‘Hero Complex: The Show’ premieres with Ridley Scott on Wednesday

April 23, 2012 | 8:17 p.m.
ridley scott hero complex the show1 Hero Complex: The Show premieres with Ridley Scott on Wednesday

Ridley Scott (Hero Complex: The Show/Los Angeles Times)

Ridley Scott, one of the true titans of contemporary cinema, will be the inaugural guest on Wednesday when “Hero Complex: The Show” with host Geoff Boucher premieres on the Nerdist Channel on You Tube.

Scott, the director of “Blade Runner,” “Alien,” “Gladiator” and “Black Hawk Down,” returns to science fiction this summer with “Prometheus,” the Fox film set in the “Alien” universe and starring  Noomi Rapace, Michael Fassbender, Charlize Theron, Guy Pearce, Idris Elba and Logan Marshall-Green. It was at  the Hero Complex Film Festival in 2010 that Scott first spoke at length publicly about the project, and now that comes full circle as he again sits down with Hero Complex creator and lead writer Geoff Boucher in this new forum.

hero complex the show Hero Complex: The Show premieres with Ridley Scott on WednesdayLeonard Nimoy and Daniel Clowes will be guests in the second and third episodes, respectively, which will be posted on the Nerdist Channel every other Wednesday.

The Hero Complex launched in 2008 as a way for Boucher, a reporter writing for The Times since 1991, to get in touch with his roots as a comic-book and sci-fi fan. The site, with major scoops and unrivaled access to iconic figures in its coverage area, has won awards and a loyal readership — and it’s also launched an annual film festival, struck a partnership with Imax for a screening series and spun off a print version with glossy magazine editions that are timed to major pop-culture conventions.

On the Nerdist Channel, Hero Complex will be part of a “canny cavalcade of Comic-Con culture and comedy” and side-by-side with shows featuring the Nerdist himself, Chris Hardwick,  and Neil Patrick Harris, the Kids in the Hall, Harry Knowles, “Weird Al”  Yankovic and Rob Zombie.

“No one gets the kind of nerd culture coverage that Geoff Boucher is able to get, nor at his level of quality, which one could only describe as ‘pants-crappingly amazetastic,'” said Hardwick. “Were I smaller, I would stow away in his pocket so that I could be present for his one-on-one interviews with the actors, directors and writers that I idolize. Since I’m not, I’ve somehow tricked him into doing the next best thing: capturing it on video. I am incredibly lucky that Geoff has decided to ‘port the genius of Hero Complex over to The Nerdist Channel. ”

— Jevon Phillips with Geoff Boucher


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4 Responses to ‘Hero Complex: The Show’ premieres with Ridley Scott on Wednesday

  1. John says:

    Gee, Geoff, I appreciate and like what you do here, too, but this article (especially that last paragraph) is a bit self-serving, isn't it? And I'm being kind using that word. I also find it curious that you didn't sign your name to this one, as you do all the other articles you write. You did write this yourself, didn't you?

    • Geoff Boucher says:

      Youre right that last graf is too much. I pulled it from the press release because it was funny but in hindsight it was an error. Byline omission was an error, it's there now

  2. Ripley Connor says:

    I hope Ridley talks about becoming friends with aliens and realizing we're just normal individuals. My mom is an alien-human and my dad is a terminator. We couldn't be more normal but do you think any movie shows that??

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