‘DJesus Uncrossed’: Most blasphemous skit in ‘SNL’ history?

Feb. 18, 2013 | 9:23 a.m.

“DJesus Uncrossed” may have crossed the line, with some calling it the single most offensive skit in “Saturday Night Live” history.

The skit spoofs Quentin Tarantino’s “Django Unchained” with a mock trailer for the ultimate historical revenge fantasy starring “Jesus H. Christ” himself. If that’s not enough, the skit arrives during Lent, one of the most solemn periods in the Christian calendar.

“Guess who’s back,” Jesus says as he rolls back a giant boulder and emerges into the sunlight in the skit.

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What follows is two minutes of bloody action as Jesus — clad in a tunic, sandals, a crown of thorns and a cross strapped to his back — uses a sword and guns to plow through his enemies.

Says the voice-over: “He’s risen from the dead … and he’s preaching anything but forgiveness.”

What do you think? Does the skit go too far? Is this the most blasphemous skit in “SNL” history? Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

Jesus is played in the “SNL” skit by Christoph Waltz, who is nominated for a best supporting actor Oscar for “Django Unchained,” which is also nominated for best film of the year. Also making mock appearances in the skit, performers playing St. Peter, Pontius Pilate and Judas.

Although the “Saturday Night Live” skit was lauded as “brilliant” and “hilarious” by some, it has sparked outrage in some quarters. Some noted that the skit came just days after the beginning of Lent, the 40-day period of sacrifice and introspection that leads up to the single most important religious holiday on the Christian calendar: Easter.

One reaction on Twitter: “Saturday Night Live observes Lent with the most offensive sketch in its history: Djesus Uncrossed… How SNL Has Fallen”

The following comments were also posted on “SNL’s” website:

–“Seriously SNL? I am one of your biggest fans, but you really crossed the line with this. I am thoroughly disgusted…”

–“Interesting how SNL continues to mock Christ. As a Christian, I was highly offended. No doubt you would not dare to attack other faiths; Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, You can do better.”

–“This is just wrong. Once again, Christians are slammed. I find it ighly unfunny making fun of something that so many hold dear…”

The show recently spoofed devout Christian Tim Tebow with another skit in which a sweat-sock-wearing Jesus appeared inside the Denver Broncos’ locker room via a cloud and a heavenly shaft of light. His message to Tebow? Ease up on all the Jesus stuff.

Televangelist Pat Robertson ripped that skit as part of a wave of “anti-Christian bigotry that is just disgusting.”

–Rene Lynch


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446 Responses to ‘DJesus Uncrossed’: Most blasphemous skit in ‘SNL’ history?

  1. unorthodoxology says:

    As a Christian, I thought it was a fantastic piece of satire about Tarantino. I think unintentionally, though, it actually echoes a lot of American Christianity's unfortunate portrayals of Jesus. http://www.patheos.com/blogs/davidhenson/2013/02/

  2. Listen says:

    Any Christian who finds Mocking Christ as "funny" has never read the bible and is ignorant to their own religion. We will forgive and tolerate the mockery as we are called to but we should mark the increased frequency. If you do not understand history you are doomed to repeat it. Prejudice and persecution grow from apathy and mockery. If we are called to be respectful to all groups then it must be ALL…otherwise you simple replace the TARGET group. Do Not Believe…that is your right of free will but I have the right to my beliefs. Would we find it funny to mock race, gender, sexual ident. or other religions? The Dignity Act was passed this year to combat this very thing in our schools. SNL must educate itself from it's ignorance, but the Christians will forgive you anyway…that is what we do best!

  3. Listen2 says:

    Why are you not posting my previous comment? It is factual and not disrespectful. Do you also practice freedom of speech or have we now entered into a controlled information state? If so we are all doomed.

  4. Acts17 says:

    I've noticed that SNL is far more comfortable mocking Jesus than mocking Muhammad. Any idea why that is?

  5. Blackcoffee says:

    Anti-Christian? No, it's just satirizing the Westboro Baptist Church and various other far right fundamentalist groups (and don't forget how the Battle of Armageddon is supposed to end and what the "end of days" on this view is like

  6. fan21 says:

    I actually thought it mocked Tarantino's historical license more than it mocked Jesus or Christianity. Obviously, that's not what happened. His movies are barely historical fiction – they're so inaccurate.

  7. Jesse says:

    Hilarious! That so many people are up in arms about this is a testament to how far we as a species have failed to come despite thousands of years of science and rational thought. An embarrassment to humanity.

  8. Kenneth Burrell, Jr says:

    IF most people wake up , and, know the history about THEOLOGY, then it was funny. Then those that know, don't care a rats anus about the MYTH that crap. Hebrew Bible 500 B.C.E, hmm Adam first wife, her name was Lilith. Adam told his GOD, lol, "She want do what I told her to do kill her." So killed her, then made again, lol, EVE, idiots. Don't have no education or knowledge. ZIONIST-SATANIST control that show and control the PROPAGANDA, Entertainment,Sports, and, Theology (Religion.) Sorry wake UP.

  9. Chip says:

    SNL has a neo-con zionist slant to its politics. They will never mock Judaism, but do Christianity. I guarantee that this is just a set-up sketch so that when they go after Mohammed and Islam they will be able to point to this as an excuse.

  10. jimmyblueyes says:

    My friends performed a play with an anti-bullying message in Kansas over the weekend, and who shows up? Those devout Christians, Fred Phelps and Westboro Baptist Church, who purport that it's the Lord's will for them to continue to be bullies. Meanwhile, every week, we read more about the perversions of Catholic priests, and how Bishops and Cardinals, leading all the way up to Cardinal Ratzinger (now the Pope, who will be remembered for quitting just like Richard Nixon) covered it up for decades. I'm embarrassed to admit that I was raised in a Christian household. These unholy maniacs, showing us what it means to be Christian, should be on their knees thanking their Jesus that they got off this easily on SNL!

  11. Mary says:

    Inaccurate would be right, Can humans take truth..? Jesus is God,the second person of the Trinity.As God the Son,he has always existed and was never created.He is fully God and fully man(the two natures joined not mixed).As the second person of the Trinity ,He is coequal with God the Father and the Holy Spirit . In becoming man,He was begotten through the Holy Spirit and born of the Virgin Mary.Jesus is the only way to the Father,salvation and eternal life.He died on a cross according to God s plan,as full sacrifice and payment for our sins.He rose from the dead on the Third day,spiritually and physically immortal.4 the next 40days He was seen by over500 eye witnesses,His wounds were touched and He ate meals.He physically ascended to heaven.Jesus will come again visibly and physically at the end of the world to establish Gods kingdom and judge the world. We were made in Gods image..How is the condition of your heart? Read book of John as new believers, will change your life. Amen

  12. tcement says:


    People who are okay with Westboro Baptist are offended by this?


  13. James Klein says:


    I found it no more offensive than Red Sled Down on South Park. I loved it.

    Jim Klein

  14. AAA says:

    yeah the real judgment is not going to be so funny

  15. art says:

    Oh No! This is going to start rioting and senseless killings….Oh wait, wrong fairy tale, that's the Muslims

  16. f frederick skitty says:

    blasphemy is a victimless crime.

  17. Atheistically Yours says:

    I do not normally follow SNL (I think its long past its prime, and should have been given the axe a LONG TIME AGO!), but THIS parody "preview" was a RIOT (and I am not saying that as a ATHEIST, either!). If it pisses off, and infuriates the "believers" I AM ALL FOR IT! For all the religious based censorship they practice, and demand of others, this parody "preview" was the biggest "F-U" I could have imagined! Beyond hysterical, and clearly in need of a "viralness" on the Internet!

  18. Unchosen says:

    While most people will find the skit funny, this ultimately is a good demonstration of the cowardice of SNL. As a general rule, mock the Christian God, and no one will come shoot you, or blow up your building, or arrest you for a hate crime.
    So SNL, why take the easy path. Belushi would be ashamed.

    Let's see some courage SNL – or isn't making fun of Mohammed fair game?

  19. Donald from Hawaii says:

    I'm more than certain that Jesus of Nazareth himself would've laughed out loud at that Tarantino parody. Further, I'm pretty sure he'd have laughed even harder in the faces of all these sanctimonious Christianist hypocrites who'd don the mantle of victimhood and claim to speak in the name of the Father in their condemnations of everyone connected with this "preview."

  20. footwork16 says:

    They did something similar to this about 3 or 4 seasons ago, if I remember correctly. Something based on the absurdity of Jesus with an automatic weapon.

    As for the comments about making fun of other religions, they make fun of Jews all the time. I don't think I've ever seen a direct parody of Mohamed, but Moses and Hindus are pretty regular fodder.

