Gal Gadot cast as Wonder Woman: Comics world reacts on Twitter

Dec. 05, 2013 | 12:25 p.m.
image001 Gal Gadot cast as Wonder Woman: Comics world reacts on Twitter

Actress and model Gal Gadot, best known for her work in the "Fast & Furious" film franchise, has been cast as Wonder Woman in Zack Snyder's upcoming "Man of Steel" sequel.

galgadot 4 Gal Gadot cast as Wonder Woman: Comics world reacts on Twitter

Gal Gadot, left, and Sung Kang in 2011's "Fast Five." (Jaimie Trueblood / Universal Studios)

galgadot 3 Gal Gadot cast as Wonder Woman: Comics world reacts on Twitter

Paul Walker, left, Tyrese Gibson, Don Omar, Sung Kang, Chris "Ludacris" Bridges, Jordana Brewster, Gal Gadot and Vin Diesel in "Fast Five." (Universal Studios)

galgadot 6 Gal Gadot cast as Wonder Woman: Comics world reacts on Twitter

Sung Kang, Chris "Ludacris" Bridges, Gal Gadot, Vin Diesel, Paul Walker and Tyrese Gibson in "Fast & Furious 6." (Universal Pictures)

Yesterday’s casting announcement that Israeli model and actress Gal Gadot will portray Wonder Woman in the upcoming “Man of Steel” sequel drew a mixed reaction from the comics world.

Gadot, best known for her appearances in three “Fast & Furious” films, competed in the 2004 Miss Universe pageant as Miss Israel. She also spent two years in the Israeli army.

Gadot joins the previously announced cast of Zack Snyder’s Batman/Superman movie, acting opposite Henry Cavill as Superman and Ben Affleck as Batman — a casting decision that also drew considerable ire from DC Universe fans.

Snyder praised Gadot as an “amazing” actress who possesses “that magical quality that makes her perfect for the role.”

But some in the world of comics, including “The Adventures of Superhero Girl” author Faith Erin Hicks, weren’t so sure, criticizing Warner Bros. for making Wonder Woman play third fiddle to Bats and Supes instead of getting a solo big-screen debut.

Others, like comic blogger Sue from DC Women Kicking Ass, were more concerned about Gadot’s relatively short list of acting credits.

A common complaint on the Twittersphere involved Gadot’s looks, with many complaining that Gadot’s waifish build made her an unsuitable candidate to play the iconic Amazon warrior.

But others, including “Superior Spider-Man” writer Dan Slott and former “Wonder Woman” writer Gail Simone rejected the notion that Gadot’s looks had any impact on her ability to play the Amazon.

Simone went on to express cautious optimism about the casting, and about Wonder Woman’s long-awaited turn on the big screen.

Some, including cartoonist and illustrator Noelle Stevenson, rebuked the Gal Gadot naysayers, calling for optimism and support.

And from some corners of the comic book world, the casting news was met with little more than a shrug.

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Superman and Batman have both seen several big-screen incarnations. Isn't it time that the third member of DC's power trio got her own movie? Wonder Woman (A.K.A. Diana Prince) possesses super speed, strength, stamina and reflexes. The Amazon warrior woman can deflect bullets with her bracelets and discern the truth with her lasso. She can even fly. Lynda Carter, above, embodied the role for the late-1970s TV series "The New Adventures of Wonder Woman," but the Amazon deserves a chance at the big screen. (CBS / Los Angeles Times archives)Wonder Woman cast: Gal Gadot to star in Batman-Superman film

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105 Responses to Gal Gadot cast as Wonder Woman: Comics world reacts on Twitter

  1. B is for Bat says:

    So sick of hearing people complain about this casting already. Hey, we're FINALLY getting to see Wonder Woman in a movie!!! Shut up already lol.

    • guest says:

      Yeah, but wouldn't you like to see it done right. I don't see her gaining that much weight.

    • Creighton says:

      Well people probably wouldn't complain if they hired an actual actress, and not a model who's biggest scene in a movie was the moment she walked around in a bikini. Being athletic would help as she clearly does not put the warrior in warrior princess. Lynda Carter was a great WW but that was a completely different type feature it was a 70's tv show that was far more of a spoof than an action series. Carter played the role perfect for that show, and that's why ever little girl in the country was running around in the mid to late 70's spinning. It wasn't about her looks although Carter is still my first crush. Carter was not a great actress, but it wasn't a great show it was a cheesy show with earnest young actress with more charisma in her pinky than this poorly cast extra skinny model. Carter was warm and fresh, Gal is a typical runway show pony with nothing genuine about her. Your upset because people are talking about her looks? She was hired because of her looks, she is a model not an actress. And by the way for such a skinny girl, that scene in the bikini was rather depressing, I mean how can you be that skinny and still have a saggy butt? To say they could of done been than a F&F cast extra would be an understatement. Hey she is a model and was able to walk from point A to point B in a movie lets make her WW. If they were going to hire a model they could of at least hired a Greek or Italian model. The producer probably figured hey she was is F&F so the kids probably lover her. I don't think the kids have a clue who she is. And the fans defending her are more typical DC fans "who cares if it's good, they are making it." Same people who still think GL was the greatest movie ever made.

