‘Harry Potter’: Emma Watson’s Hermione Granger through the years

July 01, 2011 | 7:00 a.m.
1sorcerers hand Harry Potter: Emma Watsons Hermione Granger through the years

YEAR 1: Emma Watson joined the cast of "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone" as bookworm Hermione Granger. The library-lover born to Muggle parents was teased by her peers for her smarts and enthusiasm about magic. (Peter Mountain/Warner Bros. Pictures)

kit 18 Harry Potter: Emma Watsons Hermione Granger through the years

YEAR 1: Much to Harry and Ron's chagrin, Hermione puts her classmates to shame when she shows the class how to cast a levitation spell properly. "It's Leviosa, not Levio-saa," she says. (Warner Bros. Pictures)

2chamber trio Harry Potter: Emma Watsons Hermione Granger through the years

YEAR 1: Hermione falls into favor with Harry and Ron when she takes the blame for their run-in with a troll set loose in Hogwarts by a possessed Professor Quirrell. The know-it-all also helps Harry find the Sorcerer's Stone by properly identifying Devil's Snare. (Peter Mountain / Warner Bros. Pictures) For the record: The trio is shown here in a scene from "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets."

3748 Harry Potter: Emma Watsons Hermione Granger through the years

YEAR 2: Hermione successfully brews a batch of Polyjuice Potion to help her, Harry and Ron impersonate Slytherins and find the Chamber of Secrets. (Warner Bros. Pictures)

hp3d 2434 Harry Potter: Emma Watsons Hermione Granger through the years

YEAR 3: For an egghead like Hermione, the best way to learn about the seemingly infinite magical world is to enroll in extra classes. Ancient Runes and Potions? Check. A time-turner helped Hermione turn back the clocks and get to her classes even though they're scheduled at the same time. If only she had something to make Professor Trelawney's Divination more interesting. (Warner Bros. Pictures) For the record: A previous version of this caption said Dumbledore gave Hermione the time-turner. She received it from Professor McGonagall.

3azkaban Harry Potter: Emma Watsons Hermione Granger through the years

YEAR 3: Hermione held her own when Draco Malfoy and his minions gave her grief. (Murray Close / Warner Bros. Pictures) For the record: A previous version of this caption said the image was from Year 4. Hermione stood up to Draco in her third year.

c517 30 Harry Potter: Emma Watsons Hermione Granger through the years

YEAR 3: Thanks to Hermione and her time-turner, she helps save Sirius Black, the prisoner of Azkaban, and his pet Buckbeak the Hippogriff. (Warner Bros. Pictures) For the record: A previous version of this caption said the image was from Hermione's fourth year. She helped rescue Sirius in Year 3.

4goblet library Harry Potter: Emma Watsons Hermione Granger through the years

YEAR 4: Hermione helps Harry work out puzzles for the Triwizard tournament, and the two get closer when Harry's life is threatened by someone manipulating the Goblet of Fire. The two become like siblings through the years. (Murray Close / Warner Bros. Pictures)

4goblet krum Harry Potter: Emma Watsons Hermione Granger through the years

YEAR 4: The frizzy-haired witch catches the eye of Durmstrang's contestant and quidditch pro Viktor Krum, who asks her to the Yule Ball and reminds Harry and Ron that their best friend is very much a girl. (Murray Close / Warner Bros. Pictures)

5phoenix training Harry Potter: Emma Watsons Hermione Granger through the years

YEAR 5: In "The Order of the Phoenix," Hermione helps Harry assemble Dumbledore's Army, a group of students who want to learn Defense Against the Dark Arts away from Professor Umbridge's tyrannical tenure. They meet in the Room of Requirement. (Warner Bros. Pictures) For the record: Members of Dumbledore's Army are pictured here in the Ministry of Magic.

hp5d 1103r Harry Potter: Emma Watsons Hermione Granger through the years

YEAR 5: When Hagrid hides his half-brother Grawp in the Forbidden Forest, the small giant takes a liking to a certain strong-willed witch. (Warner Bros. Pictures)

5phoenix cu Harry Potter: Emma Watsons Hermione Granger through the years

YEAR 5: Ginny Weasley: Harry, what happens if Umbridge does find out? Hermione Granger: Who cares? I mean, it's sort of exciting, isn't it, breaking the rules. Ron Weasley: Who are you and what have you done with Hermione Granger? (Warner Bros. Pictures)

5phoenix prophecy Harry Potter: Emma Watsons Hermione Granger through the years

YEAR 5: Hermione and members of Dumbledore's Army take on Death Eaters in the Hall of Prophecy, a chamber within the Department of Mysteries at the Ministry of Magic. (Warner Bros. Pictures)

6halfblood cu Harry Potter: Emma Watsons Hermione Granger through the years

YEAR 6: Harry Potter: I'm not coming back Hermione. I've got to finish whatever Dumbledore started, and I don't know where that'll lead me, but I'll let you and Ron know where I am when I can. Hermione: I've always admired your courage Harry, but sometimes you can be really thick. You don't really think you're going to be able to find all those horcruxes by yourself, do you? You need us, Harry.