  21. Buzz says:

    The question is, why would SNL pick on Christians and not Muslims. Why not a sketch about DMUHAMMED unchained. Could it be that SNL only picks on those who they aren't afraid of? Has SNL EVER done a skit making fun of Mohammed? I Wonder why…. Bullies generally only pick on those who they aren't afraid of too.

  22. Donna Hill says:

    IAll I can say, is what Jesus said as they crucified Him on that cross, "Father forgive them, for they know not what they do" Sorry for you SNL.

  23. L.A. Vato says:

    How sad that those involved in creating the skit are the same people that have no clue what Jesus has done for them. Laugh now, but…..I guarantee that when the day comes when WE ALL have to face Jesus face to face, and if those have not accepted Jesus Christ has their savior…..then remember that hell has no exit's.

  24. Rob says:

    I am Christian and am not offended at all – I think anyone who is offended needs to LIGHTEN UP!!!! This is hysterical!!

  25. monadnock says:

    Christ was human which means that HE HAD A SENSE OF HUMOR!!!!!!

  26. jimmyblueyes says:

    SNL ratings remain high; it's not going off the air anytime soon, which means there's plenty of time to parody the followers of Mohammed and Abraham too. Years before this skit, SNL did an outrageous segment called "The BelAirabs," depicting Muslims in the roles of The Beverly Hillbillies. (sing: ". . . and then one day he was shootin' at some Jews, when up from the ground came a bubblin' ooze. Oil, that is. Kuwaiti Kool-Aid. . . ") Extremely politically incorrect, but a target that was ripe for parody. It was hilarious. So get off your high horse; you're uninformed.

  27. Harley says:

    I am quite certain that Christ, among his other attributes, has a sense of humor.

  28. Judy says:

    God forgive us all – as he did on the real cross. All this hate is wrong from any side. I too thought it started as a funny commentary of Mr. Tarentino – who I've always respected and liked as something of a gonzo violent director. Our nation has become extremely violent – but I also thought portraying the Prince of Peace as gun toting did go over the line especially at this time of season. Reason, scjence, atheists?? Believe or don't believe but there once was a man named Jesus who was more than a man and there is a lot of historical evidence – want to forget ancient times – how about Julius Cesar, Plato???

  29. fw18 says:

    I suspect NBC would not allow a skit like this about Mohammed but it would be interesting to see what would happen if they did … I suspect they would have to have more armed guards around 30 Rock – where is the outcry from our President about this video ???

  30. Michael says:

    I really don't see the big deal here. They've made fun of dozens of other fictional characters.

  31. Antix80 says:

    Oh man, I gotta laugh with all the hurt christian responses here. I don't even watch SNL but just knowing that they did a skit that mocked either Jesus or Tarantino (who actually exists by the way) and is irking all the religitards into a hizzy is just AWESOME to me.

    Get off your crucifix (pun intended) and get a sense of humor. If all you theists didn't believe in ridiculous things maybe we wouldn't feel the need to mock & make fun of you. As it is, you guys make it too easy.

  32. Lance says:

    Um, they have mocked Jews many times. How about Christmastime for the Jews? http://www.nbc.com/saturday-night-live/video/chri

  33. Joe T. says:

    I am a Christian (Catholic) and frankly outraged that SNL would go to such extremes. It seems that anti-Christian bigotry is accepted by many people today. Would SNL dare to do the same type of skit mocking Islam? Never. The perpetrators of that skit are small minded bigots who probably did it just to create controversy for SNL, with the feeble hope of raising ratings for a show that lost any talent it had many years ago. To present such a skit during Lent especially, is just completely insensitive and highly offensive. I will be sure NEVER to tune into SNL ever again.

  34. Terry Black says:

    I thought they were mocking Republicans, who call themselves the party of Jesus but refuse to curb the sale of high-capacity automatic weapons. If Jesus had acted as this skit suggests, the Republican position would make perfect sense.

  35. LeisureGuy says:

    I thought it was hilarious. And given how the military (of all organizations) has become so saturated with "Christianity", not at all inappropriate.

  36. E.R. says:

    I have a great sense of humor but as a Christian I find this totally offensive and over the top. It is disgusting, I am sorry to say. SNL stopped being really funny in the 70s and if they had any sensitivity or decency they would be ashamed.

  37. Definitive says:

    So when has SNL scheduled their skit spoofing Muhammad as a violent terrorist?

    Oh…that's right. They definitely will NOT be doing that…that would be "Islamophobic"

  38. benedict says:

    bad taste… IMO

  39. crossed the line says:

    Thanks to the LA Times for this article. I am a liberal democrat…but this crosses the line. How about a little respect SNL? Respect for the families of Sandy Hook, Aurora, Tuscon, etc, etc. I believe in the causes of the unfortunate in this world. Many of them are Christians. I too am a Christian and find this deeply offensive. Sign up for dish…let comcast, the owner of nbc know, ENOUGH!

  40. Jumbo51 says:

    I like a good joke and am not ashamed to make light-hearted jokes about my faith, but DJesus was over the line. Would SNL have done the same thing with a gun-totting Muhammed? I don't think Loren Michaels would have had the courage.

  41. asgspifs says:


    Anyone offended by this deserves to be offended.

  42. Mike says:

    I thought the skit was hilarious and timely. If you seriously take offense to a SNL skit which is there to poke fun, your incredibly naive and shallow. SNL like family guy is an equal opportunity offender which is why I love them. SNL is what's right about America and what's wrong with most other sensored countries lead by extremists. Enjoy your freedom and lighten up. Cudos to SNL for keeping us laughing at ourselves and our silly fears of hell!

  43. Jun says:

    John 3:13
    "Do not marvel, my brethren, if the world hates you."

  44. really?Like, really? says:

    Get a sense of humor, people.

  45. Rose U. says:

    I never watch SNL, but when I heard of your presentation of DJesus uncrossed, I was extremely offended to say the least! As a Christian and a believer in Jesus as the Son of God and Savior and Lord, I was grieved to see your portrayal of Jesus! I know that it grieved the heart of God as well, i have always watched NBC, but stopped watching anything on that channel in the past few months because it has become apparent that the media on NBC have an agenda that is continually promoted. Most shows that are on this channel are not worth watching. This station lacks values and morals! Until it changes, I will not watch it!

  46. Kathleen Bilgutay says:

    I thought the skit was brilliant and hilarious.

  47. Chris says:

    How do you feel about gay people? Liberals? Other faiths? Atheists? Many Christians barely tolerate other CHRISTIAN denominations! I heard from many “Christians” that the billions of humanity that die without being saved by Jesus, i.e., validate your own beliefs, will burn in a fiery lake of torment devoid of God’s grace and love for all eternity…can there be anything more hateful that than belief system? Btw: I am a Christian. Snl is Snl, save the self righteous indignation and reflect on yourselves.

  48. Djesus says:

    Jesus Christ, who cares? You can't offend Jesus because he's been dead for 2000 years and HE CAN'T HEAR YOU.

  49. Forgiveus says:

    Jesus is not God, he is the son of God and the messiah, sent to take away the sins of the world by replacing the first (originally) perfect man Adam. All our wrong doing is forgiven, if we just choose to accept it. The torturous death of a man who loved all the world, born, unborn, living, and dead is not a joke. Even the most unbelieving would not mock such a man and the pain he experienced, but to offend his followers. The God of the bible makes clear he has a name and tells us what it is. YHWH is our creator. This SNL skit makes me very sad. May you all find peace and truth. YHWH weeps. “For God loved the world so much that he gave his only-begotten Son, in order that everyone exercising faith in him might not be destroyed but have everlasting life" John 3:16

  50. John W. says:

    What would the Jesus I've read about for 50 years do?

    He's laugh.

  51. Jlo says:

    I guess targeting Christians has become so acceptable that SNL feels free to be as offensive as possible during the holiest time of the Christan year and fears no backlash…I pray that they become aware that it does not go unnoticed, and that their advertisers pressure them to change their ways, as well as their audience.

  52. Its Blasphemous to think that SNL's Djesus is the original Djesus Uncrossed sketch. Check out the Real Djesus Uncrossed here : http://www.youtube.com/sandmnetwork. Me and my buddies produced this with no budget over the course of January. We got lucky we finished it a released it on Saturday afternoon. Youtuber's can keep up with the big boys.

  53. TJ Parker says:

    Why the outrage? Isn't the whole "second coming of Jesus" bit about Jesus coming back to kick ass?

  54. Woodman says:

    I was totally disgusted with the DJesus Uncrossed skit. There was nothing funny about it. SNL used to be a entertaining show but not anymore. I am also very disappointed that the actors would participate in such garbage. You have lost me as a viewer.