      • willy says:

        So you know that she was cast just based on her looks? wow, nice to know that you were there in the casting meetings and know exactly what the director and producers were thinking; can you shed some light and inform us how that casting meetings were? did you get to talk to Snyder? to Goyer? since you claim to know exactly why this girl was cast.

      • Creighton says:

        Your right it was her none existent acting ability, she is secretly the best actress on the planet, that's why she was in F&F, her great acting skill. Yes it's not her looks, thinking that would imply common sense. As we see she has made her name on acting not modeling, what was I thinking. She was hired to look pretty, that's it. As an actress GTFOOT, she couldn't eve pull off her tough chick role in F&F and it's not like they asked her to do a lot. Tell you what after the movie comes out you can stick her WW poster up right next to your GL and Deardevil posters and tell yourself how great those movies were to. You ever listen to any major Hollywood actresses who talk about how looks play a bigger part in them getting acting roles that actual acting ability, thank god for Streep. They talk about it all the time. You might as well have cast Kate Perry in the role and made Batman vs Superman a musical. Not like it's a big deal, I doubt we see her in the costume doing anything, probably a cameo with her in a white dress showing mostly her face and a body doubly for the back shot fade. She won't make it to her own movie cause there is no chance she carry the role, and as for a supposed JLA movie? Do a movie without Bale that people actually like. MOS was a bad movie loaded with plot holes written around a bad plot. I actually feel bad for Ben, he has been on a hell of a role, and I would take him over Snyder as a director in a second. Snyder is famous for his style over substance approach. BA has been making a name as a director with substance. DC is a hot mess of bad ideas and instead of just using one bad idea they toss them all in a pot mix them up and make a nice big pot of hot mess stew. It looks pretty good but it taste like c**p.

    • Ryan says:

      Yes, but we'd like it to be done right.

    • suki says:

      Another ugly, mediocre product shoved down our throats by the jews filled with jews, profiting of us.
      Switch their horse manure off and CUT THEIR POWER to the ground. $$$= your vote. the cash register is really a polling station. so starve it and entertain yourself instead of paying scum to brainwash you.

    • NativeAngeleno says:

      What WW fans are missing is this supporting role will be what it takes to generate the interest for a big WW stand-alone flick, which i think we all want to see (including the origin story, natch!).

  2. Peter Corona says:

    Another reason to read.

  3. Michael says:

    What a joke of a casting choice.

  4. SIMCARUS says:

    Well I'll try and be optimistic about it. After all we've got over Afleck as Batman.

  5. Wendell says:

    Perfect Ben Afleck as Batman and Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman. Now all we need is Clint Eastwood as the Flash and John Goodman as the Green Lantern and well be set.

  6. chris says:

    bulked up megan fox would be perfect

    • My choice exactly!!!! This is a true comic follower. I am not going to spend my money to see a movie that has a actress who don't fit the roll as wonder woman no matter who she may be. But if I maid a choice who would fit this roll , it would be Megan Fox._

  7. Italicus says:


    You people really dont get what makes and breaks a superhero/Heroin movie.

    First off, The actor/actress most look like the character.
    Second, The costume must look right or darn close.
    Lastly, the movie most be well written.

    Gal Gadot is a twig of a women and bares no resemblance to Wonder Women at al.

    Fact: Wonder Women is 5'10" tall
    Long Black hair, Blue Eyes, Somewhat muscled like a Ms Fitness. Has a J-Lo booty and DD cups.

    Gal Gadot looks as much like WW as Peewee Hermen.

    This is going to hurt the next Superman movie along with a miscast Ben Aflick. What a joke.

    They finally get an actor that looks like Superman then badly miscast the othere supers.

    DC sucks at movies.

    • Jlyndhurst says:

      1) The first thing for any superhero movie…for ANY movie… should be how it's written. I mean, as an example, Henry Cavill looks like how Superman should look like, but the movie was poorly written, which is why it wasn't as good as it could have been,

      2) The movie hasn't even come out yet, so how can you judge already that this woman can't play WW?

      3) The actress is 5'9…1 inch difference from Wonder Woman. Do you realize how HUGE she's going to look on film? Most leading actresses are between 5'3- 5'7. Not to mention that directors can make actors and actresses look as big or as small as they want using camera tricks (which is what they do for short actors like Tom Cruise, Robert Downey Junior, Stallone, Wahlberg…). They're also going to make her train for the role.

      4) People had the EXACT same criticism about Chris Evans being casted as Captain America and Tom Hardy as Bane, yet both those actors did a fantastic job.

      5) In terms of fitness, she also did her military service for Israel, so we know she's tough and physically fit enough to train for the role.

      6) Overall, DC does suck at movies in comparison to Marvel lol (excluding Dark Knight trilogy)

    • michael keaton says:

      really?! the actor must resemble the superheroes looks? one word: michael keaton.

