Comic-Con: Stallone and Schwarzenegger target Hall H

July 09, 2012 | 12:39 p.m.

expendables 2 stallone statham schwarzenegger Comic Con: Stallone and Schwarzenegger target Hall HSly Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

And Terry Crews and Randy Couture. And Dolph Lundgren. And Jean-Claude Van Damme.

You can almost smell the cordite, can’t you?  That’s the announced panel for “The Expendables 2”; it will convene late Thursday afternoon at Comic-Con International. The panelists will be sitting on the dais in Hall H but, really, shouldn’t this collective gather in a Texas steel cage? Or a bunker with a bare-bones weight room and an oak and brass cigar bar?

At right is the first look at the collectors poster that Lionsgate will be handing out (while supplies last) at the San Diego pop culture expo. The original is an oil on canvas piece, which was used to create the poster as well as 250 limited-edition prints on specialty canvas paper, to be distributed at Comic Con and signed by the cast.

The movie is a sequel to the 2010 action film that made $274 million worldwide with its brass-knuckle attitude and camouflage soul. The sequel arrives Aug. 17 with (in addition to the previously named silver-screen commandos) Jason Statham, Jet Li, Chuck Norris,  Liam Hemsworth and Bruce Willis.

I’m moderating the panel on Thursday and would love to to hear your suggestions for questions. If I do use one your questions I’ll mention your name from the stage.

— Geoff Boucher


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19 Responses to Comic-Con: Stallone and Schwarzenegger target Hall H

  1. Dude…
    You get all the cool gigs.

  2. Reace's Pieces says:

    Here's a good question.

    "Sly, so you directed the first movie, which turned out to be my favorite action movie of the decade. Tell us what it's like with Simon West taking the director's helm for this movie. What new opportunities does it create? How has he contributed to the Expendables formula? And do you both share similar visions of where you want to take the Expendables franchise as a whole?

    Thanks a bunch. I'll you see you and the rest of the crew opening night!

    – Reace Niles

  3. @Sokurah says:

    Of course….he's cool. :-)

  4. @rosspeacock says:

    Question suggestion: What genre would the Expendables like to take on next, if not an action film (say, Expendables sci-fi, or the Romanceables)?

  5. Jane says:

    I would like you to ask Mr. Schwarzenegger if he is a green advocate then how does he feel about smoking cuban cigars.

    I would also like his input on green roof buildings and his thoughts on how these could be considered discriminatory to people with medical conditions who can’t be overheated.

  6. Duvien says:

    This is for the panel: Do you have any favorite actors you wished had worked together in an ensemble a la The Expendables, The Great Escape, Ocean's 11?

    Bring down the house, Mr. Boucher!

  7. Jane says:

    Be sure to serve him tap water only because bottled water is bad for the environment.

  8. Shoaib Ali Quraishi says:

    WOw…..Expendebles 2…Another war to go…need new strategist…i think include more high defined armoury with the style in the warrior to show and defeat its opponent…

  9. ferocity says:

    ask Schwarzenegger what happened to his comic book with stan lee.

  10. @ShoaibIndia says:

    Movie of the Muscle man needs no armor. Because the real muscles lie in the mind to defeat and not the external pompous appearance.

  11. Brennan W. Penney says:

    What action film legend from the days of silents to the 60’s would each of you have liked to join the Expendables?

  12. @carmitch says:

    My question would be to Chuck Norris. I'd asked, "In recent months, you have stated you feel that gays should not be in the Boy Scouts. Care to explain why you feel this way to the LGBT attendees here at Comic-Con, which has had panels relating to the LGBT community for 25 years?"

    • Reace's Pieces says:

      If Chuck Norris was at Comic Con that would be golden to see that happen XD

      Kinda sad really. I love Chuck on camera, as well as Chuck Norris jokes, but outside of movies he's a moron and HIGHLY discriminatory towards gays and pretty much anybody who isn't Christian. Very ironic I like him even a little bit considering I'm Atheist lol.

  13. TheArnoldFans says:

    Hi Geoff,

    I'm pumped for this panel and I will be there! Here's the question:

    Considering Arnold agreed to star in Sly's films (The Expendables and The Tomb)…will Stallone now RETURN THE FAVOR if Arnold asks him to star in his next movie "TEN" or how about "Rambo Vs Commando"!?

    submitted by,

  14. Swinger says:

    Hi Geoff,
    Here are some questions that has never been asked or failed to get asked.

    1) When will we see you doing the movie "HUNTER"? Any news on this?
    2) THE LIONS GAME is another property that you have bought the rights to, any progress on this project?
    3) What is your next project? Rambo V or No Rest For the Wicked?

  15. Angelo says:

    I don't like how they placed my idol Jean-Claude Van Damme in this silly poster!

  16. John W. says:

    These movies feature a band of familiar heroes from earlier-generation-to-now action movies; why not have the third one put the good guys up against a band of familiar villains?

  17. GUADALUPE says:


  18. @pcguy760 says:

    Ask Arnold when he will do Terminator 5 or KING CONAN (part 3)

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