  55. tom says:

    first of all his movies stink second of all how can we collectively boycott hollywood snl and any sponsers of these programs and how do we put out threats like islam does when there prophet is made fun of . i hold snl producers responsible for any aggressive action taken towards them

  56. tom says:

    where is the outrage from the present administration they put the producer of the islamic video in jail on a bogus charge

  57. tom says:

    so what are your thoughts on islam donald?

  58. politcally correct says:

    Who's embassy can we attack? Where are the killings an riots when our God is being blasphemed?
    Where is our President and why isn't he speaking out about the abuse and attack on Christianity?
    Is it different….why? Ask yourselves this. Satire is satire whether it appears on a YouTube video or on NBC.
    Just as hate speech is hate speech.

    A double standard is being created for the behavior of liberal media as they see how far they can push the religious envelope. NBC already knows this wouldn’t be tolerated by the Muslim religion. What does America stand for and do we know anymore. Why the double standard? Is this double standard acceptable?
    NBC chosen to satirize Christian beliefs w/o regard to the sensitivity of the populace?
    NBC has chosen to publicly persecute Christians, just as the Romans did for enjoyment.
    It’s not about whether you are Christian, it’s about bulling and abuse. It is about being expected to be subservient and to tolerate abuse.
    Boycott NBC and any advertiser who promoted their product during this show America!!!!!.

  59. politcally correct says:

    Who's embassy can we attack? _Where are the killings an riots when our God is being blasphemed?_Where is our President and why isn't he speaking out about the abuse and attack on Christianity? _Is it different….why? Ask yourselves this. Satire is satire whether it appears on a YouTube video or on NBC._Just as hate speech is hate speech.__A double standard is being created for the behavior of liberal media as they see how far they can push the religious envelope. They already know this wouldn’t be tolerated by the Muslim religion. What does America stand for and do we know anymore. Why the double standard? Is this double standard acceptable?__NBC chose to satirize Christian beliefs w/o regard to the sensitivity of the populace? _NBC has chosen to publicly persecute Christians, just as the Romans did for enjoyment.__It’s not about whether you are Christian, it’s about bulling and abuse. It is about being expected to be subservient and tolerate abuse.

  60. woof-woof says:

    It's just not that funny. And what, he doesn't go after the high priest, Caiaphas, who engineered his execution? You have to really know your subject to do a good parody.

  61. Tom Schneider says:

    There is an "unforgiveable sin" in the gospels. I never was sure exactly the nature of it, but it seems like this SNL deal, or the spirit of it, just possibly might approach this sin, if not being the sin itself. Jesus said that all sins will be forgiven the sons of men, and what ever blasphemies they utter, and whoever speaks a word against the Son of Man will be forgiven; but whoever speaks against the Holy Spirit will not be forgiven, either in this age, or the age to come. For he is guilty of an eternal sin.

  62. Satan says:

    Here in the Netherlands Jesus and his holy daddy are already considered to be an outdated concept. So it's been funny seeing this sketch, but at the meantime I was wondering about the reactions in the conservative US. Hilarious to see all those people being upset because their imaginary friend was insulted. Well, this is what we call freedom of speech. And if you don't buy this, then you're no better than any of those "flag burning Muslims".

  63. JPHamilton says:

    Maybe in poor taste, but if your faith is so shakeable as to be impacted by this, it is time to examine where you are on your Walk. I am thankful we live in a country where the First Amendment reigns; try this in a place like Afghanistan with the Taliban in charge.

  64. jer alex says:

    Okay, let's not tie our sandals too tightly. God has a sense of Humor, just look at the Duck Billed Platypus. Now, if THAT isn't God trying to be funny I don't know what is. I can ONLY imagine the Look on the Angel's faces and Jesus saying "Yeah, I know but He's God whatcha gonna do?" TRUTH BE KNOWN, It was a bit OFF COLORED but it WAS Funny admit it IT… WAS. I even had to ask my self Should I laugh at this. I chuckled a bit but feel that in ALL honesty God is a BIG BOY.

  65. Rick says:

    Apparently christians don't understand satire. The skit was spoofing Tarentino, but you people seem to want to be offended by something at all times. Quit taking the Bible in a literal sense, that's not it's intention. And if you've actually read the entire Bible (which most haven't) you would see that you yourself have not lived in accordance with God's wishes. So lighten up. And if you just heard about the skit but didn't actually see it, please shut up. You should not judge something you never witnessed.

  66. C. S. Moest says:

    Shut this trashbasket of a TV show down

  67. rob Kirk+ says:

    How sad that Christians have such a lack of understanding of their religion. Most have never even read the Bible and are ignorant about the details of their own religion, and especially about the absurdities and violence in the Bible. They believe about Jesus whatever their "leaders" tell them. They don't even realize most of the story is just mythology. There is no evidence that a supernatural domain or being exist.

  68. Singleton says:

    Where's the "satire" against Islam's Muhammed? Scared to go in that direction, aren't they?

  69. janet says:

    Will they apologize I guarantee you they would never say or do anything against Muslim

  70. lisamay says:

    I may be crazy, but, i am a christian and i thought it was funny. it was so over the top, so offensive, that it kinda made fun of being offensive at the same time.

  71. D. Sebastian says:

    SNL is a secular satire show that has established a pattern of irreverent humor for decades. I watched the skit and did not find my faith shaken nor my sensibilities outraged. To be honest, while reading the Gospels and I wished that my Lord would have exacted vengeance on those persecuting Him. However, that is my weakness, not His. There is nothing here to but a tempest in a teapot. Laugh or don't, and let's move along to something actually important.

  72. David says:

    Imagine if such a person had ever lived?No,I can't either!

  73. kevin says:

    SNL writers have been horrible the last few years. This is simply desperation to put something up.

  74. Windy says:

    Do not be deceived: God is not mocked, for whatever one sows, that will he also reap.

  75. Djesus says:

    The irony here is that SNL will probably say they are not afraid to be edgy and Christians need to keep their cool, because they mock everyone. Of course that is not true; in the very skit Djesus Uncrossed they have Djesus going after the Romans instead of the Jews. Of course maybe SNL just doesn't know jack about history, but I think that was a PC move, so we got all their hypocrisy in one skit: Okay to mock Christ and Christianity (even if witty) but dare not offend the Jewish lobby.

    How about you show both equal respect? There is so much material to make people laugh and be made fun of without attacking that which people hold sacred. Like in the old SNL days when they actually had talent.

    (And for anyone confused about my history reference, the Jewish leaders in Jerusalem arrested Jesus and pressed for his execution; the Roman governor overseeing the region found Jesus innocent and tried to persuade the thronging mob of Jewish citizens and authority figures to let Jesus go, and when they demanded his death, Pontius Pilate literally washed his hands of the matter and said you do what you want–and released Jesus to the custody of Jewish King Herod's people. Were Roman soldiers along for the ride at the execution? Yes, per Roman law since they oversaw the Jewish territory. Did they condemn Jesus to death? No. So if Djesus were on a revenge flick, he'd be wiping out King Herod (who tried to have Him killed as an infant) and all the Pharisees et al who accused Him and led the people in condemning him and torturing him before death.)

  76. Scott says:

    So many of you have forgotten the littley known 11th Commandment: though shalt not satire. If you don't like it, vote with your television and change the channel. You'd probably be more comfortable watching the Spanish Inquisition. Oh wait…

  77. Cleombrotus says:

    A lot of moral safeguards have had to have been effectively removed for some time now for so many to not find this unacceptable. Something like this, in a culture that has been derived from a Biblical perspective, does not happen overnight.

  78. John Perkins says:

    Thank God for giving the Founding Fathers the wisdom of the first amendment.

  79. anon says:

    This is wrong. If there is no repentance, this will not go unnoticed. Some of the actors here in I used to like in movies, but after seeing this, no more.

  80. MIchael Dubrow says:

    The freedom to satirize ostensibly sacred institutions (like religion and government) is once of the core freedoms we enjoy as Americans. To suggest that SNL singled out Christianity here for ribbing is absurd. How many times have we seen Jewish characters satirized, or Muslims on this show? (The answer is many.) The true object of the satirical parody here was not Jesus, it was Quentin Tarantino.

    Get over yourselves, people! This is America, not Egypt. We are free here to make fun of anything and everything. The day we stop doing so is the day we begin the long, terrible slide into intolerance.

  81. brent says:

    Regardless of the beliefs of those involved on SNL, there is obviously an enormous amount of the population they risk offending. I'm not surprised they chose the Christian faith, as there are real consequences in offending some of the others. Christians have always been an easy target, as most followers of Christ still hold His example of living dear, however there has certainly been a line crossed, and the SNL group should expect some measure of both forgiveness, and forgetfulness.

  82. chris says:

    does anybody take SNL seriously? WHO CARES? the show Family Guy and South Park do this all the time and the people dont go crazy like this

  83. dirclark says:

    Honestly, even if I were Christian, I would take no offense in this whatsoever. They made Jesus into a total badass.

