‘Evil Dead’: Remake trailer makes good on Bruce Campbell’s word

Oct. 24, 2012 | 3:36 p.m.
evildead bruce Evil Dead: Remake trailer makes good on Bruce Campbells word

Bruce Campbell at New York Comic Con on Oct. 13, 2012. (Michael Stewart / WireImage)

Bruce Campbell assured fans at New York Comic Con earlier this month that “Evil Dead,” director Fede Alvarez’s remake of Sam Raimi’s revered 1981 cult horror film, would be awesome. Today, a new red-band trailer for the 2013 film seems to suggest that the movie might just in fact be awfully groovy.

Campbell, of course, starred in the original film as the beleaguered hero Ash, a regular Joe who finds himself in a living nightmare after a quick trip to a cabin in the woods with some pals turns deadly once demonic forces are unleashed. The movie was a labor of love for the young friends from Michigan, who, along with producer Robert G. Tapert, birthed one of the most beloved (and profitable) low-budget indie horror franchises ever.

Given the rabid fan following for not only “The Evil Dead” but also for its follow-ups “Evil Dead II” and “Army of Darkness,” news of a remake — even one sanctioned by Campbell, Raimi and Tapert — was met with considerable trepidation when it was officially announced last year. (On the occasion of a Blu-ray release of the film in 2010, Campbell told The Times of the “Evil Dead” films: “They’re slightly weirder stories with an off-kilter lead character. It doesn’t make for mainstream success, but I think it makes for long-term success.”)

evildead Evil Dead: Remake trailer makes good on Bruce Campbells word

Bruce Campbell in “The Evil Dead.” (Egyptian Theatre)

It’s too early to say if the new “Evil Dead” will find the same kind of love as its predecessor, but it certainly looks like a respectful — and scary — take. The premise is intact: A small band of friends heads to a remote cabin, inadvertently reads some demon resurrection passages written in an ancient language and, faster than you can say “boomstick,” their bodies are becoming hosts to a dark force seeking to do in the living; the cast includes Jane Levy (TV’s “Suburgatory”) and Shiloh Fernandez (“Red Riding Hood”).

The footage has just enough references to Raimi’s work to encourage stalwarts, but it also appears to have a unique visual energy all its own. Here’s hoping its arrival next year will announce Alvarez as a major new talent in the same way the original introduced movie fans to Raimi’s creative genius some 30 years ago.

Watch the age-restricted red-band trailer — if you dare — at IGN.com.

– Gina McIntyre
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32 Responses to ‘Evil Dead’: Remake trailer makes good on Bruce Campbell’s word

  1. Tanner says:

    I really wish this director just made a original title, I don’t want to see evil dead unless there is an Ashley j Williams. It just seems unnecessary to remake this title… just give us evil dead 4….

    • Tim says:

      dude evil dead is my favorite move and ash is my favorite hero no its not going to be as good as the original but that don't mean its not going to be good it just means the franchise is moving in a new direction and Bruce is to old to play ash anyway and if any other star tried they'd just muck it up.

  2. Spiggy says:

    Wow, this movie looks awful. I love the original, but this does NOT capture the tone or feeling of the original. Also, what's up with ash? This looks like cliche horror crap.

    • John W. says:

      I just watched the teaser and usually dislike remakes, but this one looks scary. Judging by this, it looks like what Raimi might have come up with had he had this 30-year-newer technology at his disposal. Oh, and all this money, too. I'm in.

  3. rich says:

    disgusting, the campy cheeziness is gone replaced with grotesque horror…

    • JohnDaker says:

      The original Evil Dead was COMPLETE grotesque horror. That was the purpose of the first film. The humor didn't come in until the sequel

      • Rick says:

        which sequel Evil Dead II which was more of a remake of Evil Dead, or Army of Darkness? I agree though, things didn't get funny until EV2, and AoD, but that's one of the things people remember most about the original movies. The combination of humor, gore, camp, and violence. It's a hard combo to remake again, especially if you take the concept to seriously when it's not a serious set of movies.

