‘Harry Potter’ countdown: Dan Radcliffe vamps for ‘Simpsons’ spoof of ‘Twilight’

Oct. 23, 2010 | 3:07 p.m.
simps Harry Potter countdown: Dan Radcliffe vamps for Simpsons spoof of Twilight

"The Simpsons" (Fox)

The Simpsons” have had plenty of fun with the stars of J.K. Rowling universe — way back in 2001, there was the “Wiz Kids” spoof during the show’s Halloween episode with Lord Montymort and the Springwart’s School of Magickry, and then who could forget Harry Plopper, the wizard pig from Homer’s sublime feature film in 2007 — but the real magic begins Nov. 7 with “Tweenlight,” a parody of “Twilight” that stars Dan Radcliffe in the role of a brooding vampire who arrives in Springfield and falls in love with Lisa Simpson. Considering the longtime bookstore animus between “Harry Potter” brainy kids and the heavy-panting “Twilight” crowd, this Halloween episode should be a trick-or-treat throw down. Here’s the trailer…

Hey muggles, just curious, heard any good “Twilight” insults lately? And “Twilight” fans, any hard feelings about Radcliffe spoofing Robert Pattinson?

— Geoff Boucher

undesirable Harry Potter countdown: Dan Radcliffe vamps for Simpsons spoof of Twilight




hp7 action harry dom2 Harry Potter countdown: Dan Radcliffe vamps for Simpsons spoof of Twilight

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10 Responses to ‘Harry Potter’ countdown: Dan Radcliffe vamps for ‘Simpsons’ spoof of ‘Twilight’

  1. j rodgers says:

    I love it!!! I love that Hugh Laurie is providing his voice as well!!!

  2. michael says:

    I've enjoyed the Twilight films but come on, for pure granduer Twilight doesn't hold a candle to the Potter saga, not even close.

  3. Leilah says:

    I enjoy both series' and I can say with pure objectivity that while Meyer is great, Rowling and the Harry Potter series will be the way this decade is remembered. In fifty, sixty years, this'll be considered the time of Hogwarts, Voldemort, and magic, not the time of Forks, vampires, and the Volturi… The way I think it should be.

    • Mia says:

      Let's hope so because I would despair of this generation if Forks became more popular than Hogwarts.

    • Amanda says:

      No, no no no no.
      Meyers is absolutely horrible. Her writing is AT BEST mediocre fan fiction that my six year old sister could write. Her stories are nothing but a poop smear on a sheet of paper.

    • maria says:

      ..i don´t thing so.. becouse those are different stories .. i like both and both have something to tell for readers..

  4. Amanda says:

    If Harry Potter > Voldemort
    and Voldemort > Cedric Diggory
    and Cedric Diggory = Edward Cullen
    than Harry Potter > Edward Cullen

    Simple Math.

    Haha, I saw that and laughed my buns off.

  5. wendilynn says:

    Personally, as a fan of both series, I love the idea. I have yet to see the episode but am waiting for a friend who recorded it and hasn't shared it yet.

    The two series are very different. They are special for their own reasons. Yes, the Potter series is more "serious" writing as writing styles go, but both Rowling and Meyer have a wonderfully brilliant way of making you feel what the characters are feeling and making you feel you are in their shoes.

    And what truly makes the Twilight series special is not the vampires and werewolves. Its the dedication of the men and women who are in love and don't shy away from hard relationships. In this day and age of treating each other like pimps and hookers and looking for easy pleasure, the type of relationships celebrated in Twilight, and in Harry Potter are not celebrated anywhere else in our pop culture. Men are acting like men in these stories and we women needed to be reminded of what that is.

    • HarryPotterdiehard<3 says:

      Frankly, I disagree. For the Harry Potter series has been written out of mere imagination–J.K.Rowling's OWN imagination. While the Twilight Saga is very much different and written so many more times, [a countless story about unfaithful or undying love]. You see, Harry Potter IS celebrated, by the original part that it takes.
      Twilight is just taken as for mime fans who are deceived by the "great" looks of vampires and the idea of conformity or, rather, nonconformity.

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