  84. Edna says:

    SNL-bunch of lunatic commies,pinkos.
    They hate republicans, religion, (except Islam)and are freely spewing hate for everything and everyone who is decent.

  85. Iona says:

    Hellllooooo — Jesus was Jewish – not "Christian". So stop getting all offended.

  86. mike diamond says:

    skit was evil to the bone,just another sign of how we as a nation are being degraded,nbc =no body cares,what a shame.

  87. letstellthetruth says:

    I've read a number of comments in support of SNL "Satire" yet by definition it says "The use of humor, irony, exaggeration, or ridicule to expose and criticize people's stupidity or vices, particularly in the context of contemporary politics and other topical issues".
    So how is character assassination, Satire ? or is it the "Christian Belief" of forgiveness, turn the other cheek, love your enemy (the romans at the time) whats being made fun?? Lets bring to current time. Where's the satire of Sandyhook elementary school? the twin towers of 911 – speak up cowards !! of unashamed exploitation of a man who represents what is means loving your enemy to the death.

    Many have also posted about SNL not making fun of Mohammad. Double standards perhaps is the reason? SNL FInd some real humor, humor at another persons expense is for those who lack the ability to truly entertain. But heck, people today watch "for entertainment" rapes, murder, child abuse, we have a nation today who says "LIGHTEN UP" when making fun of others. As a society we are decaying, not growing. How about having some moral integrity.

  88. Mark says:

    Though funny and well done for Saturday Night Live I have seen this skit before. By simply removing the Tarrentino reference you have a skit, almost directly lifted from a much more clever offering from G4TV called “The Passion of the Christ II” Easy to find on YouTube.

  89. Letstellthetruth says:

    Do you think SNL will ever mock the extermination of the jews? Hypocrites

  90. Believer says:

    I'm not surprised that the miserable-atheist-club representatives have shown up in this thread to chime in with their anti-Christian sentiments. "Here's my chance to mock all those people that dare to actually believe in something! I'm so brave anonymously insulting people over the Internet!"

    We get it. You're too afraid to believe in anything your pessimistic a-hole friends would make fun of you for, so you take comfort in your group-think, elitism and anonymous trolling, actually telling yourself you're thoughtful and brave!

  91. Sophie says:

    I find the whining by so-called Christians about the lack of mocking of Islam hilarious. As a Muslim, I am against the mocking Jesus, as any Muslim would be who understands what their own faith says about Jesus. I would never advocate the mocking of another religion simply because mine is mocked. You show yourselves as the hypocrites you are. I would advocate respect for everyone, believers and atheists alike. I don't understand why people can't dialogue, and must instead mock each other.

  92. Blair says:

    This nation is sliding faster and faster into its own sewage. There is right and there is wrong. SNL is a perfect example of the slide this nation is in.

  93. lkslongboarder says:

    The fact that the irony is completely lost on Christianist blowhards (i.e. see comments), is what makes the SNL skit and this post brilliantly funny. The fact that this type of speech is protected, and indeed cherished, is what keeps these numb-nuts from actually imposing their dogma on society. If this skit bothers you to the point where you would scream at others at large, I would recommend some introspection and humility is what you should be looking for this Lent.

    So it's funny AND critically important.

  94. philosoph says:

    I am an atheist but agree that Christians may find the skit offensive — but 1st Amendment acceptable. Next I would love to see one about Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, Native Americans and now that we have started the trend how about gays? Mexicans? Unlinched blacks?– how about that for starters?

  95. Blah says:

    Everyone needs to learn to COEXIST. That means learn to live together. Atheist you're stuck with Christians, Christians you're stuck with everyone else. Everyone need to stop judging each other and just worry about themselves. Yea it was a little offensive but it is what it is. And we need to stop calling people out on their beliefs..like for real..just chill.

  96. Ginger says:

    A truly disgusting, bad taste example of how the left views religion with the Jesus skit.. No surprise though. SNL often opts for bad taste rather than satire. A few weeks ago SNL had Jamie Foxx bragging about how great it was that he, a black, got to kill lots of white people in Djangle and dazzling the audience with "How black is that?" The stupid, mostly white audience clapped happily as Foxx insulted them repeatedly with racist remarks. There was nothing funny about either sketch. SNL seems bent on finding out just how low they can go and still get away with it. SNL clearly fears religion.

  97. guest says:

    i wish they would pick on mohammad so some islam extemist would bomb snl studio and we would be rid of thier garbage

  98. C>Kraus says:

    It is a sad day wheb you have to stoop to being blasphemous in order to get a laugh. This is basically offensive and cruel.. Another example of abise by TV programs..There are boundaries that the writers obviously were never taught,

  99. Bylth says:

    So. The SNL writer’s were high-fiving one another about how “courageous” they were. If they had balls they would do the same to Mohammad. Oh, wait. Then they’d be dead. And NBC would be vapor. What a bunch of cowards.

  100. john says:

    You're right. Next time they'll mock Muhammad and it'll start a war because muslims are too immature and radical to take a joke.

  101. john says:

    I didn't know christians like all you were still around. I suppose if you really believe in judgement and all that, which I still kinda do, then SNL will have problems down the road, but I think that's all in the eye of the beholder and there was no hateful or offensive intent. The intent was to be funny and they were wildly successful! This is at least the best SNL skit this century, I'd say. I couldn't stop laughing. Now, let's all be the sane, moderate christians that we have shown the world we can be and set a good example for the muslims who would start a war over something like this. They may laugh at our pathetic faith now, but we'll see who's laughing when we enjoy American life while they continue to kill each other and get killed by our soldiers and others as a way of life.

  102. Sxeptomaniac says:

    I didn't see it as mocking Jesus at all. It was a joke on Tarantino's "revenge fantasy" movies, by taking it to one of the most ridiculous extremes possible. That's why Jesus, and not Mohammed, or even Budda, was the subject: the joke wouldn't have worked. It's not a really great joke, but it made me smile at the silliness of it.

  103. Juliana Maantay says:

    I am only nominally a Christian (having been baptized and confirmed as a Lutheran (Missouri Synod, the most conservative kind of Lutheran). But I am an atheist now (and have been since I was about 15) and have no special allegiance to the church. Nevertheless, I was a bit unsettled by the skit, and found it in somewhat poor taste, but not more so than some other non-religious skits I've seen on SNL. It's pretty much hit or miss with comedy. Offending people comes with the territory. I defend their right to lampoon anything and everything. All's fair game in comedy.

  104. Homer23 says:

    Great skit! It will get me to start watching SNL again!

  105. Mike says:

    The skit was hilarious and spot-on in its satire. Considering that The Heritage Foundation and Conservapedia are sponsoring a new translation of the Bible to remove, shall we say, the "liberal bias" of earlier translations, and also considering that the evangelical movement is signing on to the concept of "Jesus as warrior", the SNL skit was timely and hit the mark. Grow a sense of humor, folks.

  106. augusty says:

    i turned it off – i like SNL comedy, but when did blood become comedic? the last thing is saw before i changed the channel was the head split in two.

  107. Teedalt says:

    My question is, how can people who claim they 'don't believe in God,' negative-comment , retort; and villify those that do wholeheartedly? If you so say you don't believe in Him, why bother to rhetorize? Wouldn't that lend some sort of credence to His existence? I never understood the Atheist or Agnostic pension to argue that point. You don't believe in anything, so be it. The Christians and others let you go about your merry way demonizing and ostracizing others for their beliefs in Christ at will. And it is a free country. For now. We can all speak our mind so far in America at this moment. But why have your 'feathers ruffled' from Christians in their beliefs for something you all don't even believe in anyway ?? Why do you continue to slander them because they believe in something GOOD in this world ,and want to share it with others? How does 'sharing a Good' harm you ?? I don't believe it does. In fact i think it would help in ways unimaginable. So why don't you just 'let it pass', as the Christians allow your acceptance of your non-beliefs in Anything Good. I mean, you post your vitriol against Christians freely; why can't they post their Love of Mankind by their acceptance of Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior? You all shouldn't be afraid of something that ' doesn't exist ', right ?

  108. R Barnshaw says:

    The people who crucified Christ mocked Him as well. This' parody' was offensive to all who call Christ Lord, but no more offensive than the sins we all commit daily ( abortion, blasphemy, greed, homosexual practice, lying etc. ) that sent Him to the cross. We should all be deeply ashamed and reach out for His forgiveness with both hands. We are fallen people in a corrupt culture in a dying world. Christ is our only hope. He Lives and Loves!!!