      • Todd says:

        Evil Dead II was a retcon sequel – meaning they changed the events of the first movie for the second. They did the same with Army of Darkness; no 'Evil Dead' sequel has ever been completely consistent with either predecessor. Evil Dead II starts with a retelling of the first movie, and the sequel doesn't begin until Ash gets possessed the first time.

        Come on now.

  4. Dan says:

    The fun of the original was that it was just that, fun and original. But this? I've seen just a few seconds and already I'm disappointed. It may well be a decent flick but is it The Evil Dead? Never.

  5. @undefined says:

    Looks like all the other horror reboots but just a bit more gross out horror scenes. I'll be skipping unless it gets good reviews from my friends.

  6. Josh says:

    The original was not campy, was not fun, it was downright scary. One of the scariest movies of it's time. The second was cheesy and the third was fun. This film does the first justice in a good way.

  7. Mitch says:

    so many negative comments?! I think this looks great… and a damn respectful remake of a cult classic… replaced with grotesque horror? I think you are forgetting the original set out to be scary and grotesque… not campy and cheesy.. thats what it has become over the years due to the sequels becoming more comical. But the original was meant to be more scary, with a lot of black humour.. something this remake looks to be doing with effects kicked up a notch! Get off your high horses, this looks fantastic! I'm in :)

    • Carmkizzle says:

      I think it looks great, as well. And although this is a remake and the premise is the same (a group of guys/girls go to a creepy cabin in the woods and get possessed by some demons), it's not an exact replica of the first movie. If you're a horror movie fan and if this movie does it for ya, then enjoy it for what it is and stop trying to put it in the same league as the first, because the first will always be a classic.

  8. Sean says:

    People, the original wasn't campy. Go back and watch it. This is the type of movie Sam Raimi was shooting for with Evil Dead.

    • Steve says:

      Actually, Sean, if you had done any research you would know that the kind of movie Raimi wanted to make was what he ended up making with Evil Dead 2.

  9. shawn says:

    I do kinda wish they just made a 4th film…

    maybe leading off with bruce campbell at his old age now retrieving “the book of the dead” and somehow passing it on or loosing the book to a new generation of kids.

    But i heard bruce campbell’s will be helping out in making this movie so all should be good :).

    Sam rami’s directing it again should be pretty awesome, specialy after his “drag me to hell” movie.

  10. Des says:

    The original intent of the first movie may not have been "camp" but that's what it's become over time. Not just with the sequels which had more humor (especially Army of Darkness) but just because of the way our pop culture is. There is nothing really scary about Evil Dead, it's grotesque for sure, downright disgusting at some parts, but I don't find it scary in the same way I find The Exorcist or Ringu scary. It's campy because the special effects suck, the acting is terrible, the writing is shoddy, and the plot is shaky. But that's okay cause it's still a damn good horror film because it entertains with horror. It was fresh, and still is original in it's own rights. It's because Rami didn't really set out to accomplish anything with it that it's really so good. It was a wonderful accident that the movie caught on and became a cult horror classic.

    Not saying this remake will be terrible or anything, but really, you can't recapture what the first Evil Dead (or it's sequels) accomplished. Simply because they were the first. I would prefer if this was more of an Evil Dead 4 then a straight up remake. At least then it could present itself as something a little bit separate from the previous movies. More of a reboot then a remake I suppose.

    Because like it or not, people are going to be expecting a little camp, and black comedy in the movie. Which from the trailer, this movie is sorely lacking, instead relying heavily on the gore and violence factor. Not that the originals weren't gory and violent. They were. But that was balanced with well placed humor.

    Plus it's just hard to imagine anyone else playing Ash other then Bruce Campbell.

  11. Steve says:

    I'm sorry, but this was the wrong route to go.

    The idea of having Bruce's Ash locked up in an insane asylum for 20 years would have worked far better, and been a great way to reintroduce the character to a new audience by giving us a reason to harken back to the original movies. It would have also helped explain away Campbells age, and been a great way to touch on the apocalyptic alternate ending that AOD had.

    I really hope they come to realize that it always was Bruce Campbell that made the original films so much fun to watch. The Tongue-in-cheek dialogue and FX were a close second.