    • asdasd says:

      Christian Bale in the machinist looks nothing like Batman. Why do people assume that actresses can't alos bulk up or adjust their aesthetic to match a role?

      Also you clearly have no idea how to make a movie so sit down.

    • StrenuousObjector says:

      "Fact: Wonder Women is 5'10" tall
      Long Black hair, Blue Eyes, Somewhat muscled like a Ms Fitness. Has a J-Lo booty and DD cups"?

      Oh I didn't realize they based female comic book heroines on how women actually look. Might as well complain because they could never find the right actress to play barbie.

    • Christian says:

      So You would rather Wonder Woman look like a porn star than to be played by someone who can actually act? Have you even seen Ben Afleck as batman; No obviously so you cant judge his performance in a movie you haven;t even seen.

  8. terry says:


  9. Pocho says:

    Casting Gal Gadot makes me think that Snyder never read a comic. I was 110% with Henry as Superman. Ben? Over Karl Urban? REALLY?!?! Remember Daredevil? But GAL GADOT? WTFFFF?!?!?! How is it that anybody looked at this supermodel and thought Wonder Woman? She looks FRAGILE, no ifs no buts! What about Gina Carano or Jessica Beil? Gina is actually a real life Amazon and looks good with Henry since they dated in real life. She is athletic and she actually fights therefore she would be very believable in anything physical. Jessica Biel can act already and she got athletic build and curves and beauty too. If you dont remember her athletic body go check STEALTH when she comes out of the waterfall.

    Gal Gadot is not even believable in Fast n The Furious… she just looks like a supermodel hanging with bad boys and holding guns she couldnt fire. She is worst than Ben for Batman. This is just a massive fail and a confirmation that Wonder Woman would never be a solo movie. I hope you all understand that.

    • @Aslagen says:

      You know Gadot is a vet, right?

    • Dave says:

      Amen, soon as I saw Gal gadot casting first thought came to mind is epic fail maybe they can recast DJ qualls as superman. Gadot is gorgeous actress but not amazon material. Every new thing I hear about this movie the more I wonder if they ever read a comic in there life. Ben Affleck gimme a friggin break.

    • Claus Talon says:

      110% with Henry as Superman? If you really think that, then there should be no problem with ANY of the casting choices, which in my opinion have all been TERRIBLE. They would have made out better going after Victor Webster for Superman, and Morena Baccarin(spelling-but you KNOW who i'm talking about)as Diana Prince. As for BatBruce-they still have yet to spot-on cast for that role. Keaton lacked the actual physical intimidation aspect, and didn't even LOOK like money-but the film did well because Jack Nicholson carried it. Val Kilmer???? Pffftt!!! Broke the cardinal rule-NEVER smile while in costume! Clooney had the potential but opted for a modernized version of Adam West. And while the las Bat-trilogy was undoubtly the best protrayal of Batman to date-The Wayne aspect was still somewhat lacking. Not bad, just lacking. For comparison, look at Baldwin's Lamont Cranston, and tell me he doesn't have "Millionare Playboy" rubber stamped. But I have to completey agree with you about Gadot. She's definitly NOT the answer.

  10. Chris says:

    Gal Gadot is somewhat forgettable, the movie better have one hell of a script to save it. Listen to me and listen to me carefully, Wonder Womans origin story had better be authentic……I'm talking like a Spartan warriors brutal upbringing at the Agoge …..beatings, starvation, killing a helot…stuff like that.

  11. Patrick says:

    Gal is too skinny, is not a true actor, and she is NOT American to wear the Star. Insult to America. Not going to support this film. This is true insult to Wonder Woman and WW represents. Not happy. You guys can find the right actress your just not looking hard enough.

    • Rik says:

      Actually all the recent super heroes haven't been American, Spider Man Superman(twice, even tho the character is an alien) and Batman.

    • Tyler says:

      News flash: Wonder Woman isn't American. She is an Amazonian that fights FOR America.

    • Malcolm says:

      Cry me a river. Oh, I forgot, Amazons are Americans!
      I have always imagined Wonder Woman to have an exotic look with a foreign accent.

    • DC Comics fan says:

      With the same logic, Cavill (Superman), Bale (Batman) and Garfield (Spiderman) shouldn't play American heroes because they are British actors. And Brad Pitt shouldn't play Achilles in "Troy" and Gerard Butler shouldn't play Leonidas in "300" because they aren't Greeks. It doesn't make sense.

    • John Legend says:

      It does't matter if she's American or not. The real Wonder Woman was an Amazon, not an American yet she wears the star. That is almost as dumb as when people were criticizing Henry as Superman because Superman was an American hero and he is British. It doesn't matter, Superman is an alien anyway.

    • jay says:

      You do realize that Lind Carter is half Mexican right? Further more, wonder woman though she is an American symbol is an AMAZONIAN. She left the island to COME to America. She was not "born" there? Quit being so closed minded.