  109. Dawn says:

    I will never ever watch SNL again. I will never ever shop at K-mart, Sears, or J.C. Penney if they do not pull their sponsorship from you. SNL used to be a great show way back in the day…but no-more. I will be in prayer for all involved and that had anything to do with this skit(Producers, writers, actors, hair and make-up, lightening etc) May God help you all.

  110. Anthony Moore says:

    So what? It's not as if SNL skits are of earht shaking importance. Blasphemous? No doubt to some, but blasphemy has been occurring for ages, and there has been no apparent consequence. Poor taste? Of course. SNL skits have long been known for poor taste. Again, so what?

  111. Tom says:

    As a Christian, I thought it was hilarious. It's satire…satire is supposed to be cutting edge and offensive.

  112. Tif says:

    I don't know what people are talking about when they say SNL only makes fun of Christians and the Christian religion. I've seen FAR more Jew jokes than Christian jokes. Plus it's a joke. Jokes aren't meant to be taken as 100% true serious opinions.

  113. Jamie says:

    I dont watch a lot of SNL these days, but I was unfortunate enough to watch this past Saturday and viewed the spoof of Jesus Christ that was highly offensive. I do not believe SNL should spoof religious entities, whether Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, etc. As a Christian I only have a few responses to this. One, to let others know what happened and how horribile it was such as postings here and other places.. Two, stop shopping at sponsors including JCPenney, Sears and KMart. Three- stop watching NBC, esp never watching SNL again and Fourth and most important- To pray for all involved to stop such horrendous behavior and treatment of Christians.

  114. Carleton says:

    What I have never understood is why actors and producers don't think about the big picture. If there is a chance, just a chance, that Jesus is the son of God then is it really wise to mock the one that holds your soul in His hands. My biggest regret it that the world does not understand that Jesus knows everything that we have ever done and still forgives us. The world walks in darkness and does not see the path it is heading down. That is why Jesus said He was the light of the world. When you look to Jesus you are suddenly aware of what you have done and what you are doing. Each individual has to only turn to Jesus, who paid the price for our sins, and He is there with open arms to love and forgive you. To reject Christ is to continue down a path that leads to destruction. To follow Him leads to life abundant. But be warned for God will not be mocked. Each of us must give an accounting some day. SNL is walking in the light, or lack thereof, that they have and it makes for poor decisions,

  115. Brian says:

    Hey guess what? Religion is fake, just like this sketch. Lighten up. If you dont like SNL, use one of "god's" gifts(free will) and change the channel. Perhaps there is a Televangelist on that needs your credit card number.

  116. Blasphemer says:

    I think SNL should not single out Christianity. They should make fun of all religions, just like South Park!

  117. Ian says:

    For followers of Christ the Bible promises we will be persecuted: 2Tim.3:12 – “Yea, and all that will live Godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution”. Just to mention one place. This skit is definitely overboard, which I am sure is what SNL wanted. It continues to amaze me how non-believers find pleasure in straight out hurting others for their pleasure. It makes me feel sorry for them rather than offended. For me it only proves the Bible all the more.

  118. Skip says:

    Only in the eyes of the beholder.

  119. steven geller says:

    keep up the good work.

  120. Caroline Ryder says:

    This is brilliant. Jesus is laughing.

  121. SomeGuy says:

    Why is spelling and grammar always SOOO bad when people argue religion? God really needs to fix that…

  122. JM71 says:

    My question is- why are we even asking "why this religion and not someone else's?". Shouldnt be any religion for that matter….

    SNL's humor has sank to the level of Middle School bathroom humor for years. Lame and immature on a consistent basis… cant imagine why this show is even still on the air.

    Timing of this video with Lent is pretty intentional and disgusting.

    Futhermore, for all the "Christians" here that are/were offended… Myself being one of those… this sort of bashing is what redeems us all…. we cannot change Man for whom Man is… not since the beginning of time… Christ wears that Crown for a reason…that reason SET ME Free… and therefore, this is just another one of those "crosses" we ALL bear…. let Man be who Man wants to be… we are called to a higher purpose- and raising arguments or "cutting off ears" is not one of them.


  123. Bill says:

    Those who find this entertaining are those who need the real Jesus.

  124. Guest says:

    If we can't poke light-hearted fingers at our own religion, what's the difference between us and the so called fundamentalist islamic religion?

    Are we going to force our women into burkhas next? Send groups of thugs throughout the plaza beating up women because they dare to get an education?

    Why are we better?

  125. Had Enough says:

    Jesus is much bigger than SNL. Sad that NBC calls THIS entertainment though. I wonder if the very folks that aired the show, wrote the skit and performed it were the same folks when 9/11 happened were huddled in their homes praying to the very God they are making fun of? I used to be a fan of SNL but this show has been taking a swan dive for years now! Time to pull the plug on the show! It's run its course…

  126. Mena says:

    May God forgive them,Jesus died for "our" sins,so all ARE forgiven,we are ALL sinners and we will be ALL judged by Jesus when He comes. "Love one another as I have loved you" SNL will answer for SNL.

  127. Chief Mojo says:

    Wait, what?
    Who knew SNL was still even on?
    They jumped the shark back in the days of "Two Wild & Crazy Guys"…

  128. I Hate You People says:

    People who post about how this hurts the fundamental rights and beliefs of christians through satire and mockery, which according to a few neophytes here gives way to satan, should get off the internet, throw their T.V.'s out the window so its soul can enjoy the sunlight and go to church. We don't want you here to push your beliefs onto us by generalizing a clearly satirical skit on a hilarious show. (every 3rd week anyway)

    In conclusion hyper religion babble is nonsensical and kind of goes against everything they stand for.

    P.S. TLDR

  129. candy says:

    We see that SNL loves making fun at Christians. When will they start making fun at Muhammad and Allah??

  130. Frank says:

    Everyone chill out and…do the sloppy swish…

  131. Rox says:

    SNL acted as if they don't know better, but they DO know better in their hearts. So my message to SNL is to their hearts " from now on, DO BETTER, because you perfectly know deep inside that there is a God and one day ALL of us, like it or not, will have to give HIM an account of what we have said, and done…on this earth- we must build and not destroy what is Good. JESUS CHRIST came to save you too SNL, even if you mock Him, He still loves you..may His love bring you to repentance (change of actions). ~Rox

  132. Reese says:

    Just goes to show how well different religious groups get along.

  133. Angel says:

    It's okay Christians time is on Gods side. Lets love the sinner, and hate the sin.

  134. ANONYMOUS says:


  135. John Cocktoasten says:

    Gandhi: "I like your Christ. I do not like your Christians." The closed-minded gibberish within these comments are a good example of what the wise old dude was talking about.

    Ever notice that most of the people you know who are constantly claiming that they are very religious are usually among the most dishonest people you know? And that the most admirable and honest people you know may place a great amount of emphasis in their lives on religion but that they aren't always trying to convince you of what good Christians they are?

    And any Christian who is against gay marriage? We're saving a chapter for you in the history books along with the racists who were against integration and claimed that their values were directed by the bible. God help your kids and grandkids.

  136. Mark says:

    I actually thought snl was going downhill, but this skit was great. I don't see why so many of these comments complain about how their religion is being picked on while other religions are not. whinin'. …If only there was no religion in the world

  137. peggy Tegeler says:

    Hey, Hey, Hey, isn't this what the Jew's have wanted all along, a saviour that would come and kick Roman ass.
    This is what all religions want; their god to come and kill their enemey.
    This world needs to form a new religion.
    Bright Blessing to al

  138. J. McDonald says:

    Thank goodness I'm Canadian. We still respect other's beliefs and make an effort to be respectful whether we share their beliefs or not. SNL's skit is yet another example of where American culture is headed.

  139. Hugh Sullivan says:

    Lets talk about Muslims, The only reason you have freedom of speach is because this is, or was a Christan country. This is totally unfunny . dose the name Lenny Bruce ring a bell?

  140. Anne says:

    The SNL skit just made my heart hurt because I love Jesus very much. And He loves each and every one of you, so much, that He gave His life for each of you as if you were the only one that ever lived.
    I pray that you give Him a listen. In silence, He will tell you how very much He loves you. What have you got to lose?

  141. Musicdaddy says:

    Tasteless, uncreative, bigoted, ignorant. Someday these pathetic people will probably make a comedy sketch about partial birth abortion. Their brains are sewage and their souls are reprobate.

  142. Chloe Nichols says:

    I'm just waiting for SNL to give the same treatment to people it's still cool to admire–MLK, or Mother Teresa, for example. You can't belittle Jesus–His record is there for all to see. But you can make yourself so small, and so blind, that when you need Him, it could be very hard to find Him. I'm sorry for such senseless and disgusting film-makers. American Christians should pray for them. I think Jesus would want us to do this.

