‘Evangelion 2.0’ review: The best of times, the end of times…

Jan. 23, 2011 | 6:24 a.m.
evang3 Evangelion 2.0 review: The best of times, the end of times...


The anime feature “Evangelion 2.0: You Can (Not) Advance” is the continuation of a projected quartet that re-imagines (and condenses) an influential mid-’90s Japanese TV series called “Neon Genesis Evangelion.”

To recap the apocalypse as intriguingly conceived by animator Hideaki Anno, the world is beset by catastrophically destructive behemoths called Angels, and only moody teens neurally plugged into giant combat robots called Evas can save humanity.

It was the best of times, it was the end of times, in other words, since this nerd soap delivers plenty of orgiastically designed battle sequences, futuristic fortress-themed visuals (cool retractable buildings, Tokyo!) and a deep empathy with the confusion and alienation in its adolescent heroes, who are led by Shinji — who seeks praise from his taciturn father — and silver-haired, quiet-voiced loner hottie Rei…


— Robert Abele


evangelion Evangelion 2.0 review: The best of times, the end of times...

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4 Responses to ‘Evangelion 2.0’ review: The best of times, the end of times…

  1. Teaser38 says:

    My main question is: does it have the pedophilia and incest themes of the TV series too? It's all very deeply creepy to me.

  2. KoutaAyanami says:

    its not pedophile, its lolicon, pedophilia is when the portrayed images and themes are on real children.
    pedo is disgusting and illegal.
    lolicon is legal.
    and there was never any incest themes.
    the movies, are awesome.(Eva 2.0)

    • gwern says:

      > and there was never any incest themes.

      That's perfectly correct, as long as you completely forget about Rei and Yui.

      (And I've never understood the pedophilia/lolicon charges. They're teenagers, and the only ones having sex are the adults anyway.)

  3. stalashnikov says:

    "silver-haired, quiet-voiced loner hottie Rei"

    well she has light blue hair but good review nonetheless, not on the incest and pedophilia, it is mostly lolicon, but as for the incest there is the whole idea of shinji getting together with rei which is a clone made from the remains of his mother combined with the lilith. but their relationship is strictly platonic, rei seems more humanized this time around but its nothing sexual or inappropriate, minus that scene in 1.0, but that was mostly awkward for shinji….

    in reality do your own research, dont take what others say so seriously. watch the series yourself and find out what is reality and what is opinion.

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