  12. Clayton says:

    I still think that a good choice for the part would have been Kate Beckinsale. She has the screen presence to pull off the role wonderfully in my opinion. I mean look at her in the Underworld Series and in Van Helsing?

  13. Wonder Fan says:

    I feel Gadot is an extremely poor choice for the role and it's not even about her build. I'm sure they'll put her through that 300 movie style training, but not sure it'll help that much because of how naturally slender she is. I figure she got the role due to her being a former Israeli soldier and her fighting skills that she displays in those Fast & Furious movies. Thing that most concerns me is her acting isn't very good. I've seen her act in Fast & Furious, Date Night and it wasn't too good. She just doesn't have the kind of presence that Wonder Woman has to illicit a sense of real power, authority. She may have the princess thing, but over that I think the character of Wonder Woman stands for something a lot more than being a princess. Writer Paul Dini and painter Alex Ross did an incredible oversized treasury edition graphic novel called Wonder Woman: Spirit Of Truth that perfectly shows all the great things that Wonder Woman represents.

    They need an actress that exhibits those things. Gadot is beautiful, but just beauty isn't going to cut it. They need to be ABSOLUTELY TRUTHFUL to this character in as many ways possible beyond just sex appeal and abilities to do kick-ass action. They need a woman who audiences BELIEVE could do those things and stand up for truth. Women like Jaimie Alexander, Gina Carano, and Bridget Regan would have been far better choices, in my opinion. Alexander is practically Wonder Woman in the Thor movies as Sif, she'd just need to put on a bit more build, but the way she plays the character of Sif in Thor: The Dark World speaks volumes on how well she'd play Wonder Woman. Regan is a bit closer to Wonder Woman than Alexander and would be great for the same reasons I cited with Alexander, if you've ever seen the tv series Legend Of The Seeker. Gina Carano would have been my choice for the role given that like Gadot, she's well versed in combat, having been a great MMA champ and also having done some great action in the last Fast & Furious film and her starring role in Haywire. Many try and voice that she can't act, but she managed just fine in Haywire acting against the always impressive Michael Fassbender AND carrying the entire film as it's main lead…something I really can't see Gadot eventually doing for a solo Wonder Woman film. I think Carano would be the most believable and able to carry an eventual solo Wonder Woman film on sheer presence alone.

    In closing, I just don't think Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment have all that much focus. They seem to be scrambling to try and catch up to Marvel's movies so much that they're thinking with their pocketbooks rather than their brains. The reactions to their decisions with their big-screen comic book films wouldn't be nearly as polarizing (like the dreadfully written and directed Man Of Steel) if they just stayed as absolutely TRUE to the characters and quit thinking about how COOL DARK AND EDGY they can be. There IS a reason why Marvel's movies are kicking their asses left and right. They need to admit to themselves that they're blowing it and take a page from Marvel's playbook. 20th Century Fox and Sony seem to be. Nobody will really care if they look like they're just copying Marvel. PEOPLE JUST WANT THE MOVIES TO BE BETTER!

    • Willy says:

      hmm… Gina Carano is a WORST actress than Gal Gadot is, (they even didn't let her speak in the FF movies..) Jaimie Alexander is in the Marvel universe now and part of a franchise, I'd imagine that Marvel would gracefully let one of the main actresses in one of their more lucrative properties walk to the competition. Also, what did Henry Cavill do before Man of Steel? Inmortals? who sawy that? The Tudors? was he a main character? what else???? oh, that Red Ridding Hood kids movie that nobody saw…Yeah, Cavill had the acting background to play the most recognizable, greatest superhero of all time in history, and nobody complained and he did great. Oh and remember Christopher Reeve? what else did he do before Superman The Movie? oh yeah, next to nothing, and how did it turn out? Going across the street, what did the dude who plays Thor did before that movie? oh yes! NOTHING!. So pretty please, let's judge a casting choice of a movie AFTER YOU HAVE SEEN THE PERFORMANCE!!!

      Jezzz… fanboys, the cancer of the entertainment world..

    • BionicBaby says:

      I totally agree with you 100 percent Wonder Fan..

  14. Adelaida F Timberlake says:

    The issue is not about not supporting this actress, but that, she just does not capture the beautiful amazonian’s statue, blue eyes, or essence portrayed in the comics or in wonder woman with Linda Carter. Those are the qualities that we are used to and want to continue to see.

  15. just another joe says:

    Another nail added to the coffin….

  16. The Chee says:

    Wow… “can’t hold a gun” and “not a warrior” – forgetting that unlike 99.9% of Hollywood actresses, Gadot was actually in the army and has probably fired more actual assault rifles than any of the idiots posting in here…

    Second, “she’s not American, she shouldn’t be wearing the star” – holy shit, you’ve never read a single comic about WW. You’re a genuine idiot.

    Third, none of you are casting directors. I remember when Heath Ledger was cast as the joker; famous for a teenage romantic comedy retelling of Taming of the Shrew and being a gay cowboy. I figured he’d suck as The Joker and so did everyone else based on his previous work… and we were all wrong.

