‘Hunger Games’: District 12 for sale

May 21, 2012 | 6:43 p.m.
nc1 1 Hunger Games: District 12 for sale

An old company store, left, at the abandoned Henry River Mill Village served as Peeta Mellark’s family bakery, right, in “The Hunger Games.” (Margo Metzger/VisitNC.com; Murray Close/Lionsgate)

The next time Katniss Everdeen, Peeta Mellark, Gale Hawthorne and Greasy Sae are seen onscreen in “The Hunger Games,” they will have a new landlord — and it could be you.

The Henry River Mill Village in Hildebran, N.C. (outside of Charlotte), which served as District 12 in the post-apocalyptic nation Panem in the big-screen adaptation of the book, is up for sale.

The 72-acre abandoned mill town, home of fictional spots like the Hob and the area known as the Seam, is valued at more than $1.2 million. It will be sold via sealed bids through the auction house Profiles in History, with a bidding deadline of July 31. The piece of “Hunger Games” history is also the subject of an upcoming episode of “Hollywood Treasure,” the SyFy series that follows Profiles in History owner Joe Maddalena as he seeks out gems in the annals of pop culture and Hollywood. The show has unearthed genre items like a full-scale model T-800 Endoskeleton from “Terminator 2: Judgment Day” (sold for $488,750) and Luke Skywalker’s lightsaber from “Star Wars” ($240,000). The episode is set to air June 5 at 10 p.m. PDT.

nc2 Hunger Games: District 12 for sale

The abandoned Henry River Mill Village in Hildebran, N.C. For “The Hunger Games,” the house on the left was outfitted as Katniss Everdeen’s home in the Seam, part of District 12 in fictional Panem. (Margo Metzger/VisitNC.com)

“The Hunger Games,” which was filmed entirely in North Carolina, is based on Suzanne Collins’ bestselling book series about a girl who volunteers to take her sister’s place in a televised death match against other children. The film, which starred Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson, was a box-office smash, earning more than $635 million worldwide to date.

The movie also paved the way for a tourism boom in the Tar Heel State, which began offering “Hunger Games”-themed tours and promoting the hotels and restaurants where the film’s stars ate and slept. The new owner can only hope that the area is as big a draw as the New Zealand highlands or Forks, Wash. — areas made popular by the “Lord of the Rings” and “Twilight” franchises, respectively.

Katniss and Peeta (Hutcherson’s character) return to District 12 at the end of the first novel, and a chunk of the second novel “Catching Fire” is also set there. Will Lionsgate pay the new owners to use the location in the next film? Or would a new location capture the same feel? Sound off in the comments.

— Noelene Clark and Jevon Phillips


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10 Responses to ‘Hunger Games’: District 12 for sale

  1. Ilovehungergames says:

    It is so neat that they did not have to create a set to film and just used what used to be a mill town. It was once full of working class people and captures this in the movie.

  2. paulwilliamcook says:

    The ultimate kind of film memorabilia ;)

  3. Joshua says:

    I think they should have waited for all the films to me produced before selling this property. Filming in a different location for the other movies I believe won't go over well unless they can perfectly replicate this location.

    • davena says:

      actually… they only need the land for the second movie, not the third. but I'm sure they're thinking in the now and not a year or two down the road. And I do think it would be a bad idea to switch locations for the second movie… although they didn't show much in the first, there will still be many fans who will eagerly point out the differences of a different set.

  4. Tammy Ellis says:

    Well being from the great state of North Carolina, it's only natural that my opinions be biased.Yes keep it here….people are more comfortable with what's more familiar to them.It's like the "Twilight" series….would you move Bella and her dad to another city or state?I think not.Familiarity is what sells the most.

  5. Odessa says:

    The second book is mostly the arena and the third is a destroyed district 12. They will probly rent the area after its sold just for small clips.

  6. Brad says:

    If only I had the money. I would buy it in a heart beat. Hell I would live there too!

  7. Blue says:

    What a way to completely miss the point of the books.

  8. Madd Maxx says:

    I have lived my entire life (42years) within one mile one this film site. iI have been in most of the old houses and ran across the old dam hundreds of times. We have got drunk ,skiped school ,and use tihs place as a hide out many many times.

  9. khjgguf says:


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