Hogwarts makeover: Emma Watson makes her hair disappear [Updated]

Aug. 05, 2010 | 9:54 p.m.

We’re not known for our style or fashion coverage here at Hero Complex — we roam a landscape where Klingon boots are acceptable and wearing a Batman cape is fine after Labor Day. But we do keep track of the Muggle Nation and all-things-“Potter,” so here’s a look at Emma Watson’s newly shorn hair, which makes for a big departure from her decade of Hermione curls.


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Updated: And here’s some special guest commentary from All the Rage blogger Melissa Magsaysay…

“While the gamine crop is a drastic change from her long, honey colored locks, Watson is just one of many young actresses who’ve been cutting their hair lately. Carey Mulligan and Mia Wasikowska are sporting pixie short hair and like Watson, channeling Mia Farrow in “Rosemary’s Baby” or Jean Seberg in “Breathless.” The style is a refreshing change from the over processed pop star extensions that seem to be handed out along with a shiny set of veneers, to up and coming starlets the second they land in Hollywood. Watson’s new ‘do signifies the major changes in her life (she’s a full-time college student at Brown) and shows the world she’s no longer the little girl sporting bouncy “Harry Potter” hair, but a grown up and more sophisticated actress who wants to be taken seriously.”

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And we now return to our regular unfashionable blog…

— Geoff Boucher


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PHOTOS: Top left, Emma Watson’s Facebook photo. Top right, Emma Watson as Hermione (Warner Bros). Bottom, Dan Radcliffe as Harry Potter (Warner Bros) UPDATE: The names of Carey Mulligan and Mia Wasikowska were spelled wrong in an earlier version of this post but now, magically, they are fixed.


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8 Responses to Hogwarts makeover: Emma Watson makes her hair disappear [Updated]

  1. oddboyout says:

    Looks great. She definitely needed to do something drastic after having to keep that cut for a decade!

  2. Marty says:

    Actually looking at this picture. She looks good. But on the other picture I saw, not so good. But yes this looks quite Nice. Homage to Jean Seberg.

  3. rz says:

    Love it. Not the kind of 'do just any woman can pull off, but she most certainly can and it makes her look stunning I think.

  4. This is such a meaningful haircut for her, not just personally but for her fans who've known her as Hermoine ever since she started in showbiz. A bittersweet farewell to an old character and a greeting to new and better things to come.

  5. Dr. Bob says:

    Couple of quick fixes for you: It's "Carey Mulligan" and "Mia Wasikowska". It's apparently my talent to spot errors when it comes to pixie-haircut actresses or something.

  6. Laura says:

    Emma Watson! HERMIONE GOT HOT!
    Check this out…

    …fun new song & music video by NYC singer-songwriter
    Just HAVE FUN with it!
    Spread the SMILES!

  7. Music Coupon says:

    She look different .. But love the old look

  8. Lissa says:

    I love both looks. They're both awesome. Seriously though, I don't blame her for cutting her hair after ten years of the same 'do.

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