    If Affleck and Gadot are given a good script and direction, no reason to assume they will do bad. I’m far more concerned about those two elements than any casting decisions so far.

    • Bionicbaby says:

      You must never read WW comics either because wonder woman is not an American Mr. The Chee

    • Ninja Skyden says:

      Preach it brother, tell these guys to hold back the negativity until we see the trailer, then we can start making more accurate assumptions, although the clark sinking into skulls thing in Man Of Steel made me laugh "No, Zod, I can't be a part of this."

    • Realistic says:

      Yes, but the characters already exist and are well established. Gadot doen't resemble WW. It would be like casting Jim Parsons as Superman. Staying true to the character itself is THE most important part of making the character believeable and Gadot just doesn't resemble Wonder woman enough to do anything but distract from the immersion. I'd sit there the whole time thinking "She couldn't kick a leper's ass" because she just lacks the musculature of a WARRIOR PRINCESS. Long on the princess, short on warrior.

      Full disclosure, I did really enjoy her in the F&F movies, where she was playing a character she could make her own. She Can't do that here – the character is already WELL established.

  17. Desiree says:

    Gal Gadot served in the Israel armed forces. I will not be going to see this Wonder Woman.

    • Ecru says:

      Absolutely! This casting has nothing to do with WW – it’s cynical politics and nothing else. Wonder which suit insisted on this casting, and if their other production credits include working for a foreign spy agency against the interests of the USA and helping smuggle nuclear technology to a rogue apartheid state.

  18. johnnywalker says:

    Olga kurylenko would have been sooooooo perfect. Just what a beauty and Mystery! Guess shes just too hot for the studio to do this type of movie. Instead they chose this beanie face girl with no charisma, from fast and furious no less.
    I do still have faith in Zack Snyder. If anyone could pull this off its him. Its just after aaaa-Fleck and now this…

  19. tom filmont says:

    Wonder why Emily Deschanel ("Bones") hasn't been talked up as a possible Wonder Woman? She was perfect in one of the BONES episodes where she was in a Wonder Woman costume.

    • Bumpus says:

      She has been, ad nauseum.

      seemed like a decent idea, then she actually dressed up as WW in a Bones episode….and that's why she'll never play her on the silver screen.

  20. @Njae2000 says:

    They messed up not using Lucy Lawless WHEN SHE WAS YOUNGER! If Wonder Woman ever gets her own movie, I hope that Lucy Lawless and Lynda Carter get cameos!

    • Fudgeswimmer says:

      I know I completely agree with you, Lucy Lawless would have been the greatest women to ever play Wonder Woman. She would have been perfect.

  21. Brian says:

    Lynda Carter as wonder woman wasnt all that either. Her acting was terrible and she was just as skinny

    • wonderfan says:

      How DARE you critic Lynda Carter like this. Lynda was perfection as the ONLY true Wonder Woman there ever was and is. Lynda was new into acting at that time and her presence as Wonder Woman was what made her real. She believed in that charactor and has all the inner beauty that makes her a Wonder Woman in real life. Other then Lynda Carter and Christopher Reeve as Superman NOBODY has ever embodied Super Hero charactors as they did. NOBODY! Show a little respect.

      • Laura says:

        Yes. Lynda Carter was the best Wonder Woman. Anyone who thinks otherwise is blind. I loved her performance. She had grace, beauty and gave her own take on how Wonder Woman was to be done. Lynda Carter still looks the same and she will always be Wonder Woman to me. I grew up with watching her. If anybody grew up in the 70’s, the would knowCathy Crosby was the first actress to play her. Then they replaced her with Lynda Carter. I was so thrilled, because Cathy Crosby was terrible. Lynda Carter must have done something right during her audition back then for them to have hired her. So people need to quick saying the tv Wonder Woman was boring and cheesy, because i am going to disagree with you.

  22. JjR says:

    Kristy Carlson screwed up big time. Cavill representing Superman is believable not Pierce Brosnan. Same with karl Urban as Batman to Ben "kill a movie" Afleck . Sad to know dare devil will never see screen time ever again thanks to that man. Olivia wilde/ Lena Hedey to Gal Gadot. Gadot might pull off WW's little and less attractive sister, but she'll never be WW.
    But I hope they make Gadot gain some lbs to at least represent an elite amazonian otherwise fans may never see WonderWoman as a Movie franchise.

  23. juanene says:

    I liked Gal in fast and furious but anyone in hollywood trying to redo Wonder Woman, Six Million Dollar Man, and the Bionic Woman have some real serious shoes to fill , not really sure if she can pull this off but we will see

  24. Joe Wooten says:

    I envisioned Julie Strain as Wonder Woman… What are the casters thinking???

