Dick Tracy: Warren Beatty finally gets his man

March 25, 2011 | 3:20 p.m.
warrenbeatty Dick Tracy: Warren Beatty finally gets his man

Warren Beatty with San Diego Comic-Con founder Shel Dorf. (From Shel Dorf)

The legal fight between actor Warren Beatty and Tribune Co. over the film and television rights to comic-strip detective Dick Tracy has been  resolved, with the actor, like the character he portrayed in a 1990 film, finally getting his man.

Beatty filed suit in 2008 against the company (which owns the Los Angeles Times), claiming that he’d done everything, including creating a television special with critic Leonard Maltin, to retain the rights to the character.  Tribune countered that Beatty did not satisfy contractual obligations. Now the matter’s been settled in U.S. District Court, with Judge Dean Pregerson ruling in favor of the “Bulworth” star, according to the Chicago Tribune (also owned by Tribune).

“The court found that Warren did everything required of him to retain the rights,” Beatty’s lawyer Charles Shephard said after the ruling Thursday.

Plans for a film sequel were stalled as the lawsuit went on. The Dick Tracy comic strip debuted on Oct. 4, 1931.  Pulitzer Prize-winner Dick Locher recently relinquished duties on the comic strip, handing the reins to writer Mike Curtis and artist Joe Staton.

—  Jevon Phillips


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7 Responses to Dick Tracy: Warren Beatty finally gets his man

  1. Jason Glen says:

    The original movie was really good. I loved it as a kid. A sequal would be great, if done right.

  2. Starsky_Hutch76 says:

    Isn't Warren Beatty a little old to do a sequel? Hopefully, he'll just direct.

  3. Brett says:

    Beatty most likely did this to retain a financial interest in adaptations of the character in other media. I doubt he'd either direct or act in another "Dick Tracy" project. He just wants the revenue stream.

  4. Stephen Smallwood says:

    I am a new guy , fill me in.

    Thanks .

    • Dum Dum Dugan says:

      Dick Tracy is awesome.
      The Dick Tracy movie was awesome.
      Lawsuits are baaaaaaad.
      Possible sequel to the Dick Tracy movie will perhaps be awesome?

  5. ChrisCraddock says:

    I am a big fan of Warren Beatty, but thought he wasn't right for the part. But you can't question his devotion to the comic strip, and I'm glad he has settled this legal matter and retained the film and television rights. I hope he does a sequel, but casts someone else as Dick Tracy.

  6. Ishtar says:

    For as much makeup and prosthetics were worn by actors in the original, Beatty could still play Dick.

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