  143. dda says:

    religion is a communicable mental illness. that's why no real aliens stop by any more – we're quarantined, lest it infect the entire outer spiral arm. those most likely to catch it are the disenfranchised, the lonely, the uneducated, and the fearful. won't you please help us find a cure? your tax-deductible donation can feed an atheist for just pennies a day, largely because they have a great job and have passed all you mouth-breathers by while you debate how many faeries can dance on the head of a pin.

  144. GRATEFUL FOR HIM says:

    The Lord is so Good, and patient with us. Even when we revile Him, He answers in love. That is my King. What an amazing love– hard to fathom, He would be so Good to us and give us the 100% paid in full GIFT of salvation… Romans 5: 6-11

    "For when we were still without strength, in due time Christ died for the ungodly. For scarcely for a righteous man will one die; yet perhaps for a good man someone would even dare to die. But God demonstrates HIS LOVE TOWARDS US, in that WHILE WE WERE YET SINNERS, Christ died for us. Much more then, having now been justified by His blood, we shall be saved from wrath through Him. For if when we were enemies we were reconciled to God through the death of His Son, much more, having been reconciled, we shall be saved by His life. And not only that, but we also rejoice in God through our Lord Jesus Christ, through whom we have now received the reconciliation."

  145. Tom Schneider says:

    If SNL performed a satire featuring Mohammed in a rage slaying scores of Jews, it would not be satire, 'cause that is what Mohammed, in accordance with history, actually did.

  146. Tom Schneider says:

    This is different. This is new. Never in my 50 + years of life have I seen so many people who dared to disrespect what is the epitomy of love and truth, the God of all love and truth and life. It causes me to think that the end times are actually approaching now, as this is quite unprecedented. The sure approach of the time when people will cry out for the rocks to cover them.

  147. doug says:

    yeah snl be original and do something that will cause a beheading or a terorest evenet! mohmid got your tongue? or does BHO?

  148. guest says:

    Very offensive….I'll bet you would not dare to offend Muslims or Mohammed…No, of course not…If you can mock Christians, let's see you mock muslims…I'm sure there'd be a lot more to laugh at…You can wrap each other up in sheets and pretend you are being beheaded..Oh wait, that wouldn't be funny would it ?…too much violence and hatred for it to be funny………Shame on you…

  149. Comedian says:

    Just further proof of how much American culture has degenerated. But hey, if it's the end of the world we may as well have a few laughs, right? :)

  150. balablabalbalba says:

    I'm a Christian and I thought it was hilarious. People that are calling it blasphemous and are demanding it being taken off of the internet are just immature and have no sense of humor. I find it funny how people go to SNL and are horrified to see offensive things, like going to a pornography store and expecting to find Old Yeller DVDs.

  151. M.A.C.A. says:

    This skit is truly sad and hurtful. I would like to give SNL the benefit of the doubt that they intended satire and not blasphemy, but either way it displays an utter disrespect for the beliefs of Christians. As a Catholic, I am very upset by this and I pray that the creative team behind SNL will recognize this as a misdirected use of their talents and learn to use the gifts God has given them to build up and not tear down.

  152. Ken Lampert says:

    If the Saturday Night Live cast and writers and producers are so 'edgy' and 'pushing the envelope', why not write a skit mocking Mohammed and Moslems? Go for it SNL, come on, show some guts. I guess you won't because you know if you do, you'll have a death sentence on yourselves for the rest of your lives by the members of the Moslem faith. May our Lord Jesus bless you all.

  153. Mike says:

    SNL = jew run so that tells you all you need to know.

  154. Believer says:

    GOD help you all

  155. erikb says:

    One of the funniest SNL skits ive seen in along time.

    Glad they had the balls to make it, and I think its great that its making a bunch of uptight christians upset, hilarious!!!

  156. Charles says:

    Tolerance despite popular belief is not agreeing with others, but instead is coming to terms with accepting someone who does not believe as you do. In the name of "tolerance" it has become common practice to bash Christians as unintelligent and weak. We may be called to forgiveness, but we are not required to endure in silence countless attacks on that which we hold most dear. If we Christians are wrong, we enjoy life and lose nothing in the end. If we are right then we gain everything in the end and those who are not lose everything. . Nothing we believe hurts society. Some of the World’s greatest minds have been and are Christians. We are not a group of toothless hillbillies. True wisdom is found in finding out what you believe about Christ for yourself instead of letting someone else decide for you. At the very least, read the New Testament and then make your own decision. If it is still rubbish to you, then so be it. At least you will know what Christians believe. Then perhaps you can truly be tolerant of our position. Making jokes at the expense of hurting another is always wrong. SNL was wrong.

  157. whocares says:

    Oh jeeeez, Templars anyone? Spanish Inqusition? The God ( or Higher Power in whatever form) I want to belive in is all about inner peacefullnes and love without boundires. Plus IT has a sense of humor hehehehe, lighten up!

  158. @Teealt – We suggest you do a bit more research into the "base" of the Christian religion. Christianity and Judaism are both Abrahamic religions, which have parallels to many ancient pagan religions. Take Dionysus, a Greek god, and Horus, an Egyptian sun god, who were both born on December 25, performed miracles, crucified, died and resurrected. Dionysus turned water into wine, such as Jesus, and Horus traveled with 12 disciples, just like Jesus. Each of these figures are anthropomorphized characters whose lives are a series of alegorical myths involving the sun's movement in the sky. Sounds like a stretch the first time you hear about it, but it's facinating the more you read – seeing how the myths have evolved over time. Acharya S (aka DM Murdock) is a great scholarly source for more information. We recommend you check out her work!

  159. ali says:


  160. What's almost as funny to watch as this short satire is the number of religious zealots offended by this beyond over the top satire of Quentin Tarantino and his absurd license with history. Jesus probably would have gotten a good laugh out of it realizing the good nature fun that isn't intended to hurt anyone nor even remotely make any statement whatsoever about religion. And those who protest the most are the ones who are the most insecure about the nature of their own beliefs.

  161. Matthew says:

    One day you will see the real Jesus

  162. Candace says:

    oh boy. Being christian, I didn't enjoy the sketch very much, but I wouldn't say I'm outraged. That is what SNL does, it makes fun of things. The near date-rape sketch with Adam Levine was fine but this is not? If you didn't find it funny it's a personal opinion. Nothing to debate about.

  163. Lolo says:

    this has definitely crossed the line for me too. NBC and SNL ought to be ashamed of themselves but obviously they aren't.. I agree L.A. Vato they have no idea what Jesus did for them or they would only want to love, praise and worship him. As for me i have to let them know how offended I am whenever someone makes fun of our Lord and Savior. They are stooping really low just to entertain people and try to get a laugh or two. Believe me when they face God without the blood of Jesus covering them none of em will be laughing.

  164. Rachel says:

    SNL mocks all religion, Christianity is not singled out. I've seen skits mocking jews, muslims, and atheists. It's a show intended to mock and offend. Taking it seriously is a waste of breath. It was also one of the funniest skits SNL's had in a while.

  165. @LLmishmae says:

    I work for Sears and got calls ALL DAY about the way they will boycott our company and all the others that showed sponsorship during SNL's program so this has pissed people off int he extreme. The company is going to disassociate itself. It is straight up persecution and these idiots wouldn't dare attempt this with Mohammed because they know they would be killed. Christians really are too tolerant.

  166. The7Sticks says:

    Isn't' this essentially a rip off of the "Kill Bunny" sketch from Robot Chicken from seven years ago?

  167. Kevin says:

    I was born and raised a Catholic and I thought the skit was hilarious. It is making fun of Quentin Tarantino not Christ. The reason that it is funny is because it pokes fun at how Tarantino can take any character in history and turn him into a a Grim Reaper. The Christian faith is not so fragile that it can't take some ribbing. Anytime a "Life of Brian" or "The Last Temptation of Christ" comes around some groups and some people feel as though Christ can't fight his own battles. A skit on SNL is not going to suddenly erase His life, words, and deeds.

  168. disgruntled says:

    The Tim Tebow/Jesus skit was hilarious, but the Djesus skit was awful, not funny, and reprehensible. I don't think it's so much of an attack on Christians, just an attempt at being tastless. Maybe they thought WWTD – what would Tarantino do – and it came off as funny on paper, but not for real. SNL is starting to lose me again; in general the skits aren't very funny (except their political ones, and the new guy doing Obama isn't so hot); the best thing on the show is Weekend Update – the rest kind of sucks.

  169. Djason Unoutraged says:

    Everyone knows that Jesus was Uncrossed and rose three days later and appeared in bodily form before ascending to heaven. His work on the Cross is what made him King of this world. We all know and can be thankful that Christ didn't enact revenge, but quite the opposite, and we can all appreciate and respect that we have a God and King who instead of unleashing vengence, has patience and mercy on all of us who don't deserve it. As it was then, it is today, Christ said, "Father forgive them for they know not what they do." I ask all my Christian brothers, don't be outraged, be full of forgiveness and mercy, just as your Father is merciful. Be like Christ, who unlike Mohammad, didn't spread his message with the sword but with love, healing the sick, feeding the poor, curing the blind, and bringing forth HIS Kingdom.