  25. Joey says:

    I was THRILLED that Wonder Woman is FINALLY getting to be on the big screen, but you have got to be kidding me about the so-called actress that's going to be playing as her. When I saw and read this, I threw up a little in my mouth because it made me sick to see that they have so little interest or respect for Wonder Woman. Let me throw out some names that would have been MUCH better than Gal Gadot……..Gina Carano, Nadia Bjorlin, Jessica Biel, or Lynn Collins. oh, but no, we have to get Gal Gadot to play the most iconic female superhero of all time. WOW! Zack and Warner Bros., GREAT JOB!!!!!! – AT DESTROYING THE WONDER WOMAN CHARACTER!!!!!!!! PLEASE re-cast……PLEASE!!!!

  26. Hasan says:

    I believe that we should give Gadot a chance. This is where you can insert the “Heath Ledger” defense, because we hardly seen Gadot except in Fast and Furious. Really, what she needs is three things: a good script to act upon, a training program that will build up the muscle and physique that Wonder Woman has, and perfect her acting abilities because she was kind of one-note in the Fast and Furious movies. Besides, hardly anybody who played these other superheroes aren’t actually American, such as Caville(Superman) or Garfield(Spiderman), so I will give her a chance.

    • Kenny says:

      I agree 100%. Those three steps is just what Gal Gadot needs in order to act as Wonder Woman.
      1. Good Script
      2. Strength Training for Gal's muscles
      3. Improved Acting Abilities
      I just hope the filmmakers can take this advice.

  27. ebbyintampa says:

    Snyder praised Gadot as an “amazing” actress who possesses “that magical quality that makes her perfect for the role.”

    Yeah, she's an Israeli (Jewish) model – that's the "magical quality" he's talking about. Otherwise, I just don't see it.

  28. manny says:

    Gal Gadot she is to skinning to play wander woman they need see michelle ryan from bionic woman

  29. Sakura8494 says:

    I'm not even going to waste my time with these stupid movies they're making, they ruined Superman"Man of steel" for me and now the greatest female super hero of all? this is ridiculous.

  30. sakura8494 says:

    Julie Strain would actually make a pretty good Big Barda

  31. conflict says:

    Im so happy that WW gets a shot in the movie world.she has been one of my best hero in the comic world.its sad that she has 2 share and prove her self 1st 2 get a shot because she is in our history with all the others and can hold her own without them.I ALWAYS KNEW IT WOULD BE HARD 2 FIND SOMEONE 2 PLAY THE ROLE,Linda Carter did a beautiful job at it and no one will ever take her place butthis is 2013 and Hollywood has come up in the game with effects and story lines but you have 2 have passion and vision for WW,the body,the color of skin,her size and some what cut but not bulk,her eyes,she has 2 be smart,sexy like eye candy and fearlous but has compassion.shs not black nor white but her skin tone is of gold-bronze

    • Ron Johnson says:

      I personally liked Man of Steel and I look forward to seeing this sequel. I'm not sure about the casting, there are some others that I thought would have fit the role better, but Zack Snyder seems to know what he's doing (although I'm not sure that it was he that casted her). I figure as long as she is given good direction and has a well-written story line, she'll be fine. I'm a little concerned about her looks as they pertain to WW, but I'm not that concerned. It is entirely possible that if this part of an origin story for WW, this could be her before she really became the iconic WW that we all are familiar with. Kind of like with Snyder / Goyer's new Superman; he is a new hero who is just getting his own feet wet.

  32. Wonderfan says:

    Sounds like a throw together slop job to me. I ALWAYS wanted to see Wonder Woman hit the big screen but I don't know. First they mess everything thing up in the comics with the New 52 and then they cast an actress that looks nothing like Diana. I'm fine with her being introduced through this film even tho she deserves her own solo but if it's already done wrong by poor casting then they will just be able to say later that oh well we tried Wonder Woman and it didn't work. Female leads in such films are rarely given the same respect as male counterparts. Nobody will EVER top Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman but they could at least find an actress that looks like the amazon princess as they did with Lynda. She was and always will be the true and ideal Wonder Woman.

  33. arathia says:

    Number one she needs to meet the physical requirements of an Amazon – secondly she needs to be a strong female who puts up with no crap from anyone – havent seen too many women in Hollywood who fit this except Lucy Lawless and Linda Carter – ty again because for us female fans you really need to bring it with the casting of our hero!

  34. RUKIDDING ME says:

    are you kidding, i hope they either make Gal Gadot look more Amazon or cast someone elser. Yes they finally have wonder woman but can they at least think about who they are having to play who she is.
    …not to mention she is horrible as acting. all people care about are good looks, but no we want wonder woamn and wonder trash.

  35. RUKIDDING says:

    Lynda Carter was the most amazing wonder woman played. she has the best beauty, character, everything that can be portrait . if they can find someone similar to her that'd be great. However using Gal Gadot is just a slap in the face to the character wonder woman and all the fans.

