Comic-Con 2013: ‘Superman & Batman’ movie will follow ‘Man of Steel’

July 20, 2013 | 9:08 a.m.
manofsteel29 Comic Con 2013: Superman & Batman movie will follow Man of Steel

Cooper Timberline plays 9-year-old Clark Kent in "Man of Steel." (Clay Enos / Warner Bros.)

manofsteel1 Comic Con 2013: Superman & Batman movie will follow Man of Steel

Kevin Costner, left, as Jonathan Kent and Diane Lane as Martha Kent in "Man of Steel." (Clay Enos / Warner Bros.)

manofsteel21 Comic Con 2013: Superman & Batman movie will follow Man of Steel

Dylan Sprayberry plays 13-year-old Clark Kent in "Man of Steel." (Clay Enos / Warner Bros.)

manofsteel33 Comic Con 2013: Superman & Batman movie will follow Man of Steel

Dylan Sprayberry plays 13-year-old Clark Kent in "Man of Steel." (Clay Enos / Warner Bros.)

manofsteel32 Comic Con 2013: Superman & Batman movie will follow Man of Steel

Kevin Costner as Jonathan Kent, left, and Dylan Sprayberry as 13-year-old Clark Kent in "Man of Steel." (Clay Enos / Warner Bros.)

manofsteel31 Comic Con 2013: Superman & Batman movie will follow Man of Steel

Kevin Costner as Jonathan Kent, left, and Dylan Sprayberry as 13-year-old Clark Kent in "Man of Steel." (Clay Enos / Warner Bros.)

manofsteel30 Comic Con 2013: Superman & Batman movie will follow Man of Steel

Kevin Costner as Jonathan Kent, left, and Dylan Sprayberry as 13-year-old Clark Kent in "Man of Steel." (Clay Enos / Warner Bros.)

manofsteel50 Comic Con 2013: Superman & Batman movie will follow Man of Steel

Russell Crowe, left, as Jor-El and Henry Cavill as Clark Kent in "Man of Steel." (Warner Bros.)

manofsteel23 Comic Con 2013: Superman & Batman movie will follow Man of Steel

Amy Adams as Lois Lane, left, and Henry Cavill as Superman in "Man of Steel." (Clay Enos / Warner Bros.)

manofsteel24 Comic Con 2013: Superman & Batman movie will follow Man of Steel

Henry Cavill as Clark Kent, left, and Diane Lane as Martha Kent in "Man of Steel." (Clay Enos / Warner Bros.)

manofsteel41 Comic Con 2013: Superman & Batman movie will follow Man of Steel

Laurence Fishburne as Perry White, left, and Amy Adams as Lois Lane in "Man of Steel." (Clay Enos / Warner Bros.)

manofsteel12 Comic Con 2013: Superman & Batman movie will follow Man of Steel

Antje Traue as Faora-Ul, center, and Michael Shannon as General Zod in "Man of Steel." (Warner Bros.)

manofsteel35 Comic Con 2013: Superman & Batman movie will follow Man of Steel

Amy Adams as Lois Lane, left, Henry Cavill as Superman and Antje Traue as Faora-Ul in "Man of Steel." (Clay Enos / Warner Bros.)

manofsteel16 Comic Con 2013: Superman & Batman movie will follow Man of Steel

Harry Lennix as Gen. Swanick, left, Christina Wren as Maj. Carrie Farris and Richard Schiff as Dr. Emil Hamilton in "Man of Steel." (Clay Enos / Warner Bros.)

manofsteel19 Comic Con 2013: Superman & Batman movie will follow Man of Steel

Laurence Fishburne as Perry White, left, and Rebecca Buller as Jenny in "Man of Steel." (Clay Enos / Warner Bros.)

manofsteel15 Comic Con 2013: Superman & Batman movie will follow Man of Steel

Amy Adams as Lois Lane, left, and Christopher Meloni as Col. Nathan Hardy in "Man of Steel." (Clay Enos / Warner Bros.)

Warner Bros. is about to bring together two of its most iconic heroes: Superman and Batman will unite in a new film, the follow-up to “Man of Steel,” set for release in 2015.