  170. This mocks Tarantino. Not Jesus.

    Turn the other cheek.

  171. georgia says:

    yeah-SNL crossed the line. Maybe they do it because they really believe Jesus loves them, no matter what.

  172. Richard says:

    Know what the original 1975 SNL cast would have to say about all the nasty comments on the website? "What's a website?" That's what.

  173. Brian says:

    I bet Jesus was laughing.

  174. Shane says:

    A similar skit was done on MadTV probably about 5-10 years ago now where the terminator went back to save Jesus from the cross. That was pretty funny, too!

    I don't recall people getting up in arms over that one though. Maybe a sign of the times?

  175. Lynn says:

    It truly saddens me to see people upholding this blasphomous skit! We can't talk about Muslims, Islam, blacks, hispanics, ANYTHING …but Christianity it up for grabs. The thing is, THE LORD HIMSELF will handle this one. HE WILL. I'd hate to be ANYONE who took part in, wrote or even laughed at that horrific thing! Wait and see..I'd almost bet that some bad things will happen to those involved, the whole SNL crew who took part, the sponsors AND you all who think it's funny. WE don't have to worry about it..we pray for them…God will show them the gnashing of teeth for this horrible disgrace of His Son. God Bless you all and you need to pray for Forgiveness if you did/do like this.

  176. vic says:

    The Skit was Absolutely Brilliant, but I'm an Atheist, Thank God!

  177. dharmabeachbum says:

    Is there anything worse than a religious person scorned?
    I think not. Just read some of these comments from people who are allegedly Christian. They are so insecure about their "faith" that it makes one wonder just whom they are trying to convince.

  178. Henry says:

    This skit was hilarious. Calm down prudes.

  179. Web Watcher says:

    Have you ever considered creating an e-book or guest authoring on other blogs? I have a blog based upon on the same ideas you discuss and would really like to have you share some stories/information. I know my readers would enjoy your work. If you’re even remotely interested, feel free to shoot me an e-mail.

  180. Don Long says:

    I am not calling out for censoring; NBC has every right to air whatever programming they wish, just as I have every right to annunciate my disgust in the programming they have chosen to air. I stand by my convictions.

    After watching online NBC's "Saturday Night Live" skit called "Djesus Uncrossed" an extremely violent and gory segment mocking Jesus Christ and all just for laughs is too much for me not to take action.

    I have removed from all of my televisions channel line-ups; my local channel 4, never to view again, and will encourage everyone I know from this date forward to do the same.

    Furthermore because the following sponsors aided in making the airing of this disgust possible, I will also encourage those same persons to do as I and never darken their doors again; Kmart, Sears and J.C. Penney.

    Sincerely, Don Long

  181. m thomas says:

    Silly, too violent, but funny. Hope Muhammed and Buddha are next

  182. Tom F says:

    Let's be very clear about something: Djesus Uncrossed is a parody of Tarantino, NOT Jesus. Jesus is the vehicle, not the object of parody.

  183. Melissa says:

    The skit was disgusting and blasphemous. Anyone who calls themselves a Christian and yet finds it funny to mock the creator of this universe is NOT a Christian. SNL…shame on you.

  184. candy says:

    Galatians 6:7 (King James Version)

    "Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap."

  185. KJN says:

    I normally don't watch SNL but caught this skit as I was switching channels to watch our late local news.I am totally disgusted with SNL and NBC .In recent years the network has produced nothing but pure garbage. However,this has brought them to an all time low.I will never watch NBC again.

  186. R.D. Maxwell says:

    The piece was hateful, mean spirited, and bullying, all these things from a crowd that demands tolerance. Sad.

  187. matt says:

    Christianity deserves to be mocked. End of Story.

    Any Belief, which is founded on absurd ideas based on no evidence which has the capacity to interfere with social, political or foreign policy should repeatably be laughed at and ridiculed.

    That religion and it's ridiculous beliefs has been one major thorn in the progress of mankind and has aided in the the deaths of probably all other religions combined.

  188. Tom Schneider says:

    I will not intentionally watch Saturday Night Light again, or any of the actors in this skit that I can recognize in the future. Why go ahead giving encouragement to those who insult what's most precious. They have the right to present this very sick, no, worse than very sick to me, stuff, but I have the full unquestionable right to reject it and deprive them much as possible of their usual support. And I'll urge everyone I know to do the same.

  189. Chadwick says:

    Get over yourself and develop a sense of humor. Comedians make fun of all types and groups, but if you can't laugh about it when the lense is turned towards you then your a poor sport indeed. You give more credence to a dumb snl skit that will be forgotten in a week, when you rant and rave about how offended you are. Christians have caused plenty of death and destruction in the name of jesus, I find that offensive, not a skit.

  190. Jane says:

    Jesus will have the last word, I wouldn't want to be them.

  191. Holly says:

    Really? It’s SNL. Everything they do is stupid and offensive to someone. Frankly, I don’t feel Christians should be mad about this, because anyone who actually has Christian values shouldn’t find SNL funny to begin with, and therefore shouldn’t be watching it. I only found out about it from Facebook, because I’m not going to watch that pathetic excuse for entertainment. Being disappointed in SNL for this skit is like being disappointed in a rapist for owning porn.

  192. Tom Schneider says:

    I don't intention to watch Saturday Night Light again, or any of the actors in the skit, who I can recognize in the future. Why give an economic boost to people whose intent was to insult what's most good and holy. They have every right to present this horrible material, but not without feeling the consequences. I've got the right to withhold their pay as it were. I wish everyone who felt the same did this too, like I am. The level of disrespect is unprecedented in my memory.

  193. Kate Tippett says:

    It's funny as hell. Now you have to admit that believing in hell is pretty damn funny. Religion offers more ammo for humor and satire than anything else on the planet…well, except for the self-professed devoutly religious and sanctimonious among us.

  194. Donnie Thompson says:

    Don’t think SNL gives a damn about our opinions on this blasphemous skit. They would ne have ver do this toward Mohammed because they could have their house blown up. With “turn your cheek” Christians, they have literary license. There was a day when SNL had very clever writing. These days, the humor must comment on either the penis, vagina, or anus…….seems writers have lost their

    sense of clever satire. They rarely have anything with intellectual depth anymore. Just third grade humor and blasphemy.

  195. DEN says:


  196. Tom Schneider says:

    Saint Paul, first to bring the good news to Gentiles in a big way, wrote at the end of 1 Corinthians 16:22 – "If anyone does not love the Lord, he is to be accursed. Maranatha (Come, Lord)." Was Paul not feeling well that day? Does this "primitive sentiment" point to things to come? Decide for yourself, because we are all responsible for whatever choice we make.

  197. garret says:

    they do this because they know Christians are not a revengeful people. i used to be a fan of the show but after this i a done.

  198. Adrian says:

    I wouldn't be so bothered if they mocked mohumud (however you spell it) equally.

  199. Believer in Corona says:

    As a committed believer in Jesus, both my Husband and I found the skit to be clever and funny. As a matter of fact, perspective is everything and this should shine a bright light onto what might have happened if the Lord hadn't bridged the gap between humanity and God and died for our sins. As a human being who deals with the flesh, I personally loved the ridiculous notion of Jesus blowing his enemies away! Secular movies constantly promote the power of the enemy and show Jesus as being a super thin, geeky sort of fella who can't defend Himself, let alone conquer death! If you're looking for lemons, you find the nearest lemon tree. If you're going to watch SNL, you're going to have to understand that they are going to test the boundaries in every way. Above all, the Lord has an amazing sense of humor. Artwork depicting the cross being urinated upon? OFFENSIVE! A spoof about a movie where Samual L. Jackson is playing Judas Iscariot? HYSTERICAL! Love this, SNL.

  200. @LHarharr says:

    Wow, I have to admit I have often sat in church during the "Stations of the Cross" and wished He would fight back but then He wouldn't be Jesus the son of Man. It is shame that SNL felt the need to use Jesus as its subject matter especially since it is the complete opposite of what He is and it really was a gross skit. However, I don't mind mentioning that they probably couldn't use an Atheist skit because imagine a skit about nothing, folks that believe nothing and only want to take what others believe and trash it. Even if they reversed it and tried a skit about what exactly does an Atheist believe they would still end up with nothing. I must also add if the skit more true to life I believe the first person off His list would have been Pontius Pilot so they got it all wrong anyway.

  201. Lenny Luscher says:

    He is the Omega ! No need to be anxious about anything….

