Comic-Con: Joss Whedon has message for ‘Firefly’ fans

July 06, 2012 | 5:17 p.m.


joss Comic Con: Joss Whedon has message for Firefly fans

Joss Whedon, photographed in April. (Matt Sayles / Associated Press)

As we close in on the 2012 edition of Comic-Con International, we look at some of the burning questions that will be answered in San Diego.

What’s next for Joss Whedon?

Writer-director Joss Whedon now has a resume that lives up to his reputation — “Avengers” is closing in on a staggering $1.5 billion at the box office — and he returns to San Diego as a triumphant figure who can pick his next shot. Whedon is in the rare position of having cult credibility and mainstream momentum and his next choice will reveal plenty about what career course he plans to set.

Will it be “Avengers 2”? Or a “Hulk” film with Mark Ruffalo? (Don’t laugh; the character is considered the second most recognizable Marvel Comics character for consumers of all ages around the globe. Spider-Man is first.)  How about that “Wonder Woman” project that Warner Bros. should be doing instead of “Justice League”? Maybe the future is in the past and Whedon will go back to a frontier story he knows chapter and ‘verse: “Firefly,” the tragically short-lived Fox series that is being feted Friday with a 10th anniversary reunion panel and the screening of previously unseen footage.

furonserenity Comic Con: Joss Whedon has message for Firefly fans

“Firefly”: Adam Baldwin, left, Alan Tudyk, Nathan Fillion and Gina Torres. (Fox)

Whedon, the show’s creator, will be joined by executive producer Tim Minear and stars Nathan Fillion, Adam Baldwin, Gina Torres, Alan Tudyk, Morena Baccarin, Sean Maher and Summer Glau. The show made it to the big screen before — Whedon’s first film, “Serenity” in 2005 — could Whedon make it shiny again? Never say never, but there’s also another possibility floating around that involves a different deep-space team of outsiders, daft spirits and battle-scarred survivors.

Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige has been alluding to the possibility of a “Guardians of the Galaxy” movie since his team was in production on “Thor” and he openly named it as a short-list ambition in an April interview with Crave Online; now there are plenty of signs that the lesser-known Marvel team is indeed the next Marvel franchise. The Guardians were created in 1969 and then completely reinvented in 2008 and, from what Feige has said, the latter is the focus of the movie development.

So Star-Lord, Adam Warlock, Drax The Destroyer, Gamora,  Groot, Vance Astro and, ahem, Rocket Racoon, could be the characters in mind for the film — along with Thanos, the mad Titan who made an appearance in “Avengers” and is a foe for the Guardians.

 Comic Con: Joss Whedon has message for Firefly fans

Guardians of the Galaxy (Marvel Comics)

Why would Whedon sign up for that? He might not. But it’s intriguing to note that Whedon made the big push to put Thanos in “Avengers” and that Warlock was one of the reasons: “For me, the greatest Avengers was ‘The Avengers’ annual that Jim Starlin did followed by the Thing ‘Two-in-One‘ that contained the death of Adam Warlock,” Whedon told Slash Film. “Those were some of the most important texts and, I think, underrated milestones in Marvel history.”

I’m actually moderating the Marvel Studios panel Saturday in Hall H, but I have no idea who will be there on stage in the chairs next to Feige — we won’t meet until Saturday morning to talk about that. So I’m in the dark, just like everyone else. I sent over an email earlier today to ask Joss some questions but they were only about the “Firefly” reunion (hosted by Science Channel), which will be one of the biggest, loudest must-see moments of this year’s convention. The answer I got back from Joss reminds me that it will also be one of the funniest.

“No matter how many years pass, I’ll never forget ‘Firebug.’ I can’t wait to sit once more with Washboard, KayMart, Rivet, the Hot Hooker from Homeland and Captain Kirk. Those guys are my family. Expect laughter, tears, faith-healing and Internet rumors about a sequel. To infinity, and prosper!”

— Geoff Boucher


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18 Responses to Comic-Con: Joss Whedon has message for ‘Firefly’ fans

  1. @REG_2010 says:

    the Firefly reunion panel is going to be epic! the only downside for me is that i won't get to be there. but i look forward to watching it online!

  2. mewling-quim says:

    "Serenity" was not actually Whedon's first film – the first he directed, yes. But he was a screenwriter for many before that, including the 1992 "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" precursor to the series.

