‘Green Lantern’: Blake Lively loves the idea of Star Sapphire in sequel

April 01, 2011 | 12:00 p.m.

Star Sapphire (DC Comics)

New  footage from this summer’s “Green Lantern” was unveiled at CinemaCon on Thursday — but those looking to catch a glimpse of Blake Lively as Carol Ferris were out of luck.  While audiences were treated to plenty of Ryan Reynolds’ Hal Jordan clad in a cosmic green, Lively was not featured in any of the scenes shown.

“That’s exciting for me, though,” the 23-year-old said backstage at Las Vegas’ Colosseum, where the annual film industry conference was being held. I would not want to sit there and watch myself. I get too shy.”

Although Lively had a memorable big-screen part opposite Ben Affleck in the actor-director’s “The Town” last year, the actress is still primarily known for her leading role on the popular CW teen soap “Gossip Girl.” So landing a major role in a studio tentpole was a big deal, she admitted.

“It’s intimidating, because it’s a movie that has so much money and so many stakes — so many people are so invested in it,” she said. “But what made me want the role that much more is that my character is a strong, militant, powerful woman who really challenges Hal. They’re rivals and are always butting heads. She comes in and says, ‘Men are weak too.’ It was just a really special female counterpart in a superhero film.”

Even though the movie doesn’t hit theaters until June, Lively said she’s already envisioning where she might take the character of Carol Ferris if the movie is a success and spawns a franchise. As comics fans know, Ferris has an alter ego herself — the Star Sapphire, a powerful and deadly foe of the Green Lantern.

“In this film, Carol is completely human and on earth. But she turns into a villain in the later comics, so potentially if it became a franchise I’d get to explore that, which would be so much fun,” she said. “I would love that. What you don’t see [in this film] is when they’re kids. They’re each other’s first loves. Where the movie picks up, they’re ex-lovers. So there is that tension — that rivalry — but also that love. They’re each other’s soulmates.”

– Amy Kaufman in Las Vegas


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4 Responses to ‘Green Lantern’: Blake Lively loves the idea of Star Sapphire in sequel

  1. loreta says:

    Blake Lively commented on her role "“But what made me want the role that much more is that my character is a strong, militant, powerful woman who really challenges Hal." Sadly, she didnt and couldnt live up to that character. Her performance is weak and empty that it didnt really had an impact on the screen. She's just another pretty face on the screen.

  2. widgit says:

    After seeing the film I thought Blake Lively's performance was true to the character and she did her best with the material given. I felt it was hampered by some quirky dialog and chopped editing that didn't give us enough time to invest in her personally, like Martin Campbell wanted just enough time to establish her "the ex-girlfriend" standing then focus on the action.
    [SPOILER ALERT?] I remember some of her scenes with Reynolds were actually key later on, because Carol's character reflected a faith in his potential, something 'the ring' couldn't portray. I absolutely loved her line to Hal about being able to fly jets even if she became a company owner: (paraphrase) "only a child thinks you have to choose one or the other". And supporting this, if you paid attention to her comments about his father and the meaning of the word "courage", there was more to glean out of Hal's speech to the Guardians. Because inevitably, you can't have bravery without fear.

  3. Gl Fan says:

    I've seen the movie. Blake Lively performed very well in the role. I simply do not understand the criticisms of the movie overall. It was exactly what you would expect an origin movie for a super hero to be. If they don;t get a chance to make a sequal I will be extremely dissapointed. This was just the lead up to an epic sci fi story.

  4. RobW says:

    I saw the movie a couple of days ago with a friend: we were the only two people in there, and it was only the second week of showing. As a GL fan since the age of 6 when my dad bought me a copy of GL #20, back in the 60's, I should be a hard sell but I thought it was great. Blake Lively and Reynolds were absolutely fine in their roles (as was the brilliant Mark Strong) and I'm sure they can build on their characterisations if they get the chance. Who wouldn't want to see Blake Lively as Star Sapphire and Sinestro going over to the dark side?!

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