‘Elysium’ trailer: Matt Damon fights for his life in Blomkamp’s latest

June 13, 2013 | 6:22 p.m.

The latest trailer for Neill Blomkamp’s anticipated sci-fi adventure “Elysium” offers a more detailed look at the “District 9” director’s dark vision of future Earth and sheds new light on the story surrounding Matt Damon’s Max Da Costa, a man desperate to reach the titular space habitat.

Set in 2154, the film takes place in a world in which the wealthy have migrated to a station in the stars run by Jodie Foster’s Secretary Delacourt. By contrast, the poor have remained on a decimated, overpopulated Earth depleted of both natural resources and hope for a better life.

On the way to his job, Damon’s sarcastic reformed thief manages to find himself in trouble — his bad day includes a run-in with robot authorities and a workplace accident that leaves him terminally ill. His only hope for a cure rests in his finding a way to reach Elysium.

The film appears to offer the same politically minded take on the genre that Blomkamp adopted for his feature  debut — 2009’s “District 9” won an ardent following with its examination of the apartheid era in the writer-director’s native South Africa through a sci-fi lens.

“District 9” earned four Oscar nominations — for screenplay, film editing, visual effects and best picture. That film’s star and Blomkamp’s longtime friend Sharlto Copley also has a role in “Elysium”; he plays the villainous Kruger, a Special Ops agent who helps enforce the cruel rules of the future world.

“Elysium” opens Aug. 9.

What do you think of the latest trailer? Are you anxious to see “Elysium”? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

– Gina McIntyre | @LATHeroComplex


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7 Responses to ‘Elysium’ trailer: Matt Damon fights for his life in Blomkamp’s latest

  1. Wild flowers says:

    YOWZA !!

  2. whitney says:

    WOW….looks cool and cant wait to see it

  3. Charith Cutestory says:

    If this was any other group of people, I'd say it looks and sounds ridiculous. But seeing as how it's Blomkamp, Copley, Damon, and Foster, I'm looking forward to it.

  4. justin says:

    this looks like an adaptation of manga series the "battle angel". does he give credit to the series?

  5. tOM gREEN says:

    another ton of crap…when ohb when will foster do something epochal rather tan topical.____she's NO Kate blanchett as an actress, that's for sure, and her looks are going downhill fast./____I think she's afraid of doing something SERIOUS. you know??____As for Damon, the Bourne Ultimatum, the bourne Supremacy, blah blah///this is another take on entertaining people who bite their fingernails and wish they were boarding a plane for some exotic locale other than their half-empty refrigerator. In other words, aN insult TO OUR COMMON DENOMINATOR INTELLIGENCE ALL-AROUND.

  6. tOM gREEN says:


  7. tOM gREEN says:


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