Year 5: Witch of Requirement

June 20, 2011 | 6:39 p.m.

YEAR 5:  In "The Order of the Phoenix," Hermione helps Harry assemble Dumbledore's Army, a group of students who want to learn Defense Against the Dark Arts away from Professor Umbridge's tyrannical tenure. They meet in the Room of Requirement. (Warner Bros. Pictures) For the record: Members of Dumbledore's Army are pictured here in the Ministry of Magic.

ET.0410.SNEAKS.75 — (l-r) EMMA WATSON as Hermione Granger, MATTHEW LEWIS as Neville Longbottom, DANIEL RADCLIFFE as Harry Potter, RUPERT GRINT as Ron Weasley and BONNIE WRIGHT as Ginny Weasley in the Warner Bros 2007 movie “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix”. ***SUMMER SNEAKS ***DO NOT PUBLISH BEFORE MAY 8 2007 ***EXCLUSIVE ***NO WEB ***NO WEB

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