According to two sources with knowledge of the movie, Warner Bros. intends to announce the news at its Comic-Con International panel Saturday morning. Said a Warner Bros. spokesperson, “We don’t comment on rumors regarding these properties.”

“Man of Steel” director Zack Snyder is expected to reunite with screenwriter David S. Goyer and star Henry Cavill for the new film. It’s unlikely Christian Bale will step back into the bat suit, as the actor has indicated publicly that he has moved on from his days as Bruce Wayne.

Christian Bale in "The Dark Knight Rises." (Warner Bros)

Christian Bale in “The Dark Knight Rises.” The actor has said that his days in the bat suit are behind him. (Warner Bros.)

“Man of Steel” producer and “Dark Knight” trilogy director Christopher Nolan is expected by some to produce the project, but the exact nature of his involvement is unclear.

The move marks the culmination of years of effort on the part of Warner Bros. and DC Comics to bring their superheroes together in a similar fashion to their primary competitor Marvel, which successfully combined its superheroes into a $1.5-billion box-office hit with “The Avengers.”

In the comic world, the two heroes are teaming up in a new series, “Batman/Superman,” by writer Greg Pak and artist Jae Lee.

UPDATE: Read more here

— Nicole Sperling


5. “Man of Steel” No. 1, Special Collector’s Edition, 1986 After DC’s “Crisis on Infinite Earths,” writer and artist John Byrne relaunched Superman for the modern age, beginning with his 1986 limited series “The Man of Steel.” Byrne chronicled Superman’s origin with some changes from the hero’s previous iteration: Kal-El, the sole survivor of Krypton, is rocketed to Earth as a fetus in a “birthing matrix” and officially “born” an American. He gains powers gradually, ultimately becoming the Man of Steel. Byrne’s cover marked the beginning of a new era for Superman. (DC Entertainment)Superman at 75: 10 key comic covers

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74 Responses to Comic-Con 2013: ‘Superman & Batman’ movie will follow ‘Man of Steel’

  1. Killbilll86 says:

    I'll believe it when WB confirms it.

  2. Killbill says:

    I'll believe it when WB confirms it.

  3. Mickey says:


  4. Robert says:

    "The Man from U.N.C.L.E." and "Superman" will hopefully keep Cavill busy for many years to come.

  5. @keiteay says:

    No really, Hollywood hasn't run out of ideas at all. That's complete nonsense.

  6. Cpahlk says:

    This concept is DOA. There is too much disparity between what these two superheroes are capable of physically. The biggest assist Batman could give Superman is as an analyst. Batman has value in a real world, not In a supernatural one.

    • tgjohn04 says:

      You must not read comics…

    • Francis says:

      Er… There's been thousands World's finest adventures, Superman and Batman have already faced challenges together, so, don't worry, that conflict was something a bunch of writers solved decades ago :)

      • David says:

        I disagree Christian Bale made that trilogy. He was so good and portrayed the character so well. In the past Batman films the villains were always the stars of the movie. The characters that played Batman were all duds. No actor will be able to recreate what Bale did in this series it will be impossible. If this unfortunate shooting in CO did not happen the 3 installment would have shattered every movie record that’s out there, it’s a shame Bale and Nolan had to end it like that, I want to see them do one more and go out on a better note. If anyone thinks though the next Batman will be better then how Bale portrayed him your going to be let down..

    • Huzaifa says:

      If U Would Have Seen The Dark Knight Returns Part 1 and 2 ( Animated Movie ) , You Would Know What Batman Could Do To Superman Without Having Super Powers,,,,…. Awesome Movie

    • riseofazrael says:

      Just like how Thor, a God living in a world with mortals fits in perfectly right?

    • peter Barnett says:

      Not true at all. In a Lex Luther based world, Superman could take on Lex while Lex is in his super suit, and Batman could take on his minions and other crap so he can stop the bomb. Perfect plot :)

    • spiffybiffy says:

      They have crossover hundreds of times in the comics. Also, if Batman's portrayal here is less realistic than the Nolan films, I think they can make it happen.

    • anon says:

      you havent read the dark knight returns graphic novel then.

      batman is the only hero to have beaten superman.

    • Kaz says:

      My thoughts exactly. With the way Man of Steel went down only the Avengers characters would be remotely able to keep up with him, Thor most of all.

