‘Iron Man 3’ director Shane Black signs on for ‘Doc Savage’

May 07, 2013 | 1:26 p.m.
Director Shane Black arrives at the Hollywood premiere of "Iron Man 3" at the El Capitan Theatre on April 24, 2013. (Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

Director Shane Black arrives at the Hollywood premiere of “Iron Man 3” at the El Capitan Theatre on April 24, 2013. (Kevin Winter / Getty Images)

Looks like “Iron Man 3” director Shane Black is sticking with the world of superheroes for now.

Sony announced today that Black will co-write and direct “Doc Savage,” a new film based on the popular pulp hero from the 1930s and ’40s.

First introduced in 1933, Clark Savage Jr. was a physician, scientist, inventor and adventurer who had great strength, a photographic memory and was skilled in martial arts.  The character has appeared in comics and on radio and other media — he’s had a movie as well, 1975’s “Doc Savage: The Man of Bronze,” starring Ron Ely.

Black, who co-wrote the “Doc Savage” screenplay with Anthony Bagarozzi and Charles Mondry, told Hero Complex last month that he would be interested in following “Iron Man 3” with “an adventure picture,” and “Doc Savage” certainly fits the bill.

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“I’m more interested in things that obsess me, things that catch my attention and ignite any kind of passion I have,” Black, 51, said. “Working is when I’m most comfortable. I have to be working on something I love.”

“Iron Man 3” is the first film that Black has directed since 2005’s noir-inflected caper “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang.” In its North American debut, the third Tony Stark movie from Disney’s Marvel Studios enjoyed the second-best opening in box-office history, grossing an estimated $175.3 million in its first weekend, Disney said Sunday.

– Gina McIntyre | @LATHeroComplex


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9 Responses to ‘Iron Man 3’ director Shane Black signs on for ‘Doc Savage’

  1. websnap says:

    Why is DC wasting their time with obscure characters when they aren't even butting their main characters together for proper movies (Wonder Woman, Flash, a better Green Lantern).

    What a waste.

    • @heathater says:

      DC Comics doesn't own the rights to Doc Savage. This deal has nothing to do with them.

      • websnap says:

        My mistake, DC released a Mini of Doc Savage and Batman, at the same time they were incorporating pulp characters in to the DCU. I thought they had bought the rights.

  2. Bill says:

    Doc Savage is a great pulp fiction character and a movie could be really good as long as they stay in the original time period. I hope they don't try to translate him to the 21st century. Rennie, Ham, Monk, I remember most of his crew. Always thought Ham's sword cane was pretty cool.

  3. ollie says:

    Doc is NOT a DC character. He was 30's pulp fiction not comic books (nothing against comics by the way). I do not know who owned Pub rights at first but Bantam republished in the 70's and 80's. Looks line Sony has the movie rights so whether DC is wasting there time or not it does not seem to have anything to do with Doc.

  4. John Gunnison says:

    Doc Savage is owned by Conde Nast which bought the original publishing company Street & Smith back in the 60s. Both Marvel and DC as well as a few other comic publishers have brought Doc Savage to the comic pages…most have been failures…I feel due to the lack of understanding of the character as written back in the 30s.

    Doc is still being published today with new stories being written and published by authorized small press publishers.

    • Atomic Kommie Comics says:

      John is correct.
      New tales (both prose and graphic) as well as reprints of the original novels continue to be published.
      There were also two novels adapted into dramatic radio mini-series by National Public Radio, and the 1975 Ron Ely movie is one of the best sellers for Warner Archives' DVD-on-demand series.
      (When "Raiders of the Lost Ark" came out, my reaction was "THIS is what the "Doc Savage" flick SHOULD have been!)
      Let's hope Black gets to follow though!

  5. Rajiv Patel says:

    Buckaroo Bonzai was inspired by Doc Savage.

  6. Kenmandu says:

    Easy way to make a buck and not a movie. But who could blame him.

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