‘Green Lantern’: Ryan Reynolds promises it’s ‘a space epic,’ not a comedy

April 01, 2011 | 1:20 p.m.

Amy Kaufman checks in from CinemaCon

green lantern oa Green Lantern: Ryan Reynolds promises its a space epic, not a comedy

"Green Lantern" (Warner Bros)

Ryan Reynolds heard the fan angst when the first “Green Lantern” trailer hit in November, but he promises that Warner Bros. is delivering a deep-space epic with the film, not the comedy-adventure that the trailer hinted might be coming when the movie arrives in June.

“They were worried about it,” the actor said backstage Thursday at CinemaCon, where new footage of the summer release was unveiled. “I think people should have their opinions. Fanboys are known to have a very loud voice. They’re known to beat their chest hard when they like or dislike something, and that’s all part of the game. I know, because I was an integral part of the shooting process, that the movie is not a comedy at all. There’s definitely a few funny moments in it. The levity is really kind of more in a Han Solo kind of vein than anything broader.

“You are quite exposed. You’re putting yourself out there on the rounds,” he said of taking on the leading role in a major studio tent pole. “And the push is just gonna be astronomical for this. It’s kind of exciting.”

Reynolds — who is in San Francisco now to promote the film at WonderCon — said he had been circled for a number of parts in superhero films but gravitated toward “Green Lantern” because it was a “space epic.”

“A movie like this, you can’t even really get a script when you meet with the director. You have to base your decision solely on concept art and what their objectives are,” he said. “For me, what sold me was the space epic. The idea of doing a superhero movie particularly in a summer particularly crowded with superhero films – it’s not really necessarily appealing to watch a guy earthbound. For me, it wasn’t. I love the space idea. The idea that it’s kind of like ‘Star Wars.’ I just knew that it would encompass so much ingenuity, creating a whole other world.”

Meanwhile, just last week, newly minted president of the Warner Bros. motion picture group, Jeff Robinov, said “Justice League” was one of his priorities. Robinov said he hoped a film featuring all of the DC team’s top characters — including the Green Lantern — would be on the big screen in 2013. But when asked if that prospect excited him, Reynolds shrugged. “That’s a whole other conversation. That’s a whole business model and nothing to do with me at all,” he said. “No one has ever approached me about doing a ‘Justice League’ movie. We’ll see if they do it in the long run.”

— Amy Kaufman in Las Vegas


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3 Responses to ‘Green Lantern’: Ryan Reynolds promises it’s ‘a space epic,’ not a comedy

  1. George Jackson says:

    This looks really good, its appears to be the kind of Science Fiction I've been craving. The alien civilization really blew me away, gorgeous. I'm honestly excited about this one. DC Comics are KING!

  2. Hung says:

    I KNOW, RIGHT!?!?!?!?

  3. soothsayer767 says:

    This looks like THE LAST STARFIGHTER on Crack! I am soooo stoked!

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