  202. Guest 1138 says:

    I thought it was Brilliant and Hilarious. Granted I'm an Atheist, but seriously I don't know if most Christians in America would actually know which parts of the trailer weren't in the Bible, considering the majority of faithfuls I meet know about 15 stories from the Bible, and all of those were passed down from a bully at a pulpit.

  203. Judy Jansky says:

    SNL is ordinarily disgusting, but this time they have reached way beyond the bottom of the barrel.

  204. Daniel says:

    Love love loved it.

  205. JOY says:


  206. Johnny says:

    This is all so incredibly sad! All the spreading of hatred and violence by liberal hollywood. They will do anything to spew thier hatred. We live in a society with no bounds of hatred. And so NBC and SNL, what was really accomplished? Maybe a blip in the ratings?

    Just so sad to see America lose any sort or respect for oursleves as people (all living in one country)!

  207. Rachel says:

    All of the fighting & name-calling on here is shameful. This skit was completely offensive to me as a church-goer. Yes, that’s right, I go to church but am far from perfect enough to be called a Christian. A lot of you are on here lumping all “Christians”, “Atheists”, Muslims”, etc. together and accusing us of being extreme or far-right when you are only portraying your true ignorance/of what acceptance/tolerance really is.

  208. LookingUp says:

    As a "Born-Againer," I obviously question SNL's transparent motives to offend me. Then again, I'm also thinking, "Weeeelllll…there is this Bible book called Revelation and this skit may be tame, compared to what's ahead at Armageddon for those who attack Israel and mock Jesus."

    Remember, we already know the ending: Jesus wins.

  209. LarrrrrY22 says:

    People keep crying about how SNL would never mock muslims….A BETTER question is whether SNL would ever mock jews…..because after all, wasn't it the RABBIS that had Jesus killed by TWICE asking Pontius Pilate to do their dirty work? If they did the DJESUS Unchained skit correctly, Jesus would be slaughtering the RABBIS that wanted him dead for messing up their money lending racket in the Temple..

  210. Guest says:

    i though it was funny as heck!!!

  211. Winston says:

    This is silly. This obviously isn't the most blasphemous piece, because it doesn't even have an anti-Christian message. Snl has shown so many things, without ever having tor reference Christ, that completely advocate unholy things. Any good Christian could get out of this how its a lesson about obsessive revenge movies. People watch movies like Django and Inglorious Bastards pornographically, this reminds them that its silly to imagine Jesus acting this way. He was oppressed too, yet remember what he said to the Zealots. Now what can a good Christian get out of scenes with George Carlin in them? Touched by An Atheist? Heaven is a strip club. This OBVIOUSLY is one of the least blasphemous pieces SNL has done. Americans have such amnesia. They just picked this because it has the potential to be blasphemous. IT LOOKS like something you'd come up with if you were trying to blasphemous. CHRISTIANS AND SNL FANS ALIKE, YOU NEED TO LEARN TO THINK CRITICALLY.

  212. Winston says:

    Now, even if this was the most blasphemous piece, its hardly the most offensive. How can you simply mock a religion, by taking an alternative route to the biblical route, and call that "most offensive?" Jesus was a real person, he's up for debate. Debate doesn't rock faith, it should only lead to strengthening it. Okay, so in the bible, Jesus, decided to not be violent, turn the other cheek, while his land was occupied and he was beaten. (Although, thats not the entire story. He did go ballistic on a temple and swing swords a bit). Okay. His clear alternative to any ordinary man would be the Spartacus route, waging war. Thats not even than interesting, funny, or original of an idea. He deliberately chose not to pick up the 35 AD equalivent of an oozie and kick Roman ass. Is it so offensive to, for the sake of entertainment, imagine what it would like if he hadn't? It might even be important to do so. They're not teaching children "Hey this is what Jesus actually was like". Okay so, is it offensive? Only if you deliberately want it to be. A show that's made light of the Holocaust, slavery, death, disease, war. A show that has intentionally probed into the lives of celebrities and made fun of real, living, people, and their personal issue. The shows made of the mentally challenged dozens of times. Child molestation is fair game. Jesus was an adult. The bible is meant to study and think about. Christians should be happy they are still relevant to popular culture. They should be happy that this skit wasn't proposed, and the writers weren't like "Jesus who?" So you flip the religion. You show Jesus being violent. You show Muhammed eating pork. You show a Hindu at Burger King. and thats crossing the line? Thats "OFFENDING" people more than actually you know, being offensive? Hurting people? This skit easily, if less vulgar, could have been part of a Sunday school program to teach kids how Jesus WASN'T, and why movies like Inglorious Basters that glorify revenge are bad. If SNL called president Obama a "poopy head", that would be more offensive than this clip. Stop being idiots everyone.

  213. Sandy Ellis says:

    As a Christian this portraril makes me nasueated. Jesus Christ willingly laid down his life for those, yes even for those who mocked him. He did it because he loves you and this is how you thank him. SNL and the actors involed do not truly understand the extent of his love. He deserves the utmost respect not mockery. He already received that while he was hanging on the cross dying for you.

  214. Mike says:

    SNL stopped being funny 20 years ago.

  215. James says:

    Just not funny. Saturday night live used to be, a long time ago.

  216. mhjones2001 says:

    Why do you expect the cowardly heathen to respect Jesus Christ and the resurrection. I say cowardly because none of them are going to do the same type of skit on Mohammed.

    I don't have to be offended. The question is: Does God the Father consider the skit to be blasphemous? Let's hope the purveyors of blasphemy come to their senses before they close their eyes the last.

    Expect things to get worse, more uncomfortable for Christians in the United States. Expect more and more such blasphemy. Don't be surprised.

  217. Thomas says:

    Um… if the skit is "all in fun" why were only Romans
    being taken out? And Judas had already committed

  218. Defected says:

    Stories like this always remind me why I canceled cable . And to those Christians complaining about this , yet still support it – shame on you ! I don't miss TV or 90% of movies produced today . Writing music or rock climbing is my preferred choice instead of wasting my life watching a bunch of "God hating liberals"

  219. DJesus JDisciple says:

    It's called satire and it is one of the oldest forms of entertainment on the planet.

  220. Wow that was strange. I just wrote an very long comment but after

    I clicked submit my comment didn’t show up. Grrrr… well I’m not writing all that over again.

    Regardless, just wanted to say superb blog!

  221. Hi! This post could not be written any better! Reading through this post reminds me of my old room mate!

    He always kept talking about this. I will forward this article to him.

    Fairly certain he will have a good read.

    Thanks for sharing!

  222. michael says:

    I am amazed at all the comments of that skit, and pleased that it got so much attention. I was appalled at it and have boicotted the show till next season. I have been watching SNL since 1975, and this is my second boicot. The first was a comment by Amy Poiler playing Nancy Grace, "I swear by the name of Jesus Christ." years ago. Interesting that people in the audience actually laughed at that. SNL, you have gone too far. I hope that God's revelation comes to you before God's wrath does

  223. Cynthia Thomas says:

    I saw Django, I get it . The trouble with SNL skits that push the envelope like this one , it needs to be really funny ! Unforgettable funny ! This wasn't . SNL has fallen into the habit of if we can't make it funny then let's offend some people. And Christianity is the easy target. They for sure weren't going to mock Mohammad . They all cower in the corner at the thought of offending Muslims . Get over yourself SNL .

  224. Leticia says:

    I am sure that THEY WOULD NEVER DO A MOHAMMED SKIT LIKE THAT! Have they????????? Please send me the link if they have! I highly doubt it!

  225. Ray says:

    DISGUSTING ! MOCKERY ! DISRESPECTFUL ! AND more ! SNL is henceforth banned in my home hereafter. We will forgive. God will exact justice. Beware to those that endorsed this theme skit.

  226. K. Scot Sparks says:

    – amAzing. By this and many other contemporaneous cases we know Christ is as verboten and ridiculed as ever he was 2000 plus years ago. Thoughtful people everywhere should, in their quietest and most honest moments, be just a wee bit curious about how he yet attracts such hatred in the most deceptive ['casual'] form. But – ultimately – the poetry is as wonderful as it is unintended. Can you imagine the 'divine humor' as well here? The unawares 'icon,' portrayed – of all – by SNL?! Of course – particularly here, the SNL guys do not get the last laugh (…and this is by no means their best work. It must be said: The Russian lady on the news broadcast skit was great actually smart and creative.)

  227. Alexandra says:

    No one has a right to not be offended. What makes us different from Talibans is that we have free speech.

  228. Paul says:

    The Book of Revelation is like the SNL skit — kill all the bad guys; no more Mr. nice guy.

  229. Jim W. Lambert says:

    Unfortunately, we are all doomed. Controlled information has been in place for some time now.

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