Hobbits, aliens, Batman and more: Which is the most anticipated movie of 2012?

Dec. 27, 2011 | 3:19 p.m.
movies 2012 Hobbits, aliens, Batman and more: Which is the most anticipated movie of 2012?

From left: 'Brave,' 'The Dark Knight Rises,' 'Prometheus,' 'The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey' (Pixar/Disney, Warner Bros., Twentieth Century Fox, MGM)

All the gifts are finally unwrapped and the cinematic class of 2011 has finally been presented. There’s not much left to do now but watch as the clock counts down until 2012.

It should be a quiet time to backtrack and catch up on all those movies that went unviewed opening weekend, but are now present on nearly every critics’ top 10 list. But the studios have kick-started the anticipation for the new year with a herd of new trailers for some of 2012’s biggest potential blockbusters — three in the last week alone.

Holiday moviegoers (or anyone with a decent Internet connection) got their first peeks at “The Hobbit,” “Prometheus” and an extended look at “The Dark Knight Rises.” These trailers joined the already-released group, which includes “The Avengers” and “John Carter” and “The Hunger Games,” among others.

So what big, expensive, effects-laden 2012 movie are you most anticipating? Review the trailers below and then cast your vote in the poll.

“The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey”


“The Dark Knight Rises”

“The Amazing Spider-Man”

“The Avengers”

“John Carter”

“The Hunger Games”

“Men in Black 3”


What movie are you most anticipating in 2012?

— Patrick Kevin Day


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16 Responses to Hobbits, aliens, Batman and more: Which is the most anticipated movie of 2012?

  1. S_Wiebe says:

    So 'John Carter' is the third most anticipated film of 2012 according to your [admittedly unscientific] poll? It would seem that ERB still has legions of fans who've been waiting for a movie version of his other franchise series [I definitely number myself among them].


  2. samkula says:


    John Carter probably my 3rd after Hobbit then TDKR .. but sad

  3. Jess says:

    MIB!!!!! It's not even included in the poll. What's up with that?

  4. Daniel James says:

    Alright, I'm positive there's some poll stuffing going on here with John Carter…there's absolutely no way it could organically get 1,662 votes. It is my second most anticipated movie, after The Hobbit, but there's no way it could get that score without some cheating.

    My personal order is this:
    1. The Hobbit
    2. John Carter
    3. The Dark Knight Rises
    4. The Avengers
    5. The Hunger Games
    6. The Amazing Spider-Man
    7. Brave
    8. Prometheus

  5. Stelios says:

    I voted for Hobbit, but John Carter is a close 2nd (I wish they'd picked a better Dejah Thoris, though). Surprised at the lack of interest for the two sci-fi movies.


    2012 is shaping up to be a good year!

  7. david says:

    John Who.Clearly a American Poll.Ask most of the planet have they heard of John Carter or the Hobbit and we know what film most are waiting for. Also i saw a lot of Americans moaning that they didnt get Tintin first.Now its out in the USA not many are going to see it.

  8. Xian Hoke says:

    Hoping "Brave" can put Pixar back in good stead after "Cars 2: Total Cashgrab." It looks good so far, though it's too bad the original creator/director on it was booted (Pixar is keeping consistent with their on male-dominated/directed films, and that's not a good thing). Ultimately, Christopher Nolan can do no wrong (so far, so good), and I expect "TDKR" to be every bit as emotionally deep, twisted and dark (not to mention grimly operatic) as "TDK" was. "Promethus" looks interesting from the trailer, and it definitely ties into the original "Alien" film (and early series sequels), but did we really need this movie?? We're we all better off imagining what the Space Jockeys were ourselves in our own minds? Filling in the blanks on science-fiction films is half the fun… now we're gonna get a prequel full of lots of exposition… yay!

  9. Xian Hoke says:

    "John Carter" looks good… but they should have kept the "Mars" title in full… Still, this could be a new franchise if its done right, and so far, that looks possible. And, like Nolan, Peter Jackson would have to lose his mind and go completely off the deep end in order to screw up "The Hobbit"… I simply don't think that's possible, and the two films (of which we see the first one next year) should be as good as "Lord of the Rings" hobbled only by Tolkien's simpler story. "Avengers"… meh. None of the stand-alone films save for the first "Iron Man" really captured my attention, and I lost track of who's who and what's what (yeah, I know the comics, but the way the movies have been handled, it's just a mish-mash of personalities).

  10. Xian Hoke says:

    "Spider-Man"… I hope they remake this every year… Obviously, they just like to insult Sam Raimi as much as possible. Won't be seeing this reboot, remake, whatever. Been there, done that. "Hunger Games"… I saw "Battle Royale" been there done that, and the Japanese don't pull their punches when it comes to decimating a bunch of teenagers onscreen. Mostly, I think, it's about waiting for the quality films of 2012, which we'll see sometime around Christmas, before 2013 kicks in (Oscar bait!!).

  11. Laer Carroll says:

    UNDERWORLD 4 – How could you dummies leave it off?!

  12. chris says:

    This shows why bullet 'polls' are not only unscientific but bogus. obviously there was ballot stuffing by John Carter brigade. still, they are fun and get a conversation going, which is exactly the point. the only poll that matters will be the box office, so it would be good to revisit this list a year from now to compare it to the domestic and international box office of these movies. my guess is batman, avengers and hobbit will get the biggest numbers because they are sequels of blockbusters; i would be surprised if the Spidey reboot will do the kind of box office that the first three did but I could be wrong. i don't think John Carter will reach blockbuster territory of the others. I tthink Prometheus will be bigger than expected with strong word of mouth. Not Avatar big but Alien/Aliens big.

  13. greg says:

    anything more useless than an internet poll? Anything?? John Carter? good lord, I probably won't even rent the damn thing…

  14. Kiki says:

    John Carter? Really? Ok poll obviously these people do not read. The Hobbit and The Hunger Games. Mostly the Hunger Games because its a sociopolitical commentary and we need a dose of reality. Maybe someone will watch the movie and think twice about wasting food…

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