  36. Rich says:

    Its not unreasonable to expect the actress that playes a comic character possess key physical characteristics. Heimdall, Perry White, or Nick Fury being black does not impact the core character but Marvel would have flopped if they changed the race of the main character. Thankfully both DC and Marvel understood the importance of Henry Cavil and Chris Hemsworth having physiques that make them believable as the characters they portrayed. Dismiss this if you wish but an actress that doen't look like an Amazon will be a distraction. A good performance may overcome this just as a 6'2" Wolverine did but why create that hurdle.

  37. karina says:

    people are complaining she used to be in the isreali army and she can buff up its called hair dye and contacts you should be more worried on how she acts instead of her looks

  38. Kenny says:

    Gal Gadot looks like she would be a great Wonder Woman. The only thing I'd suggest is that they bulk up Gal's muscles. She's got such a skinny body. Before filming the movie, they should put her on a high protein diet and have Gal tone and tighten her leg muscles, abs, shoulders, biceps, and forearms. If she can do all this, Gal will be ok playing Wonder Woman.

  39. Teresa says:

    Henry Cavil as Superman, I supported. Ben Affleck as Batman I didn't agree with at first, but I realized Affleck is more or less going to be this franchise's Robert Downey Jr. But Gal Gabot as Wonder Woman? In what freakin’ universe would Gal Gabot be believable as Wonder Woman? Did someone in the casting department fail to read a few comics showcasing Wonder Woman? Did they not google Wonder Woman? Did they not see that Wonder Woman is an Amazon Princess with a curvaceous athletic built? Wonder Woman is the closest thing to perfection in the comics. Yes, it's a tall order to fill, but it could have been filled better!

    People may argue that slamming Gal Gabot for her lack of cleavage is only giving young girls a false impression of what the ideal woman should look like. I can assure you the average woman does not look like a super model. Presenting a very thin Wonder Woman as the ‘perfect woman’ is only giving young girls a daunting impression of what certain shallow people consider beautiful.

    While Gal Gadot may be 'model' material, she is not Amazon material. It's a joke. A slap in the face by Warner Brothers and DC who are obviously so much in race to compete with Marvel films, they have literally derailed this project before it was even filmed.

    I have always considered myself a firm DC fan. Have always stood by DC, even when I didn’t agree with certain film choices in the latest Batman trilogy. However at this point, the disillusionment in what was supposed to be the most awaited film in the comic book world is so penetrating, I refuse to watch the Batman/Superman film.

  40. Bumpus says:

    Get her in gym, let her "tone up" a little.
    Some work with a stunt/fight coach and you'll notice a physical change.
    I think she'll be just fine….might even surprise a few people.
    Time will tell.

  41. Ben says:

    you people have no vision and imagination. There are many other qualities a Wonder Woman has to have to be believable. Gal has those qualities. Getting more meaty with more muscles and sexual is the least of her challenges. She will get that easy, by just staying home and eating plenty of cake and ice cream. So lighten up people, she will surprise you, Zack had the vision to see past the initial appearance and see her in this amazonian role. she will fill up and prove all the naysayers wrong. So seat back and take a chill pill people you have'nt a clue on what goes on in the minds of the management at hollywood. Good Luck Gal you will need. The villagers have rising against you. Prove them wrong.

    • Rooker says:

      @ Ben. you're right, the vision and imagination that showed WW as an amazon is wrong. Screw the creator of WW – the physical is not where believability starts, is it? This is Zack's universe or at least a DC alternate universe anyways. If getting a 5'9" twig to represent statuesque is the least of her problems, I'd hate to see what her other challenges are… acting repertoire perhaps? Guys like Ledger, Bale, cranston, and even Kevin Bacon have serious repertoire built thru a long career, immersing themselves in the challenges given to them. Can Gadot who has appeared in very few roles other than Gisele, really immerse herself into being THE and not a Wonder Woman especially if she spends all her hours catching up to look the part.
      Cranston can pull off believability as Luther, an older wiser Batman, professor X, captain of a starship, Ben Kenobe…etc. at any time. No need to catch up. But he shouldn't be playing Superman cuz he doesn't look the part.
      Hell, if we're going to be imaginative, put a power ring on Gumby and call him the green lantern and rewrite the whole Lantern history. It could work. Do it Zack, your next alternate universe project.

  42. Guest says:

    What about Adrianne Palicki?

  43. josh says:

    she is pretty but needs to bulk up a little. I think she will do a good job, cant wait to see her in the Wonder Woman suit!!

  44. Zmen says:

    I think she would've been better in a role as Talia al Ghu then Wonder Woman. Kate Beckinsale would be a good WW choice.

  45. asdasd says:

    These comments are disgusting….

  46. Bantu5 says:

    No, Linda Carter wasn't the best actress – but if you look at many of the shows from the 70's- you would say the same about many popular shows. The point is, when remaking an iconic role such as Wonder Women- you want to recreate the physical character as much as possible. We have such talented American actresses to choose from that would not only be talented but be able to fit the "voluputous" role of Wonder Women. Gal Gadot is beautiful but does not betray Wonder Women in the physical sense. This is an extremely pivotal role and much more thought should have been put into choosing the right female American Actress – they failed.