6halfblood quidditch Harry Potter: Emma Watsons Hermione Granger through the years

YEAR 6: Though magic and its pastimes didn't exist for her until she came to Hogwarts, Hermione develops a taste for quidditch, specifically when it concerns the well-being of her friends. (Warner Bros. Pictures)

6halfblood tree Harry Potter: Emma Watsons Hermione Granger through the years

YEAR 6: Hermione and Ginny Weasley grow closer as friends throughout the series when the boys are off doing boy things and Hermione needs a place to bunk. (Warner Bros. Pictures) For the record: A previous version of this caption said the image was from Year 7. It is from Hermione's sixth year.

7hallows1 wedding Harry Potter: Emma Watsons Hermione Granger through the years

YEAR 7 : The Weasley family becomes Hermione's pseudo-family through the series, and her feelings for Ron develop each year. (Warner Bros. Pictures)

hpdh1 03087 Harry Potter: Emma Watsons Hermione Granger through the years

YEAR 7: Harry, Hermione and Ron move quickly down a London street, away from their encounter with the Death Eaters. (Warner Bros. Pictures)

7hallows1 ronbed Harry Potter: Emma Watsons Hermione Granger through the years

YEAR 7: On their journey to find horcruxes, Hermione bewitches a small purse to include daily necessities for their journey, including a tent and books.

7hallows1 wand Harry Potter: Emma Watsons Hermione Granger through the years

YEAR 7: Harry and Hermione grow closer when Ron leaves them in the woods. But instead of developing a romance, the two attempt to break the tension with a slow dance. Hermione helps protect their tent with numerous spells that keep the bad guys out. (Warner Bros. Pictures)

THE LAST SPELL:Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows — Part 2” closes out a decade of Hogwarts in Hollywood. Hero Complex is counting down to the release of the final film in the magical franchise with exclusive interviews and photos. Today: We travel through Hogwarts history and take a look at Emma Watson‘s Hermione Granger through the years.

Hermione Granger might have been a know-it-all with an untamed mane of frizzy hair before she received an owl inviting her to attend Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, but the shrewd witch always had the makings of a leading lady. No one would want to be on the receiving end of one of her hexes.

harry potter gallery Harry Potter: Emma Watsons Hermione Granger through the yearsWhether it’s properly pronouncing “Wingardium Leviosa,” guiding first years through the Hogwarts halls as a prefect or spellbinding an impressive survival kit into her beaded purse, the daughter of muggle dentists became a friend and leader who exemplified Godric Gryffindor’s name.

Over the past 10 years, Emma Watson proudly played the bookworm whose affinity for the school library helped her scheme and save best friends Harry Potter and Ron Weasley time and time again. And, to think, their friendship started because of a run-in with a troll in the ladies room.

Here’s a look at Watson as Hermione Granger during her seven years at Hogwarts. For a real-life simulation of the Marauder’s Map, turn on the captions to get oriented.

–Nardine Saad


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95 Responses to ‘Harry Potter’: Emma Watson’s Hermione Granger through the years

  1. Anna says:

    One of the above pictures was labeled incorrectly. Hermione helped save Sirius in her third, not fourth year at Hogwarts.

  2. Anna says:

    Also, again, Hermione stood up to Malfoy in their third year.

  3. gutstringone says:

    Dumbledore didn't give her the time turner, McGonagall did. Dumbledore suggested how many turns it would require to save Buckbeak and Sirius/

  4. vicvic221 says:

    The photo of Ginny and Hermione in the twin's shop is labelled incorrectly. That scene takes place in the sixth film, Half Blood Prince.

