‘Elysium’: New trailer invites you to Bloomkamp’s space paradise

April 09, 2013 | 4:11 p.m.

The new trailer is out for “Elysium,” Neill Blomkamp’s highly anticipated follow-up to his Oscar-nominated feature debut “District 9,” and it promises to return the filmmaker to the realm of cerebral sci-fi that won him such an ardent following.

In the year 2154, the wealthy residents of Earth have relocated to the paradise of Elysium, a beautiful space station where there is no poverty, no war and no sickness — and where strict anti-immigration measures ensure that only those rich enough to pay for admittance are admitted to its pristine confines. It’s the job of Jodie Foster’s Secretary Delacourt to keep out the hoi polloi.

After an unexpected turn of events leaves Matt Damon’s Earth-bound tough guy Max in a fight for his life, he agrees to attempt a risky scheme to save himself, but he finds himself targeted by an Elysium enforcer by the name of Kruger (Sharlto Copley), a sort of futuristic black-ops soldier who lives in Earth’s slums.

Copley, Blomkamp and “Elysium” producer Simon Kinberg showed off the trailer and roughly 10 minutes of footage from the film to journalists and select fans at a Hollywood event Monday, with Damon participating via satellite from Germany where he’s currently shooting George Clooney’s drama “The Monuments Men.”

Damon told the audience Monday that he “could not pass up the chance” to work with Blomkamp because he’d been such an admirer of “District 9,” and he took a moment to praise Copley’s performance in that film.

For his part, Copley talked about working in grim conditions in the poor outskirts of Mexico City where the terrestrial portions of the movie were shot — Vancouver, Canada, hosted the Elysium sequences — and joked about how his rapport with Blomkamp had changed since making “District 9” together.

“He’s a big deal now,” Copley said. “He’s a lot more bossy.”

“Elysium” opens Aug. 9.

– Gina McIntyre | @LATHeroComplex


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6 Responses to ‘Elysium’: New trailer invites you to Bloomkamp’s space paradise

  1. Guest says:

    Robin Hood of the future? Is this supposed to be a rallying cry for the lazy and incompetent to start targeting the "greedy" productive people?

    Here I thought Avatar was cliche.

    • John W. says:

      You right-wing zealots are slowly, but surely infesting all the entertainment sites with your neo-fascist agendas and taking all the fun out of talking fantasy and sci-fi.. Can't you just stay locked in your basement cages and let the sane people enjoy talking about their simple entertainment pleasures without your jackboots stomping all over it?

    • warren says:

      Ah yes just like the French revolution was about some undeserving peasants attacking the job creators

  2. andrew C says:

    John W. It's you 'left wing zealots' that have allowed society to crumble to the point that it almost mirrors the earth-bound world depicted in this film. As for 'enjoying the simple things'….i'll do that when Hollywood notables stop pretending they know the first thing about the real world that most of us inhabit…and stop agitating to apply their influence on the venal politicians that continually are messing up our lives and society.

    • John W. says:

      Yeah, Andrew, I am a registered Democrat as was my late-father, a decorated combat veteran of WW2, Korea, and Vietnam. I'll challenge his patriotism and sacrifice to this country to whatever pathetic contribution you've made any day of the week. I'm not a "lefty" a "communist" or whatever ridiculous word you want to label the entire half of YOUR country. I'm not even a liberal, but I'm also not a goose-stepping, narrow-minded NeoCon like you. I live and work in Hollywood, and if whiners like you think you can make better movies, by all means, get off your lazy rear and make something you want to see. You Fox News drone pinheads think that the people who create movies come from some leftist, elitist vacuum when most come right out of middle (and lower) class middle America. Fortunately, these filmmakers understand the plight and struggles of the common man, the typical protagonist in every "Hollywood" film. You can blame the majority of your fellow Americans for this country's state, but then you're just the kind who wants to find a fictitious monster to blame for your problems.

  3. Jeff Simpson says:

    I loved "District Nine." I can't wait for Elysium. Damon's performances are usually golden so this should be a fantastic movie. Is American society becoming a place of the rich in one part of the city and the poor in another? What do yo tink?

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