  12. Shawn Gee says:

    I agree with most of the people here, in the 1940's and 1950's there were a lot of remakes of movies but they were great for example "GAS LIGHT" but nowadays they miss that same magic that the original film/screenplay had. I think that they should have made it EVIL DEAD 4 Where ASH dispelled the evil and returned as he did in the 1990's and through his return to that present timeline that he returned, the cabin was a little disarray but still intact. Ash after his return came back in a different location so he doesn't know that the cabin is still there or the book and pages. There is no need to put ASH in the story because this is a new era. But one day a group of young people stumble upon the cabin and thus our new EVIL DEAD. Just my thoughts. :)

  13. Nate says:

    I think this movie is going to be an awesome remake of the first Evil Dead and you haters can suck it.

  14. Guest says:

    heart and soul lost…soooo sick of remakes!! Evil Dead was a masterpiece! I wish people of this "new era" would come up with their own "original" ideas and maybe "create" something rather than "copy" something else. Evil Dead does not need to be remade!! Without Bruce Campbell, there is no Evil Dead!! Super bummed!!! One of my favorite films ever, and someones gotta mess with it…lamedoggies…yes, lamedoggies!!

  15. Lulu says:

    I don't like this one bit!! There is no Evil Dead without Bruce Campbell!! Seriously, people need to come up with "their own" original ideas and start "creating" rather than "copying." This is not paying homage to Sam Raimi, this is called "missing the essence" of the original Evil Dead! By that, I mean the heart and soul of the film has been lost, see ya laters campy campy and hello to over the top gratuitous torture violence, without any humor or class…lamedoggies!! There can be only one Ash!! P.S. I LOVE HIM!!

  16. kalsitebi says:

    you're all a bunch of whiners. I'm excited and I don't care. bruce campbell's vouching for it, and I love well-executed horror movies. I WAS hoping he'd at least make a cameo appearance, but, so be it. I feel like the re-make is probably what they HOPED to do with the original. it only makes sense that Raimi would remake it when technology caught up with his vision of how the film should be. the original suffered due to the lack of special effects and to an extent the acting, and thus we got the tone for the sequels, because they grew campier and campier.. But. I don't think that was the original intent. I think THIS is the original intent. something truly disturbing, and I honestly can't fault them for going back and re-making it to their original vision. I'm so excited to see it!

  17. Mr. Sir says:

    This trailer looks like the original was swallowed and puked back up by the Saw franchise. Yuck.
    I'm sick of Hollywood remaking every movie just because they know it will sell. I'm not saying all remakes are bad — in fact, they can be great if the director takes the concept of the original and does something entirely new with it (like in John Carpenter's The Thing). But how can you do something entirely new with a concept of people in a cabin getting killed by forest spirits, especially when this trailer makes it clear that this movie is just rehashing the original with a crappy modern look?

    And also, all the people who are saying the special effects sucked, go back to watching Transformers. Old-time effects have a certain charm that will never be matched by CGI and are part of what made the original so awesome.

  18. Ghad smith says:

    Come on guys,I'm glad this film is here let's pass it on from generations. Of coarse the originals the best like Bon Scott to ac dc but still long live evil dead and ash.im not worthy.

  19. tomcat says:

    i like a good splatter fest just as much as the next guy. its getting to the point now that horror movies are so bloody and so gutsy they're just plain gross. but i agree totally with mr. sir. hollywood is running out of ideas at an alarming rate. conan the barbarian, red dawn, the hills have eyes. but i am a big evil dead fan nonetheless and i am stoked about seeing this new take on an old classic.

  20. mike343 says:

    George Lucas said the Special Editions of the Star Wars Trilogy would be fabulous, with new special effects…look how that turned out. Maybe it will be good, but it will feel awkward being included with the rest of the cannon.

  21. erik says:

    I live in tennessee…just a couple hours from where 1 was created.I’been a fan of Sam and bruce since i was 15!Sad to report I am 41 in march lol but been lookin forwardj to this one since the mid-eightied!

  22. Graham says:

    I dont care if a remake is respectul or not….im just tired of remakes in general…come up with a new idea or go home, its a joke to think you cant be creative in hollywood these days…creativity has been replace with laziness.

  23. sulman says:

    I want to see Origional Horror in evil dead 1981 as i seem but the trailor of the movie just like a wrong turn movie.

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