    Also: I can't believe I'm missing out on this panel. It would be an absolute dream come true to be there.

  3. Jeff says:

    One more movie, one last moment on Serenity. Peace!

    • ronjohn63 says:

      Some moments are in the past, never to return. It's been 7 years since /Serenity/ and 10 since the series. Mal, Inara, etc have not aged on screen, but the actors have in real life.

      Thus, what would the movie be about? Mal and crew beaten down by 10 years of running from the Alliance and the Blue Handed Men? Have Mal and Inara married? Simon and Kaylee? What's happened to Zoe? Still hanging around the Captain? Anyone have kids? When that happens, most people want to settle down. Or do they bring in a new cast as Mal, Zoe, etc? That would be weird. Or has Inara drifted away because Mal can't express his love?

      Bottom line: it wouldn't be what fans expect.

      • Anon says:

        Totally agree. While I want more Firefly/Serenity as any other Browncoat, the pain of disappointment might set in, which in my opinion is a worse consequence than a straight-out cancellation. A lot of the magic comes from imagining what would have happened if Firefly wasn't canned..

  4. @JavaDev says:

    prior to the Avengers I always questioned whether Joss could be the right man for the job and it worried me…Firefly felt too much like the tv show and not enough like a major motion picture…this is not to criticize his tv work however… love his Buffy/Angel work.

    Thankfully he proved he was the right man for the job after having seen the Avengers so i would be up for him directing the Guardians…unless he asks for it specifically though i would guess they would go with someone else.

    like the guardians on facebook:

  5. PlanetJohnny says:

    I heard that this is a ticketed panel that will be held outside of Comic-Con, what a bummer.

  6. Rockhead says:

    I love that he can name those two issues that wrapped up the Warlock/Thanos Saga. Those are key issues and quite possibly (along with the Warlock series that preceded it) the greatest story told in comic book format. I was always a fan of Joss thanks to Firefly, but Holy Smokes, he gets all kinds of cool points for knowing this and making that statement he made about those books.

  7. kris says:

    He also got writing credits for such blockbusters as "Alien: Resurection", "Toy Story", and the lesser known "Titan A.E." (which if you watch remind me A LOT of Firefly in style and in planet names). He was also a writer on Rosanne for a while before bringing Buffy to the small screen.

  8. Philippa says:

    Psst, don't forget 'Cabin in the Woods'!

  9. @yeowzers says:

    I'd love to see a Serenity sequel where the fallout from the real ease of the information about the Reavers is explored. Maybe even find a way to redeem some Reavers or show how when we stop caring and loving, we are headed down that path ourselves. It'd be gratifying, especially in this day and age, to see the characters involved in forcing the "powers that be" finally stand up and face the truth and come clean. I think there would be a lot of room to really do some great political commentary, over and above the partisan bickering that seems to be where we generally get stuck here in the US. And also tie it all in to personal responsibility and true "family values" in the way that Whedon does so well!

    • guest says:

      i'm thinking a sequel where we see Niska reappear, and he uses, say a bought senator to go after Mal and crew. then we get to see some of the post-reaver-info-release political landscape along with an unresolved conflict from the series (remember Niska got away from that rescue that saved Mal, with the implication that we would see a 3rd appearance down the road…)

  10. Whitestar2k1 says:

    just do it Joss, please.

  11. Joss you are great.. Avangers made the impact

  12. mary says:

    Is these going to a sequel another movie? I can watch firefly and serenity over and over.looked to see send why no convention in Chicago? We love u here.

  13. mary says:

    Please have a convention here with the cast everyone.the windy city beacons you with their devotion

  14. AnthonyGiddings says:

    Hey Joss its 3am in England.

    I have just watched Serenity for the 11th time.Plus over the past weeks reruns of Firefly again.

    How they cancelled that show plus why they didn’t get you to direct the new Star Wars movies I will never understand.

    When they cancelled Dr Who over here was due to the controller of the BBC at the time but the fans never rested.

    So it is with Firefly.

    People say that it wouldn’t work as its been 10 years.

    But as you work on the human element surely that would make it stronger in the storylines.EG Niska and the Bounty Hunter.

    If you are worried about what Network why don’t you bring it to England.George Lucas did.Am sure pinewood would welcome you with open arms.Plus you can those Disney execs who should be in charge of the Star Wars Franchise!

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