  5. alex says:

    can i ask u something hermonie in the movie are u inlov with ron wesley cause hes inlov with u have u notest that and thats why he came back cause he thought of u and he herd u crying for him and he dosent like when u cry and when he haerd u crying for him he knew that u loved him and p.s all of this is from deathy hallows part 1 and guess wat i have ive got all the movies from harry potter exsepted deathly hallows part 2 i hope u can anwser me im a big fan of u and harry potter and pluse tell all ur friends from the movie but mosley harry potter and roneld wesley i lov u bye :]

    • Dave says:


    • Caitlin says:

      Ron and hermione become fully involved in Deathly Hallows when they kiss in the epilogue the get married and have two kids Hugo and Rose. when Ron left Hermione was upset but he didn't come back until the chapter Of deathly hallows titled The Silver Doe. Ron Says that he heard hermione whisper his name through the deluminator. The reason Ron came back was because he knew that running away from your friends was wrong and he came back and Destroyed the horcrux. Also in the movies you realize that HErmione and Ron love each other in the second film when Hermione is unpetrified and she only hugs Harry not Ron but the only time they actually become involved is in the Seventh booksecond part of the movie.

    • lynn says:

      can u use puncutation i know it means extra work but ur writing is unreadable without it

    • Katelyn says:


    • Stephanie says:

      Thankyou Caitlin.
      Alex, you do know there are these things called books that predate these movies by a decade? They will answer all your questions and then some, in the way the movies never could. Perhaps you should try getting your hands on copies of the biggest selling children's books of all time?

    • Evolution says:

      ok everyone, just relax. We're talking about Harry Potter here, so it's likely that this is just a small child who can't write very well yet and who thinks s/he is talking to the actual Hermione. No amount of explaining or proper spelling and punctuation is going to help, or make the writer realize that s/he has done something wrong. Remember, not everyone on the internet is over the age of 16.

    • Katelyn says:

      Did you even read the books???
      You should, 'cause they are ten times better than the movies.
      The movies are amazing, but books are almost always better than the movies.
      You'd understand what's going on in the movies loads better.

    • N Amith says:

      Umm, she's a character and not someone in real life…

  6. Kamal verma says:

    I thank to you.Because with help you i far for girls.You leav with me every time every second.I not forget you.I prays to god to you.You meet a life patner who give you a lote of love and leav you always happy .

  7. Jackie says:

    And it is "LeviOsa," not, in fact, "Levio-saa," as the caption would have it.

    • Kell Brigan says:

      Not only that, the phrase should be "…UNalienable rights," not "inalienable." (And, don't even get me started on the turkeys!)

  8. isha says:

    i like u

  9. roniyia says:

    hey harry potter big fan n like your movies tell everybody in your movie i said hey uguys

  10. brian jerome e sabado says:

    pretty emma watson sexy to emma watson were our

    you live emma

  11. cheryl says:

    hermione study well

  12. sara says:


    Less time worrying about Harry Potter, more time learning to spell & write properly.


  13. Lil says:


  14. Gabby says:

    She's so amazing!

  15. Johnny says:

    Don't get me wrong, Emma Watson is definitely very pretty… but in the first film… the way they gave her Hagrid's hairstyle… definitely wasn't doing her noooo justice :p

    • Alan says:

      in the books she is made to not look good she was supposed to have bushy hair the whole time.

    • Tara says:

      DId you read the books? She's supposed to look like that. She was also supposed to have buck teeth, but it was too much of a hassle to make Emma wear fake ones in the movies.

  16. Kiki says:

    Emma Watson and Hermione Granger blossomed into beautiful young women! If I were a man (I am a woman), they would be my dream girls! (They because they are 2 different people, not one.)

    I agree with everyone else. Please use correct punctuation. I know I'm not perfect, so I can't say much… but at least mine is somewhat readable!

  17. Gff says:

    If you write an article about Harry Potter, you should at least know a bit about it so you can get your facts straight in the first place. The slideshow still has mistakes, but even the corrected ones – those could have been avoided by some very simple fact checking. But I guess if the news isn't going to fact check on bigger things, the smaller articles don't matter at all.

  18. Tori Tarbet says:

    I love you I’ve read all the books seen all the movies

    And I can’t wait to see the last installment of Harry

    Potter but I’m sad that the story will end!!!!! I hope

    You remember this but you are my mega idol!!!!!

  19. Devjyoti says:

    Emma watson.rupart grint and also daniel redclifh. You three r my favorite actor and actres .and especially emma i want to meet u soon.

  20. Kim says:

    Nitpicky, but this bothers me, and I see that other corrections have been made to other slides: Slide 4 (of 21) says that it is Year 1. It is not. That is a picture from Year 2: Chamber of Secrets. You can tell by Hermione's hair. In year 1, it was really bushy and crimped. From Year 2 onward, it is more wavy than anything else.

