‘Green Hornet’ review: The most tedious superhero film ever?

Jan. 14, 2011 | 9:45 a.m.

Los Angeles Times film critic Kenneth Turan on “boring bromedy” with masked men …

green hornet car Green Hornet review: The most tedious superhero film ever?

"The Green Hornet" (Sony)

The Green Hornet” may not be the most tedious superhero movie ever — the competition is admittedly tough — but it is certainly in the running.

An anemic, 97-pound weakling of the action comedy persuasion, “Hornet” is a boring bromedy that features mumblecore heroics instead of the real thing. Though the Hornet’s been around since the 1930s in various incarnations, including a TV series that featured the one-of-a-kind Bruce Lee as his sidekick Kato, the Hornet’s technically not a superhero at all. Rather, like his animal kingdom cohort Batman, the Hornet fights crime from behind a mask with just his ordinary human powers, plus nifty inventions like a tricked-out Chrysler Imperial.

Invention, however, is what’s lacking in this latest version. Neither director Michel Gondry nor star Seth Rogen (who also co-wrote with Evan Goldberg) have been able to bring even a semblance of life to an inert enterprise that did itself no favors by converting to 3-D late in the game …


— Kenneth Turan


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One Response to ‘Green Hornet’ review: The most tedious superhero film ever?

  1. Tamsin says:

    Sure, it was tonally uneven, but it was anything but tedious. The dynamic between Rogen and Chou is pretty much the backbone of the film, both allowing room in their script for improvisation; the film was genuinely funny and entertaining, and I could somehow relate to Rogen's Britt; I didn't share his good side, or his aspirations. I identified with his obnoxious, stubborn, impulsive personality, the way he charges in without thinking things through properly, the way he looks down on people. I identified with his jealousy, his insecurity; even his tendency to be hypocritical. These character flaws are ones that people identify but don't necessarily want to recognise in themselves. I like how the villain has an inferiority complex, as does the hero. The comedy moments were memorable and perfectly timed. The action scenes weren't jaw-dropping, but they were fun to watch. All in all, it is one of my favourite comedies of 2011.

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