    • Johnny Staccato says:

      Have you ever read a comic book? These characters have been teaming up for a long time in many different kinds of stories over the years.

    • Carl says:

      Somebody's never read a comic book in their lives, have they?

    • Church says:

      Batman lives in the same universe as superman he’s the one man who’s beaten him so your comment just sounded dumb

    • Ed B says:

      I (for one, apparently) agree with this, sort of. The concept itself isn't new, we knew this was coming at some point. And the movie is just about guaranteed to be a success financially. Yes we all know they have a deep history together, in comics. But Nolan's Batman trilogy was a real-world hero. They didn't have him fighting villians like Killer Croc. I just feel he works better as the real-world type. So it means Batman will already be getting a reboot and this all feels so sudden, if it's true.

      This reminds me of Iron Man. Jon Favreau directed the first Iron Man movie essentially as a real-world character, until Disney pushed it on him to start including Avenger's references. He even complained about that because he felt it didn't fit in his world. Sure, Iron Man 3 was good but I don't think it gels well with the previous two. It's a similar story here. I feel they should at least make 1 or 2 more Man of Steel sequels that maybe gradually reference or introduce a Batman character, and then put them together. But no one wants to wait that long.

  7. I can’t wait to see it and for the record make a more breath-taking MOS2 with the action and intrigues that we’ll find our mind blown away just as the first one did and with a little word for the haters of the MOS keep your opinions to yourselves and flush them down the toilet, MOS is better than any other superhero movie …and that could include the avengers.
    Zack you did great!

  8. screw Christian Bale. Hes holding out for RDJ miney. Get Micheal Keaton Back !

  9. Steve says:

    Can we stop using images of Chistian Bale when talking about Batman, and saying "it's unlikely Bale will return…"

    Goyer, Snyder, and every WB exec in every damn interview has publicly and officially stated that Nolan's Dark Knight Trilogy is it's own universe and there will be a new (more comic accurate) Batman in the DC Movie-verse. It's how it should be and it's how it's going to be.

  10. craig says:

    COME ON! We already have a title for this duo, we've had it for over 50 years, and it's called "WORLD'S FINEST".

    Make the film a wisecracking comedy and call it WORLD'S FINEST COMICS. (DC aficionados will understand.)

  11. Jimi LaLumia says:

    ..or 'Robin', from the last 'Batman' film, assuming the position.. Great to hear about 'The Flash', but what about Wonder Woman?

  12. Korum Emrys says:

    Justice League: Henry Cavill or Patrick Wilson or Brandon Routh – Superman; Karl Urban or Billy Crudup or Jim Caviezel – Batman; Lynn Collins or Gina Carano or Cobie Smulders or Morena Baccarin or Bridget Regan – Wonder Woman; Cam Gigandet or Joseph Gordon-Leavitt or Scott Speedman – The Flash; Carl Lumbly or Dennis Haysbert or Djimon Hounsou or Chiwetel Ejiofor – J'onn J'onzz/Martian Manhunter; Idris Elba or Nick Jones – Green Lantern/John Stewart; Nathan Fillion or Ben Browder – Hal Jordan/Green Lantern; Stephen Amell – Green Arrow; Yvonne Strahowski or Tricia Helfer – Black Canary; Leo Howard – Robin (Cameo & Lead into "Batman- Arkham Asylum)"; Michael Fassbender or Mark Valley or Josh Holloway – Aquaman; this is a cast that is not over the top with big names and each has acting chops: Make each sign for three movies up front-A.e. The Lord Of The Rings- Give Joss Whedon first shot, then Peter Jackson- At least they both know how to stick to the characters, their appearances, and their personalities.. Villians: Michael Clarke-Duncan is Darkseid, Benedict Cumberbatch – Brainiac, Vandal Savage – Viggo Mortenson- My cast choices for Justice League!!!

  13. @brady969 says:

    I could care less if Christian Bale isn't Batman. They waited to long.

  14. Rocko says:

    I'm sorry but there is no way I can see that happening honestly if there will be a production where the two meet then that's gotta be the justice league movie, that's what I feel, I mean it sounds cool but really the only place that can work is in a cartoon even though they've made one already,

  15. Jay says:

    WB is the tortoise and Marvel is the hare.