  21. Mijul says:

    I like this movie

  22. Gavin says:

    im so pumped for the last movie but so disappointed that there wont be another. It was a good run though. I might not be able to say i can restate every line from a movie but i can honestly say i was a big fan.Congrats to the director, Rubert, Daniel, and Emma for a great seven movies and great acting.

  23. Paul says:

    I'm disappointed – a number of captions talk about events which are not shown in the photo: Slide 3 – She shows them in class, not in a hallway; Slide 4 – The group is neither taking blame nor is Hermione identifying Devils Snare, they're meeting Hagrid; Slide 11 – The group is not in the room of requirement, they are in the Ministry of Magic; Slide 13 – Hermione isn't reciting any part of that quote in that photo, although it is a good shot; Slide 15 – ibid; Slide 20 – Nice photo, would have been nice to include the said bewitched purse in the image. There's my 2 galleons worth, not quite cents…

  24. Another Know-It-All says:

    "prefect" is a proper noun. It's the name of a title; so it should be "Prefect". Sorry. In an article about a know-it-all, I just had to bring it up.

    • Guest says:

      Actually, no. You'd say "President Obama," but not "Obama is the President." Titles are only capitalized when they precede names. Queen Mary, not Mary is the Queen. And I don't think anyone would say, "Prefect Ron."

  25. Badshah says:

    No words . . . . . . . :-)

    alway want to see u….. I cant forget ur wizard….. I always remember ” Alohmora” first book of wizard , page 7…

    Love u always . . . . . . Emuaaaaaa…..

  26. stephanie says:

    Is it just me, or everybody also noticed how Hermione's true essence got lost trough the years?

  27. Andrew says:

    Harry and Ron better be glad they made friends with her.. They would have more than likely died without her…

  28. lucas tracy says:

    There friendship technically started on the train, however the troll infasized theory…Harry became her friend when she showed him how to get contact lenses thru a spell.

  29. Egbordi chinyere elohor says:

    omg. I love hermione granger. She’s quite brainy u no. D grl wit d busy mane nd prominent teeth. Hogwarts’ library most regular visitor. Brewer of d polyjuice potion. Founder of society 4 d promotion of elfish welfare. Crush of viktor krum. I love u granger!

  30. Luiz says:

    Mione is the best! The brightest witch of her age :D

    Luv u Emma!

  31. just someone says:


    Did it not occur to you that Alex might not even be from a country where English is it's national language? Doubt it. Guess what, I aplaud Alex for trying. It's obvious that English is not his/her first language. Can YOU speak or write in any language other than English? If you can. Can you do it fluently? Doubtful as well. Don't judge people on thier ability to speak YOUR language, if you cannot also speak thiers.

  32. lalit says:

    i like emma , danial and rupert most. When seen harry potter part 1 for 1st time i think the girl in this is very cute and confident on herself. Her interactions with everyone was very dashing. She looks very sharp and clever.

  33. Pete says:

    The picture of Harry Ron and Hermione in their first year is not one of the charms class but one of, I believe, is when Hermione is petrifying Neville

  34. meenakshi says:

    herry potter

  35. Little_and_Lovely says:

    Who thinks Harry Potter is cute?

  36. Cass says:

    On picture 3, the caption said Buckbeak was Sirius' pet when he was in fact, still Hagrid's pet. It isn't until the end of the movie/book that he becomes Sirius'.

  37. K.C. Williams says:

    lol it looks like she's gotten a bit blonder over the years =P

    • Jillian says:

      Of course she looks like she has gotten blonder over the years, Emma Watson (also known as Hermione Granger) is naturallly a blond, not a burnette.

  38. malvina says:

    i am a great great fun of this story! i have watched each movie a million times and I have read all the books. And though I was dissapointed from movie 7-part 1, I really can't wait for the finale. Just hope director won't change the plot too much.
    We love you Harry Ron and Hermione!

  39. J&J says:

    There are a few mistakes for the pics in here. Pic #4 is not a year 1 pic. It's more a year 2. It is fun to look thru and see them grow up.

  40. thomas says:

    well I'm going to bed, before either of you come up with another clever idea to get us killed or worse expelled! – Hermione Granger.

    love the priorities.

  41. Artwill11 says:

    I always wonders how in the world Emma would play hermione with short hair. How did she do it?????????

