‘Green Lantern’ — let the costume controversy begin

Nov. 15, 2010 | 3:47 p.m.

green lantern et Green Lantern    let the costume controversy beginThe hardest part of bringing a superhero to the screen is getting the costume just right — the same skin-tight fashions that look great on the illustrated page turn totally ridiculous when worn by living, breathing actors.  The filmmakers behind “Green Lantern,” due next summer from Warner Bros., approached that challenge digitally; star Ryan Reynolds will appear in a costume that was essentially “drawn” on him via CG effects and there has been considerable curiosity to see how the final product would look. On Tuesday, a new trailer for the film will premiere on “Entertainment Tonight” and here’s a short advertisement for that anticipated reveal…

Well, one thing we know about the computer-painted costume — those movie fans who enjoys seeing every gym-sculpted inch of the Reynolds physique will certainly get their money’s worth with this Martin Campbell-directed movie…

— Geoff Boucher


reynolds Green Lantern    let the costume controversy begin

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6 Responses to ‘Green Lantern’ — let the costume controversy begin

  1. Samurai Stranger says:

    Was a big letdown. Why hire one of the most in shape movie stars around and then paint over him?Reeve looks timeless in SUPERMAN because it was a practical effect. Whole movie has pretty cheesy feel. Not one impressive thing in trailer,

  2. Brett says:

    Not at all bothered by it. The brightness of the green took a little getting used to, but other than that – no complaints. The Green Lantern costume hasn't exactly stayed constant since Hal Jordan was introduced, so it's not like there's an iconic "one costume" about which fans might worry.

  3. Terry Wood says:

    The costume itself looks like a super-hero costume to me, but the mask looks goofy. It would look better with white eyes.

    • douglas says:

      i totally agree.. if they were going to go with the CGI costume they might as well gone with the white eyes. it dosent look bad though…

  4. The fact that he isn’t wearing a real costume does not exactly bother me, but most fans will be disappointed that the costume was CG of course. Realistically, most super hero movies nowadays have to rely heavily on CG to be able to bring many of the effects to life, and it is something we must learn to accept.

  5. Nicholas Trees says:

    They really needed to add a real costume for him to wear. I am not a fan of the CG costume.

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