  16. allend406 says:

    So its official DC is going the lazy route not gonna launch any other characters before JL just rely on superman/batman and end up having to tell everyones origin in JL ugh.

    • troymo says:

      Actually Flash 2016 was also announced at Comic Con, along with Justice League 2017. Man of Steel would therefore introduce a "new" Batman (not Bale) to Henry Cavill's Superman, then you would have Flash, and then Justice League. Though I find it hard to believe Diana wouldn't make some sort of appearance before the Justice League film. Certainly she deserves her own film, not to mention it would behoove WB to beat Marvel to the punch in releasing the first major female superhero in a lead role, with Wonder Woman.

  17. Batman says:

    I want Christian Bale to reprise his role "BATMAN" again =_=

    I think it should be fine if bring The Dark Knight Trilogy to connect with Man of Steel and Flash.

  18. @OORheza says:

    Heres my advice, don't do a stupid batman voice like christian bale, don't do a full black batman suit made of plastic, don't let David Goyer ruin the script, and for God sake don't make a character like Rachel ever again. Try to get someone who can voice batman like Kevin Conroy (not like sounding like him but as in he doesn't make batman sound stupid), Use the dark grey suit with the black cowl, Make him as untrusting and hardcore as the comic version.

  19. Dallas says:

    please dont let Zack Snyder direct it

  20. Craig says:

    It worked in the comics yes,but a Batman/Superman film simply isn't a strong enough in my eyes to be a entire FILM.But $$$$ dollar signs that's all people see now a days.I'd gladly perfer just a plan sequel to Man of Steel.I honestly feel sorry for Zack Synder,granted WB is paying well but he seemed to really care about the world he was crafting in MoS,throwing Batman in the mix is just silly.Finally the film is supposed to be released in summer 2015,so basically the entire crew has to get right back to work after promoting and making MoS ? Sloppy stuff WB,sloppy stuff.

  21. 514m says:

    I would have to say, I really hope that this is just Snyder playing w/ everyone. It would be not a good thing to introduce Batman in the Man Of Steel Trilogy. It would totally take away from them. Focus on the Man Of Steel trilogy, get a Justice League movie done, and then reboot Batman however you want and begin stand alone movies for other characters from the JLA movie that worked.

  22. One.latindude says:

    Um, what happened to the WONDER WOMAN MOVIE!?!?!?!?!

  23. arav says:

    Please don't destroy Christopher Nolan's triology, WB…….if batman's not Christian Bale,then drop the character from the movie and script..

  24. Steve says:

    If it's not Christian Bale, drop Batman!? He was good. He's had some GREAT roles, and his batman was impressive; but batman certainly survives without Bale.

  25. George says:

    This is going to ruin the new superman movies for two reasons one batman will probely have a way to big of a roll in the next superman movie and also they needed one more superman movie

    • Jeff says:

      This IS a superman movie. It's Man of Steel II… with batman as a character.

      If other super hero movies can introduce new characters in the second or third installments, why can't they do the same with Batman.

  26. J Boyer says:

    Josh Brolin should be the bat, call WB and cast it, let’s get this thing going, old man bat will be grisly like in the graphic novel, beaten like leather, but still has the skills…..then team up to beat Luther….

  27. Jack Raines says:

    If WB does do it, I would hope they find the right actor to play Batman, Please not Armie Hammer. Armie Hammer is tall enough, Just Not Buff enough.

  28. Bakebake says:

    The Dark Knight of Steel?

  29. TDK says:

    This is the only way a Justice League movie will work. Batman and Superman are the backbone of the DC universe. As long as Batman is in cape and cowl throughout the entire movie with only a very small presence of Bruce Wayne. It will be a great springboard for a Justice League Batman later. The discovery of Kryptonite by a wayne enterprises crew cleaning up the debris of the destroyed satelite from MoS would be a great way to give Batman his equalizer against Superman. It also allows WB/DC a movie to compete with Avengers 2. If WB/DC do this right they can pull off a JL movie on schedule with a nice character team build up leading into it. A MoS2 introducing Batman and Bring in Diana (aka Wonder woman) at the end of MoS2. And you have the begining of the JL right there. A stand alone flash movie with another character cameo perhaps GL,Hawkgirl or Martian manhunter and you have the set up for an awesome JL movie. I think it is an awesome Idea.