  42. akshay says:

    aswm collection looks like her her grown up's from movies

  43. gen says:

    i really love you emma

  44. sindhu says:

    i like this

  45. sally says:

    I love her, so sweet

  46. Tess says:

    Disappointed by this article – some of the information in the captions are wrong and don't match the pictures.
    Slide 3 – "It's Levi-O-sa, not levio-saa" Picture could have been of Hermione levitation her feather – this one is Hermione petrifying Neville.
    Slide 4 – Could have used a picture of the three in the bathroom with the troll or with the Devil's Snare.
    Slide 11 – Could have used a picture of them actually in the Room of Requirement. This one shows them in the Ministry of Magic.
    Slide 12 – Could have used a picture of Grawp holding Hermione.
    Slide 13 – Could have used a picture of the group walking along the bridge where the quote mentioned takes place. Or changed the caption to mention something about Hermione in class arguing with Professor Umbridge.
    Slide 15 – Could have used a picture of where Harry and Hermione are saying the mentioned quote. Or used this picture for slide 16.
    Slide 16 – Could have used a shot of Hermione sitting the benches watching the Quidditch practise. Or mentioned Hermione admiring Ron after winning the Quidditch match.
    Slide 20 – Picture doesn't even show her little beaded bag – could have used a picture when she has her arm all the way in the little bag getting out clothes for the boys after they escape the wedding.
    Slide 21 – Could have had the picture of Harry and Hermione slow dancing in the tent or changed the caption to match the scene – 'ready to fight the Snatchers' or something.

    • Guest says:

      Some commenters are super rude. Obviously, a legit blog is limited to legally obtained pictures — handouts from the movie studios. They can't just take a screen shot of whatever scene they want. It's good that the captions covered key events in Hermione's life. Fans are smart enough to know what's happening in the pictures without having it spelled out for them.

  47. janice says:

    I love how so many true Harry Potter fans are basically offended if someone states an incorrect fact about the series. I absolutely love the series. They’re brilliant. They’re even better than brilliant. The ONLY complaint I have is that in the Deathly Hollows part 1, they make Dobby look so real…that he actually looks fake. Not bad for having ONLY one complaint outta 7 sequels so far. Other than that- I LOVE the series, love the characters- including Dobby & I’m sad Harry Potter has come to an end. Bloody hell~

  48. Hogworthington III says:

    Wow, you guys really take this crap seriously.

  49. ayaasuddinn says:

    Wow, awesome

  50. Prasad says:

    how are u feel to become star of world
    Could you tell about your story

  51. SOORAJ says:


  52. juanito says:

    emma es la maa s hermosa del universo

  53. livia says:

    Ermione sua linda…eu amo vc …vc foi muito corajossa pra da um soco do Draco hahaha…so quero que vc saiba que eu sou numero 1 fa de vc rs Love You! by

  54. yusrairam says:

    I like your movie harry potter your acting is very good and realistic………………………………….

  55. MILAGROS says:


  56. MILAGROS says:


  57. Joshua naidu says:

    Hiii emma i am seriously mad about u,i love u,i am dam crazy about u…………………………. its my dream to met u and the heros of harry potter………………………

  58. adit axel radut says:

    i like u emma watson u are so cute' lol :)

  59. adit raditya axel says:

    i like u emma watson u are so cute lol :)

  60. Logan says:

    I’m a newcomer to the HP series, and it is one of my favorites. Hermione is, in fact, my favorite character, as I can relate to her, being told off as a “know it all”, my buck teeth, and crazy hair (only long for a guy). Emma Watson does a great job in impersonating Granger. One of the humorous scenes in HP2, I thought, was Hermoine’s face when the cancellation of exams was announced.

  61. pratiksha says:

    shes is a great actor

  62. Olive says:

    Well i think that ron and hermiones kiss doesnt mark anything more than the union of their love that shows the lOve that they never have shown as much in depth than now.

  63. Anthony McGarry says:

    I think you are my favorite witch from harry potter
    you are also really cool
    I wish that I can meet you

  64. Iyaari says:

    Oh cool!!!!!! I thought that the creature was a Hypocrite I guess tHat proved me wrong! LOL

  65. I really love the sharp mouth girl, Emma Watson On HarryPotter, she’s really cool.

  66. jennifer honey says:

    harmionie is very beautiful and harry is very handsome…i love them both

  67. Remy says:

    The picture where hermione, Ron and harry are looking up at Hagrid is actually from Year 2 not year 1. It is just before Neville runs up to them saying that someone has trashed the gryffindor boys dormitory and harry finds out that Tom riddles diary is gone. :)

  68. Lover says:

    Emma watson is so sexy

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