took a pass and changed some relationships, and excised a couple sequences but little information. Later he did the same with The Lost World. Crichton did what he wanted, Universal did what they wanted, and everyone made lots of money as planned and audiences got to see real seeming dinosaurs eat people as planned.

      • Chris says:

        I thought that was only The Lost World

    • jpx says:

      A remake would not be any closer to the novels. Things always have to be cut and changed when adapting a 400 page book to a 120 page screenplay. A remake is completely unnecessary: what you should be lobbying for is that unused scenes and plots from the books be incorporated into JP4.

  2. MTV says:

    I can not forgive him for firing Megan Fox from Transformers

    • OutkastBoy says:

      Really ? Wow dude, your tastes in movies must be horrible. I congratulate him for having done such a wise action.

  3. Sally says:

    Oh god no no no! Spielberg is proving he doesn't have one creative imaginable cell in his brain.

  4. Patricia says:

    Is the whole world to see the mutilation of human body parts, blood and violence ?

  5. Tomohawk says:

    Remakes, sequels, new version of a remake; doesn't anyone out there want to see something original?Sadly, the inventory of imaginative, skilled writers is becoming less and less. Hence the reason why we're now seeing every bloody comic book brought to life.

  6. Simply Tim says:

    Most special effects in many of today's movies have become so commonplace that they have ceased to be special at all. I mean, seriously—how many explosions with flailing bodies launched into the foreground, how many cars overturning from half-concealed ramps, how many running folks catching fire, how many helicopters crashing into mountain sides, how many gush-popping bullet wounds and bullet holes whose ricochets throw sparks even while striking trees (or other organic matter) can an audience possibly digest? I suspect that contemporary movie producers, screen writers, directors, and stunt people are so familiar with every canned special effect that they refer to them universally by numbers.

    Director: "Okay, loosen up. First off we'll pan down from effect #33 into effect #12. Makeup: go LIGHT on the blood until effect #27 has had time to register."

    Producer: "Hang on there for a minute. If we substitute effect #88 and effect #50 for effect #33 instead, we can throw in an EXTRA effect #41 or possibly TWO effect # 6s and save investors a little money.

    Writer: "Yeah, but I was saving those TWO 6s for the scene where the jealous boyfriend, having just survived effect #73 (minus his ear, or course) was falling over the cliff after effect #9 shoved him right off the edge."


    Last week I re-watched the Alfred Hitchcock movie, "Psycho". It was chillingly refreshing NOT to have witnessed the famous shower-stabbing scene the way it most certainly would have been graphically depicted today. More and more I find myself ENJOYING the older cinemas of yesteryear. You remember them—the movies where special effect #1 was a pioneering force called CREATIVITY.

  7. Steve says:

    Sigh. Spielberg is fabulously wealthy, but seems content to make YET ANOTHER sequel (as though we didn't have enough retread movie ideas in his TV series).

  8. Megan says:

    I don't care what anyone thinks, I'm SO OKAY with another JP. Get over it.

    • Jonny Movie lover says:

      Exactly…this IS the most original of original ideas…how long has it been since a decent dinosaur flick was made? EXACTLY never, besides THIS franchise…the emo moviegoers with their little ball of insta-hate can sit this one out for all i care…Ive been waiting a long time for this franchise to continue. BRAVO SS…just remember the crystal skull, okay? do it right, and we may get more than one.

  9. Stephan Pickering says:

    Shalom & Erev tov…I sit here, within reach signed copies of Mr Crichton's two Jurassic Park novels, and his 1991 unfilmed screenplay…Reb Spielberg betrayed Mr Crichton's paleovisions, directing 2 films with aesthetically real dinosaurs, but without coherent plots. The reason? Serious ideas are absent from his work because they never occur to him. He is Horrorwood's consummate fargoyisht, who cannot write. He made the first JP because his career was collapsing, and he desparately needed dinosaurs-for-dollars. He wanted to use life-size balloons, hired then betrayed Phil Tippet's (whose dinosaurs were breath-taking homages to Willis O'Brien), and had to hire ILM (for whom Mr Tippet made the finest dinosaurs I've ever seen). As a dinosaurologist, I saw Mr Spielberg refuse to keep the tyrannosaur Sue in her community. When Forrest J Ackerman was dying, he refused to help preserve scifi's greatest collection. He embraced Schindler (who was a profiteering participant in the Final Solution), making the Daddy Returns as Close Encounters of the Nazi Kind. (Schindler 'saved' Jews, including Roman Polansky's 66 pound father, to save himself. He was a shape-shifting antisemite. Now, years later, his career in shambles, Mr Spielberg's frantic hucksterism is reprehensible. The discussion of morality stops prudently short with him before the parallelism becomes close enough to yield logical and probable conclusions.
    STEPHAN PICKERING / Chofetz Chayim ben-Avraham
    Jewish Dinosaurologist

  10. jts says:

    make a sgu movie instead

  11. jay says:

    I'm happy to admit im a JP 'fanboy'! Awesome movies, lots of action. But the reason I am a 'fanboy' is because Im a dino fan too. Its pretty hard to come up with a dinosaur movie that mixes modern life with dinosaurs without bringing in time travel. Pretty much the only story line i can think of (and i don't claim to be creative at all) is DNA/cloning. Pretty much means you are left with a remake…

  12. cactusshadowkid says:

    This says the Jurassic Park sequel is set in Victorian England:

  13. mike says:

    I think they should go right to the point with random character on the island.

    They dont need the original cast anymore.

    they should show the new cast laying on the growned with a plane on fire. And they cant remember a thing.

    And through-out the movie the memories come back and you start knowing who the characters are.

    (Now at this point the writers for this movir would come up with a bunch of good ideas and how they can get off the island and what dinosaurs should be in this movie.)

    This is just an idea.

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