  30. Silkstockngrl says:

    Please don't do this! MOS should have a sequel but not with Batman, ugh. I feel like a bunch of fan boys locked themselves into a room and each one tried to top the next with what would be really cool. I can just hear it "you know, it would be even better if we brought in Batman" followed by an echo of yes men/boys saying "dude you rock" and "it will be totally awesome".

    Get out of your bubble wrap world and realize putting together a really good sequel is what is needed with out gimmicks and yes, I think Batman is a gimmick. A sequel that is better than the first is what many (non comic) followers are expecting but a sequel that is still all Superman. Make it better than the first, but please don't make Superman share his sequel with another.

    The only caveat I offer is, a small cameo as Bruce Wayne or even Batman towards then end may be okay..just not a role, Give us a sequel film with Superman as our hero!

  31. says:

    Something happens to superman, and he goes bad; and Batman has to help his friend out…this includes outdoing him in battle, to help bring him back to his senses. Hmmm, Kryptonite Bat-O-Rang maybe? :)

  32. mgV says:

    It seems that historically, Snyder does best when he has definitive source material to work from — of his entire filmography, his best films are Watchmen and 300. Conversely, Man of Steel would have been better if he had used one definitive story from the comics. So for this film, he ought to draw from primarily one source (or fuse no more than two together) — maybe the Dark Knight Returns or any of the recent Superman/Batman graphic novels.

  33. Jody says:

    I like it when Superman and Batman don't like each other.

  34. Carlo says:

    Here we go again with the pros and cons. You know that we will all go to see a movie with the most popular heroes no matter what is said about the cast or story. It's called curiosity. Come on! It's Superman and Batman. Everyone,keep an open mind. The only thing I can say is, I'm glad that Henry Cavill will play Superman and I wish that Christian Bale would return as Batman. If Bale won't do it, I'm sure that the powers that be will cast the right actor for the part. Let's be optimistic about this. Whatever happens, I'm sure that all involved will do their best to give us a great epic.

  35. J.D. says:


  36. brenton tucker says:

    I want to see supergirl

  37. Pierce Moran says:

    This is foolish to pa he two icons this soon after the new superman is about to be established. Hes only had one movie. WB and Nolan should build a public familiarity with this new Man of Steel with at least an additional movie or two, namely using the untapped potential of stories with Darkseid, Brainiac and Metallico. Then , the potential bonanza would be enhanced for the audience since they'll have a connection with the new Man of Steel. Given that they're changing Batman too, the public will have no real history or vested interests in either character in a hastened collaboration.i

  38. Rich P. says:

    If Superman if to "take on Batman" in a sequel, don't attemt to have Batman take on Superman on a physical or mental level. It would be absurd. Kryponite or not. Yea I know Batman is supposed to be a super slouth, but to attempt to think that he could go toe toe with Supernan, would be ridiculous, particularly noting Superman's streighth and invulnerability. Also, superman can move way too fast and no matter how intelligent you want to make Batman, Superman has super intellect and would be 100 steps ahead of Batman. Moreover, Batman had his head handed to him by Bane in the last movie, so attempting to insult the intelligence of the audience in attempting to make them believe believe that Batman could take on Superman would be a huge mistake and would ruin the credibilty of any future movie, the characters and all that was accomplished in the reboot.

  39. Idk if its a good idea, but pls dont get TDK trilogy involves this new film, let it stay as a LEGEND forever

  40. Knightawe says:

    The Man of Steel sequel should invest more development into the connection between the audience and he new Superman imagined by Nolan, Snyder and Goyer before cashing in that credibility with a forced Batman vs Superman story. Stay with the class of Nolan's work so far which has given he highest grossing stand alone hero to date. Ironman 3 had more than 1 superhero as did The Avengers.
    Develop the Superman universe like it has never been done before. Introduce Darkseid, Metallo and Brainiac. Bring in world crises and moral struggle. Finish what an abbreviated Dark Knight Trilogy started. Still believe Nolan should have done at least 2 more movies and that perhaps the death of Heath Ledger shook him from his original plans. In time, perhaps the art with possess the artist and Nolan will be compelled to do more.

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