‘Harry Potter': Luna Lovegood actress says she was born for the loopy role

Dec. 02, 2010 | 4:22 p.m.
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48 Responses to ‘Harry Potter': Luna Lovegood actress says she was born for the loopy role

  1. David says:

    Great interview. Evanna is so amazing. She's wonderful as Luna

  2. Unnoticed Guest says:

    Most natural and diffrent soul which I ever seen

  3. Mellina Allison says:


  4. Mera says:

    Agreee, I like Luna (she should be with Harry than Ginny. They share the same character) and Evanna is the perfect choice as Luna.

  5. teacherdan0723 says:

    Evanna has done something that is rare for actors…she has made the viewer TOTALLY FORGET that this is an actor playing a part. When watching the others, you sometimes think that "oh, yeah, that's Daniel Radcliffe…" Not with Luna.

    • shannon says:

      i totally agree with luna but with harry i dont see him as daniel, i see him as harry. honestly i think everyone does a great job portraying their character's in all the movies

  6. Sam says:

    Evanna is a very insightful young woman. I look forward to seeing her in other films!

  7. ronny duran says:

    lo mejor de lo mejor harri potter

  8. kavin says:

    is evanna on facebook?

  9. Mary says:

    I love Evanna! And I love Luna! Evanna is a fan's dream come true; she plays Luna perfectly. Jo had it right; she was the perfect choice

  10. Ashley says:

    I just love her as Luna. I feel like they picked the perfect person to play her role. =)

  11. qiana says:

    Agreed. She really is the perfect person for the role!

  12. aishwary says:

    i just like you

  13. jeremy says:

    luna luks amazing in the muvie….jus love d way she toks

  14. Mayuresh says:

    Evanna Plays Very Strong Role. I Thing She Is Rising Hollywood Female Star. Also She Deserves It….

  15. Pravin says:

    I would say that she is the apt pick of all..

  16. muhammad says:

    that's a very good film

  17. Marie says:

    I immediately loved her when she first appeared in HP. So sweet and charming! But I was hoping for more information in this piece. A friend and I could not decided if she was a Brit or Irish playing American or was in fact American. Obviously her accent stood out as American sounding. Answer please!

  18. eduardo usnayo says:

    Evanna is a beatiful person…… also, she is a good actreess……1000points….


  19. nona nita says:

    i like it
    <3 you HP7

  20. simon says:

    first and fore most shes so cute and beautiful, secondly i think she has the attitude i give all my credits!

  21. ada-book says:

    She's indeed a superfan, i first read about her in an article where a girl confined in a hospital begged to be able to go to the book launching of OOTP, then years later she was cast as Luna! I love Evanna Lynch!! she lived/living a potter fan's dream!

  22. mereim says:

    bon j'ai pas vue le film mais je pense que harry est tjrs le meilleur

  23. umair says:

    i just like your character

  24. mahammed_ibrahim says:

    i like your character
    mohammed from egypt

  25. Marissa says:

    You go girl! you're the perfect Luna!

  26. monica hdz.eliserio says:

    desde que salio tu personaje en la pelicula me encanta tu caracterizaciòn

  27. PERSON says:


  28. Michael says:

    Love Luna….she's weird but awesome…weird ppl are cooooolllll!!!!!!

    Belize City, Belize

  29. Michael says:

    Luna/Evanna should have be featured more often.

  30. Jules says:

    When I saw the movie OotP, i couldn't believe how well casted Luna was, Evanna really was flawless as Luna, exactly as I imagined her too!!!

  31. her confident lead her to success..

  32. Ankit says:

    Luna U are So sexy….!!! <3

  33. april garcia says:

    I really love Luna Lovegood in the first place! she's really fit to the role given to her..even though this will be the last time that I will see them, I will still love them! more powers to come! ;)

  34. Andy says:

    i must admit when i saw her in the new film at Fleur and Bill's wedding I thought… WOW!!!

  35. conrad andrew says:

    i really like her … maybe i shall say im obsess the way she act and for me shes beautiful… not just pretty but beautiful as it is ^_^

  36. javier says:

    yo n la vi pero dicen q esta muy buena y no lo terminen porque es historia

  37. OwlSky says:

    What really makes me smile, is that there has not been a single post dissing Evanna off. She is just so perfect for the role. I don't think it's even possible to hate her. Knock on wood. (: You keep it up, love!

  38. serdaigle says:

    the thing about luna is that she doesnt need to change…she appears as an "oddity" but i for one would love to be able to just be myself and not care about what others think

  39. EG says:

    J.K. Rowling should have given Luna Lovegood a role more prominent in the series. Luna Lovegood is awesome!

    Evanna Lynch is a beautiful young lady and a marvelous actress. I hope to see her in more movies. I do hope she is successful in show business. Or in anything she does.

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