  47. James Ray says:

    I don’t mind that Gal (she’s a stunning woman)is the one that gets to play Wonder Woman I’m mind the fact that Ben Affleck is still getting super hero rolls he’s not even a super actor you had one attempt with daredevil and you failed you don’t get a second chance to be a different superhero 1 superhero per actor

  48. Raja says:

    I like Gal Gadot but she is not what I embody as the perfect WonderWoman (a bit skinny) but beautiful. I pictured Gina Carano in the role and she has all the fighting skills and acting to pull the role off.

  49. RyanC says:

    What I don't understand is how her size could NOT be a factor! One, she's an amazon. That automatically calls for the tall and at least slightly built figure. That's what amazon's are. Two, after all the talk about women and body image, they chose someone so small to play a hero. That decision was strictly based on a narrow male stereotype of what "beautiful" is.
    Come on, would any of you been happy if Bane had been played by Dustin Diamond or Michael Cera? I don't care what race she is because that doesn't influence any part of the character's history or traits. But her size does indeed matter.

  50. wil says:

    she is not big enough to be wonder woman

  51. Deborah Dugas says:

    I just loved her in the fast and furious movies! I think she is a great choice!!!!! I loved Wonder Woman when I was young and I can't wait to see this new wonderful movie!!!!

  52. carl says:

    that woman is entirely too skinny to play Wonder Woman. does anyone casting these movies .ever seen any of the comic books or the series . Lynda Carter was the perfect wonder woman ! these idiots thank you can just put a skinny no talent person in an revealing outfit of there own design and call it wonder woman . Buy a clue ! If you not going to stick to the original idea of a beautiful Amazon goddess. Who is very feminine , compassionate , and has respect for all living creatures. And believe your greatest strength come from love and compassion for one another. If you’re going to change the ideology of the character. And make several changes to the costume and to the beliefs of the character. Just change the name . when you make that many changes to the original theme. You’ve created a whole new character come up with a unique name. If you’re offended by the original Wonder Woman costume or any part of her character. Don’t make a movie about her!

  53. Rashid says:

    Gina Carano would have been perfect

  54. Nikola Kitanovski says:

    They should have casted gemma arteton instead of this chick..her whole body is as wide as my forearm lol!!

  55. Lani says:

    Nadia Bjorlin as Wonder Woman ….

  56. Gom says:

    I guess Zack wants to put his own spin/fingerprint on an established well known character. He knows what Wonder Woman should look like and how she should act but I guess he wants to put forth his personal view of Wonder Woman which the director has the right to do.

    That is what the director of the Catwoman movie did. He did not want his Catwoman named Selina Kyle. He did not want his Catwoman to be linked to Batman or Gotham City. He did not want his Catwoman to wear a catsuit/bodysuit. He did not want his Catwoman to have the same origin story.

    We alllllllll know how the Catwoman movie turned out.

  57. Margaux says:

    What.are.they.thinking???????? Gal Gadot? Are they gonna force-feed her? Are they gonna make sure that rake is eating? She's missing all the allure of Woman Woman. Her face is blah, no sex appeal in her eyes, her body is a rail. I love the skinny look on supermodels but on Wonder Woman? Serious? WHAAAT a disappointment! We all want a Lynda Carter reprise and since we can't get that, we want someone damn close.

  58. chris66 says:

    I think people are being silly about this. It’s the typical knee-jerk Internet reaction. No one possesses a time machine, so no one knows how well or poorly she will play the part, how she will look, etc. How many great actors bombed performances in their first few films? That’s the thing about us humans: we can learn and grow. I say wait and see and hold off on the undue criticisms until the actual performances are out here in the real world. 2c

  59. kaddeesh says:

    Concerning Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman:

    1) Gal Gadot is DEFINITELY too skinny
    2) She has dubious acting skill and not a lot of experience

    1) She spent 2 years in the Israeli Army, so she does have real world combat training
    2) She 5' 9" so with a little bulk she could look the part
    3) Zack Snyder is directing (after "Watchmen" I have the utmost faith in his skill)
    4) Christopher Nolan is producing (that must count for something)

    No way I would have cast her in this role (Gina Carano my choice) but all things considered she and the movie could pleasantly surprise!

    P.S. I would not have cast Ben as Bats either (Karl Urban my choice) But Ben has become a father and has 3 brilliantly directed movies under his belt so I'm hoping these real world experiences will bleed over and lend to the maturity and substance of an older, wiser Bruce/Bats.

    Hoping for the best!

    DC… Please get your act together!

  60. Tyrel Jordan says:

    I have to agree with fan complaints about Gal Gadot as WW. I've seen all the fast and furious movies and didn't even remember who she was. As an MMA fan I was hoping Gina Carano would've been given the role. She has the physique to play an Amazon and has the beauty to compliment the character. I guess she didn't have enough of a name in Hollywood to get the roll. Damn shame! Good luck with this movie.

  61. Marvia says:

    Cast Indiana Paulino or someone who works out like her and has the same kind of look for Wonder woman.

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